New Interviews with Ty Rauber, William Rodriguez, and Steven Jones

Ty Rauber, Director of “Who Killed John O’Neill?”
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William Rodriguez update from Malaysia
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Alex Jones Interviews Steven Jones
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Note: Be sure to check out this Steven Jones clip for the new information he covered in Chicago.

Thanks Culhavoc and Alex for the heads up!

While promoting the grossly

While promoting the grossly inadequate notion that "thermate" can explain away all the incredibly unconventional "Ground Zero" evidence, Jones is wrong to keep saying that "airplanes" hit the towers unless he can explain away the plane-belief-busting anomalies in the video evidence.

Most of the 9/11 truth movement is wrong to keep NOT saying that whatever aircraft we cannot see in the Pentagon video is TOO SMALL TO BE A 757! (Just because we cannot see what it is does not mean that we cannot see what it is not!) Even more suspicious is the absurd, totally-illogical, fear-based notion that if we pointed out this big-lie-busting discrepancy, that it would hurt our credibility, instead of the lying government's, if the government were to subsequently release other videos, real or fictitious, which contradicted the government's video!! (Pulled punches and missed opportunities are the marks of people who are engaged in the act of fake opposition.)

William Rodriguez is pure

William Rodriguez is pure gold.

He should think about getting a bodyguard though because "accidents" happen every day.

hearing Alex Jones edited

hearing Alex Jones edited out was like music to my ears - great interview and great editing!

Another interview I missed

Another interview I missed last week:

Daniel Hopsicker: The Wonderful World of Makram Chams

#554 of Dave Emory’s “For the Record” series, a conversation with Daniel Hopsicker: “The Wonderful World of Makram Chams”

If youÂ’ve been following HopsickerÂ’s research youÂ’ll know that Chams owned the Kwik-Check convenience store in Venice and abandoned the building shortly after 9/11.

btw, dz et al, feel free to mirror my edits on 911podcast


I think you are slack. Where

I think you are slack.

Where is the William Rodriguez Transcript?

needs a transcript, pronto!

alright. I do it.

