More Recordings from Chicago at

"9/11 Revealing The Truth / Reclaiming Our Future" -

These are compressed versions of bigger, broadcast quality files--because nobody should be denied practical access to this material: It's too important and too timely



:o( No one has the audio


No one has the audio from the grassroots workshop.


Did someone on a previous

Did someone on a previous thread mention thread that there's a 9/11 truth magazine of some kind (an actual paper magazine, not something online)???

Global Outlook

Global Outlook

WILLIAM PEPPER!! We want his


We want his audio!!!

Global Outlook is the

Global Outlook is the Magazine and its fantastic!

I have the 'official' DVD of Pepper's presentation. If the 'authorities' approve (smile) I could record just the audio and provide it to 911 Blogger. Just tell me how to take the audio from the dvd and convert it into an MP3, and I'll do it.

RP... share.

RP... share.

I found the link, thanks:

I found the link, thanks:
Global Outlook looks quite good, especially for folks who may not be online.

However, has anyone thought of making an eye-catching, glossy, magazine-style pamphlet or booklet about 9/11 truth? IMO, distributing a sharp, colorful, approximately 20-page flyer like that could go a very long way in reaching new truthers! (Ideally, it could be issued free or for 25 cents or so.)

Who was Abu Musab al

Who was Abu Musab al Zarqawi?
By Michel Chossudovsky

Jun 12, 2006, 00:46

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Mythical figure and terror mastermind Abu Musab Al Zarqawi was killed in an air raid, according to a statement of the Iraqi government.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki announced at a press conference . "We have eliminated Zarqawi." The head of US-led forces in Iraq, General George Casey, said the strike against an "isolated safe house" took place at 1815 (1415 GMT) on Wednesday. (BBC, 7 June 2006)

"Jordanian-born Zarqawi was said to have been in a meeting with associates at the time. Several other people were reported to have been killed in the raid. General Casey said Zarqawi's body was identified through fingerprints, facial recognition and known scars." (Ibid)

Zarqawi has been upheld both in official statements and the media as head of "the Sunni insurgency", leader of "al-Qaeda in Iraq", allegedly responsible for the the killings of thousands of civilians.

Intelligence Asset

The evidence suggests, however, that Zarqawi was part of a Pentagon disinformation campaign launched in 2003, which was initially intended to justify the US led invasion of Iraq. This central role of Zarqawi as an instrument of war propaganda was recently confirmed by leaked military documents revealed by the Washington Post.

However, has anyone thought

However, has anyone thought of making an eye-catching, glossy, magazine-style pamphlet or booklet about 9/11 truth?

Global Outlook actually has produced a 15 page magazine/catalog that has about 10 sample articles and lots of book and dvd resources. It has the same cover as the Magazine. We were handing them out at the rally in Chicago, and the response seemed very positive. Contact Ian at Global Outlook to inquirer about receiving boxes of these for distribution.

Thanks R.P. That really

Thanks R.P. That really sounds like a fantastic way to spread the truth! 15 pages or so of 9/11 truth in-a-nutshell, with bold pics of WTC-7 imploding, the towers erupting, a list of unanswered questions, etc.

It's a lot more versatile that a simple paper flyer. People would probably be more inclined to take it home & read it, hold on to it, show it to others, etc.