Spain Acquits Accused 9/11 Plotter.

Court overturns 9/11 conviction

Spain's Supreme Court yesterday overturned an al-Qaida suspect's conviction for conspiracy to commit murder in the September 11 terrorist attacks, weeks after prosecutors acknowledged the case against him was weak.

The high court threw out a 15-year sentence against Syrian-born Imad Yarkas for conspiracy to commit murder in the airliner attacks in the United States, but upheld a 12-year sentence he received for belonging to a terror organization.

It also confirmed the acquittal of three other suspects accused of belonging to or collaborating with al-Qaida. They had already been released in April at the request of prosecutors. They are Moroccans Driss Chebli, Sadik Merizak and Abdelaziz Benyaich...

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Wow, sounds like somebody has a weak case, huh?

Also covered by Australia's ABC.

a picture from German TV

a picture from German TV showing Bin Laden responsible for London 77:

Good site for details on the

Good site for details on the London bombings. Help and support is always appreciated.

Your mom has a weak case.

Your mom has a weak case. Oh snap son.

London 7 / 7 is an

London 7 / 7 is an interesting case.

My theory works like this:

The evil agents (MI6 black ops / Mossad) had been guiding crazy, dumb arabs for a while. And they wanted to use them for the big day.

During the summit where bush and blair in scotland were forced to promise debt relief they killed the 50 people, using the dumb arabs as patsies.

Bang! and exactly two weeks later they did it again, JUST TO RUB IT IN.
They even let them have the patsies... because they can do it so well. anytime.. and unless the brits co-operate, they can do it again anytime.

huuuuuuge scandal that the british establishment CANNOT uncover it. It serves to MAKE PEOPLE FEAR all kinds.

amazingly, they got away.

... as in 911 they almost fucked up... one guy got into a bus.