Yes, my name is William Rodriguez. I work in the building for almost 20 years, on on September 11 I would have been 20 years, and actually I was there as the person in charge of all the stairwells of the north tower. I was the porter(?) to have to do the maintenance of the whole building of all the stairwells, the building have three staircase, A, B and C and I was the person in charge of it.
I usually get to work at 8 o'clock in the morning. That day, it is a miracle, I went in late, at 8:30 I called the office and I said I was going to be a little late and they said "well, you have to get here because we don't have anybody to take your position" doing the stairwells. So I got there 8:30. I say its a miracle because I would have been at the top of the building when the plane hit, ahh, the reason is because I start cleaning the stairwells from the top down. And actually I will have breakfast every morning at 'Windows of the World' ... BREAK ... employees at the top of the building, so, ahh, at that moment ah 8 30 I was actually at the basement talking talking to one of the supervisors. And on and on 8 45 we hear an explosion, a huge explosion, and it came out from under our feet, and I am telling you this because of experience. I been there for 20 years, so I do understand where was the noise coming from. And I .. that moment that it was an electrical generator that just blew up on the sublevels. When I say sublevels, because I was located on B 1, thats basement number one, and the building has 6 sublevels, all the way down to B 6. So I felt this huge explosion and at that moment I was going to verbalize that I was going to say ah ah its one of the electrical generator that just blew up ... and when I was going to verbalize it its when I heard the impact at the top of the building.
It sounded pretty very far away .. and it was soo hard, that the walls shaked and broke they cracked all over and the false ceiling just collapsed and the sprinkler-system got activated. And everybody started screaming there was like 14 people inside the office. And at that moment we don't know whats happening. We thought, again its an explosion at the sublevel and when ah ahm I was gonna pick up ah the phone to call emergency there is a guy coming running in to the office saying explosion explosion explosion. And this guy, was a black guy, ah he has his hands extended, and all the skin from under his armpit was pulled on both arms, all the way to the fingertip, and it was hanging like a piece of clothes. And actually I thought it was ah clothing what he has hanging and then I realized it was his skin. He was standing in front of the fr(?) elevator at the basement when he was actually burned. Now this the basement this is not the top of the building! And ah I said what happened, he said the elevators the elevators, and ah, I went to pick up the phone to call the EMA(?) that was located on building two. Building one and building two connected through the basement. And ahm.. when I say building two is the south tower, and ah, so I went to pick up the phone and at that moment we heard another explosion, and the floor shakes so much it was like an earthquake.
And at that moment I was thinking that it was probably an earthquake. I was telling everybody to get under the doorframes, because the floor was moving. And then I realized, what am I talking about, this is explosion what I am hearing. Everybody out, everybody out! As I am pushing everybody out of the office, I take the guy, the black guy that was burned, the name of the guy is Philippe David, its a guy from Honduras, which I did not know. He worked for ARAMAC (sp?), the company that does supplies for all the vending machines, and ah, I put em, he is on my shoulder and I started helping him out of the building, now, the way to get out was through the loading dock. And ah, it was ah pretty far, I mean we are talking about, ah wow ah like 600 or 800 feet away. And once I get out with all these people, I see an ambulance, I stop the ambulance, I put Mr Philippe David inside the ambulance, and thats when I hear 'a plane hit the building, a plane hit the building' .. I turned around, I look up, I see the hole, I see the fire, I see the debris falling apart. And all of a sudden I go into a frenzy, because I started thinking about the people from 'windows of the world'. I said, we gotta go back, we gotta go back, we gotta go back. And the same people that I just pulled from the basement they started screaming at me: Rodriguez, you are not going back in there, you are stay here. Even my supervisor that I just pulled out. And ah, but I said, no no we gotta go back. And I took the radio from security guard and (?) I running inside the building again. - (Tape hiss stop) BREAK -- But then, the funny thing is, I, as I testifying, ah is, that I went, l' one thing one fact that I haven't talked about, is that I have THE ONLY MASTER KEY that was used on the North Tower. There were five master keys in the building and I have one of them. And I was followed by the fire-department as I went up the stairwells, opening the doors so people could get out from the offices. And as I went up I heard explosion on the lower floors ... I am talking about in between the 2oth and the 30th floor? And ah, once I got to the 33rd floor, on the 33rd floor I was by myself, because the WHOLE fire unit collapsed on the 27th floor. And I continue by myself and then I found ah, a lady on the floor on the 33rd floor, trembling, I stood her up, put her on the stairwell, and then I heard something very strange. On the 34th floor I heard strange movement. Now, when I say strange movement, is like HEAVY EQUIPMENT, like ah, dumpsters with ah, those metal ah, wheels.. they moved around the floor.
Now, the strange thing is that that floor is an empty hollowed-out construction floor, there was nobody there, there was no s.. ah ah equipment supposedly on THAT floor, so I got scared, because I was by myself.
So I bypassed that floor with the masterkey and continued to the other corporate floors. So I did explain that and I never got an answer about that.

Questioner: What were the .. Did you hear explosions just before the building collapsed around you at the end or how did that play out?

Yes, well, actually, I went up the stairwells, I heard ahm ah a lot of mini-explosion and then on the 39th floor, I got up to the 39th floor. On the 39th floor, ah, the police office that was, ah, with me on the lower levels, cont.. ah, ahm actually met me from the opposite, ah, stairwell. There was three stairwells, A, B and C. I was on the B and he came from the A staircase. And we met practically in front of a ah, ah, the doorframe, ah, he was with two fire-mens. And at that moment, we were talking about what was going to be the next course of action, when BOOM, we hear the impact on the other buidling. Now, we don't know that it another plane, because we inside the stairwell. So, we have no idea whats going on. And as I ... we hear the BOOM on the other building, all of a sudden we hear PAW-PAW-PAW-PAW-PAW-PAW-PAW on OUR building. And on the radio we hear: "we lost 65, we lost 65" meaning that the 65th floor collapsed one floor on top of the other -- inside the building -- up to the skylobby which was the 44th floor.

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