Former CIA Member Robert Baer Comments on 9/11 'Inside Job' Possibilities - Audio Download

Robert Baer is a former CIA member who has authored several books, and served as the basis for the recent movie Syrianna. In this interview they discuss 9/11, possible ties between Iran and Bin Laden, the ways in which some have profited from 9/11, and motives.

Here is a quick transcript:

Hartmann: writing fiction you have been able to say some of the things that the CIA wouldn't let you say in non-fiction, is that an accurate statement?

Baer: Absolutely, you know the two things the CIA wouldn't let me write about - the Iranian connection to 9/11, and number two I get to take on these fictional truths - and they are fictional truths surrounding 9/11 - the whole conspiracy theory idea of what other countries were involved, was an individual involved - an American. Questions like that, and put it into dramatic art.


Hartmann: Was Iran involved - what countries were involved in 9/11?

Baer: I think that at some level there was Saudi involvement [..] 15 were from Saudi Arabia [..] a lot of the money came from Saudi Arabia, but nobody's been indicted.

[talk about Bin Laden family, Arbusto connections, ongoing meetings with Saudi's on 9/11]

Baer: The other question is Iran, who setup a strategic relationship with Bin laden in 1996 - this I know for sure, and there are a lot of questions out there.

Hartmann: But Bin laden is a Sunni Arab, and Iran is a Shia country - why would they do that?

Baer: Yeah.. tactical alliances, anything that is anti-American - anything that will cause the United States problems..

[talks of brief Iran mention in 9/11 commission report, and hijacker prior knowledge and cover up]

Hartmann: In your opinion was there - and we just learned here that Judy Miller could have blown the 9/11 story in July of 2001 and that might have caused it not to have happened. [..] Were there folks inside the United States government who would profit tremendously - perhaps politically rather than financially [..] - who would have profited from 9/11 who worked to allow 9/11 to happen?

Baer: Well let me put it this way - a lot of people have profited from 9/11. You are seeing great fortunes made - whether they are on the stock market, or selling weapons, or just contractors - great fortunes are being made. [..] You have to ask that question, is it possible to profit from 9/11 and hide it? Yes. I have talked to accounting firms, I know how it is done - layered accounts, etc.

Hartmann: What about political profit? There are those who suggest that G.W. Bush, and or Cheney, Rumsfeld, Feith, Pearl, Wolfowitz - someone in that chain of command [..] had pretty good knowledge that 9/11 was gunna happen - and really didn't do much to stop it - or even obstructed efforts to stop it because they thought it would lend legitimacy to Bush's [..] failing presidency.

Baer: Absolutely, I mean you know [..] what we are doing is looking at motivation. I mean how can you - with the intelligence we knew that indicted Saudi Arabia and Iran - how can you go to war with Iraq and lie about connections between bin laden and Saddam? that was an out and out lie - they knew there was no connection. [..]


Baer: This is what they wanted to do, they needed a pretext to go into Iraq.


Hartmann: So are you personally of the opinion [..] that there was an aspect of 'inside job' to 9/11 within the U.S. government?

Baer: There is that possibility, the evidence points at it.

Hartmann: And why is it not being investigated?

Baer: Why isn't the WMD story being investigated? Why isn't anyone been held accountable for 9/11? [..] Why has there been no change in command? Why hasn't there been any sort of exposure on this?


Baer: There are answers out there, I've got pieces of the story [..]

A big thanks goes to Thom Hartmann for asking a few tough questions, and to PsyOpsJihad for this great submission!



Today's off-topic but

Today's off-topic but compelling read is the cover story from The New Statesman entitled "America's Robot Army" by Stephen Graham.

RoboCop comes to a city near you.

Reistance is futile.

Cue the music from "Star Wars".

Coulter Attacks The Widows

Coulter Attacks The Widows Again, Max Cleland? - Video Inside

Ann... there isn't anything I could say that hasn't already been said. So I'll just say something I like saying to fascists.


How DARE she trivialize

How DARE she trivialize them. Make them unimportant. And how DARE the media COMPLETELY ignore the widows' response.

a great new whistleblower.

a great new whistleblower. So much for the conspiracy "buffs", conspiracy "idiots" that we're all supposed to be.

the evidence points at it.

the evidence points at it. :-) :-)

dz, looking forward to the video of Dr Reynolds saying "come out of the white house with your hands up!"

