Jim Fetzer Interviews David Ray Griffin on New RBN Show

Dr. Jim Fetzer interviewed Dr. David Ray Griffin in his first show on the Republic Broadcasting Network (rbnlive.com) on Thursday. You can find the MP3 in the archive for Dr. Fetzer's new radio show 'Non-Random Thoughts' here under June 8th.

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Thanks Carol for the heads up!

I won!

I won!

So every week I call my

So every week I call my congresswomen about twice a week. Until today she has always sent me an e-mai thanking me for my support impeaching the president. Never addressing the one and only question I ask every time I call, why did WTC 7 collapse? So finally today I receive an e-mail addressing the question. Here it is.

June 9, 2006

Mr. Andy White
5 Haven Drive
Petaluma, California 94952

Dear Mr. White:

Thank you for sharing your frustration with the investigations into the
terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and the collapse of World Trade
Center Building 7. I appreciate the time you have taken to get in
touch with me about this extremely important matter.

Learning from the catastrophic terrorist attacks of September 11th is
essential to improving our intelligence systems and preventing such
attacks from ever happening again. In your correspondence you raised
questions regarding the collapse of WTC7. Studies have indicated that the
debris, vibrations, and possible unseen damage from the collapse of the
main towers deeply impacted the structural integrity of WTC7. Please
be assured that I will continue to monitor this situation with your
views in mind.

Again, it is good to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact
me in the future because the people of Marin and Sonoma counties are
the most important voices I listen to as I serve in Congress.

This isn't the end of my calling her office. Good start though.

The way Jim Fetzer still

The way Jim Fetzer still occasionally refers, in connection to the WTC, to jet fuel and airplanes, a person could get the wrong idea...

What wrong idea 911blimp?

What wrong idea 911blimp?

Please promote this

Please promote this blockbuster Alex Jones - Steven Jones interview here


This isn't the end of my

This isn't the end of my calling her office. Good start though.
Andy White | 06.10.06 - 3:47 am | #
who is your congresswoman?

What wrong idea

What wrong idea 911blimp?
anonymous | 06.10.06 - 8:45 am | #
blimp thinks that no planes hit the towers. he thinks holograms were used.huge freaking grain of salt.

Gangster The Alex and Steven


The Alex and Steven Jones interview was posted under Alex's Covention video on this Blog.

It was an amazing interview but :
Mr. Jones is waiting for the conclusive results, the results he has now are preliminary. And we should wait too, its too big to foul this up by moving to fast with this evidence.I have to say that I am also concerned about how he received his sample, I far as I can tell their is no definitive proof of where the samples actually came from, except for the word of the individual that supplied it. Mr. Jones seems to be adequately convinced of the source for these preliminary tests but I would be very cautious before we start jumping up and down with this smoking gun (or smoking metal). I'm not saying that thermite and sulfur won't be found on confirmed pieces of the trade centers, but if we found out the original source of this preliminary sample was not legitamate, we won't even be able to get to the point of testing the real thing and all of Jone's work could be tarred permanently by this.

Good interview.

Good interview.

RP... didn't he say the

RP... didn't he say the steel was certified to be from the WTC?

RP is talking about chain of

RP is talking about chain of custody.

And he's got a good point. That being said, I'm hopeful.

RP, this seems to me like

RP, this seems to me like the crowning knoll on top of a mountain of evidence of CD. This should be front page news at every 9/11 site.

We have an overwhelming

We have an overwhelming evidence of CD at the towers. People who want to discuss that ridiculous Pentagon plane are always told to focus on the CD. But it never goes anywhwere. Who is really in charge of the 9/11 movement ???

Correct me if I'm

Correct me if I'm wrong......but my understanding is he received this sample from a friend / wife of an artist who was welding pieces of Trade center into a memorial. She scraped off the some of the strange deposits on the metal, and kept them in a vial. When she later heard of Jones work, she sent him the sample she had collected.
Thats my understanding based on the interview.

RP is talking about chain of

RP is talking about chain of custody.
And he's got a good point. That being said, I'm hopeful.

Exactly!!!! And I'm hopeful too, thats why I don't want to screw this up!!!

