Nicholas Levis and John Albanese Visit Laura Ingraham at Fox News

Nicholas Levis on FoxNews - By John Albanese

On Sunday June 18th Nicholas Levis asked that I accompany him to a scheduled interview to be taped for a new FoxNews television pilot featuring Laura Ingraham. In the hours preceding the interview we rehearsed the essential talking points to hit on in the 5-minute segment we were apportioned by FoxNews.

We arrived at noon and were quickly escorted to the greenroom where various ‘handlers’ kept us engaged in conversation. Everyone was very nice. In fact, when we were approached by Associate Producer Mina Pertesis she appeared to go out of her way to inform us that she had spent some time reviewing Nicholas’ work, and actually was of the personal opinion that the issues he raised were legitimate. She claimed that the issue of 9/11 appeared to indeed be a serious one, and that questions being raised by and were making her think! She quickly produced business cards, claiming that, should this TV pilot in fact be picked up by Fox, they would be interested in booking me as a guest. She claimed to recognize my name, and seemed sincerely interested and unbiased in her approach.

Gee whiz – perhaps Fox is not the evil Orwellian Ministry of Disinformation after all, despite the multiple television monitors in the room that were tuned to Foxnews (how could they not be?), informing us over and over and over again of cyanide attacks planned for the NYC subways, accompanied by scary images of masked Islamic fundamentalists wielding bazookas, and of course, stock footage of North Korean missiles taking off over and over and over again……. with Fox’s patented bright red NEWS ALERT! logo blinking incessantly throughout the day.

But at approximately 12:30 things took a surrealistic turn. (As if sitting in the evil corporate citadel of crypto-fascism was not surrealistic enough for me.) A meticulously dressed man arrived who immediately recognized Nicholas, and began handing out business cards identifying him as “Griffin Jenkins – Producer – The Tony Snow Show.”

I supposed “the Griff” (as he referred to himself) had not yet had a chance to get new business cards, considering that Tony Snow is now the White House Press Secretary, and “the Griff” should be out of a job.

“The Griff” appeared to take a special liking to us. In fact, the next hour was spent sitting in the green room and answering his interrogation….errrr……. friendly questions. He appeared very sincere and likeable, and also appeared to have an in-depth understanding of the material we were presenting, referring to Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer as “Tony” and Curt Weldon on a personal level, as he outlined his own relationships to these men. Nicholas Levis was in top form, making his usual eloquent and articulate case for 9/11 complicity, and “the Griff” appeared to be soaking it all up, with his unexplained sidekick, as the hours ticked by.


Finally, at 2pm we were escorted into the studio for Nicholas’ interview.

I suppose I could call Laura Ingraham a whore. Because that is in fact what she is. Think “Bill O’Reilly wannabe on psychotropic drugs.” There was not even a hint of fair play. She framed the interview by claiming the Chicago Conference was attended by an assortment of “conspiracy theory” loonies – including a man who lives in a cave. (I shit you not) When Nicholas objected, she became hostile and commenced projecting opinions onto him with questions like, “When did you stop beating your wife,” while repeatedly cutting off Nicholas’ responses, and providing him with the answers herself.

And of course, we were out of time.

Upon completion of the interview I hurled a few friendly opinions at Laura from behind the camera. “Disgraceful,” “Ambush Journalism,” “Disrespect for her audience.” I suggested to her that she is underestimating the anger of the 9/11 Truth community, and that America is very tired of this form of ambush journalism, and we would all be watching her ratings very closely. Her eyes simply responded with glib indifference. Just one more skanky blonde ubber-right-wing Ann Coulter wannabe, shitting all over the national stage she has been given, and essentially using her journalism degree for toilet tissue.

“The Griff” walked us out, assuring us that ‘his’ work is very different from Laura’s, and that he was sincerely interested in keeping tabs on us. He would like to know what 9/11 Truth has planned for the future, and actually invited me to submit whatever materials I could directly to his attention. He appeared very sincere and likeable. Such a nice guy. He apologized and assured us that he would share our disappointment with Laura. He was very nice and appeared sincerely regretful for how things had gone. He was really full of it.

We spent about 20 minutes talking about the fate of journalists in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. We talked about the nature of fascism, and the failed policy of information ‘control.’ I shared with him the fact that a nobody like me could produce an amateur film that, within two weeks, made the Google Top 100 list, while FoxNews attempts to purchase increasing shares of a shrinking market. And lastly, I reminded “the Griff” why we were there. The 3,000 dead. And I asked him to consider the anger of the American public. He nodded his agreement. He was, after all, such an amiable and sincere guy.

One final note. I encourage you all to Google “Griffin Jenkins.” As Tony Snow’s producer one would expect his identity to be fairly well documented. Hell, even MY name produces thousands of hits.

I found very little on “the Griff.” The ONLY story I found, repeated multiple times on Google, was that he donated $2,000 to the Bush Cheney reelection campaign – because that’s what journalists do.

Only ONE reference to “the Griff” on Google. Funny that.

Another non-being from the Ministry of Disinformation, simply doing his job. And a really nice guy at that.

Laura Ingraham is one of the

Laura Ingraham is one of the lowest forms of life on this planet. just a disgusting, disgusting person.i give you credit for not taking a swing at her.

Scientific Analysis Proves

Scientific Analysis Proves Towers Brought Down By Incendiaries
Steven Jones' analysis on WTC steel about to be released

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | June 20 2006

Scientific analysis on WTC steel debris undertaken by BYU Professor Steven Jones proves that the twin towers were demolished by means of incendiary devices and the release of the conclusive evidence is imminent.

The material that was first brought into question on the back of photos and video clips of the twin towers showing a dripping molten substance and floating white ash can now be confirmed as being thermate, combining thermite which is used as an incendiary device to bring down structures and sulfur, which cuts through steel quicker and leaves a yellow residue.

Pools of molten yellow metal were also found underneath both towers and Building 7 subsequent to the collapses.

"The evidence points directly to controlled demolition which means an inside job brought these World Trade Center buildings down," Jones told radio host Alex Jones in a video interview.

Wow! Great story.


Great story. Thanks guys. The Griff is such an intelligence agent. Assuming we know that they work for Fox, (or Fox works for them) and that they would have an interest in keeping tabs on the movement, it is reletively reasonable to assume he works for the government. Or he could just be a curious, nice guy as you say.

Let's call it like we see it and not feel paranoid. We are certainly approaching this with an informed opinion. Who in the hell is Griffin Jenkins? Griffin and Jenkins. Sounds like he has been doing his homework. Let's all keep our eye out for this guy and his friendly questions.

Hey, if he really is a nice guy, and actually curious, I would apologize for my incorrect assumptions. But let's no kid ourselves.

