Charlie Sheen Introduces Alex Jones at 9/11 L.A. Conference

Charlie Sheen at the 9/11 L.A. Conference -

Actor and activist Charlie Sheen appeared this past weekend at the American Scholars Symposium: 9/11 & The Neo-Con Agenda event in downtown Los Angeles to introduce a presentation by filmmaker and radio personality Alex Jones.

We hope this is just the first of many video clips from last weekends 9/11 conference in L.A. - we will be sure to post things as they come our way.

You can find a couple pics and a brief writeup at the black packet as well.

Don't neglect Willy!

Don't neglect Willy!

just thought id show you a

just thought id show you a sneak-peak of what you're about to see on cspan which will air 3 times either on wednesday or thursday.. PLEASE RECORD IT!!! maybe put it on video google. thanks!

in the meantime, watch these for just a taste:

911 inside job is the

911 inside job is the biggest story of all times. If exploited by the M$M it could make everybody rich... every witness, every accessory, every researcher..

Imagine the endless "HOW 911 WAS DONE" TV series ;-)

In 60 minutes tonight: New

In 60 minutes tonight:

New revelation! The manufacturer of the fission-free FUSION ONLY hydrogen bomb used in the demolition tells us in an exclusive interview how this bomb is constructed.

Also, a first responder from the scene in shanksville tells us how the secret service told everyone to wear protective suits against the alpha radiation ... this, and why no blood, no victims and only fragments of the airplane were found. Here the "red mercury nuke" had been set to a low yield, just to desintegrate the evidence, to hide the fact the replacement for flight 93 was a drone, held as reserve backup, if the primary aircraft had failed.

Tells who?

Tells who?

I find it hard to beleive

I find it hard to beleive that is the stance 60 minutes takes on 93.Could you expand ?

U2hr2 is saying "he wishes"

U2hr2 is saying "he wishes" they had something like that. Only Philadelphia's newspaper has tackled Flight 93's anomalies.

Anyways, you folks NEED to see William Rodriguez talk and Alex Jones's closing speach. It's pretty emotional to say the least.

I've been begging for info

I've been begging for info on rodriguez speech for days,how has his work around the world progressed?

did you see that transcript

did you see that transcript I did of the rodriguez WITNESS STATEMENT?



Listening to Sam Seder earlier on Wed (6/27) afternoon, on AAR (he is filling in for Rhodes), I heard an interesting call.

It was someone claiming to be Republican and a proud Rush listener (double-whammy right?). But wait, ,get a load of this...

The caller unbelievably goes on to PRAISE GWB and Cheney for having the brilliance and the courage to come up with and actually pulling off 9/11!

Bragging about how "impossible" it would be for "19 Saudis" to pull something this big off. (If someone can post a link to an MP3 of this call please do.)

Okay, so I'll admit, my first thought was this must be a setup call. But as I continued to listen, it dawned on me that this man was sincere. Or at least he sounded sincere. He actually seemed PROUD of the fact that 9/11 was an obvious "inside job".

Is this the next outrage from the so-called "RIGHT" that we can expect? I mean I'll admit I've been shocked by how low these people will go and have gone. Would these sick, sadistic, racist bastards ever go so low as to actually sing the praises of GWB and Cheney for having the "brilliance" to pull off a 9/11 INSIDE JOB; where 3,000+ Americans were murdered in cold blood?

That is indeed what this caller did, that is what I heard and quite frankly, it terrified me.

scary, African American, i

scary, African American, i hope those people are far and in between, a rarity.

Good job Charlie Sheen.

Good job Charlie Sheen. Hopefully someday the real culprits behind 9/11 and there accomplises will be brought to justice. At that time all the people who stood for truth will be looking pretty good.

If you ever need a loud

If you ever need a loud voice
(to get a message into a LIVE TV channel ;-)

I tried this one in a music shop...
WOW.. loud loud!!

SUPRO mini guitar amp (pocket amplifier)

anyone listening to alan

anyone listening to alan colmes tonight? when is fetzer on?

Hey African American... not

Hey African American...

not unusual, this thought crossed my mind, too.

it shows that:

- 911 inside job is sooo obvious, it must be a religion to profess to believe the official story, when in private it is OK to know that we sacrificed people on the altar of power.

