What Does A Thinking, Ethical Person Do with the Nightmare Facts of 9/11?


by Dr. Joe Hawkins - stoplying.ca
June 13, 2006

Today, I sit here at home listening to a recent interview between Dr. Fetzer and Dr. Griffin. Two "seasoned" 911 truth veterans. The fact that I am listening to this conversation, that it even exists, is evidence that an impending Fascist state is eminent. There have been dramatic inroads for the 911-truth movement in America, Canada and around the world. It would seem the dam is starting to crack. These are all good things and the battle for basic truth and the salvation of humanity hangs in the balance between self-evident facts and the brain washed masses.
So, what is a thinking person to do with the nightmare facts of 911? Share the truth; share the truth with everyone you know, in every medium you know (dvds, articles, web sites etc.), and everywhere you know. Put them in mail boxes, put them under doors, put them on street corners, put them on your boss's desk, on your teacher's desk or put a thousand copies on the desk of your local politician. The only way society will heal, truly heal, is to get the truth out. A disease never heals when the person ignores it or is in denial of it. Rather it is fundamental to a healthy psychology to embrace reality, not embrace the illusion. While I recognize that denial does have temporary health benefits as one seeks to face the truth, ultimately one must face it. Or the denial turns into cancer, heart disease or some other horrible pathology.

"self-evident facts" Yes,

"self-evident facts"
Yes, indeed.

My quickest, down and dirty example to an unbeliever: "If Occam's Razor is a legitimate scientific tool to eliminate unnecessary baggage attached to wild theories, and I believe it to be, then when I see three buildings, at the same location and timeframe, all collapse just like Controlled Demolitions, then Occam's Razor says they were most likely Controlled Demolitions."

There now, pretty simple actually.

Eliminate the illusions.

yes, a disease of the spirit

yes, a disease of the spirit if truth left uncovered...we can all gain so much if we as the human race if we embrace the long, painful journey into 9-11 and money/control issues...

Well said. Share the truth

Well said. Share the truth in as many creative ways as possible. Find networks of people. Talk to store owners, ask them to stock pamphlets. Talk to your barber or hairdresser while they cut your hair. Send out emails to your friends and family, co-workers. Mail paper mail to physical addresses that you know, people will open paper mail and it has more phyisical weight. Ask for a response and start a dialogue with people. Get people engaged. Talk to local small theatres. Community Radio. Buy your doctor or dentist a subscription to GlobalOutlook for their office. Respond to everything you get back from the people you contact- and never take no for an answer.

good anology. dealing with

good anology.

dealing with the brain-washed is key. We see it why don't they?

Also, I think it has to do with core beliefs which are neurological. Like breaking a heroine addicition.

To accept a new reality is like accpeting that your entire foundation, your entire life is a lie.

Core beliefs are the toughest things to over-come.

It's almost easier to go down in flames believing a lie.

That's what we're up against.

The older and more

The older and more entrenched the beliefs are, the harder they will be to erase or modify.

In that respect, exposing the truth of 9-11 should be first and foremost taught to our children, teenagers and young adults as soon as they are able to understand it.

The future of the constitution and the country won't be guaranteed through the tradition Democrat-Republican paradigm. It will and must be found in a complete paradigm shift of the current and future generations.

Teachers and educators have a huge responsibility to examine the facts and protect the freedom of speech and expression. They will probably continue to be the targets of the perpetrators' attacks - indirect or even direct - as well.

I was having a very hard

I was having a very hard time with things at first, I became very depressed to think that this could be true. I didn't really want to partake in the normal every day things that I was used to.

Now I am not depressed any more, I'm more angry than anything else. What ever the cost is I want to know the truth. Because the truth right now is that every day innocent lives are lost. The lives of our troops (I don't support this war but I do support the troops. There are many people that joined to fight the war on terror after 911. They joined to defend our country and many have lost their lives for that. We can't for get that. It is a noble cause, and we shouldn't fault them for being tricked into fighting for a false cause. Now when and if they wake up to the truth they should stop fighting. Even that would be very difficult as well. Imagine finding out the truth over in Iraq. What do you do? Stand up against your government and spend the rest of your day in a military jail that no one even know exist, or do you try to wait it out until you get back home?Â…that is if you make it back.) and also the lives of innocent Iraqi citizens. (They are in a bad spot as well. Either you get killed by the Taliban, Al-Qaeda or get killed by the American Troops. No matter what, if you fight back you die.)
I have been trying to make a difference here lately. I've made a flyer and I've been putting it in random places, peoples cars, restroom stalls, bulletin boars etc.

Here is a link to the flyer I made, please feel free to print it out and pass it along as you please!

Thanks and God bless!

Print Me:


"If Occam's Razor is a

"If Occam's Razor is a legitimate scientific tool to eliminate unnecessary baggage attached to wild theories, and I believe it to be, then when I see three buildings, at the same location and timeframe, all collapse just like Controlled Demolitions, then Occam's Razor says they were most likely Controlled Demolitions."

Just the opposite, I'm afraid. You left out the part that gravity always has the same effect; and you didn't mention how the controlled demolition was supposed to be accomplished, by whom, how much explosive, how many people to set it up, how to access the steel beams without cutting through walls, all unseen, how much wire, how many timers, how to make sure planes hit the right location, how to leave no traces in the dust...., you know, all that stuff no one wants to talk about to make controlled demolition work in that theory.

Since when do buildings

Since when do buildings falling due to gravity erupt & explode sideways???

Let's not forget Larry "overinsured" Silverstein pulled WTC-7.

Gosh it's quiet in this

Gosh it's quiet in this thread.

"No building exhibiting all

"No building exhibiting all the characteristics of demolition has ever NOT been a demolition" - David R. Giffin

* Sudden onset
* Sounds of explosions
* Sliced steel
* Demolition rings (squibs)
* Horizonal ejections
* Strait down
* Pulverization of concrete
* Dust clouds
* Nearly at freefall speed
* Total collapse
* Pools of molton steel

WTC 1,2 and 7 were controlled demolitions

Check and mate
and then some...