Robert Baer...

Robert Baer has worked for the CIAÂ’s Directorate of Operations for more than two decades and spent most of his career in the Middle East. An Arabic speaker, he was considered one of the best on-the-ground field officers in the Middle East. He has also published a book about his time within the CIA. The memoirs are entitled See No Evil: The True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA's War Against Terrorism.

Iran involved? On what

Iran involved? On what evidence? Ive not seen any. And as we know the identities of the alleged hijackers is still UNKNOWN.

Even the FBI hasnt charged Bin Laden with 9-11...

He's good enough for

that's the part that worried

that's the part that worried me.
the LAST thing we need is for someone to say that Iran was behind it.

give Bush a reason to nuke Iran. the media would LOVE to say Iran funded/carried out/aided in 911.

Seems like fuel to both

Seems like fuel to both sides

We really do need an

We really do need an entirely new Congress.
Put the laws back into effect, let justice be served and those executive officials will be held accountable immediately.
Stop this administration now.
Put them away for life.

I've heard the ties between

I've heard the ties between Iran and 9/11 before. Supposedly some of the hijackers passed through Iran I believe... don't quote me on that... they were given "safe haven".,8599,664967,00.html

Senior U.S. officials have told TIME that the 9/11 Commission's report will cite evidence suggesting that the 9/11 hijackers had previously passed through Iran

Here's what those mofos will

Here's what those mofos will do. You know that CIA report on 9/11 we are still waiting for? They whitewash the hell out of it, throw some heavy blame on Iran, and we are doing the Tehran two-step.

Great piece by Kyle Hence

Great piece by Kyle Hence on "Zarqawi, 9/11 and the Bogus War on Terror" today...

Nice job, Kyle... maybe we can get you a job at the New York Times...

Very good piece by Kyle.

Very good piece by Kyle.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! i have

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! i have never trusted this guy one bit, he has always played up Zarqawi and bin Laden to a pretty inflated degree. i dont like the linking of Bin Laden to Iran either, that should set off some radars obviously, but regardless, this is kind of huge.

Does anyone have a link to

Does anyone have a link to Alex Jones's presentation at the Chicago conference, that I don't have to buy. Please $$$

Ive also seen the

Ive also seen the Ahmadinejad linked with Osama bin laden and Kim Jong-il by Tony Karon, a writer for Time:

Ive already written to TomDispatch and Tony Karon about this sort of libelous linkage...and id urge others to read the Karon piece(its also at Znet) and write to Karon criticising him for this sort of character assassination.
The ill-informed public read this sort of casual press, and it slowly massages their peceptions and understanding. This sort of strategic ambivalence was used to good effect by Bush and the neocons over Saddam.


Gotta Revolution

"Does anyone have a link to

"Does anyone have a link to Alex Jones's presentation at the Chicago conference, that I don't have to buy. Please $$$"

I thought he put it up for free?

I've tried telling people

I've tried telling people there are numerous whistleblowers coming forward and stating the evidence showing that the us goverment had involvement with the conspiracy but they refuse to believe it. I guess they would only believe it if it was made official and reported by the mcmedia.

Good interview!

Good interview!

They passed through

They passed through Iran?

The hijackers also passed through Massachusetts, Florida, New Jersey, Virginia, Nevada and many other states.

Bombs away!

CNN playing 9/11/bin

CNN playing 9/11/bin laden/zarqawi propaganda right now.

Shot another hole on Thoms

Shot another hole on Thoms cognitive dissonance?

Robert Baer is a great source. Like Greg Thielman, Karen Kwiatkowski, Sibel Edmonds and all the others.

And Thom has the guts to maintain nobody came forward?

There's still no way to take

There's still no way to take the LIE out of LIHOP.

Talk like "15 were from Saudi Arabia" only bolsters faith and belief in the core fictitious element of the government's ludicrous conspiracy theory cover story, and thus raises the hurdle for 911 truth(ers). (I cannot fathom how or why any honest 911 truther with a clue would ever call that "NICE!!!".) With just a little more 'help' like that -- as long as people are encouraged to go on clinging to their fear and loathing of the government's mythical 19 suicidal Muslim hijackers -- The Big Lie of 9/11 can live on, forever.