Amazing. They kissed your

Amazing. They kissed your ass, slandered you, and kissed your ass again. That takes talent.

Great cartoon for the

Great cartoon for the "hesitant" movement members.

Hey Rumpl4skn, the link

Hey Rumpl4skn, the link doesn't work.

Amazing. They kissed your

Amazing. They kissed your ass, slandered you, and kissed your ass again. That takes talent.
Jon Gold

It's just business...nothing personal!

Its just like the mafia.....they even have a certain respect for their enemies or adversaries.....but that doesn't mean they won't 'wack you' when they need too.....nothing personal.....just business..

Hey Rumpl4skn, the link

Hey Rumpl4skn, the link doesn't work.

It worked for me
....and it is a "great" and appropriate cartoon!



John Albanese, Thanks for

John Albanese,
Thanks for writing that piece. I like your style.

Crap, it still doesn't work

Crap, it still doesn't work for me.


"She [Ingraham] framed the

"She [Ingraham] framed the interview by claiming the Chicago Conference was attended by an assortment of “conspiracy theory” loonies – including a man who lives in a cave..."

Oh, so Osama did attend the conference after all.

"On Sunday June 18th

"On Sunday June 18th Nicholas Levis asked that I accompany him to a scheduled interview to be taped for a new FoxNews television pilot featuring Laura Ingraham..."

This is indeed a bizarre story. I hope the "tape" that they made of Levis is not going to be utilized for some underhanded purposes.

Unbelievable. If I didn't

Unbelievable. If I didn't know who John Albanese was I would assumed this was all made up, just given the absurdity of it all. Remember when that Glick kid whose dad died on Flight 93 said he felt the US was behind 9/11, O'reilly threatened to beat his ass? This is how hardcore Fox is. They call the 9/11 widows Godless whores, make up insane accusations, and then don't let you get an edge in otherwise. Reminds me of the tv station in V For Vendetta(why cant the public see the similairities between V For Vendetta and 9/11?)

Sounds like they were

Sounds like they were monitoring the multiple- hour conversation leading up to the interview, probably with a team of people writing down strategies by which Laura could attack them.

I would encourage future MSM interviewees not to put up with any bullshit prior to the taping - just sit silent in a corner with a cup of coffee and don't let them see any of your tricks until the cameras are rolling.

Jules, that was my first

Jules, that was my first impression also. Another story of "good cop, bad cop". Now he knows all what he wants...


Nicholas Levis here (just

Nicholas Levis here (just call me "The Nick").

Nice work, John. If this pilot ever airs - not certain by any means - we will know in advance and I'll do my own report in advance...

Actually, given the interminable delay, I was happy to have the discussion with the Griff - you could see it was having quite the impact on the interns.

And it was more fun even than having my face and my hair done by the Fox make-up people.

No matter how bad they're going to slime you, they're at least going to make sure your corpse looks good on TV. And they do make you up like a corpse, to eliminate glare. THis is thought to look better on TV, but in real life it makes you look like you've been freshly embalmed for coffin display. Thanks for nothing.

That it was a slime was what we expected, and I could have definitely let her have it a lot worse but they pulled the old out of time bullshit. I am not particularly pleased with my own performance, but I remained calm and tried to keep up with the lunacy.

She especially went nuts when I said "alleged hijackers".

She asks, what about the WTC in 1993 - did that happen? I was at first confused. Sure that happened! (No time given to talk about how the FBI was running a sting operation etc.)

Then she asks, what about the embassy bombings, or the Cole? Did those happen? Here I finally cottoned to what she was doing - framing everything in the context of the timeline of Officially Acceptable Terrorist Attacks. I should have realized immediately, sorry but I am slow!

(Berger on Scarborough was waaaay better, I will be the first to tell you.)

Anyway, so I finally started shooting back: What about the Reichstag Fire, did that happen? What about the Tonkin Gulf, did that happen? It was used to justify a long war with many casualties, and it was a lie.

Her response? "I'm the host! I'm asking the questions here!" And with that, the time was up.

They were all friendly throughout, but after this performance you could see all the faces drop on the interns and helpers. They were genuinely embarrassed.

And there was the Griff, to escort us outside and give tips on how to do better on the media, by FOX's rules. I told him that if I write an article about this, it might get read by more people than will see the program... and it will certainly be remembered by more.

The story is not that I was on FOX. The story is that FOX will be in my report. We are the media, much more so than Laura Ingraham!

I should add that if it

I should add that if it airs, it will at least include footage of WTC 7 falling... unless they also lied about that.

Duh. In case it hasn't yet

Duh. In case it hasn't yet dawned on someone, all the best (field) intelligence(/disinfo) agents are "really nice guys". They need people to like and trust them, so that they may remain above suspicion, and then no bad thoughts about them could ever enter people's minds.

Kind of like Nick Levis himself? He's smooth enough that people sometimes forget that he himself has promoted a limited-hangout version of events which differs rather narrowly with the official government version of events.

So now it appears that NL, like Kyle Hence, is considered "safe" by the networks? Maybe they know that he won't say anything which reveals what a complete and total utter lie most everything everyone knows about 9/11 really is?

For instance, even though I am totally ignorant about the actual content of the actual show, I'm quite sure, based upon history, that NL did not bring up the fact that even though the recently released Pentagon video not only does not show us a 757, it does reveal that whatever aircraft it almost shows is too small to be a 757, thus proving that the U.S. government has deceived the world about what hit the Pentagon (regardless of whether the video is real or not!!!) (People, now including some of those at Judicial Watch, along with Jim Hoffman (, and Mike Rivero (, and many other self-proclaimed(-but-fake) 911 truthers, who would rather (get others to) worry about what is shown in supposed videos which we have not seen -- and may never see -- than pay attention to the forensic analysis on this govt-provided evidence, especially out of some hyped, over-amped fear of the unknown, are all working for the lying, marauding, mass-murdering U.S. government, regardless of whether or not they realize [or are being paid for] it! They "fear" that if we believe the government's video, and if the govt were to later release some other video[s] which contradict the government's original video, that that will somehow ruin our credibility and not the govt's, which is the stupidest, lamest, most illogical fear since the boogey man.)

Similarly, NL and his ilk (a la Kyle Hence who once famously stated that he didn't think that the American people could handle the [real] truth) downplay (hell, they suppress, they censor, they try to marginalize those who present) evidence which indicates that it was not a 767 which hit WTC1. (They suppress much of the same evidence as did the 9-11 Commission.)