In any investigation, you first need to certify that you analyze is actually from the crime scene. I don't think this has been adequately certified yet........yet....

Wake up people. A few weeks

Wake up people.

A few weeks some disinfo artists here were talking the upcoming video that would make us conspiracy kooks look like idiots. That was their reasoning for ignoring the ridiculous official Pentagon story. We were to focus on the WTC CD. Well, now that ridiculous video is out and that absurd official Pentagon story is still just that - absurd nonsense. But this doesn´t change the spin of those disinfo agents one bit.

How about demanding that the

How about demanding that the official criminals who produced the totally unsubstantiated nonsense about 9/11


I thought it was certified

I thought it was certified to be from the WTC.

Jon, Why don't you e-mail

Why don't you e-mail Jones and ask him about the certification of the source. I beleive you will get a response faster than 'unimpotant" little me. (smile...inside joke)

I will... I've emailed him

I will... I've emailed him quite a bit lately, and I don't want to "bother" him.

I looked at many blow-ups of

I looked at many blow-ups of that Pentagon video (the best ones now seem to have been removed from the web), and NO WAY did that aircraft look anything like like a Boeing 757!!!

For starters, the cockpit windshield was up on top of the craft, & the craft itself was small and extremely low to the gound, etc.

BTW, where are the other 80 videos of the Pentagon?? Why is no one contesting any of this? Are we to accept it & add it to the list of 500+ other unanswered questions?

The government and its

The government and its disinfo agents hvae been retreating from one fort to the next. It's always the same thin apologies to deflect your attention from the nonsensical official story.

Yeah, what about the other

Yeah, what about the other 84 videos ?

The Pentagon is the soft

The Pentagon is the soft underbelly og the official 9/11 fable. That's why all thoe 9/11 disinfo agents which have infiltrated the 9/11 movement and basically taken it over - have been deflecting your attention from this soft underbelly.

Pentagon was a shock and awe

Pentagon was a shock and awe production for the congress rubber stamps. And it was also a statement, a warning. This could have been you guys, so behave and pass quickly what we are about to have you rubber stamp. And remember to clam your traps shut and keep them that way. Or else.

The south tower was a shock

The south tower was a shock and awe production for the American people and the world. Since it was on live TV the plane hit at a corner ensuring that most of the fuel exploded outside of the tower for maximum visual effect. Maybe they even used some hollywood stuff along with the fuel to make that fireball make it more visual and impressive. :)

Thanks Jon, lets us know his

Thanks Jon, lets us know his response when you get it.

Based on the interview I believe Prof. Jones has some of the same concerns as I posted above and IS proceeding cautiously. Thats why he continually emphasized that these were 'preliminary' results and encouraged people to take detailed photographs of any other memorials that were built with the Trade center metal in order for him to eventually have a certified sample and to insure that any existing metal slug is not removed from these other memorials in the mean time.. Listen to the interview, he makes it quite clear.
(He also cautions against removing or tampering with these memorials in any way because...1.) It would be horrible PR for 911 Truthers to desecrate these memorials in any way and 2) Another random sample supplied to him from an uncertified or anonymous source would not be useful.)

Andy, the real risk with


the real risk with concentrating on WTC 7 is the impression that everything is "okay" with the collapse of the Twin Towers and that the only remaining anomaly is the third tower, which has not yet been sufficiently explained.

It should somehow always be made clear that WTC 7 is just the *spearhead* of the demolition case, which covers all three towers. The problems with the Twins should not be left out or de-emphasized. That is, WTC 7 should not be discussed in isolation.

So guys, illuminati black

So guys, illuminati black ops CIA agents placed those burned out fuselage and plane parts in the streets of Manhattan after the government had fake cgi planes hit the towers right???

