Brooklyn Rooftop LC2E Screening Fundraiser for Ill Rescue Worker

Loose Change 2
The moist provocative
9/11 documentary

8:00 pm, Saturday July 1st, 2006
5155 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn

Fundraiser for a former NYPD officer who
is currently disabled because of 9-11.

The movie Loose Change 2 is a very popular underground movie that has received 20 million views online and uncovers the truth behind 9/11. The producers of the film will answer your questions and speak along with a rescue worker who responded to the call of duty on 9/11.

Craig was a proud member of the NYPD until the events of September 11th which changed his life. Craig became disabled because of the hazardous health effects he suffered as a direct result of the EPA’s lie saying the air was safe to breathe. Craig is suffering from not only Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but Pulmonary Fibrosis, a lung disease. Craig, along with many other unsung hero’s, is suffering physically, mentally and financially from the disaster. He is having a hard time paying his property taxes and may lose his house that he shares with his parents. If the government will blatantly disregard unsung hero’s like Craig, it’s up to the people to help each other. Please come and show support.

Take the G train to the Nassau Avenue stop in Brooklyn.
Walk down Nassau to 5155 Nassau Avenue.

The movie will be shown on top of a rooftop overlooking a spectacular view of the city. There will be food and drinks available for purchase. Seats will be limited. Feel free to bring a blanket or a chair. In the event of rain, go to the website to see the next date.


Thanks Luke for the heads up!

All kinds of workers from

All kinds of workers from the World Trade Center site are falling ill & dying now, thanks to Christine Whitman & the EPA LIARS!!!

All of this is being covered-up in yet more 9/11 FRAUD! Let's get the word out!!!

He's sure handed out a lot

He's sure handed out a lot of them, too... I wonder how many people know now because of Luke's efforts.

i wouldn't call loose change

i wouldn't call loose change "the moist provocative"'s more of a spongy provocative.


To rooftop organizers: I was

To rooftop organizers: I was hoping on some help on organizing a rooftop showing of my film, TAKE BACK 911.

Greenback, This is the


This is the organizer of the event, email me and we'll talk about your film. Maybe we can work out something out.