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Vote now in AOL's online poll:

Do you think the U.S. government was complicit in 9/11?

No way

I'm suspicious but not sure


John Leonard, who publishes Webster Tarpley and other great 9/11 authors (and who is a powerhouse 9/11 activist in his own right), pointed out that the NY Times article on the Chicago conference is now one of AOL's top news stories. Look at the "More Top News" and "Most Popular Stories" pages while the story is still there.

Found this on the AOL forums

Found this on the AOL forums for the 9/11 conference article. Forgive the length, there was no link. But it is extremely fascinating:

Father, Who Lost Son at WTC, Claims Bush Administration Hiding Key Financial Documents Leading To Culprits of 9/11
What happened to William Doyle, shouldnÂ’t happen to any man. ItÂ’s something you wouldnÂ’t wish on your worst enemy or something a parent shouldnÂ’t have to experience in a hundred lifetimes.

But on the morning of 9/11 the unthinkable happened. On the morning of 9/11, Doyle lost his 25-year-old son, Joseph, who was among the approximately 3,000 who perished at Ground Zero.

On that tragic morning when Doyle first heard reports of a jetliner striking the top floors of the North Tower, it must have felt like he was standing in the fiery flames of hell, not his comfortable New York home.

And Doyle recalls when the jetliner hit the towers feeling like a bolt of lightning passed through his body, knowing his young son was in one of the worst possible places, working on the 101st floor at Cantor Fitzgerald in the North Tower.

“The last time I talked to Joseph was the night before when we were talking football and about the Green Bay Packers,” said Doyle, 58, a former stockbroker, in an extended telephone conversation this week from his New York home. “He was very excited about his new job at Cantor and for a long time after, my wife and I held out hope that somehow Joseph survived.”

Tragically, however, his son became one of the 658 Cantor employees who never made it out of the WTC. Tragically, like so many other family members who lost loved ones, Doyle has had to undergo “a living hell” in every aspect concerning the WTC attacks, from the emotional pain and scars of losing a son to the callous arrogance and outright lies from the Bush administration.

“They have blocked every avenue into getting at the truth behind 9/11,” said Doyle, referring to the shallow and unfounded 9/11 Commission findings as well as the Bush administration’s failure to release known information about the financial ties to 9/11.

But in the face of government lies and numerous roadblocks, Doyle has remained strong and steadfast in his search for the truth, fighting the “good fight,” for four long years and doing it especially for his son and for all the others who lost their lives.

He has taken the government head on in almost every issue and aspect of 9/11, becoming one of the leading vanguards in most every possible issue imaginable. In the past, he has fought politicians on Capitol Hill to get sensitive 9/11 financial information released, fought with the 9/11 Commission to get truthful testimony into the official record, taken on the bureaucracy to help victims receive assistance and even goes out of his way to get counseling for every victim or family member who needs it.

“When it’s about 9/11, it usually passes through Bill Doyle,” he said, referring to his tireless and active involvement with the 9/11 truth movement. “Just the other day I received a call from a man in Minneapolis who lost his daughter on 9/11. He said this was the first time he was able to talk about it for all these years. We talked for hours and the next morning I had a counselor at his doorstep to help him out.”

Besides his emotional ties to the victims and his efforts to make sure everybody he comes in contact with gets the needed psychological and emotional help, Doyle takes an active role as one of the thousands of plaintiffs involved in an active trillion dollar lawsuit filed against the alleged financial perpetrators of 9/11.

The ongoing suit, filed by the South Carolina firm of Motley Rice, is attempting to recover damages for the victims by uncovering the money trail behind 9/11, which eventually leads to the true perpetrators who caused the mass murder of approximately 3,000 people.

And Doyle said whatÂ’s so strange about uncovering the truth about the financial trail is that the U.S. government has been the main obstacle, not foreign banks or governments.

“There was a 28 page bi-partisan report released to the government, headed by Sen. Phil Gramm, which should tell us about who funded 9/11,” said Doyle about information sought by attorneys from Motley Rice, one of the only law firms in the country able to afford to handle this massive civil suit, which has already cost the firm over 25 million in expenses.

“This report has since been kept secret and classified by the Bush administration ever since they got their hands on it. Our lawyers have repeatedly asked for this information, but the administration will not release it. What are they hiding?

“Recently, I sent letters to all the lawmakers on Capitol Hill, including the White House, demanding this information be released so we can get at the truth. After making a lot of noise, I finally heard from the White House press secretary, who released a statement that the information was now not classified but could not be released since it may jeopardize sources being investigated by the government.

“What does that mean? I think it means they want to still cover up the truth and cover up our government’s involvement in bringing about 9/11. And the key to uncovering the true perpetrators of 9/11 may very well be in this 28 page document.”

