Groundswell Report from the Chicago Conference

Have a listen, about 27 minutes long. There is about 2 minutes of dead air at the end, hopefully we'll get that fixed, but that is not an issue with the download:

A half hour radio special about the 9/11 conference in chicago.
Includes interviews from Rick Seigel, Dr. Khan, David Slesinger and some participants.

God that narrarator's voice

God that narrarator's voice is annoying as hell. He sounds fine and normal when he's interviewing folks but in b/w them he's got this Morpheus perfect pronunciation thing going. Folks should just be themselves instead.

The interviewees are great though.

Unplug you from the matrix..

Unplug you from the matrix.. brilliant.

reminds me...

does anyone know of any FICTION (novella) books that have 911-MIHOP as their theme?

its for my MIHOP BOOK LIST:

I think "Blow the House

I think "Blow the House Down" is fiction. By the same author of the book that "Syriana" was based off of.
I'm not sure how "MIHOP" it is.

Also, you don't have Alex

Also, you don't have Alex Jones' or Paul Joseph Watson's books on your blog. Might want to add those.

thanks for the constructive

thanks for the constructive criticism. keep it coming!

u2r2h, what is this MIHOP

u2r2h, what is this MIHOP book list you've been blathering about lately?