Notes on Chicago Keynote Speech by Alex Jones

Friday night there were three keynote speeches, of which I attended two - Alex Jones and Steven Jones. Both of the keynote speakers brought their 'A' game to the table, and I think pretty much everyone took something new from the information they covered. Below are notes on the first keynote speech by Alex Jones, expect such notes for Steven Jones' lecture in the next day or so. (If you attended the keynotes of other speakers please feel free to send in some notes as well.)

Alex Jones Keynote Speech Notes

Alex Jones started out by going through a power point presentation on the history of government sponsored terrorism. This section of the presentation covered in great detail such things as events in ancient Rome, Hitler's Reichstag fire, Hitler and the Gleiwitz incident, the overthrow of Mossadegh, Operation Northwoods, the Gulf of Tonkin, the U.S.S. Liberty, the Oklahoma City Bombing, and the 1993 WTC Bombing. Alex went into great depth into each of these sections, and really showed off his command of the subject matter. Alex closed out this section of his speech by discussing briefly the Iraq war. Alex pointed out the White House memo on Iraq, as well as discussed P20G who is "responsible for secret missions targeting terrorist leaders in order to stimulate reactions among terrorist groups, thereby provoking violent acts, which would in turn make them susceptible to counterattack by US forces..

Alex Jones then moved onto what he considers the smoking guns of 9/11. Going into great detail Jones covered the Bush/Bin Laden connection, PNAC, preexisting war plans for Afghanistan, the NORAD stand down, Hijackers training in U.S. bases, explosives in the buildings, and ended with the Pentagon controversy by labeling it as a sort of 'honey pot'.

One of the more interesting mentions in Alex's 9/11 segment regarded the following statement which I had not heard before:

Air Force Officer Delivers Blistering Excoriation of Bush

Of course President Bush knew about the impending attacks on America. He did nothing to warn the American people because he needed this war on terrorism. [..] What is sleazy and contemptible is the President of the United States not telling the American people what he knows for political gain.

The letter provoked immediate retaliation against the 24-year Air Force veteran. [..]

From there Alex Jones went on to discuss in great detail how incredibly corrupt and indefensible our leaders have become. He discussed how Bush is above the law, focusing on the degree to which torture has become a legal avenue via the likes of John Yoo, he covered how the media has received over 1.6 billion in funding for what amounts to propaganda, and the NSA spying scandal. He went further to talk about those people of courage who have attempted to stand up to this corruption such as Charlie Sheen, former MI5 agents, 9/11 activists, etc. - and how they are sacrificing their personal lives for the greater good.

Alex then went on to discuss the New World Order and offer his views on the greater issues of which we are all involved in.

It was great to hear Alex give such a detailed presentation covering such a wide range of information, and it was very well organized as well. Alex will be attending the American Scholars Symposium out in California at the end of this month where he will debut his latest film which he mentioned covers much of the information in his presentation.

I do not have any details as to ordering copies of Alex Jones' keynote speech yet, but we will be sure to post once we have those details.

audio from the chicago 9/11

Thanks for the writeup dz!!

Thanks for the writeup dz!!

I can't wait to hear Alex.

I can't wait to hear Alex. :)

So, when's the AJ

So, when's the AJ audio/video expected out?

What happened to Alex? Still

What happened to Alex? Still no mention of Chicago on his site, other than the NY Times article.

Never mind! Darn it! I now

Never mind! Darn it! I now see that's the NYT article. #$%#%!!

Mr. Jones keeps getting

Mr. Jones keeps getting better. And he seems to be gatherin focus. I wish I could have seen his presentation. I'm sure it'll be on Google video within the week. These presentations are all such critical tools in our effort at public education.

Slogans get your attention. 9/11 was an inside job. That message represents a viewpoint. It may inspire curiosity. But it doesn't educate. Not to someone who never reads or watches the news, has never read a book of non-fiction, and generally avoids political conversations because it makes them uncomfortable. Educated or otherwise, people avoid the truth.

We are trying to get people to learn about a great many things. Scary things. In that process the most accessible summary presentations are the curriculum for that task. Everything we need is at our fingertips. Movies, lectures, books, websites, pamphlets. 9/11 truth is becoming more accessible to the public. We have more to share.

The Pentagon strike IS a honeypot. I presume he was implying that its compelling but not definitive or essential. We really should all learn ALL the facts, or as many as possible.

Arguing about the significance of facts that are not essential to our seems to be wasting a lot of people's time and energy. There are certainly those among us who would encourage this waste of time. We have 'probable cause' without relying upon anything that happened after the Pentagon impact. Then again I also find it fascinating.