I'd further wager that NL did not bring up -- at least not honestly -- Bush's repeated, incriminating, self-implicating 9/11 witness statements, which are nearly as revealing for their content as they are for the fact that Democrats pretend that Bush never made the statements, which pokes quite a hole in the belief that Dems oppose Reps (and thus would never let BushCo get away with anything like 9/11...). (Barrie Zwicker of has, in his TGC video, repeatedly so mischaracterized Bush's statements that it's hard to not call BZ, a professional journalist who surely knows better, an outright lying disinfo agent. Bush never said "ordinary TV", but no one would ever know that after listening to BZ: )

('s) Mike Berger on Scarborough didn't bring up any of the big govt-lie-shattering evidence, and NL wrote above that "Berger on Scarborough was waaaay better"!

Plus, taking a beating from a Fox News toad get us to feel sorry for Nick, and makes it seem like NL must really be on the side of full disclosure about 9/11 (when, in fact, he is not!).

Or maybe Nick's changing and I've been right about NL but now I'm not. Maybe NL's just been a slow learner and I didn't have enough patience to wait for him to finally come around on an issue of such vital importance. I see where NL says that he used the phrase "alleged hijackers", and apparently got the "host" to blow her cool somewhat, so maybe there's still some hope for him, but only if he stops suppressing, and learns to lead with, our strongest govt-lie-breaking evidence, including and avoids talking about "the planes" and "all that jet fuel" and the "Able Danger"-type disinfo (think EGLS and WKJO) designed to keep people's fear and loathing of purported Muslim hijackers (IOW, the fictitious alleged perpetrators) front and center in people's confused, fearful minds.

Repeatedly-pulled punches are the surest sign of fake opposition:,sameMonster.gif

I wrote: "really nice

I wrote:

"really nice guys"

Oops. Sorry; I made it sound like there are no such "really nice gals". My mistake.

For example, Fran Shure, of "Colorado 911 Visibility", is one such (working-for-the-govt-whether-she-realizes-it-or-not;but-how-could-she-not?) limited-hangout disinfo agent.

Another female fake 911

Another female fake 911 truther is the too-cute-to-be-an-agent Carol Brouillet. She's another self-proclaimed 911 truther; one who's running for Congress but who refuses to question Bush about Bush's own, repeated, incriminating, self-implicating 9/11 witness statements. (Same as Bob Bowman in that regard, BTW. Bob's good at making 9/11 speeches using the "T" word -- treason -- but he also is too fearful/inept to ask the question that 3000 souls are yearning to see asked of Bush.)

9/11 Reality TV: Why the

9/11 Reality TV: Why the Scarborough/Berger interview was mega-scripted
(freshly censored at blogger brigade)

9/11 Reality TV: Why the Scarborough/Berger interview was mega-scripted

By Nico Haupt
July 21, 2006

On June 20th "Scarborough" presented us yet another reality tv lovefist
for naive 9/11 truthlings to distract from the NY 9/11 TV Fakery research.

What most people ignore is the obvious fact, that we not only saw one
actor provoking a fake activist, BOTH in reality followed the same fraudulent acting script... (more here)

Nico, Your work seems like a


Your work seems like a big pile of bullshit. You should stop.

Please, 911blimp, don't

Please, 911blimp, don't defame those publicly working toward the exposition of the truth. ANYBODY that successfully communicates 9/11 truth to the world is innocent before proven guilty. With these attacks on friends, you are not helping anything but the status quo.

Here come the blogger

Here come the blogger Sentinels, everybody get real quiet, maybe they'll go away. Too bad we can't blast 'em with an electromagnetic pulse.

Blimp, Nico, I'm so sick of

Blimp, Nico, I'm so sick of you guys, you can't even imagine.

Stop shitting on other truthers! Every minute you go on with this crap you add minutes to my personal shill-list.

You can always depend on

You can always depend on Nico surfacing whenever Nicholas Levis does some work.

Nicholas still remains perhaps the most coherent, sober, articulate voice of reason in the NY movement. I believe Nicholas is destined to one day lead this movement by becoming the 'voice' of 9/11 Truth. There are a select few in this movement with his grasp of details - and his ability to process those details into cogent eloquent arguments.

I've known Nicholas for 3 years and still marvel at his verbal craftsmanship.

We are busy in New York building a new platform for this movement. You will hear more of this very soon. But, once that platform is built, I fully expect Nicholas Levis to be standing square in the center of it - making the case for history.

Reminds me of the tv station

Reminds me of the tv station in V For Vendetta(why cant the public see the similairities between V For Vendetta and 9/11?)
pockybot | 06.20.06 - 11:52 pm | #

its fucking crazy that people cant see it...

"Another female fake 911

"Another female fake 911 truther is the too-cute-to-be-an-agent Carol Brouillet. She's another self-proclaimed 911 truther; one who's running for Congress but who refuses to question Bush about Bush's own, repeated, incriminating, self-implicating 9/11 witness statements."

911Blimp, you have access to Bush? I sure wish I did. I'm sure Carol does as well.

When's the last time Nico

When's the last time Nico Haupt showed himself publicly.

"Another female fake 911

"Another female fake 911 truther is the too-cute-to-be-an-agent Carol Brouillet. She's another self-proclaimed 911 truther; one who's running for Congress but who refuses to question Bush about Bush's own, repeated, incriminating, self-implicating 9/11 witness statements.".............You got to be kidding me. I am sure you say that in jest. I know Carol personally. If she is a "fake"?? 9/11 truther then I am Santa Claus. Get Real!

maddog... Nico and Blimp are

maddog... Nico and Blimp are doing exactly as they're supposed to... being divisive.

Amazing experience. re "The

Amazing experience.

re "The Griff": one should not worry too much (i hope and expect they haven't). Because 9/11 truth as stands as a house. Smooth or glib as an operator this Griff might be, the problem is at his side. Stick to the story, it's as simple as that. The only way to stop 9/11 truth is to abolish freedom of expression in the USA. That's my genuine feeling (as a European).

BTW, a bit of fun: Coulter was interviewed yesterday on BBC Newsnight about her new book 'Godless'. Well, er, she was sort of reduced to stammering rubble by simple lazy questioning as only Jeremy Paxman can do. No ambush journalism, she got plenty time to explain herself. Funny that C&L has missed that.

Ah yes, and if the Griff

Ah yes, and if the Griff were not sufficiently entertaining, we always have "The Blimp" and Nico, self-appointed Loki to the 9/11 Mafia Asgard. (Or is he Riddler to the Dynamic Duo?)The logic as usual is impeccable.


Scarborough producers are agents, because they do not invite Nico in to talk about how there were no flying objects of any kind hitting the WTC on 9/11, and how the people who thought they saw such a thing were all agents or hypnotized/mind controlled after the fact by seeing CGI planes on the CNN video.

Berger is an agent, because he was invited by Scarborough.


(But if Nico were invited by Scarborough, he'd be a great guy.)

