L.A. 9/11 Conference Lays Case For Gov Involvement In 9/11

L.A. 9/11 Conference Lays Case For Gov Involvement In 9/11 - stoplying.ca

Alex Jones's conference in LA was a raging, and life altering success. From the debut of Alex's new "off the charts" film TERROR STORM to initiate this historical conference, to the last words with a JFK quality speech from Dr. Robert Bowman. This conference was non-stop packed with information, inspiration, and clear leadership within the 911-truth movement. As a Canadian it was inspiring to meet many other canuk's who traveled the distance to find out the truth first hand. Equally represented from an international perspective were Australia, Japan, and England. Like wise men and women of times gone past, souls traveled great distances to hear, see, and feel the truth that is the quintessential story of our time. The original research that was presented at this conference with regards to 911 was cutting edge, and will ripple across the planet. It was an honor and humbling experience to be a part of history, and a privilege to know the total truth of the pivotal event of our collective culture.

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There are those who say Mr

There are those who say Mr Bowman's JFK style speech is over na --> http://radio.indymedia.org/uploads/911_conference_bowman.mp3