Michael Wolsey Interviewed on Radio Liberty

Michael Wolsey of Colorado 9/11 Visibility was interviewed by Dr. Stanley Monteith on Radio Liberty recently. You can download the MP3 via the link above.

never listened to this guy

never listened to this guy before. good interview. nothing we haven't heard before, but good to hear some discussion.



The movement just has to

The movement just has to keep hammering away with shows like this to break through the unconcious barrier many people have to this event. The sooner the perps are brought to justice the sooner we can go back to be an honorable nation.

Did you know that ... 20

Did you know that ...

20 years ago it was very common for the USA to decrypt and listen to foreign country's diplomatic and military communication, but now they can no longer listen in.
These days any normal computer can produce unbreakable cypher.

There used to be large antennas on the roofs of the embassies. They would listen to each other's signals and try to break them. These days its all done through the internet... and nearly unbreakable and often even untraceable?

Great interview Michael!

Great interview Michael!

Sorry about the flatlander comment, I just coudn't resist.........I still miss my cabin and home in the Rockies.