Hey Blimp... When have you

Hey Blimp...

When have you "questioned Bush"?

Has anyone bought and

Has anyone bought and received "Improbable Collapse"? If so, how long did it take to get?

...the hostile 9/11

...the hostile 9/11 truthlings around cointel-pro assets Albanese and Levis are still working into the WW warmonger plans.

Fascism and WW planning was never that easy with this dangerous and manipulative mindset of Albanese, Gold + Co.... is what i think.
With help of the chinese moonies the WW perps are trying to promote
the TRIDENT II approval via the staged Al-Zarquawi killing to get their endgame timeline (US vs. China vs. Russia) straight for September 2006:
June 16, 2006

"...The Navy has 14 Trident submarines armed with ballistic missiles. Each sub carries 24 Trident II ballistic missiles with a range exceeding 4,000 miles. Originally deployed with eight independently targetable nuclear warheads, each Trident missile is scheduled to carry four warheads once the latest START nuclear arms reduction treaty comes into force. Notable for its simplicity, the Pentagon plan would place four independently targetable non-nuclear warheads on each of two Trident II missiles on every Trident submarine...

...Trident II ballistic missiles are extraordinarily accurate. Gen. James E. Cartwright, who heads the U.S. Strategic Command, told the New York Times that the Trident II, launched from thousands of miles away, could deliver its conventional warheads within five yards of their targets. Moreover, the Trident II missile could carry out its conventional attack within an hour of a presidential command. The maneuvering areas and the missile range of deployed Trident submarines combine to effectively place the entire globe within range.
If Congress approves the Pentagon's fiscal 2007 request for $127 million for this program, initial operational capability could be reached within two years. Full operational capability could be achieved within four years at a cost of $500 million. Congress should act promptly..."
WW4/5 -the countdown and sideshow continues...

...As "Nukestrat" wrote,
"...At the end of September 2006, the Joint Functional Component Command for Space and Global Strike is scheduled to achieve Full Operational Capability (FOC)..."

currently the U.S. Congress is debating a congressional approval of Trident II, a rapid-response non-nuclear missile tip that can be fired from U.S. submarines.

...Trident II of course is symbolically the tip of the iceberg for the most important analogy and codeword for "World War 4/5": Global Strike...

BTW, a bit of fun: Coulter

BTW, a bit of fun: Coulter was interviewed yesterday on BBC Newsnight about her new book 'Godless'. Well, er, she was sort of reduced to stammering rubble by simple lazy questioning as only Jeremy Paxman can do. No ambush journalism, she got plenty time to explain herself. Funny that C&L has missed that.
zutman | 06.21.06 - 1:59 pm | #
got a link?

911Blimp is a shill plain

911Blimp is a shill plain and simple, it couldn't be more evident than in this thread.

But here's another tidbit. I'm on the Colorado 911 Truth group email which Fran Shure administers. We receive email from Fran, but it's all BCC; IE we don't see any other recipients.

So a few months ago I get an email directly from 911Blimp, a hit piece on another prominent CO 911 Truther, on why he's a shill and can't be trusted, he's trying to wedge the movement (but 911Blimp isn't of course) blah blah.

How does 911Blimp get ahold of Fran Shure's 911 Truth contact list, which even the list members don't have access to, if not through the NSA which is of course monitoring everything?

Collect your US taxpayer funded paycheck 911Blimp, and go away.

"We are busy in New York

"We are busy in New York building a new platform for this movement. You will hear more of this very soon. But, once that platform is built, I fully expect Nicholas Levis to be standing square in the center of it - making the case for history."

SHEESH, won't these guys ever let up...


can you sense the ghosts swirling around your heads, moaning justice, justice, justice

No, sorry. I only saw it

No, sorry. I only saw it accidentally on my 20 year old Philips TV (the old ones last forever). If I was as focused as Jon G, i would have taped it.

Coulter was apprehensive from the start of the interview. I guess that's to be expected, as Eurabia is sooo Foreign. Why she decided to appear, I don't know.

__lakezoarian__ - aren't you

__lakezoarian__ - aren't you with that anti-semitic group in NYC?

Shall we go into those details again?

Keep in mind that every hitpiece you attempt on Albanese' work will be greeted with the facts surrounding your personal V for Vendetta.

"If I was as focused as Jon

"If I was as focused as Jon G, i would have taped it."

The word is obsessed. :)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
The use of "virtual planes" -By Malaprop (06/21/06)

June 21, 2006
By Malaprop aka Izzy

More Websites go .."No Planes"

Disinfos and industry shills are powerless to stop the growing numbers of long established website owners showing their recent convictions that planes were not used on 9/11, and the towers were brought down not by planes but incendiaries.

The use of virutal planes accomplished the same objective as real ones, which is an attack against the middle class not only of America, but of the entire developed world.

The use of virtual planes got around several possible problems, not the least was that no object that size and construction could have entered the structures, instead 2/3rds of the craft would have fallen fallen to the street, and all of the fuel would have ignited outside the building entirely. This means the entire operation and the insistence that the planes brought down the towers would have failed on the spot.

We must get this out as soon as possible, for other governments around the world are attacking their own people like our own is doing, in order to frighten everyone into subservience and cooperation in the forfeit of their rights, their laws....

Go A-Way Nico.

Go A-Way Nico.

Hey Albanese (ie:Another

Hey Albanese (ie:Another Opinion) I got news for ya- there ain't no "anti-semitic group in NYC" and most of us know that. How incredibly shallow.

Plus, I heard Les and Berger said "no" to Fox because, unlike you, they know that is not real journalism...

Did you say you sat in there talking for 2 hours???

What, did you think they wanted to find out what's up with Truth in order work to to stop the madness and help America??? Propaganda Ministry- you said yourself!

PS, I used the words "ya" and "ain't" to give you something more appropriate to focus on in your hits than phony bigotry.

Folks, I'm sad that I have to come in here and write this- in my heart I know that John and Nick are committed to making this a better world, and are doing sometihing about it more than just sitting on their computers.

lakezorian, John, and

lakezorian, John, and Nick...

Les made a mistake. John and Nick, he knows not to do it again. I consider Les a good friend, and I'm jewish. If that means anything.

I shouldn't get involved in NY squabbles, but we all do have a common goal. No one said we all have to like each other, but we all have to at least respect each others' efforts.

John, your movie was a fantastic contribution. I don't think anyone doubts your sincerity.

Nick, I don't know you as well as I probably should, but I do think you're sincere as well.

lakezorian... I don't really know you at all, but you are defending Les, so you can't be that bad.

Let it go guys. Remember, WE are not our enemy. WE are not the ones who committed this atrocity. WE are the ones who have to make things right, and the only way we can do that is if we do it together.

