Morgan Reynolds Presentation at University of Wisconsin - Video Download

Morgan Reynolds, professor emeritus at Texas A&M University and former chief economist for the United States Department of Labor under George W. Bush, gave a presentation on 9/11 at the University of Wisconsin in Madison on May 6th - above is the video download.

A big thanks go out to Kevin Barrett of MUJCA for organizing this event, and for providing a copy to us at the Chicago conference.

Gotta Revolution ....

cool, wmv.

cool, wmv.

yeah, finally

yeah, finally

"ron paul with balls" lol

"ron paul with balls"


WMV? I think I'll

WMV? I think I'll pass...

How about a UNIVERSAL video format? Or does M$ fund the movement?

Anyone ever see "Loss of

Anyone ever see "Loss of Liberty"?

thanks dz, been wanting to

thanks dz, been wanting to see this for a while

i love WMV, thats all that

i love WMV, thats all that works for me.

Btw, just as a political

Btw, just as a political update - the Dems are considering John Murtha as a possible Speaker of the House candidate, if and when they take control back in November (as they will).

You remember Murtha - he ran the Flight 93 scenario of 9/11, with the Johnstown airport drills that morning.

This is why Murtha took the lead in criticizing the Iraq War, and this is yet another the Perps throw cold water on a new 9/11 investigation - make one of the suspects a Dem party leader, and suddenly a lot on the Left lose their appetite for looking into 9/11.

My post get's deleted while

My post get's deleted while nutcases like nico get the red carpet treatment.

oh brother.

WMV? I think I'll

WMV? I think I'll pass...
How about a UNIVERSAL video format? Or does M$ fund the movement?

when i am encoding stuff i encode to wmv, but we host other formats on 911podcasts when the videos get up there..

usually there are more complaints when a video is in quicktime and not wmv than vice versa.. and in the past we've had to rehost AVI's in other formats because of issues with codecs.. and realmedia is doing better in their compression algorythms, but hell, who uses real? one of the best tools out there now for video is google video, so if someone wants to be in charge of uploading videos there then that would be a big help..

anyways, any particular format others would like to see in the future? i can get into pretty much any format we need, the issue then is the time it takes to encode a movie in multiple formats..

.wmv is our quick and dirty solution.. if others want other formats let me know, and if anything we are always willing to take in other formats anyone makes..

truther what got deleted?

truther what got deleted?

I'd like 3gp format because

I'd like 3gp format because I enjoy videos at 15fps with mono sound displayed on a 1 inch screen, please... :-)

truther, i haven't deleted


i haven't deleted any posts recently, what you talkin bout willis?


ha, i hadnt heard of 3gp before.. ok, i can't make that format yet, but i can try ;)

79% Use XP.

79% Use XP.

Heard of VLC Media Player?



3gp is the "cell phone format"
There's a converter here:

It converts things to all kinds of stuff, AVI, MOV, etc... really a nice little program.

The Professional, I use VLC

The Professional,

I use VLC for .vob files mostly.. i dont have it associated with anything currently.. ill give it a try tho, havent played with it much.

Ok dz. I just felt like

Ok dz. I just felt like Anonymous' complaint was unwarranted. ha :+:

meh, we'd like to have

meh, we'd like to have everything in every format.. and like i said we usually make an mp4 when we have time for the podcasts site.. anyone who ever grabs a video and converts it is more than welcome to send it in, and if someone wants to do that on a routine basis we can make that happen! :)

I've heard theories that

I've heard theories that these 5 "dancing Mossad" were behind sabotaging the towers or were somewhat in on it, but then Ive heard Mossad was trailing al Qaeda in the US trying to warn the US. Sadly this cant be investigated.

Some say it wasnt the neocons who sabotaged the towers in advanced of the allowed attacks by al Qaeda, but Mossad or some other country, and it was covered up. Who knows.

I just know the Robert Baer thing and thermite found on WTC beams is HUGE.

So Mossad were trailing AQ

So Mossad were trailing AQ to warn the US and then threw a party when the towers fell? Uh-huh, sounds pretty convincing...

Whoever did the rigging, the coverup was courtesy of the US government, as was the ensuing exploit of the outrage. Isn't that all we need to know at this point?

A. Jones talks to S.

A. Jones talks to S. Jones.

Irrefutable evidence of thermite used to bring the towers down. Material was gathered from steel sent around the country for the construction of memorials to the 9/11 tragedy.

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Thank you James. A tip for

Thank you James.

A tip for those who may want to save these message windows in full or parts of them.

For example I saved James' comment by selecting the text, then right clicked the mouse, selected print - selection

and then printed the selected text into a .pdf file. For this I have a printer driver called Abode.

You can also save the entire disscussion easily this way only you right click and then print to file.

Or you can simply click

Or you can simply click right in the window and select "convert to adobe pdf.

Can anyone offer a review of

Can anyone offer a review of The Morgan Reynolds presentation, I haven't had time to look at it.

For those on a mac that have

For those on a mac that have problems with wmv,
try "flip4mac", a free download from Microsoft, that will convert wmv files into Quicktime without a hitch. Sometimes it's better than the Quicktime link.


Could he be more the

Could he be more the disorganized ex-hippie professor?

