Manufacturing “terror” as a means of intimidation

The Miami indictments: Manufacturing “terror” as a means of intimidation -

Within 48 hours of the US Justice Department’s startling announcement Friday of the round-up of a “home-grown” terrorist cell in Miami, the media had all but dropped the story.

Its initial response, particularly that of the broadcast news outlets, was to amplify the government’s lurid charges, warning of a conspiracy “even worse than September 11,” including a supposed plot to blow up the nation’s tallest building, the Sears Tower in Chicago. The television news channels carried live shots of the building, as if hijacked airplanes were about to plow into them.

As details of the supposed plot and the identity of the alleged conspirators came more sharply into focus, however, the media backed away. Not only was the Chicago skyscraper in no danger, there also existed no plot, much less the means of carrying one out. The entire government case was so manifestly bogus that not even the right-wing fabulists at Fox News could sustain it.
The fact remains that every supposed terrorist threat foisted upon the public by the administration has proven to be a government-orchestrated provocation. The events of September 11 themselves have never been seriously investigated. How and why the government in Washington allowed them to take place—despite ample forewarnings of impending attacks involving the use of hijacked commercial jets as bombs, and even surveillance of the hijackers by US intelligence—has yet to be explained to the American people.

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Everyone reading?

Everyone reading?

Hey -- any progress with

Hey -- any progress with your pastor/congregation?

Man, you Americans shouldn't

Man, you Americans shouldn't put up with this kind of fearmongering anymore!

You ppl living over there should seriously consider this: Try using the anti-terror laws against them. The definition of terrorism is frightening ppl to achieve some political gain. Should fit hand-in-glove for what the neocons (and some of the media) are doing to you 24/7.

Consider it. Hook up with some good lawyers or PR people. Act!

This article is a real

This article is a real salve. I was beginning to think that nobody on the left was paying attention to this stuff.

Maybe you should wait until

Maybe you should wait until the verdict before making bias predictions and conclusions.

TDS on the Miami


Manufacturing “terror” as a means of intimidation was always one of Michael Moore's main thesis. Where is Moore now that he is needed most?

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Even South Africa sees the

Even South Africa sees the truth:
Bush under fire by 9/11 conspiracy theorists

"Ever since President George

"Ever since President George W. Bush vowed days after the Sept. 11 attacks to "follow the money as a trail to the terrorists," the government has made no secret of its efforts to hunt down the bank accounts of Al Qaeda and its allies." NY Times.

So WTF happened???