WE the people...

WE the people...

Nico Haupt aka ewing2001 is

Nico Haupt aka ewing2001 is a "cartoon hugger."

"WE are not the ones who

"WE are not the ones who committed this atrocity. WE are the ones who have to make things right, and the only way we can do that is if we do it together."

Thank you, Jon. Right on, brother.

And while we're on the subject, I've spent some time talking with Nico, although it was at least a year and a half ago. At the time I was new to Truth. I was really impressed with his commitment, knowledge, and intensity. I felt proud to know him. I wish someone could get through to him now, get him to stick to what we now know is irrefutable, and leave out the controversial fine points that make such good conversation, and add his power to the quest.




Is it possible to ban Nico

Is it possible to ban Nico Haupt from this forum? He is an embarassment to this website, and people will judge us by guilt through association.

Rodney (lakezoarian) - you

Rodney (lakezoarian) -

you know, there's no need for you to come to this thread and cherry-pick some turn of phrase from John and misinterpret it into an attack.

If you avoided that, you might not get a counterattack on your idol Les, who sadly did not make an isolated mistake but is rightly paying for his simple and total incompetence at what he supposedly does.

Just leave it be and we can all be happy. (If you would prefer, we can have an endless further struggle for no particular reason.)


9/11 Truthling Land- Cult or

9/11 Truthling Land- Cult or worse?

*/Gerard Holmgren /* wrote:

Heh ! it’s easy to be the “leader” of “the movement “, if you define
the movement as everyone who agrees that you are the leader.
ItÂ’s a personality cult. The movement exists for no purpose other
than to promote itself, and itÂ’s goals are defined by whatever is
“good for the movement”.
The older hands will have already have seen the observation below,
but IÂ’ll point it out again, because some of the newer people might
find this an interesting insight if they havenÂ’t already noticed it.
To me, the central figure in this amazing process of double
non-think is Griffin.
That might sound strange in that of all the truthlings, Griffin
superficially appears to be the least offensive. He tells ¾ of the
truth, refrains from attacking anyone, doesnÂ’t directly or
aggressively claim the credit for the work of others, and does an
excellent presentation job in so far as he goes.
But what is interesting is the cult which surrounds Griffin.
Lets consider some of the many varieties of truthlings.
Complete non entities like Levis who is famous for nothing except
being Levis. Fake researchers like Ruppert who hover somewhere
between negligence and LIHOP. Mid range MIHOPPERS and demolition
freaks like Hoffman. Solid conservative types like Steven Jones who
are decent enough in their own plodding and limited manner. Rabid
attack dogs like Robinowitz.
What do they all have in common ? Griffin is God.
Robinowitz is a great example. He runs messenger Goblin for both
Ruppert – who has relentlessly attacked the demolition evidence –
and Hoffman who is obsessed with it. Hoffman reciprocates by citing
oilempire as one of the best sites around, even though it claims
that evidence for demolition is extremely weak.
Robinowtiz snarls at pentagon evidence as ridiculous disinfo. But he
swoons at the feet of Griffin who unequivocably endorse it.
Hence is similar. Jon Gold and Levis all idolize Griffin, even
though they vehemently attack most of the evidence he presents.
Griffin returns the favour by appearing on platforms with people
like Nafeez Ahmmed and describing Ruppert as a “great hero of the
truth movement” – even though Ruppert has consistently attacked
almost everything which Griffin promotes – but never Griffin himself.
Griffin spends most of his time hanging around with people who
attack most of the evidence he presents and he haughtily shuns most
of the people who actually support the bulk of what he presents. In
return his admirers rabidly attack and ridicule everyone else who
presents the same evidence as Griffin,while at the same citing
Griffin as an example of who these idiots should take notice of.
And the double think extends to the content of NPH. In some parts,
Griffin eloquently dissects the silly hijacker story, but in other
parts he suddenly takes it as truth and goes LIHOP.
What’s being constructed is a “movement” which stands for nothing at
all. A true Orwellian vision, in that many contradictory realities
can all be endorsed with equal fervor. Every shade of reality from
the Nafeez Ahmed view to the Dave McGowan View.
And the glue which holds it all together is Griffin.
If you imagine a circle with Griffin in the middle, connected to
each truthling and each version of “truth” and acting as a filter
for the differences between Ruppert and Hoffman, MCGovern and WTV.
Steven Jones and John Judge.
The only people excluded from this are podders and no planers.
And this is why Griffin keeps himself squeaky clean. He never
attacks anyone, so it appears unfair and churlish to criticize him.
Unlike other truthlings, he just does his own thing.and lets us get
on with our stuff without obstruction, so itÂ’s only fair that we do
the same for him , right ?
But the way itÂ’s done is that people like Gold and Rabidity and
Hence constantly attack us in GriffinÂ’s name.
“You are distracting from the great work of people like Griffin”.
So its like a constant attack from Griffin, but he canÂ’t be blamed
for it.
The same with plagiarism. Griffin is careful never to directly claim
credit for the work of others. But he has an army of chanting
supporters doing that for him. The overall effect in peopleÂ’s
general perceptions amounts to a massive plagiarism campaign by
Griffin, but he canÂ’t be blamed for it, because he canÂ’t be held
responsible for the inaccurate rantings of his supporters.
And so when someone like Rabidity holds up Griffin as an example of
a real researcher, if you point out that he actually did no research
at all, it looks churlish because it looks like you are attacking
Griffin, when he never attacked you.
If you point out that its strange that Rabidity should be supporting
Griffin, when R doesnÂ’t endorse either demolition or pentagon
evidence, then they immediately get what they want. A discussion of
personalities not evidence. A discussion which centres around
**who** is the most credible. As soon as you quit that and try to
return to the evidence itself, then they invoke Griffin again.
If you then point out that Griffin actually supports most of what
you are saying anyway, then you are bowing to the special status of
Griffin as some kind of authority, and tacitly endorsing his support
for people like Ruppert and McGovern.
Thus, they are creating a reality where the research becomes
secondary and eventually non existent, and the “movement” exists for
no purpose other than being the “movement” and Griffin is famous
only for being Griffin, and any and all versions of “truth” –
excluding pods or no planes can all be simultaneously established.
And even pods are getting worked into it now, through Fetzer.
HereÂ’s a really scary thought. They may even eventually work some
kind of no planes idea into it, once they get it to the stage
where “truth” has been so effectively reduced to a jumble of
meaningless quintuple-thinks that “no planes” doesn’t even have any
effect on people, because it doesnÂ’t mean anything. You can have
hijackers flying into the buildings **and** no planes.
ItÂ’s not so far fetched. We already have hijackings and remote
control. An Andrews stand down and no plane into the pentagon.
Missed warnings and a demolition. With Fetzer starting to work the
pod into the muddle, we are close to having hijackers, and remote
control flights, and military tankers firing missiles at the same
time as negligence through missed warnings.
All truths are possible. Simultaneously.
And Griffin is the central figure to glue it all together.

