Mars tribute to 9/11 victims

Mars tribute to 9/11 victims

Debris from the terror attacks on the World Trade Centre is sitting on the surface of Mars. Engineers used mangled metal from the wreckage of the 9/11 outrage to build parts for two robot rovers now exploring the Red Planet.

The quiet tribute was the idea of staff at Honeybee Robotics, a company operating close to the New York disaster scene who built drilling tools for Nasa. Many of the Manhatten workers had to flee choking clouds of smoke and dust after the twin towers were destroyed by two airliners in September 2001...

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If you go to the Honeybee homepage, you can see what appears to be one of the rovers, front and center, proudly displaying its 9/11 tribute.

Oh man... Making Mars land

Oh man... Making Mars land rovers with evidence...Great. How many millions of people are complicit in this thing? How the heck are these people going to need to be prosecuted? There is a lot of work to do...Will it ever get done?

Gotta love this line "after

Gotta love this line "after the twin towers were destroyed by two airliners" Mmmmmmhmmmmm, so that's what destroyed the towers, eh? No.

Is that where all the WTC

Is that where all the WTC evidence wound up at? Mars?? Go figure.

Off topic:

How come Ray McGovern's comments are not front page New York Times and CNN?


Even the liberal sites are

Even the liberal sites are ducking the interview. It makes you wonder what percentage of the internet is not controlled.

When people break through

When people break through the 911 lie they ususally tell me theres nothing we can do about it. This is bullshit. If everyone who learns the truth reaches out to there family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers we could all start by not supporting any media source that does not support 911 truth. I never buy a paper, news magazine, etc that is complicent in the coverup either directly or by ommission. If we didnt buy them they wouldnt be there. This is one non-violent action everyone who knows the truth could do and encourage others. You dont want to be the guy standing at Jewel who asks me if Id like a free Daily Herald.

Im finally going to be in a

Im finally going to be in a financial situation starting July where I can spend a few bucks makeing vidoes and flyers. I am going to start takeing this to the streets by myself.

You bet. Hit them in the

You bet. Hit them in the pocketbook. I still think we need a 9/11 truth political party.

9/11 Truth political party.

9/11 Truth political party. Love it. One issue party until a new investigation starts

seriously. we should test

seriously. we should test one of those rover arms for thermate!

speaking of the internet,

speaking of the internet, did anybody see NOW on PBS last night?(NOW is the only show to cover this topic fairly,or really at all.great show.they also did a segment on the Patriot Act last night.)it was about how Congress and big business are trying to control the internet and effectively set up toll booths and make it so smaller less corporate websites will load so much slower than their larger more corporate counterparts. that means all the great 9/11 truth sites and things of that nature will load painfully slow or not at all if they have their would have to pay a large fee to make it so your website runs as smooth as the big ones.lobby your reps now.tell them we want net neutrality.

I'd like to see a small

I'd like to see a small electrical circuit fire break out on the Rover, and then it suddenly collapses to the ground.