New Pennsylvania 9/11 Group Forming

Introducing PA 9/11 Visibility Group -

Hello all my fellow pennsylvanians!! I have created a group to actually take some action to help spread the truth. It is called pa 9/11 visibility- right now its posted in Here is the link:

If you would rather not go through meetup, simply email me directly at and I will put you on the email list and inform you of our upcoming meetings and events. I'll also be happy to send you the introductory email outlining some of the many points I hope to accomplish.

I need your help, your expertise, your committment to exposing the truth. We need to get something going in the PA area!!

Thanks, Jon for letting me post this. I hope to hear from many of you SOON!!

(NOTE- this is open to all those in the tri state area- so New Jersey and Deleware, feel free to join as well!)

This group appears to have 10 people already, so if you are in Pennsylvania, or near it, then get on over there and chip in.



My group's name is so "Gay"... ;)

That's what happens when the starter of your group happens to be the girlfriend of a certain somebody in Colorado.

Anyone know who the big name

Anyone know who the big name band or musician is/was that was gonna be coming out in support of the 9/11 truth movement? There was speculation about this a couple months ago...

FYI, Neil Young's Myspace page has a Charlie Sheen 9/11 page linked in the "Top 8" of the friends section. (out of over 36,990 friends, that seems to be deliberate) I'm sure he doesnt personally maintain it.. but .. interesting..


Neil Young's

My group's name is so

My group's name is so "Gay"...

That's what happens when the starter of your group happens to be the girlfriend of a certain somebody in Colorado.
Jon Gold | Homepage | 06.20.06 - 8:46 pm | #
Could be worse. I hear the original name was to be The PA False-Flag Awareness Coffee Klatch.

: )

I was only kidding.

I was only kidding.

Me too. : )

Me too. : )

Neil Young: "Lets Impeach

Neil Young:

"Lets Impeach The President"

Good tune, he's Canadian too!! I hope he's the one!!!!

Come on Neil, as your song says:

"Time is running out, Lets Roll."

I too wonder who the big

I too wonder who the big name musician is Alex Jones referred to? Is it Neil Young? Is it Pearl Jam? It couldnt be Blink 182, as they are not big anymore tho the lead singer is definately a 9/11 truther. I'd like to see everyone from Marilyn Manson to country stars, to pop stars, to famous blues musicians come on board. Remember that Judakiss song? The Immortal Technique 9/11 truth song "Bin Laden" featuring Mos Def(one of the big new actors now) and Eminem? Eminem seems psedo 9/11 truther, but not fully out.

Beware "911 Visibility"

Beware "911 Visibility" groups which suppress, on behalf of the government, same as did the 9-11 Commission, any of the government-lie-breaking evidence including, but not limited to:

Also beware of "911 Visibility" groups which promote limited-hangout versions of the truth intended to convince people that even those who disagree with the government still find it acceptable to blame 9/11 on fictitious purported alleged Muslim hijackers. They do this by promoting anything/everything related to "Able Danger" (one of the government's named-for-public-consumption cover stories which powerfully/subliminally insinuates that "Mohammed Atta" was "the 9/11 ringleader" who can be blamed for 9/11, which is a total false-flag fantasy).

Also beware of groups which make it sound like Professor Steven Jones' "thermite theory" might ever be able to explain away any of the highly unconventional "Ground Zero" evidence: the disintegration of the WTC buildings/contents, the huge pyroclastic flows, the molten metal found weeks afterward, and the fires which burned for 99 days despite constant dousing with water!

Believing that the conventional chemical compound "thermite" (or "thermate") is capable of doing that (a 4th-of-July sparkler is like a slowed-down thermite/thermate reaction) is as lucidrous as believing that kerosene must be, like, halfway to rocket fuel, if we just call it "jet fuel" (and keep talking about "jet fuel" as if we know that [ordinary hijacked] "jets" are what hit the towers and the Pentagon, when the evidence indicates otherwise).

You can find a list of some of the other recognized ongoing limited-hangout disinfo campaigns within the 9/11 truth movement here.

I think that Maynard and

I think that Maynard and guys from Tool or Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) would be able to wake up a lot of people, and they are intelligent enough not to buy the official conspiracy theory... I'm sure they could address the 9/11 issue someday.

911blimp, why do you

911blimp, why do you continually mix info with disinfo?

Trent Reznor rules. Eminem

Trent Reznor rules. Eminem is too stupid to see 9/11 for what it is. no offense to anyone here who likes him. but his "Bush bashing" song "Mosh" was pretty weak and tame in my opinion.Immortal Technique needs to show Eminem how its done........

Very nice site. I just had

Very nice site.

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