Richard Grove Releases Documents Via Blog Site

Just got a heads up from one of our users that Richard Grove has apparently setup a blog site, and has posted several documents regarding his recent statements.

You can find his website via the link above, and you can find the documents he has posted specifically in the "Grove's Documents" section.

Big thanks to the user that sent this in!

Note:: Culhavoc has posted the audio interview of Grove with Jack Blood, you can find it at the bottom of his recent writeup here.

Empty nothingness... This

Empty nothingness...

This guy Richard Grove sounds like he's written too many weight loss ads for too many weight loss products for too many years.

I find the info fascinating.

I find the info fascinating. It will take a while to digest. A different angle to the whole story and quite plausible.

DID anybody verify that

DID anybody verify that interview posted on myspace forums?

I suggest others look for

I suggest others look for themselves and I trust people will make their own conclusions.
Remain objective, no doubt.

Someone run this guy's

Someone run this guy's credit report and see if hes legit.

DID anybody verify that

DID anybody verify that interview posted on myspace forums?
truther | 06.14.06 - 12:15 am | #

What interview is that?

Has anyone listened to his

Has anyone listened to his interviews on Meria Heller or Jack Blood's shows? Reviews / synopsis?

i listened to his Richard

i listened to his Richard Grove's speech on Maria Heller and then read the transcript.

If you will recall from the Who Killed John Oneill movie, AIG is now Marsh McClellan!!

Follow the money - Marsh McClellan is a major player in the 9/11 financial scam

Grove's stuff (although I have not run his credit) seems very credible

Love the 9/11 Vendetta. Does

Love the 9/11 Vendetta. Does anyone have it in video iPod format so that I can take it on the road?

I was actually refering to

I was actually refering to his recent appearences, June 12th on Heller and June 13th on Jack Blood.

I updated my blog entry on

I updated my blog entry on Grove to include yesterday's (tues) interview on Deadline Live:

Does anyone have his interview from Monday with Meria Heller?


I trust Richard Grove about

I trust Richard Grove about as much as I trust Richard Nixon.

He provided a phone #, I called it, got an answering machine, left a message, no return call...

Richard Grove, when he recently burst on the scene with a 30-something-page manifesto, also recommended WKJO, a free-download-pick-your-format-and-desired-resolution-help-yourself video which very clearly seemed (it was so bad that I couldn't bring myself to watch more than a fraction of it) to be the most disgustingly blatantly caustic (anti-911-truth and) anti-911-truther disinfo/propaganda video I've ever seen. Even people who watched the whole thing and didn't recognize that aspect of it at all still said that the best which can be said about WKJO is that it's more than just a little "creepy".

NEWS FLASH: trying to solve the crime of 9/11 by focusing on Islamic fundamentalism/fundamentalists and/or alCIAduh is like trying to solve the JFK assassination by focusing on who Lee Harvey Oswald (the core fictitious element in that big 1960s "lone gunman" lie) met with while he was in the USSR years earlier!!!!!!!

I show it all to my friends.

I show it all to my friends.

Hello All, I found this

Hello All,

I found this thread interesting enough to make an appearance.

To all of those interested in knowing more about Richard Groove, I suggest you contact him directly - - Rich is a very open guy, willing to talk about his experiences with anyone, so long as they are polite and open minded.

Regarding WKJO, I suggest you all watch the film yourselves and come to your own conclusions. It is free and won't cost you a dime. Check it out here:

Now, 911blimp - whatever that means - I have no problem with criticism, in fact I wholeheartedly encourage it. With that being said, I find it disingenuous that you would claim that WKJO is "the most disgustingly blatantly caustic (anti-911-truth and) anti-911-truther disinfo/propaganda video I've ever seen," when you yourself admit you only watched a fraction of it.

If you actually watched the whole film, you would find that Ryan and I actually agree with your "newsflash". We feel the most damning angle regarding 9-11 is the role private security, insurance and intelligence agencies had in facilitating and covering up the attack.

I suggest you take the hour forty it would take to watch the whole film, before making statements as to the intent and purpose of the film.

If you or anyone else has any questions or comments about WKJO, I would be more than happy to start a dialogue. But I suggest you watch the entire film first.

Ty Rauber

Producer and Director
"Who Killed John O'Neill?"

9-11 Blimp... you need to

9-11 Blimp... you need to leave a name and number when you call people... it's not much of a "message" otherwise.

i posted your voicemail yesterday, a few hours after i received it.

As everyone will soon readily hear, your efforts to contact me were less than genuine- and thereby less than credible.

If you would provide your real name, i could look in the log to see if you are among hundreds of other calls (from people who did leave their names, numbers, and emails) that possibly i have not (yet) gotten back to due to priorities.

Have you listened to my interviews?

The 06-26-06 Interview on my site should give you some pause.

Perhaps before you continue to complain to your buddies, you might take a deep look at yourself in the mirror... and think about WHY YOU are so against having an open mind and pre-judge people (like Ty and I) without even first doing some legitimate discovery on your own.

Call me at your liesure, we can go live to the planet and work this out on the Air.

Two more links for the

Two more links for the Official Critics in the Audience (warning: this exercise requires reading before comment):

One, my 2001 employer and SEC faud, which trigged the bribe... as it relates to the implosion of the .dot bomb markets:

Two, tying my ex-employer, Spitzer, and 9-11; without even including Marsh and AIG:

(both links are also under Grove's Documents, but i realize that you've not been there)

What have you done over the past 4 years to help bring the truth out?

What have you sacrificed over the past 4 years?

Once you've lost everything do to the right thing; come talk to me.

Otherwise, I've got people to help out there... people who are seriously searching for closure.

My apologies to those of you on this board (Culhavoc, etc.) who are genuine, forthright, and refrain from negativity until all the facts are in. I appreciate everyone who has given me the benefit of the doubt... it's not easy to do this, and the reactionary responses of 911 Blimp, Carl Nelson, etc. make it even tougher on people like Lisa and me- because we have lost everything we worked for, including our career path; in order to share this information with the people who will do the right thing with it.

One has to ask themselves... what would motivate someone to make it harder on us??? Is it their conditioned rote response, or their compromised life that does not allow them to consider the Truth of these matters?

In any case, I wouldn't be here if it were not for the work of idiots... and i enjoy the break of getting to read the arm-chair confessionals of those who probably have had too many "failed diets", to borrow from Carl's astute (sarcasm implied) observations.

Best of luck out there- some of you will need it, since you're in the Dark. You'll find the flashlight by doing some reading...