Thanks Jon. And just for the

Thanks Jon.

And just for the record - each and every time a member of Les' group shows up to attack my work, i will again and again and again and again reopen the issue of why i left their group - the distribution of anti-semitic literature.

I wonder how many times Rodney will hit himself in the head with a hammer before he finally just leaves me alone?

"If you avoided that, you

"If you avoided that, you might not get a counterattack on your idol Les, who sadly did not make an isolated mistake but is rightly paying for his simple and total incompetence at what he supposedly does."

I must give Les a call and ask him what it is like to be suffering such a fate... or perhaps he is too simple and incompetent to even realize it is happening to him. Nah, this is getting comical.

Years ago I was involved in a divorce where my ex-wife decided that it was easier to just make false accusations and get the system working to "protect" her than to work on a fair arrangement for our daughter to still have a Dad in her life. It did not work out so well, but she still to this day acts like she is under threat. Only problem is, so many years have gone by with no trouble that no one believes her any more. THAT is why I stick up for Les, he doesn't deserve the bullshit any more than I did back then.

He spoke at our 9/11 Truth

He spoke at our 9/11 Truth meeting at St. Mark's last Sunday.

When's the last time Nico

When's the last time Nico Haupt showed himself publicly.
Jon Gold | Homepage | 06.21.06 - 12:16 pm | #

Was answering this question. But was out of sync with the timing.


lakezoarian (Rodney) - a

lakezoarian (Rodney) - a simple review of these threads exposes that simply EVERY time I appear here - to promote my film - ask for support - write an editorial, etc etc - YOU show up with some sort of personalized attack.

Jon Gold - I would ask you to recognize this. Read this thread and ask WHY Rodney consistently appears in my theads.

I would put this in the same class as the Nico attacks. You can ALWAYS depend on Nico showing up to attack.

So - towards that end it is necessary to demonstrate WHY this is occuring - in self defense. WHY has such a schism occurred?

The issue was the REPEATED distribution of antisemitic, anti-catholic and anti-gay literature at 9/11 events. This was addressed multiple times.

I am sorry, but Les is free to do whatever he pleases. But, I will not accept the distribution of this literature as a "simple mistake" as Les has DEMONSTRABLE ties to this publication - having more than once distributed it - and having invited a rabid anti-semite who writes articles like "Jews poison christian children" to speak (via teleconference) at a 9/11 Truth EVENT!

This is a fact. We deal in facts.

This rabid anti-semite is a contributing editor to the literature Les distributes.

Now Jon - i appriate your desire to defend your "friend" - but perhaps you do NOT know all the facts.

And - i ask you - why should Les' bullies (like Rodney) be allowed to show up EVERY time i write an editorial to attack me on a personal level?

Who is being divisive here?

If Rodney sincerely wishes to support the 9/11 cause - and sincerely wishes this ISSUE to go away - then he should stop posting trash.

I will NEVER accept anti-semitism, whether as a product of poor judgement, intentional connections or organized disruption. NEVER. I will fight it wherever i see it when it appears in this movement, even if it DOES draw the ire of people like Rodney who have NO BUSINESS interfering in my work.

And, as long as this NY crew continues to devalue my work, as i can demonstrate through multiple un-provoked posts by Rodney - I will GLADLY rehash this issue - explain the nature of the literature being distributed - and explain WHY i believe these divisive members (as demonstrated here) are in the same class as Nico, 911Blimb and WingTV.

Rodney - piss off. I have no interest in what you or your group think or do. Stop stalking my every move and attempting to smear our work.

Jon Gold - i appreciate your work. You are even handed and, by all appearances, the real deal. But, i am sorry, i do not view this issue as a simple squabble. There are principals involved that involve the reputation of this movement - as well as MY reputation. The accusations that repeatedly surface from Les' group - UNPROVOKED - on this board, to attempt to devalue my work speaks for itself, and, given the HISTORY i would ask you to reevaluate exactly what they are attempting to accomplish by doing it.

Peggy - can you confirm

Peggy - can you confirm exactly in what capacity Nico was speaking at a NY911 Truth event?

Was he an invited guest - or did he simply disrupt?

He(Nico) spoke at our 9/11

He(Nico) spoke at our 9/11 Truth meeting at St. Mark's last Sunday.
Peggy Carter | 06.22.06 - 10:21 am | #
you let him!?!?!?!

I just don't understand why

I just don't understand why you can't work this out in person. You're right John, I don't know all of the facts, which is why I don't like getting involved in this. I just think it's in bad taste, on all sides of the argument, to discuss these issues online. I'm just trying to unify, instead of divide.

Rodney - I propose a

Rodney - I propose a cease-fire.

You, and your minions, agree to live and let live and simply stay away from my work - stop posting divisive shit about me - and I will not respond in self defense with my reasons for abandoning your group. (becuase i WILL - EVERY tme)

Is that not reasonable?

There may be a day coming very soon when i will be involved in another project. it will do the public and the movement NO good for you to appear again as a spoiler. and i'm sure you are aware that it does NO good for you, Les or the movement for me to respond with the facts.

So, be sensible. the funny thing is that i have never had any personal disagreement with you. you were always a loyal teammate who on more than one occasion went out of your way to provide us with fliers and free printing services. i believe that your loyalties, at the moment, are misplaced. but, we can agree to disagree, and for the good of this movement i think you should stop making these appearances everytime i have something to announce. your insinuations and accusations are ill-founded, and will ONLY result in my laying out the ugly facts.

Focus on your OWN work, and stop stalking me.

Jon - why would you question

Jon - why would you question ME?

Is it not CLEAR that everytime i contribute something to Blogger, member's of Les' group appear to attack me?
Why are you asking ME these questions?

I know its bad taste - but i am NOT simply going to sit here and allow these personal attacks from Les' group.

My editorial about Nicholas' fine work has nothing to do with Les and his group.

ask yourself WHY it is necessary for Rodney to continue to stalk us and attack us?

Work it out in person? i see NOTHING i need to explain to these people. I am doing my OWN Thing. Am i not?

oh how i cant wait for

oh how i cant wait for hierchical comments on the new site.. ;)

John... honestly, I haven't

John... honestly, I haven't paid attention... I know Nico has attacked you. I guess that's because Nico attacks me as well, so I focus on what he says... unbeknownst to you, and other people, I don't read every single comment on Like you, I do my own thing, and try not to focus on BS (to the best of my ability).

