Scholars for 9/11 Truth Launch New Website -

The Journal of 9/11 Studies is a peer-reviewed, open-access, electronic-only journal covering the whole of research related to 9/11/2001. All content is freely available online.
The Editors invite article submissions from all researchers working at the forefront of investigations related to 9/11/2001 and its aftermath.

Check it all out, and post some comments.

Thanks Valis for the heads up!

So far, I have debunked two

So far, I have debunked two of its silly papers easily.

Outstanding. Lets hope we


Lets hope we get real peer review on the physics.

Firstly, congrats to this

Firstly, congrats to this great new concept.

Secondly, congrats to STS911 that they finally droped that WingTV link that was
a very unprofessional.

Thirdly, would be Prof. Jones so kind and remove the "solar cookers" from his site! I've got several responses that this is very damaging to any credibility to his paper. You might noticed he already changed his photo overthere were he looked crazy - no pun intended..

Prof. Jones and Fetzer is my hero but sometimes even this small PR like little changes are necessary.


Sorry for grammar typos, we

Sorry for grammar typos, we are heavy drinkers overhere..

I hope that new front comming person, Prof. Judy D. Wood Department of Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University won't get busted by her own university..

Thank God! This is just

Thank God! This is just what we need!

To tell the truth As the

To tell the truth
As the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attack on America approaches, members of SacramentoÂ’s 9/11 Truth movement wonder why we still donÂ’t know exactly what happened

Looks like lots of good

Looks like lots of good readinng...

By the way...
It appears this date is confirmed (found on
26 June 2006:
Interview: Jim Fetzer will be the guest discussing 9/11 with Laura Ingraham (radio). I haven't seen anything listed on the Ingraham site yet.

I'm looking forward Dr. Fetzer hitting it out of the park again... despite Ms. Ingraham.

Now for the Muslim Chechen

Now for the Muslim Chechen threats.

Next time some idiot doubts 9/11 skepticism, just give them the facts and propose if this happened in Russia. Then, next thing we know, Russia is invading a country that has nothing to do with 9/11 and there are all these unanswered questions...Americans would be going bonkers at the pretexts and pointing out how Russia is the next Hitler on the march, etc., etc.

For Muslims and the West,

For Muslims and the West, antipathy and mistrust:

In what the Pew Global Attitudes Project called one of the survey's most striking findings, majorities in Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, and Turkey - Muslims countries with fairly strong ties to the United States - said, for example, that they did not believe that Arabs carried out the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York and Washington ... Turkey also stood out because of the high percentage now saying they do not believe that Arabs carried out the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Fifty-nine percent express disbelief, up from 43 percent in a Gallup survey in 2002 ... The results, Kohut said, show that "many Muslims are still in denial" about something that even Osama bin Laden has acknowledged.


New Alex Jone's flic

New Alex Jone's flic TerrorStorm is out on torrents:

So what news was the terror

So what news was the terror photop covering up? Mineta's resignation or Cheney's Plame testimony?

Cheney's Plame testimony

Cheney's Plame testimony requires being covered up, Mineta's resignation doesn't.



Anyone know for sure why

Anyone know for sure why Mineta left? Peace

Actually, I think the big

Actually, I think the big news of the day that some would prefer you not delve into is the revelation (against the wishes of the White House) that the Treasury Department has been monitoring financial transactions since (or before ??) 9/11. If you merge this with the information about Singh/PTech, Panacya (Grove), Dillon Read ( ), the Federal activities re: cybersecurity before, during and after 9/11, etc., there is enough there to keep several prosecutors and grand juries busy for years.

"Tono Stano | Homepage |

"Tono Stano | Homepage | 06.23.06 - 4:17 pm | #" said ...

Yes, I too hope the physicists and chemists will get more involved in the peer review process, etc.

To the third point about the “solar cookers,” I view this as pioneering work for someone in his area. It can be readily compared to the work of an organization like Doctors Without Borders.

Yes, it did look a bit out of place at first, but I definitely believe it deserves a web page of its own. Perhaps it could have a low-key link, like some of the others on his research page.

Those of us trained in the physical sciences are not encouraged to consider the ethics of what we are doing. (Thus, we have the continued proliferation of nuclear weapons, etc.) This can perhaps be seen as part of the mistake we have made in not paying closer attention to the “farewell” words of Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1961, and so we have a situation where too many of the scholars are (at least partially) “owned.” These people need to be more effectively decoupled from the “beast.”

As for reaching out to more scholars in the physical sciences, we might look toward those that are nearing retirement and no longer need the funds of the federal government or corrupt corporations.

However, in the short term, maybe it is better to remove the “solar cooker” link, so that other scholars won’t go into shock. And later on put it back up, please.

And I must say kudos to you Professor Jones for caring enough to work toward practical solutions that might be of significant benefit to the less fortunate people on this rock.

Great looking site. Gotta

Great looking site. Gotta love those scholars, they have made a HUGE impact in only a few short months.

You probably didn't notice

You probably didn't notice the screw-up in the very first paper where the author got the collapse time wrong of WTC 7, just like all of you.

As I showed you by the video already, WTC 7's collapse time was 13+ seconds.

It's amazing that you all have to lie about WTC 7's collapse time, isn't it?

"Great looking site. Gotta

"Great looking site. Gotta love those scholars, they have made a HUGE impact in only a few short months."

It's easy for frauds to bamboozle you.

Here is a forum for

Here is a forum for discussing the papers published in the journal of 9/11 studies:

Let's look at Building #7,

Let's look at Building #7, since none of the researchers have yet found ANY info that was easily available to the man-on-the-street as it was being built. Of course it took 'time' to break it down. It was 'trapizodal,' and 'asymetrically' reinforced, so we don't look to planar 'physics' when there is clearly more structure than meets the eye.

I went there twice. Before, and just After the FBI took possession of the entire WTC engineering files, when there was a major shift in the 'security' associated with the site. Even the --Original Iron Workers-- (ask Steelworker's Union) were "really pissed-off" and you would have been too, since each 'hard-hat' had his own assigned 'supervisor.' Next, they made them -DOUBLE- the structural support for the West End!

Now, combine that curious point with the additional fire-block and/or horizontal-barriers required to create bomb-resistant 'safe rooms' for the CIA, et. all. And you start to understand the property as property. It was Aleways meant to be a cheap in-fill building to last until the Towers came down,-full stop! THEN, it went to mega-dollars and none of us that were involved 'were allowed' to make our opinions known publicly.

Jeff, if you want to be helpful, please go to your public library and parouse all of the trade journals from 1987-1990 and get back with us!

TSG, WTC Photographer

"So far, I have debunked two

"So far, I have debunked two of its silly papers easily.
S. King | 06.26.06 - 9:32 am |"
Hahaha. Well come and have a look for yourself -