Summary of 9/11 Whistleblower Andrew Grove's Recent Statements

9/11 Whistleblower Andrew Grove Comes Forward - deconstructing a false-flag operation

Grove’s claims are similar to those of Indira Singh [..] and others that propose that a “PROMIS” type software system was used to facilitate crimes related to the 9/11 attacks. However, Grove appears to have more knowledge, especially regarding the technical aspects.
Year 2000: Grove hired in sales at Silverstream Software
Marsh Mclennon - Silverstream’s largest client
Marsh was located in the WTC, below Cantor Fitzgerald. They lost approximately 245 employees.
Some of the above companies moved into the WTC and simultaneously completed disaster recovery and business continuity implimentations just prior to 9/11.

Grove brought to the attention of execs that Silverstream was over billing Marsh (millions) , execs didn’t seem concerned.
June 5, 2001: Silverstream VP Sales, John Judge flys to NY and terminates Grove’s position and urges him to “keep quiet about what he knew”.

Aug 2001: Silverstream CEO offers Grove a contract for $9,999.99 which included a clause not to reveal the contract’s existence.
June 2002: Kroll purchases Convair (WTC data recovery)

July 8th, 2004, Kroll aquired by Marsh.

This is a great general summary. Those that are digging into the recent tape and transcript from Andrew Grove should be sure to check it out. Also, it is worth noting that Grove stated that neither the CEO's of Silverstream nor those of Marsh Mclennon wanted the overcharges of millions of dollars to be discussed.

Thanks Cloak & Swagger for the heads up!

Ruppert has some great info

Ruppert has some great info on the PROMIS system. its scary stuff. the NSA stories that have been breaking lately are nothing compared to this shit.

Amen, Chris. That's why I

Amen, Chris. That's why I was so intrigued by the Grove material.
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Off topic, but Not: I just checked the "line-up" for the Chicago event. Mercy.... I wish I could be there. Be careful in Daley Plaza... my heart and spirit are with you. And I hope some great effort will be made to encapsulate, in print, or podcast, or whatever format is cheap and easy, so that "the rest of us" can partake... that is, unless C-SPAN has agreed to cover it all "live".

yeah,PROMIS, Echelon, all

yeah,PROMIS, Echelon, all that big brother stuff disturbs the hell out of me.


by Michael C. Ruppert

[The following story appeared in the September, 2000 Special Edition of From The Wilderness for paid subscribers only. Read it now, free, for the first time ever on the web. © Copyright 2000, 2001. All rights reserved. Michael C. Ruppert and From The Wilderness Publications. See Homepage for Reprint Policy]

"U.S. journalist Mike Ruppert, a former Los Angeles police officer who now runs a Web site that seeks to expose CIA covert operations, said he met with RCMP investigator McDade on Aug. 3 in L.A. Ruppert said the RCMP officer was anxious to see documents he received three years ago from a shadowy Green Beret named Bill Tyre [sic] detailing the sale of rigged Promis software to Canada." - The Toronto Star, September 4, 2000.

Only the legends of Excalibur, the sword of invincible power, and the Holy Grail, the chalice from which Christ took his wine at the Last Supper begin to approach the mysterious aura that have evolved in the world of secret intelligence around a computer software program named Promis. Created in the 1970s by former National Security Agency (NSA) programmer and engineer Bill Hamilton, now President of Washington, D.C.'s Inslaw Corporation, PROMIS (Prosecutor's Management Information System) crossed a threshold in the evolution of computer programming. Working from either huge mainframe computer systems or smaller networks powered by the progenitors of today's PCs, PROMIS, from its first "test drive" a quarter century ago, was able to do one thing that no other program had ever been able to do. It was able to simultaneously read and integrate any number of different computer programs or data bases simultaneously, regardless of the language in which the original programs had been written or the operating system or platforms on which that data base was then currently installed.

There are also allusions in

There are also allusions in several places that one or more captured "moles" or spies for foreign countries (Hansen and Pollard) absconded with a copy of the software and gave it to their handlers. These allusions could easily be "honey pots", though.

What I know about software in general wouldn't fill up two bytes, but I'm guessing that there is commercial as well as secret software out there that makes PROMIS nothing more than a historical footnote.

Correction: Kroll did not

Correction: Kroll did not purchase Convar of Pirmasens, Germany.

Kroll purchased the British Ontrack subsidiary from Convar. These are now two separate companies. Convar still operates independently.

Which is not to say that there might not have been some deal between Convar and Kroll to guarantee nothing suspicious is made public.

At any rate, Convar got huge PR in Germany for recovering the data from WTC harddrives, and the news stories emphasized that some of the drives allegedly contained information about suspicious transactions indicating insider knowledge.

But Convar does not own the data. The clients who commissioned the data recovery (of which the US government was one!) are the ones who own the data. Convar of course is barred from revealing the data as a condition of the contract.

Convar would probably claim they don't even have the data anymore. The subpoenas would have to go to the commissioning companies, and other than the government these are unknown.

Google 8thestate and look

Google 8thestate and look for a certain book review - could be clue as to where this guy is coming from.

"truth movement infested

"truth movement infested with Cointelpro and agents provocateur"
Tell me more....

Kroll has also cornered the

Kroll has also cornered the market on Identity Theft Protection, having access to subscribers full identity.

Groves spotlights the most important aspect of the 911 fraud - The largest robbery in recorded history with 2.3 trillion in U.S taxpayers dollars, over a trillion in gold bullion and hundreds of billions in pre-911 insider stock market trades. Not to mention windfall oil profits and a decadent military complex.

911 was a hostile take-over on a global scale.

He recorded everything - can't wait to see what else he's got!