If you read my comments, it should be obvious to you that I'm using generic statements of unity that are not based on any specific information.

I respect you John. I respect Nick. I respect Les.

I don't know "lakezorian", so it's hard for me to respect him.

I've told Les that handing out that material is wrong. That's all I can do. I'm not in NY, as much as I would like to be.

You guys are the central point for the 9/11 Truth Movement. It happened in your city, so you are closest to the people affected.

I would love to attend a meeting at St. Marks, and I would love to go to Ground Zero on a Saturday, and I would love to go to Vox Pop for some coffee.

I haven't found the time... and I'm sorry for that.

I just think it's important to remember who our enemy is, and to know, that it is NOT US.

OF COURSE there is going to be disruptors. The only thing we can do is our best.

I would like to speak at a

I would like to speak at a meeting... how does one go about getting an invite?

That was me asking about the

That was me asking about the invite.

Hi yet again, folks. My

Hi yet again, folks. My involvement in this thread began when I responded to this:

"We are busy in New York building a new platform for this movement. You will hear more of this very soon. But, once that platform is built, I fully expect Nicholas Levis to be standing square in the center of it - making the case for history."

I had thought John, et al had learned after the last debacle, and was surprised to see them starting up again.

I do not "idolize" Les, but I am proud to work with the hardest working Truther in NYC. He is the glue that binds, the "go to guy", and I personally would not like that enormous responsibility, so I support him. Les never attacked, they did, and with highly suspicious timing, too. I'm not stalking anyone, I'm doing what I think is right for a dedicated and brave man. It's bizarre to have given out so many copies of John's film and all the time to make them, and then read stuff like what's referenced above, sigh...

i would be happy with les or

i would be happy with les or nick speaking for 9/11 truth in NYC, although les is a relatively poor speaker - just like me.

anyways, get over yourselves, the rest of us don't really care about your little mini drama going on up there. get over it and get back to work!

Jon - would it be better if

Jon - would it be better if i simply quit working on the 9/11 issue - and allow Rodney and his crew to intimidate me into retirement?

Awhile ago blogger ran my editorial requesting support from the 9/11 community to help distribute my film. Rodney showed up and attacked. The board was turned to shit.

DO you suppose that Les and his bullies should own this movement, and intimidate anyone who INDEPENDENTLY attempts to continue the fight for 9/11?

i do not see that there is anything to debate.

i have no intentions of retiring. and as long as Rodney cares to attack me, i will educate the public on WHY i am estranged from the group.

I believe i have written a very reasonable request for Rodney to cease-fire. live and let live.

lets SEE if that happens.

I never asked you to retire.

I never asked you to retire. I never asked you to quit working on the 9/11 issue.

If you want to work on the issue independently, that's your prerogative. Personally, I think working together is a better way to go.

Here is the bottom line John.

NO ONE in this movement is more important than anyone else.


Not Dr. Griffin, not Prof. Jones, not Nicholas Levis, not Jon Gold, not John Albanese, not Les Jamieson, NOT anyone else.

A smart man once said, "No one knows everything, only together may we find the truth."

I stand by that statement.

And guess what, I STILL respect you tremendously John. As I do Nick, and as I do Les.

Rodney - why should you have

Rodney - why should you have any problem with my organizing for 9/11 Truth?

You treat my efforts to build a platform for this movement in NYC as YOUR personal territory.

You do not own 9/11 and this is not a competition. My work to organize is not a challenge to you. Your responses are adolescent.

You continue to appear on every thread associated with my work, and continue to attack. Stop it. Grow up. NO one is preventing you from continueing to hold events at St Marks.

It is childish that you should attack me for suggesting i am building a platform for this movement in NYC. You should be fucking applauding it. Its not a competition.

Jon - again - i am working

Jon - again - i am working independently. Les' group continues to show up on boards associated with my work - and attack.

This board had NOTHING to do with Les until Rodney showed up and attacked.

And each and every time he does - i will explain WHY i chose to disassociate myself from that group. They were actively distributing anti-semitic literature. You call this "a mistake." Fine. Thank you for your opinion.

Now, could Les' group please stop stalking me now? Can i please just do my own work without their interference? Is that not reasonable?

Or, are they Nico - 911Blimp type spoilers?

Ok. I'm done with this

Ok. I'm done with this particular argument. John, I will support your work, and Nick's work. Just as I will support Les's work, and anyone else who makes a sincere contribution. Sorry if putting my two cents in offended anyone.

Nico was an invited speaker.

Nico was an invited speaker. I think he did a good job. He dissed Les from the podium, but in a half-laughing sort of way and I think most people just chuckled. Nico said Les was a cultist with Urantia, but that he, Nico, would take his chances to speak when they came. Haha. People laughed. So what? Les took it like the mensch he is (Hello Rodney. I didn't realize you are here.) I, like Rodney, admire Les. Les is inclusive and it was felt Nico had important info to contribute vis a vis a future false-terror attack. I personally like Nico, Les, Nick and John Albanese. I fall square in the controlled demolition camp, so I feel more comfortable, from an information standpoint, with Les and Nico. John and Nick were never completely convinced on that point, as far as I could determine. It may have changed by now. I should have attempted to squelch the infighting, but unfortunately I am too lazy, passive, and didn't want to get involved. Live and Learn. Personally, I think the fighting has to do more with testosterone than with any actual issues. Nico, like Nick, thinks Les should resign as a leader. Since Les shares power, I've never thought he is a problem. I don't believe in the importance of leaders, in any case. People are free to do their own thing, start their own groups, convince others to their opinions, as inspired. There is plenty of room for everyone. If I was still in close touch with Nick, and knew about it beforehand, I would have tried to dissuade him from the Fox pilot event. I don't see eye to eye with either Nick or Les in their view on Media, or Media strategies. I don't think trying to convince through the Mainstream Media (especially of the extreme Right-wing variety) is particularly fruitful. I think the clincher as to why Les was allowed to remain leader was 1) group opinion - people in the group, who are the regulars and who are active, personally like Les - which is only natural since he has been doing a lot of work for a long time. 2) It's not thought that anyone else could consistently take the work load he shoulders. These are my educated assumptions.

les jamieson is the beating

les jamieson is the beating heart of freedom and justice for our common future. he is the only hope

his dedication never wavers, his agreeableness never wanes. his passion for the truth is so wide that it encompasses the pentagon, eustace mullins, and ted gunderson. he is the prophet.

hail jamieson!

fuck all of you les jamieson

fuck all of you les jamieson haters, that is...

in all seriousness, we must be savvy and skeptical about the leaders of this movement. "inclusiveness" and "dedication" do not make up for incompetence.

one more time. who distributed this trash on multiple occasions (at least once after being warned)?

