Flight 93 Shootdown Mentioned on BBC News?

We have no confirmation on this information, but it seems legit. If you can vouch for the validity of the information, or better yet can provide the video, let us know.

9/11 Shanksville shootdown reference on BBC 6 o\'clock news 19.6.06
I am writing to you about an interesting quote from BBC's 6 o'clock news from Monday 19th of June 2006.

I am paraphrasing as I do not have the recording, and was told about it by my parents (both wide awake to the reality of terrorism et al) so forgive any mis-quotes. However, they were both so taken aback that they questioned one another as to what they'd heard, and called me later in the evening, as they knew I would be interested. I do not have TV, but do have broadband internet, and have since checked the online recordings, more about that anon...

There was a seemingly live piece from an AWACS aircraft (requested by German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble from NATO, and piloted by US Airforce servicemen) 30,000ft above Germany detailing how they were doing constant sorties to protect the World Cup fans against possible terrorist attacks, specifically from hijacked airliners, a la 911.

The correspondent asked one of the radar operators a number of questions, leading to the obvious question
'What will you do should you detect a rogue aircraft?'.
The obvious answer followed 'Scramble a couple of fighters to intercept and attempt to make contact'.
The final question; 'And if you get no response?'

No hesitation, no retraction, no awkward body language from either correspondent or operator, just back to the studio.

I didn't find out about this until about 11pm, after my parents had watched the 10 o'clock news. They were pretty certain that it was a different take at 10, or another live Q&A, without the final Q&A's, ending on sending up an interceptor.


I have been trying to find the footage all day before contacting you, and continue to do so, but maybe you will have better luck if you out out a request on your site or during radio airtime. My partner's mother works in the 'media' and has told me that the BBC will charge 75GBP for an footage, independant of length, so 150GBP should secure the 6 & 10 o'clock stock, should you wish to go that route. We are all considering this, should all other searching fail.

Please make this information available in some form, if only as a mention on your show and site, as it will add to the body of evidence, and it might be possible to track down the operator for further interview. It suggests that either the Flight 93 shoot-down is common knowledge amongst at least AWACS crews in NATO/USAF, or this fellow was one of/knows one of the airmen privy to the reality of the 911 operations.

With best regards, Peace & Love,


I posted onto

I posted onto nineeleven.co.uk/board under articles your need to find this broadcast. A poster has replied that he has access to all TV for up to a month and can get it. I'm not the most technical but certainly get his contact details form the forum and post if possible.


We need to get Greg Palast

We need to get Greg Palast on this. If true tts a comfortable and appropriate entrance for him to join the other uncomfortable truths of 911.Lets all email him now!

Hi, I am writing this from

Hi, I am writing this from Christchurch New Zealand. I bought a copy of Loose Change over the internet & my interest in the 911 was started from there. I check your site daily & find it engrossing to say the least. I also saw this news story here on Breakfast TV. The radar operators conversation went something like this.... "if unidendified aircraft are picked up fighters may be scrambled , as was the case on 911 and possibly shot down" Strangley enough I also watched the news that evening & it featured the same article with an interview of the same radar operator but the script was diffenrent. He had obviously been censured & made to re-record it!...Hmm wonder why? Keep up the good work.

Very incouraging to hear

Very incouraging to hear from New Zealand! Please help spread the truth there as well. You may be far from the U.S.A., but this 9/11 insanity affects the entire world. Those who perpetrated 9/11 must be held accountable & prevented from doing anything further.

Very interesting. Especially

Very interesting. Especially given there was an 8 mile debris field and not much in the tiny hole in Shanksville.

"given there was an 8 mile

"given there was an 8 mile debris field and not much in the tiny hole in Shanksville", we cannot assume that Flight 93 ended in Pennsylvania, even if a radar operator in Germany believes, and said on international TV, that it did.

I fail to understand what good it would do to get known accomplished 9/11 truth denier Greg Palast "on this".

...but far be it from me to

...but far be it from me to discourage people from emailing Greg. Last time I bothered was years ago, at greg(AT)gregpalast.com

Looks like Donald Rumsfeld

Looks like Donald Rumsfeld isn't the only one that has trouble remembering what "really" happened :).

Andy, if you can work with


if you can work with him on getting that clip and just let me know if/when you do that would be great!

here is a what our member

here is a what our member who has access to the news has transcribed. I have asked him about the possibility of converting it to an avi file. I've never posted videos anywhere so let me know what I would need to do.


BBC1 6PM NEWS 18:15@19/6


Highly sophisticated planes are monitoring the World Cup grounds. We got access to the security effort.
Richard Bilton reported. This military crew have a mission to watch the skies, this is technology designed for war, the dish is a powerful radar looking for trouble or rogue flights. The missions monitor the air across Germany, they zoom in specifically around the grounds. They can spot a threat within one minute. The flights monitor games in the air for eight hours at a time. The multinational crew like to follow the scores.