So how many of "the 19" suicidal Muslim hijackers were aboard that 757 which, in that government video of the 757 striking the Pentagon, was too small to be a 757?

Robert freaking Baer says

Robert freaking Baer says not only does he htink it was allowed, he says its a good possibility it was an inside job? Holy shit. THIS and the possible thermite found on the WTC beams has to be the biggest news since the pentagon tapes. I definately know who this guy is, he's one of the most famous modern CIA guys. How can anyone in the mainstream say its merely "conspiracy theorists".

This adds more weight to my personal theory that isnt very popular in this movement, but is the only conclusion that makes sense IMHO:

The NSA/CIA and rogue agencies intercepted the real al Qaeda 9/11 plans, which were being funded by Pakistani ISI; made sure the FBI and NORAD and whoever else couldnt stop it...laxed security, made sure they could get around the US freely. Then had the towers sabotaged with thermite so that it would have the towers fall from the impact point..thus rendering the real attacks that much more spectacular. I also find the fact whatever hit the Pentagon hit the small blast resistant patch highly suspicious. Make no mistake tho, Islamic terrorists ARE a threat. So is Iran in some ways.

Only the fringe extreme of 9/11 truth believe there was no Arab hijackers, that Osama and al Qaeda is just a myth. Regardless if the CIA named al Qaeda, regardless if they funded em or elements were used in Serbia, Osama and his merrymen were definately out to cause harm. There can be no doubt they were behind the 1998 and USS Cole attacks. The late FBI Agent John O'Neil was on the heels of Osama and al Qaeda til Bush stepped in and said to back off.

Baer is pushing a whole lot

Baer is pushing a whole lot of bullshit in these interviews ladies and gentlemen. One only needs to look at his disingenous discussion about Iran and Ahmedinajad.

The clerics have the ultimate say in what Iran does or does not do. To push the fallacy that Ahmedinajad has total control is not only incorrect, it ultimately helps further the Bush regime's goal of going to war with Iran.

And for him to link Iran with 9/11, while citing absolutely no evidence to back up this claim, should tell you everything you need to know about Baer's priorities.

He's playing us.

Enjoy the show.

I saw Baer on Hardball

I saw Baer on Hardball recently and he was all set to go into how much Ahmadinejad hates the US and how everything Ahmadinejad does is inspired by hatred of the US when Chris Matthews asked him how that got started. Baer wanted to launch into the 1980 hostage crisis when Matthews made him admit that the CIA and the British conspired to effect a military coup in the early 50's that threw out an elected Iranian leader and reinstated the Shah. Baer was visibly irritated at having to let the American public in on that truth.

No, I don't think he's to be trusted, especially since he keeps at it with the 19 hijackers scenario. The weakest part of the official version is that those 19 men pulled off the most devastating terrorist attack in the history of the world, using "boxcutters" and making a few test flights to scout out low passenger count flights.

Jon Gold, the links to Alex

Jon Gold, the links to Alex Jones's keynote speech in Chicago that you posted at 06.09.06 - 10:39 pm require membership, i.e.:

Somebody ought to create a torrent or upload a working video of the full speech.

Does anyone know if the file at the below link is working properly? Someone complained that it isn't fully downloading.

BEWARE.....BEWARE!!!!!!!! The

The only thing he couldn't talk about was the Iranian Link to 911??? This stinks to high heaven!!! What a great way to coopt the any exposure of 911 as an inside job to keep the WAR on Terror going in its most recent direction. Baur will be the one that will be invited on the MSM, as an expert in exposing the 'true story" of 911. I'm sorry to say it but this guy is a complete fraud. That politicians and corporations have profited from 911 and the war on Terror is not big news to anyone.

Its soo obvious!!!!
Don't be fooled!!!!
This is is called "profiting on the way down." plan D.

yeah, the Iran comments set

yeah, the Iran comments set off a red flag for sure.

Do not trust this guy. He's

Do not trust this guy. He's vague on things that are solid, and talks solid on things that are vague. Any coincidence that Republican Weldon is trying to talk up a link between Iran and 9/11?