It seems that some want to

It seems that some want to argue at times that Les takes great responsibility, and is in essence a prominant movement leader, and at other times they suggest that he not be held accountable for his decisions, implying that he shares authority.

With whom? People outside New York don't recognize the extent to which Les maintains exclusive authority over NY911Truth. He maintains a generally cooperative attitude in person, but then makes all critical dicisions behind closed doors. That is my direct experience over the course of more than a year working with NY911Truth. With the recent exodus of many talented people, there can be no question that he calls the shots.

Whether you like that or not is not my point. I have always been clear that I respect much that Les has accomplished. I'm simply trying to call a leader a leader, and hold that leader accountable to his actions. Personally, I have decided not to follow a leader who would distribute "Criminal Politics". I also suggest that other's may want to think critically about their boundary lines.

Why would hatred be "included" in our pursuit of 9/11 truth? That would be an irrational choise to make.

I know Carol Brouillet by

I know Carol Brouillet by her actions. (Her motives are unknowable.) She refuses, as part of her Congressional election campaign, to pledge to question President Bush about Bush's repeated, incriminating, self-implicating 9/11 witness statements. So Carol (and Bob Bowman) is no better than Bill Frist when it comes to uncovering the truth about 9/11 by questioning Bush, despite her pretenses and well-publicized-but-soft-hitting activities. Is that too simple and obvious for some of you devout Carol-huggers?

Similarly, the fake-911-truth organization known as pulls its punches. For instance, they'll talk about the collapse times of the WTC buildings, but not what that means: NOW THAT WE KNOW THAT WE CANNOT BLAME THE 'COLLAPSES' ON "AIRPLANES", WHY THE HELL IS ANYONE STILL BLAMING 9/11 ON "HIJACKERS"????? (OTOH, we know that some people were and are being paid to perpetuate the false belief that 9/11 was about Muslims and Osama and alCIAduh; I guess Carol, for some reason, does not want to tear down that [part of the] big lie.)

Repeatedly-pulled punches are the surest sign of fake opposition.'s job is obviously to make everyone feel like 9/11 is too big and confusing for anyone to ever realize what it really was. They put up a huge site which would take weeks to read. That'd have your head so full of crap about 9/11 that you'd never see how the pieces fit together and how "911pravda" is failing to slice through it all. (Same approach/tactic as the 9-11 Commission's report, BTW.)

The 9-11 Commission Report omitted the Pentagon Video Frame evidence. downplays its significance. won't tell you that whatever obscured aircraft that is [not] seen in the Pentagon video is TOO SMALL TO BE A 757!!! I wonder why would want to keep that "inconvenient truth" from becoming widely known? Do you?

The 9-11 Commission Report also omitted the Naudet Video evidence. downplays its significance by suppressing the same evidence.

Ditto Bush's incriminating statements. (Which, BTW, folks associated with mangle and misdescribe rather than simply ignoring them. That may seem like a big difference to you, but, in terms of getting Congress to stop pretending that Bush never made the statements, is equally counter-productive.) conceals many of the biggest truths about 9/11, the ones which have sufficient impact to blow The Big Lie away. These include truth about really what hit the buildings, about what really brought the buildings down and caused them to disintegrate. Time after time, these "players" (incl Jim Hoffman and Mike Rivero and many of their disciples, like, say, Michael Wolsey) pull a "Nothing to see here, Citizen. Move along!" when it comes to all the evidence which points out not just that the official version of events is a huge lie, but that some of the elements of the deception utilized highly sophisticated, very UNconventional methods.,sameMonster.gif

Some of the (other fake?) 911 truthers around here are seemingly no more capable of recognizing fake opposition (characterized by repeatedly pulled punches, worrying more about evidence we don't have than the evidence we do have, and other tricks of the fake-opposition trade - FMI see ) than Aunt Sally is capable of recognizing that 9/11 was an Inside Job.

So until such mental midgets and loud-mouthed fellow-fake-911-truthers learn to recognize fake 911 truthers by their (in)actions, they should stop disparaging those of us who have learned to recognize the stench of fake opposition being carried out in plain sight by their "friends" whose actions betray their true intent, regardless of how well they think they know them, and how much they like them (because they've been deceived into believing that they are helping the very cause they are hurting). It doesn't matter how many of them there are, either; if 90% of the 911 truth movement is fake, then we honest 911 truthers need to shed 90% of those who claim to be helping the cause even as they are hurting it, which they attempt mostly by trying to marginalize/suppress evidence and full(er)-disclosure web sites such as, for example,

Actions speak louder than words.

When a whole flock of fake/lightweight 911 truthers attracts attention to their non-incisive analysis of 9/11 and (mis)presentations of the evidence, that in no way helps the cause. But it does distract attention away from more-incisive presentations.

When a whole flock of fake 911truthers sucks up limited resources braying about "Able Danger" -- as if they believe that 9/11 was about Muslim hijackers -- they are helping bolster the main core element of the government's Big Lie about 9/11. (How could they still not realize that? Who cooked up "Able Danger", anyway?) can link to such people/sites, but the fake 911 truthers have refused, for years already, to link (back, in the case of lying Carol Brouillet, who long ago said she would but never did) to -- evidently because raises the most incisive evidence and issues, which happen to be the same ones the fake 911 truthers are trying to suppress!

Wake up and get a clue already, folks.,sameMonster.gif

It is the "leading" "911truth" web sites -- which arrived on the scene first and are trying to remain in the forefront -- which have acted so distractively and divisively for years already, as they've pretended to oppose The Big Lie by disagreeing with it too narrowly to make a difference (and also suppressing wider-disagreement-with-The-Big-Lie independent 911 truth sites)! All you can see are the (minor, narrow) differences between the 9-11 Commission and, while people who still don't "get it" about 9/11 who pay full attention to can still go on comfortably clinging to the big/main Muslim-blaming lie.

That's how a limited hangout works, right before our very eyes.

Complaining about, and labeling as "divisive" anyone (like me) who points this out is a Rove-like 180-degree lie, behind which the Fake911truthers love to hide:


Whatever you think the percentage is of fake 911 truthers (wolves in sheepdog's clothing) who've 'infiltrated' the movement, double it (at least once)! (Who here believes that the MSM would be OK if only it were not for Fox News?)


I do not agree with the

I do not agree with the all-inclusive approach. And that has been the essential difference between Les' leadership appoach - and those whome I know associate with (which has no one leader).

I do not agree that Nico should be allowed to speak at 9/11 events.

I do not agree that distributing literature with anti-semitic content should be viewed as a simple mistake.

I believe that this movement has enough handicaps without crippling ourselves with junk science and hatespeech literature.

Nico was invited to speak by Les?

Case closed.