Tying Up Loose Ends

Trying to get caught up on all the submissions that have come in over the last week or so. If I've missed anything, feel free to send it in again...

Series of Video Clips from Chicago Conference on YouTube
There are currently eight clips up there, and should be more on the way as well.

9/11 Related Music by Kyle Corbett
You can find two tracks related to 9/11 in the release demo album available via the link above. They are entitled 'The Need Transcends' (featuring clips of Dr. Griffin) and 'September 11th Star Spangled Banner'

Grassroots InfoMedia interviews Dr. David Ray Griffin
SBG Edit: I know downloads from this site are painfully slow, will hopefully have a local mirror at 911podcasts.com shortly.

Alfons of v911t interviews Dr. David Ray Griffin. 9/11 conspiracy, pentagon videos, 9/11 commision, and more.

Webster Tarpley Reports from Chicago Conference

Webster calls in from the Chicago 911 Symposium with updates from the conference and current world news. Ian Woods, from the magazine: Global Outlook, also a participant at the 911 Symposium, joins Webster in a rousing discussion regarding 911.

Business as usual, part two: The government short-sells America

According to Burien, “The showing of derivative transactions both on the domestic and international fronts would burn the government’s façade alive. Based on the fund tracker, government fund accounts were holding their largest short positions ‘ever’ going into 911.” As always, while everybody’s looking at planes, hijackers, politicians, falling buildings and the like, it comes down to “following the money.” Once the trail is exposed, it’s a whole new ballgame.

Video montage of bomb evidence at the WTC on 9/11

Osama Tape Appears Fake, Experts Conclude

In this new recording, a voice attributed to Osama bin Laden asserts that Zacarias Moussaoui was not involved in 9/11, which he knew to be the case because he had personally assigned the 19 hijackers involved in those events. The Osama of this tape thereby implicitly confesses his responsibility for orchestrating the attacks. However, in a tape released on December 27, 2001, the authenticity of which is not in doubt, Osama denied having had anything to do with 9/11. "Moreover," Fetzer added, "some of the 19 hijackers he 'personally assigned' have turned up alive and well."

Asbestos bill widens to 9/11, hurricane claims
http://ca.news.yahoo.com (pesky Canucks)

"Asbestos has been found in bulk samples, both on the pile at Ground Zero, as well as in settled dust in buildings and offices. It's surely around," Levin said in an interview.

Rumsfeld: Flight 93 Shot down

Citizen Spook Comes Out On 9/11

I haven't written about 911 before in this blog. So let me state what I believe has already been proved by the physical, scientific, testimonial -- repressed -- evidence: the US Government pulled off the 911 tragedy to further its own goals of reshaping the global power grid in favor of their interests. It's the greatest crime ever perpetrated.

Lies, Lies, Lies by Ministry available here:

In case you missed

In case you missed it:

s9/11T's David Hawkins:
Forensics on 9/11 flights into WTC, Pentagon; UA93

Notice the two people

Notice the two people standing behind Rumsfeld in that video after he says the plane was shot down, their heads dart to the left as to say..wuuuthuuu...hell???

The "Video montage of bomb

The "Video montage of bomb evidence at the WTC on 9/11" is a hit peice.

I really like this video

By "hit piece" I assume you

By "hit piece" I assume you mean a hit on the "official story."

It really is very good!

I like these two

That Rumsfeld Flight 93

That Rumsfeld Flight 93 video is just amazing. That really is an important slip-up and should be taken very seriously.

That bomb evidence montage

That bomb evidence montage is awesome. Holy shit!!!!

Bombs inside the building would've been a running hypothesis from the get go had a real investigation been done. Plain and simple.

"Citizen Spook Comes Out On

"Citizen Spook Comes Out On 9/11" is more about outing Daniel Hopsicker than about Citizen Spook coming out!

But those of us who'd recognized the structure of The Big Lie 9/11 for what it is already realized that all the "evidence" which made "hijacker Atta" seem real (regardless of where it came from -- think "Able Danger") was just part of the big limited-hangout campaign, so we did not need to catch DH taking swipes at the 9/11 Truth Movement to know that DH was yet another fake 911 truther.

Everyone should contact MTV

im so proud of Ministry. ive

im so proud of Ministry. ive been a fan for years, so to see them coming out with some 9/11 truth is friggin surreal to me.this is the greatest goddamn music video ever made.