It really shows how unpersuasive the academic approach is. He tries to play lawyer, but he's not even close. You have to tell a story, not lecture. And his evidence is not even that organized. Probably the only other guy whose mind is in the right place but sucks worse live is Ward Churchill, who is also an academic.

Keep this guy on the B-list, AA-farm town circuit, talking to old people and kids in Berkeley and Boulder and Bloomington.

I watched the whole thing,

I watched the whole thing, and if this guy is not an agent, he should apply for an agent position.

He plays the part so incredibly perfect.

Morgan Reynolds is a piece of shit.

I am in almost shocked disbelief that 911Blogger would even for a second, so much as consider posting this worthless presentation.

The best part was when the people who couldn't take any more of his nonsense stood up and walked out.

are you guys smoking crack?

are you guys smoking crack?

Morgan Reynolds is the man. There is nothing wrong with speculation. If you don't understand him or think he's out there, then there's something wrong with your listening skills.

He's not like Eric hufschmidt. I totally respect morgan, and he provides some of the best analysis of any 911 person out there right now in my opinion.

the problem with most 911 people is that they don't want to comment on the pentagon or speculate openly. How can anyone with a brain not want to try to figure out what might be the truth. Finding truth starts with speculation... Morgan reynolds has balls too. You have to respect him for coming out publicly.

Morgan is not a gov't agent. Why you ask? Because he says everyting that I'm thinking and I'm not a gov't agent. ok? thank you dz for putting this video on here. Its the best vid you've put here in a long time.

The only prob i have with morgan is that he should stick to 911 and leave out the jfk and pearl harbor whether or not there's any truth to those conspiracies, i don't know. I'm not so sure about jfk.

But these are like irrelevent side issues. I say rock on Morgan.

>>are you guys smoking

>>are you guys smoking crack?

Better question - are you?

Do you think the holes in the WTC towers were faked? Or that those planes were drones and there were no passengers? Do you think that all the families are faking it? Or that passengers were killed someplace else?

Sounds like crack - which wouldn't be a big deal with stuff on 9/11, a lot of which seems like someone is on crack - except that there's no actual evidence for MR's points.

Crack? Agent? Alzheimers? Anyone's guess is probably good.

It's easy to see Reynolds

It's easy to see Reynolds motivations when he tries to discount Hoffmans research and says that ABLE DANGER is not important.
Speculation does not help anything...maybe it wasn't a plane that hit the building but a really big bird in the shape of one!

reynolds says himself, the

reynolds says himself, the theories go from mild to wild. He isn't saying he belieives these himself. he's saying these are all things that deserve serious attention from an independent investigation.

Now think about this... if 9-11 was an inside job, a Mihop thing, then able danger is bull.... a total fabrication. Thats what my gut told me from day one. it is just meant to divert attention back on mohamed atta, and away from controlled demolition and so forth. it gives the media a story about 911 to report that falls inline with the official narrative. Able Danger doesn't mean anything in my opinion and i think MR is right on in his analysis of it.

Reynolds doesn't discount all of hoffman's work, just the pentagon part. And i agree with him. How can anyone look at the pentagon pics and say it was a 757? even if you look at the supposed entry slot at ground floor level, there's just no way. Ken Jenkins and jim Hoffman are just wrong about the pentagon. I can see the pentagon maybe saying some kind of exotic technology vaporized the plane in midair and that's why theres no debris, but there's no way a 757 hit the pentagon intact.

I know none of us are smoking crack here, but I don't think you're being fair to reynolds. He doesn't have alzheimers. I disagree, i like speculation. All good theories begin with speculation. speculation doesn't hurt anything. reynolds isn't saying these things are facts, but that there are possibilities.

I assume the students left

I assume the students left during the talk because they had a class scheduled that they had to get to. Reynolds says the talk had to be only 1-hour, and they leave at about 1-hour.

Have any of you read Morgan

Have any of you read Morgan Reynolds paper? hes talking about no planes hitting any of the buildings! It would be nice if morgan reynolds actually talked more about numbers being the economist. (and former BUSH employee)
That kind of specualtion is pointless and a waste of time...You could really speculate anything, but whats important is what you know...because there really is enough that we know for sure.
So we dont need to make up a bunch of shit and discredit ourselves.

jam: "I assume the students

jam: "I assume the students left during the talk because they had a class scheduled that they had to get to."

Or it could be that the first two people [guy and girl] left right after Reynolds started propagating the already debunked hoax that "no 757 hit the Pentagon".

There wasn't any "We need to go to another class" whisper motion head nod, as they walked right past him. And their seat row was right beside where Reynolds was standing. No back pat, handshake, word, nothing. They quickly Stood up and quickly left with a "fuck this bullshit agent" look about them.

Next, what time of day or night was the presentation at? There may have not even been any other classes taking place.

And whoever 911Blogger poster 'dude' is, you must have not paid any attention to Reynolds presentation -- looking at it critically, and questionably -- if you think it was great.

That was quite possibly the worst 9/11 presentation on record. And coming from someone who is a former high level Bush administration official, no less.

Morgan Reynolds: Agent. Agent. Agent. Agent. Agent. Agent. Agent of distraction and disinformation.