9/11 book on Amazon.com

9/11 101:

101 Key Points that Everyone Should Know and Consider that Prove 9/11 was an Inside Job.
By Eric D. Williams.

Read portions of the book or buy it online here:

Paperback, $10.99

Thanks to Carol for this submission.

"No building exhibiting all

"No building exhibiting all the characteristics of demolition has ever NOT been a demolition" - David R. Giffin

"In Times Of Universal

"In Times Of Universal Deciet, Telling The Truth Becomes A Revolutionary Act." - George Orwell

Best thread ever! Off Topic

Best thread ever!

Off Topic -
Bush or Chimp?

Many more books on 9/11 and

Many more books on 9/11 and related topics from Amazon.com:

Check the list of 911 MIHOP

Check the list of 911 MIHOP books
on the front-page of my blog:


All these books are written by illiterate disfunctional egos who
are idiot-svavants clever enough
to fill pages in a book, but too stupid
to see that the government version is
"public knowledge" (hahaha) and therfore




I have updated the list.. and

I count 20 MIHOP books..

Is anyone missing one (or did I count a MIHOP where there is none? Thanx!)

Your point is?

Your point is?