There is a logical hierarchy of facts related to the public 9/11 investigation. Probable cause is established according to a set of guidelines that dictate the relevance of evidence. Here's an extreme example that I think most of us would find reasonable.

Dick Cheney having simultaneous command authority over the military, and national wargame exercises on 9/11, is a more significant fact than the damage to lightposts near the Pentagon. Still with me?

The Pentagon gets your attention, but kind of like a slogan, its lacking in content. SHOW THEM EVERYTHING!!!

Here is the PrisonPlanet

Here is the PrisonPlanet Article: 500 Conspiracy Buffs Meet to Seek the Truth of 9/11

I've noticed for the past

I've noticed for the past few weeks that Alex seems to be far more interested in promoting the Los Angeles conference than the Chicago conference. He has been insisting continually that people get their tickets for the LA event, where his film is going to premiere.

I've been following Alex for

I've been following Alex for almost a decade now and his credibility just keeps growing.

I think he's a little weak as the Pentagon is concerned BUT still he has had some good articles. Anyway, I´m too big a fan of his to let this bother me too much. Overall he´s great.

Gangster wrote: "Anyway,

Gangster wrote: "Anyway, I´m too big a fan of his [Alex Jones] to let this bother me too much. Overall he´s great."

I agree with you completely, Gangster. I don't know if you are replying to me or to someone else, but I will assume you are replying to me. My comment regarding Jones is merely an observation, not a criticism. He is also the most public voice we have.

My only complaint (a mild one) is that he does frequently have trouble being subtle when talking to "first-timers" or non-believers. Instead of carefully guiding them in, bit by bit, he starts out using all of his favorite conspiracy-theory phrases. Yes, he is almost certainly accurate in everything he says, but it's like discussing graduate-level physics -- in graduate-level language -- with first graders. Many of them are going to tune him out as soon as he uses the first big, seemingly non-sensical phrase.

Loose Change is climbing

Loose Change is climbing again on Google Video.. now on 4th place.

This all depends on who is

This all depends on who is your target audience. There are many, each requiring a different method of approach. This is often overlooked by people in movement. We have our conservative 9/11 activists, for instance, who are better able to speak to that audience than someone from outside the community. Its certainly concern them as much as anyone else. Facts are not partisan.

But as I said above, some facts are more important than others, when it comes to a public introduction to 9/11 skepticism and inquiry. Some facts are relevant to the reseacher, where they might be a hinderance to the promoter.

Neophytes, Reseachers, Activists in every social catagory. I find this a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, so many people are into this now, that most everyone can find a flavor they can stomach.

I have to admit, when I got

I have to admit, when I got into 9/11 research I was a bit put off by Alex Jones. Again at first. He seemed like a really over the top WWF wrestler manager meets evangelical doomsday guy with a bullhorn. Now I realize his genuis. Yeah, he's from Texas but his knowlege, words, cadences, mannerisms etc is perfect for what he does. He's smart too. He knows which theories to avoid, and has a good eye for predicting the flow of things. I was annoyed at first how every single terrorists attack that happens he claims is an inside job, but when so many of these things have perpetrators linked to government agencies it is a bit odd. Also not everything is a conspiracy. When Katrina happened he posted articles about how people said the US blew up the walls. That's crap.
And that last documentary "Order of Death" was highly lame(I Thought the "Illuminati" 2005 documentary was way better)

But besides being agood speaker, I find him just plain entertaining. I first saw him actually in Linklater's animated indie film Waking Life, and I cant wait to see him in A Scanner Darkly. But yeah, his knowlege is immense...I had no idea about Russian FSB involvement in the 9/99 Russian bombing of apartments orr the ringworm radiation by Israel or even Northwoods before I listened to him. The prediction of 9/11 and the infiltration of Bohemian Grove have to rank as some of his highlights.
Anyways, its good seeing AJ on mainstream cable shows debating, as he can handle himself well. I just wish he could get even more well known to people in the mainstream.

I admire how Alex Jones gets

I admire how Alex Jones gets so much info accross during those rare 30-second sound bites he gets from the msm.

How would you like that 911

How would you like that 911 Truth.

Jones mild, Fetzer medium, Tarpley medium hot, or Alex Jones super spicy????

Thank you Alex, for adding some very needed spice to our chicago feast.

But lets never forget that its the chicken that fills your belly,

( And if you truly digest Tarpley or Jones you will feel a disturbing rumbling of indigestion that is hotter and more uncomfortable than even the quick burn
of Alex)

We need them all!!!

Bon Apetite!!!!!

Alex Jones is a badass

Alex Jones is a badass patriot that I hope to fight alongside with in the dark future, IF WE ALL DONT WAKE UP!