July 22 - Screening of LC2 and 9/11 Revisited in Dallas

Attend if you can:

The Dallas 911 Questions Group Presents a FREE Screening of:

Loose Change 2nd Edition & September 11 Revisited
When: Saturday July 22, at 7:30pm
Where: Lakewood Theater, 1825 Abrams Parkway, Dallas
Phone: (214) 821-7469
Cost: Free, donations will be gratefully accepted

The Lakewood Theater is an old Deco style Theater and is located in the heart of Lakewood in East Dallas, where Skillman, Abrams, and Gaston intersect.

My sister lives in

My sister lives in Dallas.She's not on board with the 911 truth yet.I'm going to tell her to go,and bring some friends.

Thought I'd get this lonely

Thought I'd get this lonely little thread a comment. Dallas is a good place to show such a film . I'm sure Kennedy's ghost smiles down upon you .

Rumor has it that Morgan

Rumor has it that Morgan Reynolds will
be the guest speaker. It's about time
that the 9-11 truth movement pays a
visit to Bush's backyard! Way To Go

OT "Sifting Through Loose


"Sifting Through Loose Change" is specious junk.
For example, it claims that:

"Even ignoring the fact that a 757 is not a "jumbo-jet," and that the plane was not "incinerated," the idea that even severe fires render bodies unidentifiable is not supported. The 2003 Station Night Club fire in Rhode Island killed 97 people, but did not prevent their identification. Even if the conditions of a jetliner crash created especially severe fires, the flames would not be uniformly distributed, and bodies, which are 70% moisture, would tend to outlast aluminum, which burns fairly easily.

Hoffman, or whoever wrote this^, dishonestly left out the fact that the purported airliner exploded & smashed though concrete walls @ 530 mph!!!

HTF are you going to ID people (DNA methods or otherwise) that were subjected to such enormous forces??? THEY WOULD'VE BEEN OBLITERATED!!! It was impossible!!! The DNA "results" were a fraud to bolster the lie that it was AA77 that stuck the Pentagon!!!

LC2E is a powerful

LC2E is a powerful introduction to the 9/11 BIG LIE. It is not a scholarly thesis paper. IMO, it is 95% accurate in it's details & 100% effective in opening peoples eyes to the truth!