Jim Fetzer on Fox's Hannity and Colmes

According to the Scholars for 9/11 Truth website, Jim Fetzer will appear on Hannity and Colmes June 22nd, 6-7:00 PM Pacific Time (9-10:00 Eastern time)

More as it develops . . .

let the shitstorm

let the shitstorm begin..........

This should be good!!!!! As

This should be good!!!!!
As long James doesn't allow them to push his political and emotional buttons which might cause him to go off on an interesting but ultimately fruitless diversions. Stick with the strongest facts ( molten metal, wtc 7, minetta testimony, Dr. Jones work, the support of Morgan Reynolds and David Bowman ect.)
He needs rapid fire, ala Alex Jones, facts. Don't make it too complicated, this is really for the general population to begin getting interested in our valid questions and irrefutable facts concerning 911.
Its clear that the MSM's most recent tactics has been to make us look crazy and unsympathetic the victims of 911. I hope Mr. Fetzer keeps this in mind !!!!

It will be delicate balance between not being talked over and cut off ( which fortunately Mr. Fetzer one person I trust not let this happen) and not coming off as an irrational emotionally charged 'conspiracy ' theorist.

This show is clearly not real news coverage or a forum for rational debate on important subjects......but political theatre!!!!!

If we keep that in mind, we can use all these MSM opportunities to really get the Truth out and create a momentum that is unstoppable.

On that note: Go kick some political Theatre ASS!!!!!!!

Radical Pragmatist; I

Radical Pragmatist; I absolutely second your opinion. Prof. Fetzer is, for the most part, a real asset to the movement. But he can go off on tangents at times. I hope he does as you suggest.

On another note: dz please check the "Flyer" thread.

I like Alex Jones'

I like Alex Jones' approach:

Fire off websites, preferably short ones, before they can interrupt you, as they will not let you say 5 syllables without interrupting you.

fire off websites - agreed.

fire off websites - agreed. i also like the Charlie Sheen and Lionel tack of saying, "I've got questions that I want answered". "Don't know what happened to passengers on Flight 77"

we need to create "talking

we need to create "talking points". the other side knows the power of a consistent message repeated over and over.


Rove = Cut and Run
Kerry = Lie and Die
Murtha = Stay and Pay

Short URL's - short sentences

Lionel had callers who said that it was possible that Flight 77 atomized upon impact. Lionel basically pulled the "oh you can't be for real" tactic. It was nice to see this cannon pointed at the enemy.

Is there any link to this

Is there any link to this show?