New Flyers Available

Tim, one of our users, has posted 2 new flyers he made today, you can check them out below:

American Version (PDF)
International Version (PDF)

Great flyer Alex :) Short

Great flyer Alex :)

Short and to the point.




I really like both sites

I really like both sites and, except i do not think those sites are good for someone who is new 9/11. It is difficult to find the main information on 9/11 on those sites and requires you to read and sift though things. This movement needs a well designed site that has credable information that is presented in an interesting way. This was my reason for creating because i tried to have links to videos, pictures, movies, etc. that people can click so they can go to the site, see the points we're making, and be able to sit back and watch a movie or video (since people don't like to read these days). Now, i'm not saying my site is greatest thing since sliced bread, i'm not a graphic designer and those other sites are far more complete, but if you send people to those sites, they're not going to read anything. I'm looking to get a professional graphic designer to update my site, but if anyone thinks they can make it look better, contact me please. I think the main thing this movement needs is a really good website, that we can all send people who do not know anything about 9/11, where they can be educated in a way that is interesting and visually appealing. So, for the time being, feel free to send people to so that people new to 9/11 can be entertained through videos, and then have links to those other sites.

peace Nice
Nice site, little typo: viedo=video in the problem section for wtc tower collapse

Hi dz... actually Alex (me)

Hi dz... actually Alex (me) created the flyers. I'm sure Tim could do a fine job as well :)

I'm glad you found them worthwhile enough to post.

nice job on those

nice job on those alex

Thanks again, James Ha. Now

Thanks again, James Ha. Now I just need to get off by behind and hand them out.

"Tim" and I thank you, a007

"Tim" and I thank you, a007 ;)

Alex, someone asked for a


someone asked for a word .doc of PDF version, can you hook it up?

dz - I've created .pdf

dz - I've created .pdf versions, but am having difficulty uploading them. Please provide an e-mail address I can send the files to as attachments.

Alex, send in a form mail


send in a form mail via the 'contact dz' link at the top of, and ill respond back with my email address.. i cant post it here due to the incredible flooding which occurs when my email address is posted here..

dz: done.

dz: done.