Regarding the ongoing lawsuit filed against numerous American, Saudi Arabian and other foreign interests, it has become a legal 9/11 storage bin and a treasure chest for 9/11 researchers eager to uncover what attorneys are finding about the long and complicated 9/11 paper trail.

Doyle said Motley Rice, the firm famous for first defeating the powerful tobacco industry, has hired the worldÂ’s most pre-eminent and respected terrorist investigator, Jean Claude Risard of France, who supposedly has uncovered a wealth of startling 9/11 information, revealing Israeli and American involvement in 9/11 which will shock many Americans once it is revealed.

Of course, Doyle isnÂ’t at liberty to talk specifics about the high-profile and complicated law suit still under intense litigation, he did say he has no doubt in his mind that the government either allowed 9/11 to occur or had an active role in it.

“I honestly don’t believe the government story,” said Doyle, adding everything about the official story and the follow-up investigation has not lived up to his or most all the other victims and survivors expectations. “The 9/11 Commission report doesn’t even begin to get at the truth. They ignored most of he family member’s serious questions and failed to even incorporate the findings of the 28 page bipartisan report looking into the financial links to 9/11 as well as any solid information leading to names involved with insider trading stock profits and 9/11.

“In fact, they didn’t even include testimony made by William Rodriguez, the janitor who has solid evidence about explosions in the WTC basement and other vital testimony from witnesses who basically ripped into shreds the official government story.”

And DoyleÂ’s claims of a shoddy 9/11 Commission has received tremendous support among victims and survivors who responded in masse over an email he sent demanding the 28 page financial report concerning 9/11 be released by the government.

“I sent out an email making this fact known and I received over 1,400 responses from families in agreement that all this financial data should be released to the American people,” said Doyle.

Becoming a virtual funnel for all new 9/11 information coming forward, Doyle said he was recently approached by a man, who gave him information and documents linking the Mossad to 9/11.

“He came to my door with documents saying he could prove the Mossad was involved with the hijackers through their association with them through flight schools,” said Doyle about the man whose identity is being protected for his safety.

“When he left the information, he tore a dollar bill in half, keeping half and giving me the other half, saying whoever I choose to give the information to must present the torn dollar bill. “If this information checks out, it could provide another solid link to what really happened on 9/11.

Besides the suspicious man who came to his doorstep, Doyle said another story ignored by the 9/11 Commission and cover-up by the government involves the actions of terrorist ringleader, Muhammad Atta, the night before 9/11 when he stayed at the Comfort Inn in Portland Maine.

“I know the 9/11 Commission took the testimony of the night manager at the Comfort Inn, but never included it in its final report,” said Doyle. “Also I know the FBI confiscated the hotel’s surveillance tapes, never making them public. The night manager insisted that there was a third person along with Atta and the other hijacker reported to be with him at the Portland airport. Supposedly this third person never boarded the plane, but for some reason no one wants to bother to find him.

“What we really need is an entire new investigation to answer all the questions not answered by the 9/11Commission,” said Doyle, who is urging all Americans to support the victims and family members in fighting for this cause. “I’ve heard so many stories from whistle blowers, compelling stories that need to be told that have been silenced by the government and the media.”

Doyle recalls one of the most mind boggling stories about the 9/11 investigation not released to the public, only appearing briefly on one NBC news broadcast over a year ago, is about a man cornered and suspiciously released by the FBI in 2000. The man, an alleged ‘muscle man’ involved with the hijackers, apparently had vital information about his role in 9/11 and the attack which was about to take place.

However, for unknown reasons he was released by the FBI and sent to England where there he was suspiciously released by MI6 where he then went into hiding.

“I remember about a year and half ago, the London Times had

HEY I reported the AOL poll!

HEY I reported the AOL poll!

Tony, sorry -- I didn't see

Tony, sorry -- I didn't see your post. John emailed me, and that's how I learned about it.

Here's the link for that

Here's the link for that "Father Who Lost Son..." article:

Do you think the U.S.

Do you think the U.S. government was complicit in 9/11?

No way 57%

I'm suspicious but not sure 26%

Yes 17%

Total Votes: 169,441

How can the amount of votes

How can the amount of votes grow from 120 to 170 thousand yet the percentage remains exactly the same?? BS if ask me.

Interesting, never heard

Interesting, never heard about this doyle guy...

Eric- Yeah the numbers were

Eric- Yeah the numbers were the same at 30,000... seems highly unlikely to me.

remember- you're not


you're not paranoid if they really are out to get you ;)

"Eric- Yeah the numbers were

"Eric- Yeah the numbers were the same at 30,000... seems highly unlikely to me"

Could you approach the site admin or whoever about this?

The article itself was surprisingly fair.

Mike Rivero

Mike Rivero ( says: "the online poll . . . was showing most respondents thought the government was complicit, then "suddenly" a whole slew of "no" votes materialized out of the air.