INTERVIEW: MARSHALL HUGUES, US AIR FORCE - we'd expect them to scrabble fighters to intercept an aircraft and if neccessary as we saw from 9/11 possibly shoot down the aircraft.

INTERVIEW: BOBBY CANALES,SURVEILLANCE OPERATOR - everybody here argues about their team being better.




No 757 crashed there...


21 June 2006, Amsterdam,

21 June 2006, Amsterdam, Holland

On 15 February 2006, the German Constitional Court declared Article 14(3) of the German Aviation Security Law (which authorised so-called "shoot down orders" by the German Minister of Defense), to be in violation of the German Constitution and therefor null and void.
Ergo: no shooting down of civilian airplanes in German airspace is allowed under any circumstances by any person or organisation (including NATO) whatsoever.
For this German Constitutional Court decision, see http://www.bverfg.de/entscheidungen/rs20060215_1bvr035705.html

I guess NATO, the people of AWACS and the US military in Germany need an up-date in German and European human rights law.

Dutch regards,

PS: in NATO jargon, hijacked

PS: in NATO jargon, hijacked civilian airplanes are commonly referred to as "Renegades" or "Renegade airplanes". At secret meetings at NATO headquarters in Brussels, this issue is being discussed between NATO member-States every now and then, in order to coordinate policies and set common standards in this regard. These meetings are usually attended by State-diplomats and legal advisors from the ministries of foreign affairs and defence ministries. I wonder how they view that German Constitutional Court decision I just referred to...

Killtown, So what DID happen

Killtown, So what DID happen to Flight 93 IF it was NOT shot down? I totally believe IT was shot down! Supposedly, Cheney ALSO said Flight 93 was shot down!? I was reading message boards on www.therawstory.com a few weeks back and I had put message out there about Rummie saying FLight 93 got shot down, when someone put message that Cheney said same thing! I didn't read whole message but went back to read it and whole link disappeared! Weird! Anyone heard of Cheney saying that?

The Memory Hole MIGHT BE

The Memory Hole MIGHT BE able to capture the video of it, maybe?

Someone needs to contact

Someone needs to contact this MARSHALL HUGUES, US AIR FORCE and question the HELL out of HIM! And NOW!

Greg Palast pisses me off

Greg Palast pisses me off BIG Time! I am ususally a fan of his yet he won't touch 9-11 WHY HELL NOT?

Hi folks. I found the video

Hi folks.
I found the video on BBC, so if someone wants to copy it, heres the link:

Im at work right now so I cant take a copy of it, sorry.

Best regards

I might just add, that for

I might just add, that for those of you who listen carefully, the statement of shooting down planes "like on 9/11" is about 1min 20sec into the clip.

S#"¤ Sorry folks, wrong

Sorry folks, wrong link :)
Try this one:


good find, just grabbed it..

good find, just grabbed it..

It is a disinformative (and

It is a disinformative (and misdirective) question(, Anonymous) to ask "So what happened to flight so-and-so if its demise is not what the govt says it was?"

At this stage in the stunted investigation, that would involve speculation, which will only help to get us all labeled as "conspiracy theorists". (Which is misdirection; anyone who believes in the govt's official account of events is a conspiracy theorist for accepting the govt's unfounded unproven impossible disproven discredited conspiracy theory).

In case someone missed that day at school: It does not take a superior theory in order to disprove an inferior theory! It only takes 1 counter-example; one exception to the "rule" is enough to prove that the "rule" has holes in it.

For example, if just one apple fell UP from a tree, just once, we'd know that we needed a new/better theory of gravitation, because the old theory could not account for reality. (And we wouldn't need any newer/better theory in order to know that!)

It may be human nature to cling to an old/familiar/impossible theory unless/until a better theory comes along, but it is incorrect and illogical to do so.

So it doesn't really matter one iota what, in this instance, "Anonymous" believes, or why he is afraid to (not) believe otherwise:

The Pentagon Video (Frame) reveals that whatever aircraft the government video shows us is TOO SMALL TO BE A 757. And it remains too small to be a 757 regardless of what might or might not have happened to "Flight 77"!!!

So by focusing on "so what happened to flight so-and-so", as he did, above, Anonymous is helping to cause people to bark up the wrong tree.

And we'll never get the right answers by barking up the wrong tree, any more than we'll get the right answers by following the trails of red herrings (such as "Able Danger", which bolsters The Big Lie via the false, govt-lie-hugging presumption that it's correct to blame 9/11 on Muslim hijackers).

We have to be MUCH smarter/better than that if we are to be the first in history to ever vanquish The Big Lie!

The url shows the video in

The url shows the video in which Rumsfeld sais the plane was shot down.