All Canadian Terror Show

While dz and sbg were cavorting with the elite in Chicago, I was on the new frontline of the "War on Terror"... that's right, CANADA.

9/11 set the stage for the media feeding frenzy that took place this past week, giving the the morning papers something to make headlines with, something for pundits to babble about, and something for Stephen Harper's arguably neoconservative government to use as a political tool.

Is it a coincidence that months after a neocon takes office, terror is on the front pages in Canada? Don't know, but if you are interested, check out my parsing of some Canadian terror coverage and draw your own conclusions.

The brilliant Canadian writer Gwynne Dyer has some things to say about the terror show in Vancouver's Straight magazine;

Any terrorist attack on Canada is bound to be homegrown, because there is no shadowy but powerful network of international Islamist terrorists waging a war against the West. There are isolated small groups of extremists who blow things up once in a while. There are Web sites and other media through which they can exchange ideas and techniques, but there is no headquarters, no chain of command, no organization that can be defeated, dismantled, and destroyed.

Incidentally, Alex Jones has just had an interesting experience with Canadian customs officials.

Did you all see the framed

Did you all see the framed photograph of Zarqawi?
It shows him lying in rubble on some floor. But they now say he was still alive and being carried away when they found&identified him. Now this doesn't add up. The picture doesn't show an ambulance or anything in the background.

Is it a coincidence that

Is it a coincidence that months after a neocon takes office, terror is on the front pages in Canada? Don't know, but if you are interested, check out my parsing of some Canadian terror coverage and draw your own conclusions.

i said this was going to happen as soon as i saw Harper won. he is said to have "much better relations with Bush" than the previous leadership.whatever that means.

Why not find out what's

Why not find out what's REALLY going on source and read "The Merovingian Dynasty: Satanic Bloodline of the Antichrist & False Prophet"

What's happening in my home

What's happening in my home and native land is sad but unsurprising.

The new Harper gov't has shown that it wants to expand it's efforts in Afghanistan, even though the ostensibly NATO controlled 'mission' is ill-defined.

In the past couple of weeks we've seen the single-issue religious right rear it's head in the Conservative Party, actively campaigning to force more 'mainstream' Conservative out.

Not to mention that the head of the Canadian Armed Forces saying that, get this... The Geneva conventions don't apply to those they capture in Afghanistan.

All this, combined with the covert operation of Canada's JTF2 in Iraq (started with the former Liberal gov't BTW) for some time doesn't bode well.

Cathy, the idea that

Cathy, the idea that Merovingian bloodline is waiting to take over the world comes from Pierre Plantard's Priory of Sion hoax. The same goes with the idea that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and had a child with her. This hoax was later popularized in Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln, and in The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

For more on that, see the below:

For the real globalist ruling elite, see the below information:

The Bilderberg group is the top-tier of the globalist ruling elite. Groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission are the Bilderberg group's more public organizational branches which help to enact the agenda of the Bilderberg group.

Reuters acknowledges that the Bilderberg group of European royalty and international central bankers groomed Bill Clinton and Tony Blair for the U.S. Presidency and British Prime Ministry, respectively:

"Secretive Bilderberg group to meet in Sweden," Peter Starck, Reuters, May 23, 2001:

For more information on the Bilderberg group, see the below news archives:

See also:

"Elite power brokers' secret talks," Emma Jane Kirby, BBC News, May 15, 2003:

"World government in action," Joseph Farah,, May 16, 2003:

"The masters of the universe," Pepe Escobar, Asia Times, May 22, 2003:

And as the below BBC Radio report reveals, the European Union and the euro European Union single-currency were both secretly planned since the first Bilderberg meeting in 1954:

BBC Bilderberg Report: European Union, Single Currency Planned Since 50's

BBC uncovered incredible archived Bilderberg documents which confirmed that both the EU and the Euro were the brainchild of Bilderberg.

"Club Class," Simon Cox, BBC Radio, July 3, 2003:

new al qaeda video tape just

new al qaeda video tape just came out, right on cue.its Zawahiri.

Chris, got a link?

Chris, got a link?

Enough about Ann Coulter:

Enough about Ann Coulter: Answer the Jersey Girls questions about 9/11!

Fantastic link, Mike Jr.! I

Fantastic link, Mike Jr.! I doubt anyone would mind if I repeat some key questions here:

1. Was NORAD aware of the four hijacked planes veering off course even before being reported by the FAA? If not, please explain why NORAD, which monitors 7000 flights a day, was unable to track the four aberrant flights.

2. At precisely what time was NORAD notified of each plane being hijacked? What was their response?

3. Who determined from which bases the F-16s should be scrambled? Why were fighter jets scrambled from such distant bases such as Langley Base in Va. instead of Andrews Air Force Base, a mere 10 miles from the Pentagon? Who were the pilots of these F-16s?

4. Why werenÂ’t the jets able to intercept the hijacked planes if they were airborne within eight minutes of notification? What was their airspeed?

5. It is reported that there were two F-15s off the coast of Long Island while Flights 11 and 175 were in the air. If there were indeed fighters off Long Island, why werenÂ’t they diverted to investigate Flights 11 and 175? Were any other military planes flying routine missions on the morning of September 11th which could have responded?

