Hour Long Video of Various Clips From Louder Than Words

An hour long smorgasbord of content from Louder Than Words - Google Video

A presentation of both the actions of Louder Than Words and a preview of content from Loose Change: Final Cut

While your at google video, here is a link to all the cameraplanet footage from 9/11.

Dont know if this is news or

Dont know if this is news or not -

Citizenspook has come out and said 9-11 was a government operation.


I haven't written about 911 before in this blog. So let me state what I believe has already been proved by the physical, scientific, testimonial -- repressed -- evidence: the US Government pulled off the 911 tragedy to further its own goals of reshaping the global power grid in favor of their interests. It's the greatest crime ever perpetrated.

And the genius elements of the Government who were charged with the 911 task certainly anticipated that their would be a 911 truth movement. They, more than any of us, knew that they had a very small window under which they could remain safe from public scientific media scrutiny. They knew they could whitewash 911 for a couple of years, but eventually the massive truth would come down on them in this information age. After all, you can't effectively spin things like "scale" and "physics" let alone eyewitness reports.

I think the bullhorn shit

I think the bullhorn shit comes off crazy reguardless of who or what the message is. I like the talking with people, handing flyers and free videos approach.

Very enlightening

Very enlightening interviews, particularly with the freelance videographer. Very good.