- people DO ANYTHING to justify their previously held convictions. Only self-secure people actually manage to change their minds.

- Bush is indeed viewed as a henchman. And there is a good number of fat-ugly gun-owning US americans who like it that way. They can go to church on sunday and seem repectable and the gut feeling that "we can kill at will" is held at the same time.

We are well trained to hold opposing concepts in our brains:

White people are GOOD for the world, they give aid.... and we white people slaughter innocents the mostest and the ofteness, for the lowest reasons..

see.. its OK. You don't run screaming! In fact we admire liars.

Telling fibs is socially acceptable... BECAUSE WE HAVE NO FRIENDS ANYWAY. OUr social releationships are now modelled on the ECONOMIST THEORY:

Supply and demand. Everything has its price.

Economists practice a religion, one devoid of spiritual or human concerns. They pretend to be a science, but their gospel is anti-scientific. They have no insights into human reality and should not have any say in the administration in human affairs. We have found that far from being a scientific discipline, or a political philosophy, economics is a dangerous fundamentalist religion.

Some Comments

Economists falsely take the view that people have an insatiable desire for more wealth. This false view dominates government and results in policies benefiting those few who have this perversion.
Economists make false assumptions that they use to "prove" that a "free" market system gives the best economic results. In spite of "market failures", they persist in proposing competitive market theology regardless of whether it is appropriate or not.
In presenting the theory of the "free" market system, economists mention externalities and then proceed to ignore the reality of the economic damage done by externalities.
Economists make false presumptions about supply and demand relations that are not justified by any testing or data analysis. They presume that movements along the demand curve is reversible without offering any evidence. In particular, the case can be made that the supply curve they theorise about (a rising price being associated with a rising quantity of production) is incorrect and the opposite prevails (lower prices can be obtained with increasing supply).
The concept of an equilibrium between supply and demand leading to an economic balance is false because with changing technology and conditions, economic driving forces are always in a state of flux.

Fetzer is on Alex Jones show

Fetzer is on Alex Jones show right now at
Is anyone listening to the show? If so, what do you think of it?

"Is this the next outrage

"Is this the next outrage from the so-called "RIGHT" that we can expect? I mean I'll admit I've been shocked by how low these people will go and have gone. Would these sick, sadistic, racist bastards ever go so low as to actually sing the praises of GWB and Cheney for having the "brilliance" to pull off a 9/11 INSIDE JOB; where 3,000+ Americans were murdered in cold blood?"...........That doesn't shock me. This country is loaded with sicko's. Since your an African American look at the KKK for starters. It's freaks like these that keep Bush in power.......Have I told you lately how much I hate these people?

United States of Angst: A

United States of Angst:

A country of emptiness, and fear.

Sacrificed communal happiness on the altar of ECONOMY.

I have a standing invitation to visit, I even get lots of money to do it... BUT I DON'T WANT TO ..

- get fingerprinted like a criminal upon arrival
- see the sad sad sad faces and deformed bodies and minds
- laugh at the andro-phobe infrastructure
- meets any more weirdos

Yet... there are some GREAT people, too. Big heart, sunny character and generous.

How can they be so murderous?

I don't think Bush was in on

I don't think Bush was in on it. Hell they may have wanted to kill him. Cheney, Rumsfeld and other neocons I think are clearly players, but I also look at the globalists.

I think the biggest reason for taking several years to develop 9/11(yes, before Bush) was in setting up the backstory. But the bigger issue is this:
It was brilliant. Occam's Razor is not violated in saying 9/11 was an inside job. It was simly Operation Northwoods, Timothy Mcnioven's talked about 1976 plan, and Col. Don Grand-Pre's leaked info updated.
9/11 was meant to be a movie for the public, that happened to kill 3000 people.

They will justify it as needing it to secure America worldwide, plain and simple. They knew Osama could take the fall, since the double agents in al Qaeda could rile up the crowd and float 9/11 early on.

Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones

Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones are my heros

i agree about Bush. on 9/11

i agree about Bush. on 9/11 he was forced to make a choice. serve the people and HONESTLY get to the bottom of 9/11, or serve those that pulled the terror in front of him off and stay safe.lets just say he didnt choose the JFK route.