6. Why did NORAD wait until after the second plane hit the WTC to try and prevent possible further attacks? Why werenÂ’t the fighter jets that tailed flights 11 and 175 as they crashed into New YorkÂ’s WTC, immediately rerouted to intercept flights 77 or 93, before they crashed into the Pentagon and Pennsylvania?

7. Why wasnÂ’t the Pentagon defended?

8. Were surveillance satellites orbiting North American airspace on 9/11?

• What exactly does the satellite imaging reveal?
• What companies own these satellites?
• Where are the records and logs for these orbits?

9. Why were these four planes able to evade all radar? Even when the transponders are disconnected, a plane is still able to be located by its “skin” on radar screens.

10. In June 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld modified NMCC response procedure in the event of a hijacking. Could this procedural change have slowed NORADÂ’s response time?

11. Who was directing the defense of our country that morning?

12. What defensive actions were ordered to protect our nation during the crisis?

There are many more questions and I think if we are going to defend the Jersey Girls we should start by demanding John Kerry and others look at the facts and start answering some questions about why they are ignoring the blatantly obvious and letting the Bush Administration get away with murder.

911: Official Explanations + Basic Logic Expose the Big Lie

Anonymous: Why were these

Why were these four planes able to evade all radar? Even when the transponders are disconnected, a plane is still able to be located by its “skin” on radar screens.

Not only is it still visible, it lights up like a Christmas tree if it's transponder is off (though it's worth noting that altitude is not determinable with transponders off).

You know evey single day, I

You know evey single day, I wake up and see more and more people are starting to "wake up". Got this poll on a football forum, I think it reflects how the mojority of the country thinks.
42.65% believe official story.
35.29% don't believe official story.
22.06% not sure.

>6. Why did NORAD wait until

>6. Why did NORAD wait until after >the second plane hit the WTC to try >and prevent possible further >attacks? Why werenÂ’t the fighter >jets that tailed flights 11 and 175 >as they crashed into New YorkÂ’s WTC, >immediately rerouted to intercept >flights 77 or 93, before they >crashed into the Pentagon and >Pennsylvania?

It stunned me to find there was actually CNN/FOX/younameit news coverage of the WTC attacks that informed the viewers that a 3rd hijacked plane is "heading towards Washington". So even normal households were better informed than NORAD - what a joke!

Greg- I've never heard that

Greg- I've never heard that before, got a source?

is anybody looking at people

is anybody looking at people (who have blogs) defending the network neutrality defeat?

are republicans selfdestructive and going to bring us all down with them?

>Greg- I've never heard that

>Greg- I've never heard that before, >got a source?
>Drew M | Homepage | 06.09.06 - 2:23 >pm | #

It was displayed as text in one of the news coverage videos at 911podcasts. Somewhere after the first tower collapsed.

This one has it:

P.S.: I wish this DeMartini guy that built the WTC would still be alive. He would have destroyed Bush, FEMA, NIST and the 9/11 commission.

Found it: it's in the above

Found it: it's in the above Video "Bomb Montage" at Minute 03:49

it says:

- was this flight 77? not sure

here ya go Mike: CAIRO,

here ya go Mike:

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- Al-Jazeera satellite channel broadcast Friday excerpts of a video tape by deputy leader of al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, that praises Abu Musab al-Zarqawi but does not mention his death, suggesting it was made earlier.

Al-Zawahiri focused on political developments in the Palestinian territories, Sudan and Egypt.

News from New

News from New Zealand:

United States-qualified pilot, Rayed Mohammed Abdullah Ali .. , saying his dream was to become a commercial airline pilot .... Ali was deported because he "posed a threat to national security"... no right of appeal.... He was sent back to Saudi Arabia under escort.... the initial A for Abdullah, and that was corrected in a note inside the passport....
.. 9-11 Commission Report .. "Rayed Abdullah". The report says Abdullah lived and trained in Phoenix with Hani Hanjour, ...

A website sourced to the 9-11 report says Abdullah attended the same Phoenix flight school as Hanjour and the pair used a flight simulator together on June 23, 2001.

How ridiculous! HAHAHA New Zealand!
They WROTE SOMETHING into a passport!

in other news ... now we know
"Why the planes did not crumple!"

Canada Terrorism...
Sensational charges, lurid headlines
in alleged Toronto terrorist plot:

I have a feeling that you

I have a feeling that you americans can do what you want.

It wont help.

There has been a coup d'etat and the ursurpers are willing to kill members of congress. But because congress are cowards, they just need to scare them a bit.. a sprinkle of anthrax, a false nerve-gas alarm... hahaha caved in.

so .. say 10% of americans are certain that 911 was an inside job. Now that means 10% of their REPRESENTATIVES need to raise hell in da house.

If you had MixedMemberProportionalRepresentation (MMP, like germany for example) there would be 10% in the house. In your corrupt system all and every minority is under-represented.

solution: MMP is urgently needed.
its very difficult to make war then.

Bilderberg is only the tip

Bilderberg is only the tip of the iceberg. At least we know what it is and who is in it. It is the secret societies we don't even know about that should worry us more.

Bilderbergers are just a

Bilderbergers are just a stupid club.

Its function is not to rule.. or even to select what to do.

Its function is to re-confirm, to double-check...

its just another club where the rich-and-powerful can check on each other.