Goddamn, how people can think this kind of bullshit is beyond me. I don't buy the "those pentagon plane parts were planted" bit...there was people on the scene immediately after, it'd look really bad if CIA spooks were busy "planting" burned out plane parts. That said, I dont think it was a coinkydink it hit where it hit.
Now some New Zealander is being arrested for training Hani Hanjour, tho even I dont think he was the pilot.

finally, the skeptical side of me thinks its a little too convenient that Jones was the first to come out with a super thermate theory, and lo and behold he claims to find it on a piece of the wtc given to him...that said, who knows...I worry tho the piece could have been contamintated from welding thus rendering the findings inconclusive.

pockybot, there's no

pockybot, there's no coincidence involved in Prof. Steven E. Jones obtaining the World Trade Center sample. The welder's wife had heard that Prof. Jones was looking for WTC samples, so saved some of the debris on the metal and sent it to Prof. Jones. The sample hasn't been welded; not that that should matter much, unless welded with thermate.

For more on this, listen to the recent interview of Prof. Steven E. Jones by Alex Jones:

"Professor Steven E. Jones: Alex welcomes BYU Physics Professor Steven Jones to discuss new revelations in the 9/11 cover-up, including the latest analysis of steel from the World Trade Center for testing of evidence of explosives," PrisonPlanet.tv, June 7, 2006:



RP... I know he's being

RP... I know he's being cautious, but I could have sworn I heard him say it was certified... maybe not in that interview, but somewhere else?

Andy, I got a kick out of

Andy, I got a kick out of your "conversations" with your rep. I e-mailed mine (Meehan) with a blunt request he sign on to the Conyesrs investigation/impeachment resolution, and he wrote back thinking me for my input on the debate about the pull-out of troops from Iran.

Very recently, both the House and the Senate passed legislation stating "no permanent bases", language which was deleted in conference committee.

So the simple reality is that no one will listen to the American people anyway...

If we randomly selected one individual from the phone directories in each district, we'd be farther ahead than we are now.

I listened to the S. Jones

I listened to the S. Jones interview last night and got the impression that he is fairly confident that the sample is legit, but recognizes the chain of custody issues, which are huge. (He also alluded to "another contact" he didn't want to name, which may be a factor in boosting his confidence.) I also imagine he sees this as more of a jumping off point for more research than definitive proof, which is how it's being spun. With the chain of custody issues there is no way this is "proof" of anything, in terms of legal action or even "archeometric research." It still rocks my world, though.

I have listened to Jim

I have listened to Jim Fetzer on the radio several times, including this clip. Although I appreciate his getting the word out on 9/11, I wish he would focus on 9/11 and outing the neocon agenda, and not mix it in with Democratic Party liberal politics. He seems to frequently go on about left wing socialistic policies that he thinks the US government should be doing. My opinion is that when he combines that with his 9/11 discussions, he is potentially turning off a lot of conservatives and libertarians who otherwise might be interested in getting involved in learning more about 9/11 Truth. He seems to be almost as concerned about discussing getting liberal policies enacted as he does about discussing 9/11 truth. I have asked him in the past to focus on 9/11 and drop the left wing politics, but he has not responded or changed his style. Is it just me, or does anybody else here wish he would drop promoting the liberal left-wing socialistic agenda? I am not denying that he has free speech rights, I am just wondering if anybody else thinks that his spending some of his air-time promoting left wing stuff is hurting the 9/11 movement.

My feeling is that 9/11 truth movement should be non-partisan to the greatest degree possible.

"My feeling is that 9/11

"My feeling is that 9/11 truth movement should be non-partisan to the greatest degree possible."

The first thing that must be done is to give up the term "truth movement." That automatically makes it a partisan issue since the truth is yet to be established but people here are claiming the "truth" is already established.

i use the term "911

i use the term "911 movement" typically when talking to people..

incidentally 911movement.com is still available, and i was thinking of setting up the dailykos-type diary on it.

if "conservatives" are

if "conservatives" are childish enough to be bothered by Fetzers leftest attitude towards issues and they cant hear his views on 9/11 simply because he doesnt fit their political mold, they probably wouldnt be able to grasp that the media wouldnt tell them 9/11 was a lie in the first place.good riddance to child people like that.Alex Jones is one of my favorite journalists/radio guys or whatever you wanna call him, and his politics couldnt be more different than mine.i just turn my ears off when he goes on about social issues i disagree with him about.

Fetzer has a lot of bizarre

Fetzer has a lot of bizarre attitutudes that don't have anything to do with politics.