Bush is a massive tool. a

Bush is a massive tool. a puppet who profits from death and would rather stay silent than speak up.

oh bush was in on it..... if

oh bush was in on it.....

if you want 911truth to be repeated as the biggest story on the news channels

have fetzer go on camera at the laura ingraham interview and say
"building 7 proves bush did 911"

whoever says that on tv is gonna go down in history as paul revere

after the fake msm gives it's last breathe gasping smear attack on the 911truth movement----the smoke clears
the pnac goes on trial---and the constitution is reinstated over the patriot act----

Bush was protected from the

Bush was protected from the full truth.Cheney was always the real president, 9/11 just cemented that.

In the case of the 9/11

In the case of the 9/11 attacks the intentional complicity certainly goes all the way up to Bush, Jr. Bush obviously knew that he was in no danger during the photo op at Booker Elementary School, even though he knew that the first jet crash into the WTC was an intentional attack and had been told that before the photo op even began [see Note A below], i.e., long before Andy Card wispered in his ear supposedly concerning the second jet crash into the WTC. Keep in mind that this photo op was widely publicized in the news, so if the attacks had been by terrorists not under the control of the U.S. government then Bush would have been putting himself and a whole bunch of elementary school children in mortal danger by staying there. But of course, he knew that he was never in any danger by staying there.

As commented ( ):

Fahrenheit 9/11 turns up the heat
Now that George W. Bush is disappointed to learn that the rah-rah Ronald Reagan funeral coverage won't be extended until the November election -- or the capture of Osama bin Laden, whichever comes first -- it is time to look back at his least Reaganesque moment...If you want to see the video of that moment, you have to go to alternative Web sites, or see Moore's film.

If you cannot wait for Moor's film, that video fo Bush just sitting there while the US is under attack is HERE. But contrary to Antonia's view, this video reveals more than just an immobile Bush. After Andy Card informs Bush of that second plane impact, Andy just turns and leaves, PROVING THAT ANDY CARD ALREADY KNEW BUSH WAS NOT GOING TO SAY OR DO ANYTHING AT THAT MOMENT. - M. R.

That is, Andy Card, after wispering in Bush's ear about the second jet crash into the WTC (as we're told), doesn't even wait to see if Bush was going to say anything back to him. And of course, Bush doesn't say or do anything concerning the attacks, but simply continues on with the photo op. So the whole wispering in the ear thing was scripted beforehand (meaning they knew a second strike on the WTC was coming).


Note A to the above:


George Bush Jr.'s response illustrated a similar indifference. The New York Press continues to note that meanwhile, in Florida, "just as President Bush was about to leave his hotel he was told about the attack on the first WTC tower. He was asked by a reporter if he knew what was going on in New York." ABC News has confirmed this. John Cochran, who was covering the President's trip, informed Peter Jennings on ABC TV:

"He [the President] got out of his hotel suite this morning, was about to leave, reporters saw the White House chief of staff, Andy Card, whisper into his ear. The reporter said to the president, 'Do you know what's going on in New York?' He said he did, and he said he will have something about it [i.e. a statement] later."[353]

As the Press reports, "He said he did, and then went to an elementary school in Sarasota to read to children."[354] Another statement from Vice-President Cheney provides further insight into this: "The Secret Service has an arrangement with the FAA. They had open lines after the World Trade Center was ..." Cheney never finished his sentence, but it is obvious that he had meant to say something along the lines of "hit."[355]


Notes to the above:

309. Szamuely, George, 'Nothing Urgent,' New York Press, Vol. 15, No. 2,
353. Special Report, 'Planes Crash into World Trade Center,' ABC News, 11 September 2001, 8:53 AM ET.
354. Szamuely, George, 'Nothing Urgent,' op. cit.
355. NBC, 'Meet the Press,' 16 September 2001.


The above is an excerpt from page 166 of the below book:

The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked, September 11th, 2001 by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, foreword and afterword by John Leonard (Tree of Life Publications; June 2002), ISBN: 0-930852-40-0 (0930852400), 400 pages:

Why are people holding a

Why are people holding a wife-beating with such praise?

Why are people holding a

Why are people holding a wife-beating with such praise?
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