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Webster Tarpley Interviews Alex Jones regarding L.A. Conference(hour 2):

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Visibility 911 Podcasts has been updated with interviews with Jim Hoffman:

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Aaron Russo Interviewed by

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Previews of musical CD "Rebuild" by J.R. Guerra:

I'm so excited about the

I'm so excited about the charlie sheen thing.

The major news stations won't cover that but some smaller outlets probably will.

just to be clear, I didn't

just to be clear, I didn't interview Aaron Russo. The link is to an interview conducted by of him some months ago that i converted to mp3 and posted, since i thought the info was so important. you can watch the vid on their site or on Aaron Russo is getting alternative treatment for cancer in Europe right now, Dr.s say prognosis is good. send him healing thoughts/prayers.

Screening locations for

Screening locations for Aaron's movie are now being listed on his site as

Sorry Al, I'll update it...

Sorry Al, I'll update it...

hi everybody...i am a long

hi everybody...i am a long time reader of your blog. i donate to your cause as often as i can. I am a mexican living in the united states legally. where i live and work i have shown several of the 911 videos to my coworkers, friends and family. almost all of them agree with what they see, some of them even suspected it all along before seeing any videos.
i have a complaint though.
seems like this blog has become just a multilink to all of the events happening around us, it's been 5 years since that horrible day. but to this day we have yet to mobilize even .05 percent of our population, even though the polls show otherwise. we all seem to be waiting for justice to happen by itself.
we have to do something like creating a human barrier on the freeways,something to stop the country for several days until the cameras of all the media start giving credit to our movement.
just my 2 cents.

Aaron Russo's film opening

Aaron Russo's film opening in these theatres:
New York
City Cinemas Village East
181 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003
(212) 529-6998

Chicago Area
Landmark Century Centre Cinema
Century Shopping Centre
2828 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 509-4949
AMC Loews Esquire 6
58 East Oak Street
Chicago, IL 60611
AMC Cantera 30
28250 Diehl Rd.
Warrenville, IL 60555
(847) 765-7AMC
AMC Loews Streets Of Woodfield 20
601 North Martingale Road
Suite 105 in the Streets of Woodfield Mall
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Kansas City Area
AMC Studio 30
Olathe 12075 So Strang Line Rd.
Olathe, KS 66062
(816) 363-4AMC

Austin Area
AMC Barton Creek Square 14
2901 Capital Of Texas Hwy.
Austin, TX 78746
(512) 306-9190

Tampa Area
AMC Woodlands 20
3128 Tampa Road
Oldsmar, FL 34677
(727) 771-2883
AMC Veterans 24
9302 Anderson Road
Tampa, FL 33634
(813) 243-4955

Controversial 9/11

Controversial 9/11 Diaries

DailyKos accepts that the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by agents of Al-Qaeda. It is forbidden to write diaries that:
1. refer to claims that American, British, Israeli, or any government assisted in the attacks
2. refer to claims that the airplanes that crashed into the WTC and Pentagon were not the cause of the damage to those buildings or their subsequent collapse

Authoring or recommending these diaries may result in banning from Daily Kos.

Kos is a woss

Kos doesn't want to lose

Kos doesn't want to lose it's (his) repuation.

*its , *reputation

*its , *reputation

Kos is a ponce. Look at that

Kos is a ponce. Look at that link to buy his book at the top of the website. He's exploiting "his" community IMO.

I have reservations about

I have reservations about the notion
that INCOME TAX is not enshrined in law. We all should pay taxes. We need to behave in solidarity. We can demand accountability and transparency, and withold our taxes until we get it. But to imply that imcome tax is illegal is to say sharing burden is not necessary. .. Anyway. This is *not* important, just wanted to mention it for mental cleanliness ;-)

But now....

From my discussions I noticed that

- molten puddles of steel

is THE ONE THING that no 911-ignoramus
has an answer to. If I had to put my money on a single fact that will convince most sheeple to think again,
it is molten puddles of metal.

You know.. WTC7 as clear as day, but they say: THE UNDERSTRUCTURE was damaged from the fall of WTC1&2. Sure, you can argue until you are blue in the face... or just show photos of

molten puddles of metal.

So where is the BEST link-list
to molten puddles of metal?

u2, you have to understand

u2, you have to understand where you're taxes are going. Do you know exactly?


Kos is a former military man

Kos is a former military man who, as the story goes, was asked by the CIA to come work for them...

...They say he declined.

Hmmm, me smells something burning...

Could it be a MOCKINBIRD!


Kos has definitely raised

Kos has definitely raised some suspicions for its complete contempt for discussing 9/11 truth.
No other supposed progressive site restricts 9/11 truth or supresses it to the same degree as Kos.
In fact, I'd argue that some of the MSM have given 9/11 truth a fairer shake than Kos. Now really, wtf is up that?


So where is the BEST link-list
to puddles of molten metal?

rather, wtf is up (with)

rather, wtf is up (with) that?^

u2r2h, There's a page, I

There's a page, I think through st911 or 911truth that should show an overhead of the hot spots that remained for weeks/months at ground zero. I'll try to dig up a link and/or pic.

in regards to dailykos.. go

in regards to dailykos.. go to and see how much their ads cost and how many they have running a week..

weekly rates x # of ads:
$23,150 * 52 weeks = $1,203,800 a year

just by simple calculations they take in over a million a year. take that for what you will.

u2r2h, Here's a link:

Here's a link:
ALSO, if you dig through any of Steven E. Jones' lectures, he addresses the molten steel as well.

May I also ask those of you

May I also ask those of you who have
a great collection of UA175 PRE-IMPACT
photos to engage in some

i.e. find those frame that show the
exact CLOUD-PATTERN like in the

but no plane

I promise to you.. if you find it,
it will come like a shock.

Podcast June 7, 2006, Hour 2

June 7, 2006, Hour 2 : Alex Jones Discusses 2 Days of Truth, June 24-25th in L.A., part2 has a bad link(it links part1)

Sorry ZeRRoXcz, fixing it

Sorry ZeRRoXcz, fixing it now.

Hey Ordyner, I agree, we need to mobilize, but its hard to get people to participate. Be what you want to see in the movement, get out, deliver flyers, put up signs and stickers, wear shirts, call radio and TV call-in shows, etc. People will hopefully be motivated to do the same.