Man, 9/11 is the false flag operation that just keeps on giving.

Evil, evil bastards....

i bash the american public

i bash the american public on their ignorance of basic world events pretty regularly, but i highly doubt the american people would fall for this Iran linked to 9/11 bullshit. not without being exposed to some very disturbing truths about 9/11 in the process. if Baer wants to open that can of worms, let him.

not without being exposed to

not without being exposed to some very disturbing truths about 9/11 in the process. if Baer wants to open that can of worms, let him.

I don't want him in control of the lid!!!
The powers behind 911 don't care about the middlle managers (Bush Co) if it means the War on Terror continues.....thats the big prize!!!!!!

As for exposing the more disturbing truths.....we won't have that opportunity because we will be labeled the crazies and he will become the 'official' respectable source.
It will be like the rally at NBC.....Bauer will be sitting with talking heads inside the building while we are jumping up and down outside with signs saying....but about this and didn't mention this...! But the audience won't see us because they won't let us even stand behind the only window outside the building where they can be seen.

what makes you think he

what makes you think he would be in control? simply because hes CIA? its not as if he alone can control the message, and clearly the damn has been cracking lately. i would like to see him try and keep all the disturbing questions bottled up for cant happen.i completely understand where your coming from, i have never liked this guy based on past statements he has made about the "war on terror", but linking 9/11 to Iran is gonna cause people to look closer at 9/11, and thats always a good thing.the thing i fear most is that another "terror attack" will happen soon and be blamed on Iran.linking Iran to 9/11 isnt gonna fly in my opinion.Baer can only bottle up and spin so much about 9/11, just like the MSM as a whole. the official story is quickly falling apart, hence the damage control.

Here's a book review penned

Here's a book review penned by Mr. Baer in The Nation magazine of September 27, 2004.

Do you think he gave David Ray Griffin's A New Pearl Harbor a thumbs up or a thumbs down?

From Bauer's review: This is

From Bauer's review:
This is what I think happened on September 11. The trillions we put into national security were wasted. The military's early warning system, the CIA's and the FBI's ability to collect and process intelligence, and the White House's ability to deal with a national emergency never adapted to the new threat, terrorism, and the end of the cold war. Fail-safe procedures fail routinely, and depending on them is anything but safe. It wasn't a conspiracy of silence that allowed Osama bin Laden to succeed so spectacularly in his mission; it was a confluence of incompetence, spurious assumptions and self-delusion on a grand scale."

Sounds alot like the official version of the commision report that came out later doesn't? Now that version has been fully discredited, this is their next bullshit explanation!!!!

I might add: that we can learn alot from these "official' explanations as they change. This is their new angle, plan D,. We need to remember that propaganda is the public face of what is going on behind the scenes. The very purpose of proganda is to create a public consumption story that supports what they are really doing behind closed doors. By its very nature it can tell us accurately what their public agenda is, because if it wasn't true to their larger intent, wouldn't be good propaganda.

@ NJL. Maybe not intenional.

@ NJL. Maybe not intenional. Bear surely has the Iran Task Force CIA Talking Points on his mind. If you cover yourseld everday with this shit, someday you'll believe it yourself and parrot this in the public.

PS: A little find of mine: The german newspaper "Der Stern" does a article back in 2004, called "Die Kriegslüge", "The lie for war".

Oliver Schröm contributed to this article, you remember, the guy who first made the PDB of Aug. 6 th. 01, "Bin Laden determined to attack in the U.S." public back in 2002 (Justin Raimondo!)

In this, on page 8, it says: German intelligence know from the start, that Powells allegations at the UN presentation regarding Al-Zarkawi and his connections to iraq in 2003 were not true. Al-Zarkawi was under special observation through german BND, because of a german terror cell called al Tawhid. German sources claim, that they tape over 40 calls between Zarkarwi and hin men in germany. They know that he had no connections to the iraq "regime", and that he wasn't in iraq at that time. German BKA (german FBI correspondent) should had have informations, that Zarkawi was in IRAN since early 2002.

The iran connection popping up now is no error- I truly believe that the neocon fascist madmen spin this since the beginning, but we recocnize this now with our open eyes regarding the "inevitable" iran attack.

