America - Freedom to Fascism New Trailer on Google Video

I saw several clips from this movie at the Chicago Conference and was blown away by it. Check it out here:

Thanks to Sue for the submission.

when is the full movie gonna

when is the full movie gonna be available? im trying to see this.

America - Freedom to Fascism

America - Freedom to Fascism caught my attention a while ago. We are no longer free and never will we be free again.

Homeland Security camps could be bulging at the seams overnight when the U.S. falls under "emergency" military rule. Would a criminal regime, which brazenly murdered over 3000 people on 9/ll, hesitate to send thousands of others to the gulag?

More... 'Why We Fight' 'Why


'Why We Fight'

'Why We Fight trailer'

'Sir NO SIR'

VOID where prohibited.

"We are no longer free and

"We are no longer free and never will we be free again."

Bullshit, Amanda. I, for one, will not let what my ancestors died for be stolen by a bunch of "elitest" sub-humans. If I have to join their ranks and die for freedom, I will. As the result of true patriot's efforts like Aaaron Russon's, I believe that the American spirit will awaken and arise in such a great number, NOTHING can stop us. We Americans will restore our freedoms, and grow-up in the process.

Also check out AMERICA:

Also check out

AMERICA: Freedom To Fascism. Aaron Russo Interview. Great stuff.

This movie will be in

This movie will be in theaters in a few weeks. Unless we have another govt terrorist attack.

to promote his movie,Aaron Russo has joined up with Bob Shultz, who is a leader in the income tax truth movement.

If you want to see the latest news about the movie, and the latest Income tax victory,

go to...

After seeing this movie I

After seeing this movie I have come to the conclusion that those who pay "income" tax on their wages, salaries,tips. Are feeding the soon to be police state.

Blob: Thanks very much for

Blob: Thanks very much for the link to the great interview with Aaaron Russo (whose name I somehow mistypeded in my previous post. I sure wish we could edit these things).

If this movie is the kind of patriotic masterpiece it appears to be, I'm going to do everything I can to get it in front of as many Americans as possible.

No more posting while I'm

No more posting while I'm sick. I just mistyped the word "mistyped" :)

Another Aaron Russo gem Mad

although the mainstream

although the mainstream media quickly reports on people who have been convicted of income tax evasion or failure to file income tax forms.

there are some victories!!!

but you wont see them on CNN or FOX

The department of justice recently DROPPED ALL CHARGES against Robert Lawrence with Prejudice, which means he can never be charged again! and is a free man!

for details on his exact method of defence against the IRS and DOJ.check out

I am 40 years old, I have a social security #, and I have never filed an Income tax return or paid a dime to the IRS. so my name rings true.

Dont feed the Pig

I can't wait to see this

I can't wait to see this entire movie. This is definetely one to purchase.

Lots more Aaron Russo

Ridiculous. I find it


I find it bizarre that professed "constitutionalists" seem to have such a weak grasp of history. America was "free" before the federal reserve? LMAO.

For the majority of Americans the country has ALWAYS been a police state. Take even a fleeting glance at labor history and you will surely come to the same conclusion. For instance:

13 January 1874
The original Tompkins Square Riot. As unemployed workers demonstrated in New York's Tompkins Square Park, a detachment of mounted police charged into the crowd, beating men, women and children indiscriminately with billy clubs and leaving hundreds of casualties in their wake. Commented Abram Duryee, the Commissioner of Police: "It was the most glorious sight I ever saw..."

14 July 1877
A general strike halted the movement of U.S. railroads. In the following days, strike riots spread across the United States. The next week, federal troops were called out to force an end to the nationwide strike. At the "Battle of the Viaduct" in Chicago, federal troops (recently returned from an Indian massacre) killed 30 workers and wounded over 100.

10 September 1897
19 unarmed striking coal miners and mine workers were killed and 36 wounded by a posse organized by the Luzerne County sherif for refusing to disperse near Lattimer, Pennsylvania. The strikers, most of whom were shot in the back, were originally brought in as strike-breakers, but later organized themselves.

etc. etc. etc.

In fact, the Sediction Act of 1789 -- that's right, 1789 -- "made it a crime to say or write anything "false, scandalous and malicious" against the government, Congress, or the President."

Makes the Patriot Act seem rather tame, in fact.

Thank you very much Alex.

Thank you very much Alex.

Blob: You're welcome. Aaron

Blob: You're welcome.

Aaron Russo's movie will be Fahrenheit 911 on steroids. It will appeal and motivate ALL factions of the citizenry. But I hope it is just the beginning of great truth films - from Russo and other talented film makers.

but don't forget 9/11, the

but don't forget 9/11, the inside job.... oops, some of us have already forgot.

thanks for the plug. please

thanks for the plug.

please update with link to website and blog.


Aaron Russo attended the

Aaron Russo attended the recent dinner/lecture with David Ray Griffin in Los Angeles.

it seems only logical that

it seems only logical that Russo would be a truther.......

Aaron Russo's far right wing

Aaron Russo's far right wing conspiracy movie is easily debunked by anyone willing to simply fact check his outrageous claims against reality. No Federal demanding an income tax? Yeah right. The Federal Reserve isn't regulated by the government? Sure! The government passed a law that we all have to carry RFID chips in our pockets to do anything? Not likely.

All the details of this all-too-easy debunking are available at my website.