Jimmy Walter Interview and Presentation at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan

Jimmy Walter at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan - Yumi Kikuchi’s Blog

I hope you will listen to Jimmy Walter's presentation at The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan that is included here.

Jimmy arrived the evening of June 14 at Narita Airport. We were there to greet him but he didn't come out of the security gate until one hour after his plane landed. We were quite nervous until we met him, wondering all the while if he had been stopped at immigration by the Japanese police or something like that.

Jimmy has had many attacks, death threats, his house broken into, computers stolen, etc. But he is here now with us... What an honor to have such a wonderful human being who devotes his life to saving not only America but also the entire world from the real terror!

This is the joy of doing peace work... You keep meeting wonderful people. I am so blessed.

Enjoy and learn from his presentation!

Thanks Heiner for the heads up!

Jimmy Walter gets an A+ for

Jimmy Walter gets an A+ for effort in my book!