New infos from Irans "deadline" for responding to the "offer" is the 29th of June. On the 15th of July the new G8 meeting will take place in St. Petersburg. And Bolton (the UN-hating, PNAC-buddy and never confirmed US-UN-ambassador) accused russia of twisting the case against iran.

3rd worldwar well underway. Stop the "chess board playing neocon fascist madmen" now!

Which agenda has Robert

Which agenda has Robert Baer, and can we trust him?

I don't know a lot about Baer, apart from being him the scriptwriter of Syriana and close to a LIHOP position (I like the film, btw). So I'm agnostic on this.

But I prefer not to put too much weight on determining the credibility of Baer or other writers and whistleblowers. Whatever agenda he has, it is safe to say that he is re-positioning himself regarding 9/11, like a rapidly growing number of people.

These people are a further clear sign that the big lie is inevitably breaking up. We should be happy about that and keep working. Regardless of Baer's agenda.

Woody Box

I'm torn about this one now,

I'm torn about this one now, after reading that daming article on DRG' book by Baer.

1. Is he simply now ascribing a nod to 9/11 truth to sell books, or be disinfo, or just to talk out his ass or to legitimize more fuel that "Iran needs to be next"...

2. Or has he had a change of heart?

I want to believe 2. I mean Im sure even Morgan Reynolds bought the official story at one point. Hell I did til 2004.

Still...youd think he should be criticizing the neocons for wanting Iran. I just dont understand why he's say what he said in the interview. It wasnt a trick question, like "Do you think we were told the whole truth on 9/ So ya think it was an inside job?" No, it wasnt like that...its plain as day what he said.

So what gives? I want to champion this as another major breakthrough, but it seems fuzzy now.

So what gives? I want to

So what gives? I want to champion this as another major breakthrough, but it seems fuzzy now.
pockybot | 06.10.06 - 4:32 pm | #

its always fuzzy when a former CIA agent is involved.

Here's a book review penned

Here's a book review penned by Mr. Baer in The Nation magazine of September 27, 2004.

Do you think he gave David Ray Griffin's A New Pearl Harbor a thumbs up or a thumbs down?
NJL | 06.10.06 - 1:47 pm | #
oh shit, i remember reading this, i cant believe i forgot it was Baer who wrote it.

I think if 9/11 Truth came

I think if 9/11 Truth came out, people would be hard pressed to think another war would solve anything.

Don't forget the Saudi involvement either... We can't just go to war with the Middle East.

So, don't discount Iranian involvement because of politics, as always we should keep an open mind.

I would say to be wary of

I would say to be wary of Mr. Baer. He is, in fact, a former high level CIA operative.

You know how the old saying goes "once you're part of the gang, you're always part of the gang" or something to that effect.

I do, however, like the quote of Baer that CB pasted: "the evidence points at it."

But as others have pointed out, wouldn't it just be so "great" to have the media flip it as "Iran was behind 9/11".

With all of us -- and so many more people -- doing our best to stay on top of, and pre-empt any possible future false flag terror operation [possibly via a drill(s) that goes live], blaming Iran for 9/11 like Baer has alluded to, may be the only sure-fire way left for the Neocon-Bush Family-Corporate Elite nexus to provide the needed "justification" for an attack on Iran.

I am presently taking no side on this, I am merely saying to be cautious. Be wary of Baer.

- Ø®£Z -, the

- Ø®£Z -, the saying you're looking for is probably "Once a Company man, always a Company man." With "Company" being a term for the CIA.

I'm glad I'm knowledgeable

I'm glad I'm knowledgeable enough for my eyebrows to go up when this guy started talking about the Iranian 'connection' to 9/11. Please. I heard that once you are in the CIA you are always in the CIA.

Thanks guys, for confirming what I already knew. I was like, "Iranian connection to 911? What did I miss??"

My understanding is that if

My understanding is that if you really leave the CIA you are either dead or living in Thailand, but you are not in the US.

Baer's first line in his attack on Griffin is really all you need to understand him completely:

"Conspiracy theories are hard to kill."

He doesn't give a f-- about getting questions answered. He has an agenda. There may be certain people he'd love to see booted out or jailed, for whatever person reasons, but he probably would also love to see the US get into Iran.