I didn't realize Diebold did online polling! :)"

I hate polls. I wasnt

I hate polls. I wasnt thrilled about the Zogby poll being the BIG NEWS a few weeks back. This poll is no doubt to discredit that.

Hard for me to believe that

Hard for me to believe that that many people are currently AOL users.

Great post Eric B.

Great post Eric B.

If 911poller or any critic

If 911poller or any critic of the 9/11 activist movement is reading this, please explain why you chose to only argue the tower and pentagon theories and then say how were a bunch of naive idiots...when you NEVER tackle the subject of proven foreknowlege, FBI whistleblowers, Pakistani ISI planning and masterminding, FBI being forced off the trail of Osama or al Qaeda, NORAD and air defenses being stood down by Cheney, etc.

i would love it if 911poller

i would love it if 911poller would answer that question(one i ask to a lot of trolls actually) with a real substinative answer, but sadly its not in his protocol.

Thanks Doug, unfortunately

Thanks Doug, unfortunately it got cut off at the end. Follow Mssr. Jouet's link for the whole article. Was surprised it was almost a year old. 2005.html

It's now at 171,000 but the

It's now at 171,000 but the numbers are still the same.

...please explain why you

...please explain why you chose to only argue the tower and pentagon theories...

They certainly don't disprove these arguments, they continually repeat, "You have no evidence" & "You have no proof" over & over, no matter what you say.

And yes, let's not forget "the subject of proven foreknowlege, FBI whistleblowers, Pakistani ISI planning and masterminding, FBI being forced off the trail of Osama or al Qaeda, NORAD and air defenses being stood down by Cheney, etc." (And Bush's totally unbelievable action & inaction that day.)

AOL polls are so bad. Why is

AOL polls are so bad.

Why is one option "Yes" and the other is "No Way"?

Why is "No Way" the first option?

AOL will be the last place to come to our side. I am amazed that they seem to cover 9/11 with their polls and articles more than most places though.

I would love to see the last

I would love to see the last of those trolls. Why encourage them? They dont even argue the controlled demolition theory because they never debate specifics anyway. Its all 3rd grade tactics with those punks.

I wouldn't call that NY

I wouldn't call that NY Times piece "fair" at all. It repeated the usual parade of "conspiracy buff" cliches, and implicitly endorsed the govt account on every charge (esp. when referring to the "10000 word" NIST report vs Steven Jones -- as if to say, How could anything this LONG be wrong?)

At least that article seems

At least that article seems relatively neutral. I don't wouldn't trust AOL's survey though.

this is the kind of

this is the kind of menntality we are working against:

COMMENT #14 [link]
...codenameV said on 6/5/2006 @ 1:23pm PT... is one of my favorite blogs. If they don't allow such discussions about 9/11 then it's because they have standards and those standards don't include wild speculation on 9/11 conspiracy theories. Giving credibility to these topics allows critics of liberal blogs to dismiss them as the extremist fringe.


COMMENT #15 [link]
...EconAtheist said on 6/5/2006 @ 1:30pm PT...

"...Chris said on 6/5/2006 @ 1:14pm PT...

boycott they REFUSE to allow any discussion about 9/11. they ban people who dare to question the official story of 9/11. BOYCOTT C&L! BOMB THEM WITH COMPLAINTS!! DO YOUR PART!!!"

That's patently false, Chris. I've had a number of discussions over there re: 9/11 and deviations from the 'official story,' and I've been going there since just after its inception.

I'm gonna guess that *you* were banned for (1) being irritating, (2) trolling, or (3) both.

To pass on false information like that on a site like *this* - one that slogs through the b.s. to try to get to the truth? Man... I have nothing to add.

bomb C&L.

well the results aren't

well the results aren't really that shows that 44% of the people who voted are at least supicious of the governments involvment in 9/11.

It's the way the question is

It's the way the question is asked. It says "US government" witch implies that either all of the people working for it are involved or none.

It does not remind voters the possiblity of a private criminal network of people working and having a lot of influence in the governemnt.

The people don't want to believe their government is killing them, just like a child doesn't want to believe his father is a war criminal no matter how much evidence there is.

However the people are much more likely to believe there were some bad officials who helped make it happen.

We must not forget the US government is not a single entity. It is made of thousands of people and dozens of people at the top, some are good and some are bad. The bad thing is that once the bad people conduct such a feroceus crime, the "not so bad" ones don't dare to expose it or for several reasons come to the conclusion that it is the best for them and the country to pretend it was a real terrorist attack.

On every poll in witch the question is asked differently for example: Do you believe the offcial story? Do you trust the commission? Is there a cover-up? Is it possible that some officials consciously assisted the attack? ....the result in much more in favor for 9/11 truth than those witch the question is set like this one.