Long ago, Barbara Honegger was pushing "Iran did 9/11!" on a 9/11 list - Ruppert laughed at her and told her that was like saying 'Santa Claus did 9/11', or something like that. It sounded as idiotic then as it still does now.

Any former CIA person saying there is a 9/11 connection to Iran is so ridiculously obvious about what his agenda is that he should be laughed out of the place.

READ the nation piece.

(dzblogger, why don't you post this review and boldface some of these to put Baer in context for those who don't know him?)

- "Griffin's subtitle suggests this book is a search for truth, but don't let that fool you. His mind is all but made up. For a start, Griffin simply cannot accept that our national security system totally failed all on its own on September 11."

[That's right because by some freak of nature, we just had 5 war games going on that day, including flying planes into buildings, among the many other blockades that were put up to stop the real people who actually saw it coming and wanted to do something.]

- "Their investigation revealed that one of the Manila plotters, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, had considered enticing some suicide-minded pilot to fly his airplane into the CIA headquarters. KSM, as we now know, would go on to mastermind 9/11."

(note: Barbara Honegger - former Reagan official - has also been a big promoter of KSM, as have most rightwingers.)

- "It's a monstrous proposition [Griffin's conspiracy theories], which makes this a monstrous but in some ways important book. Someone, after all, should be asking in print why our foreign policy seems to have fallen into the hands of some malevolent band of Marx Brothers. For all its merits, the 9/11 Commission Report doesn't even attempt to answer this question. Griffin's book does, but since he's an outsider to Washington's Byzantine ways, he falls back on wacky theories."

[anything but incompetence is a wacky theory = no inside job, all just a big mistake]

- "Yes, the CIA was formed, in essence, to conduct and foment conspiracies, but even within the vaulted offices of Langley, a secret like that couldn't have lasted twenty-four hours"

[Give me a break!!!!!]

- "Like most conspiracies, it has the allure of a deeper truth, but experience tells me that although this Administration is dedicated to keeping the truth away from the average citizen, it could never have acquiesced in so much human slaughter and kept it a secret. Especially when so many people would have to have been involved."

[More complete BS!!! 9/11 researchers have shown that it would NOT have taken a great number of people and this is the classic line that is used to try to make an inside job look impossible to the public, by those who need to defend it. This is complete hoax crap because the US has a massive history of murder all over the world.]

- "It wasn't a conspiracy of silence that allowed Osama bin Laden to succeed so spectacularly in his mission [!!!}; it was a confluence of incompetence, spurious assumptions and self-delusion on a grand scale."

[incompetence . . . again and again - that's why there were WAR GAMES all the f--ing over the place on 9/11???????????? We are not idiots.]

Please understand what he is doing.

Baer has an agenda and whatever is it, it will not be to expose 9/11 truth.

Baer's agenda will be the CIA's agenda and apparently that will include attacking Iran. But beyond that, it's anyone's guess. If you don't want him standing on your back so he can more easily attack Iran, speak up to Hartmann and to everywhere you see this article posted.

Speak out and speak up about who Baer is. His fiction may or may not just be a part of him buying credibility with those who already understand what it is the CIA does.

If you don't yet, look here:

It's out in the open for everyone to see so if you haven't read up on it, please do. More links are at the bottom. And one can only imagine how much we don't know. Of course, that would probably be a conspiracy theory . . . and those, as we now know, are hard to kill.

(dzblogger, why don't you

(dzblogger, why don't you post this review and boldface some of these to put Baer in context for those who don't know him?)"


Just a reminder that DZ and Some Big Guy don't have the time to go through all of the comments, so if you want them to post something send it to the "news contribution" link, inaddition to posting it here in the comments.

P.S. You make some very good points notsleeping.

No, not nice, in my world.

No, not nice, in my world. This is classic LIHOP excuse time. The old "rogue elements in gov't", not the real perps and enablers.

Thom Hartmann is as NWO as they get. Keep buying this crap and allowing them to water down the argument. Pretty soon we'll have a few sacrificial lambs thrown under the bus, and then everything will get back to the status quo of mass manipulation.

Wake up, guys. We're being had. Again.