The Guardian Covers 7/7 'Conspiracy Theories'

Seeing isn't believing - The Guardian

I asked passengers what they had seen and experienced and was told by two survivors from the bombed train that, at the moment of the blast, the covers on the floor of their carriage had flown up - the phrase they used was "raised up". There was no time to check their statements as moments later the police widened the cordon and I was directed to the opposite pavement, outside the Metropole hotel.

Moments later, Davinia Turrell, the famous "woman in the mask", emerged from M&S together with other injured passengers and I followed them into the hotel. It was from there that at around 11am I phoned a hurried, and what I now know to be flawed, audio report to the Guardian. In the report, broadcast on our website, I said that it "was believed" there had been an explosion "under the carriage of the train". I also said that "some passengers described how the tiles, the covers on the floors of the train, flew up, raised up".

It later became clear from interviewing other passengers who had been closer to the seat of the explosion that the bomb had actually detonated inside the train, not under it, but my comments, disseminated over the internet where they could be replayed ad nauseam, were already taking on a life of their own.

"Did July 7 bombs explode under trains?" read a posting that referred to my report a few weeks later. "Eyewitness accounts appear to contradict the theory that suicide bombers were responsible for killing 39 [sic] passengers on London's tube network that day."

Another went even further: "How Black Ops staged the London bombings: Staged terror events - like magic tricks - rely on misdirection to throw people off the track ... The bombs on the underground were not in the tube carriages. They were under the floors of the carriages."

Soon, internet chatrooms and blog sites were buzzing with even more bizarre theories: the bombers thought they were delivering drugs but were deceived, set up and murdered; or they thought they were carrying dummy "bombs" designed to test London's defences; or the plot was monitored by any number of secret services, from M15 to the CIA to Mossad, who let it happen in order to foment anti-Muslim feeling. Then there are the claims by 9/11 conspiracy theorists that 7/7, like the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, were all part of a cunning scheme to further the pro-Iraq war agenda of the Bush/Blair governments and the "New World Order".

We haven't had much discussion of 7/7 here at - since it is not 9/11 related - but this is pretty big coverage over at The Guardian. So, use this as your opportunity to talk about 7/7, and check out Alex Jones's new movie Terror Storm for his coverage of 7/7 as well.

Thanks Andrew for the heads up!

I don´t think it is an

I don´t think it is an established fact that the bombs went off inside and not under the trains. Fact is that the people he talked to first thought they went off under the floors.
I also remeber reading an interview of someone sitting right next to one blast who said the same thing about floor twisting upwards.
I would guess at this point those people saying bombs went off in the bags of terrorists didn´t take that good look at the point of blast. They had just been next to a huge blast anyway that killed many so not easy to make clear observations.

So yes I think he is saying those people hallucinated the upwards twisting floors.

More propaganda, not even

More propaganda, not even worth posting anymore:

what a crock!! another dog

what a crock!! another dog & pony theatre show straight from the white house --

who could possibly belive this crap???

Wait a minute. You mean to

Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that the "video" of Bin Laden is really just an audio clip with a still photo? Is this the case?

yes, just a photo of Bin

yes, just a photo of Bin Laden with a voice over

This whole thing is really

This whole thing is really funny. It's a really bad movie. "Wag the Dog" come's to mind.

Wait. I didn't mean that.

Wait. I didn't mean that. I actually like the movie "Wag the Dog". I meant the whole idea of the government making up reality is like a really bad movie, not that "Wag the Dog" is a bad movie...........Oh...Nevermind!

Just imagine - Bush says -

Just imagine - Bush says - "Karl, what do I do? My polls numbers are back down again, even after the Zarqawi capture." Karl says, "Well, we need another Osama video. I'll call the studio and we'll get it done"

We have a bunch of clowns running the Whitehouse!!!!!

We have a bunch of clowns

We have a bunch of clowns running the Whitehouse!!!!!
TRUTH SEEKER | 06.29.06 - 11:14 pm |

Well, not a bunch of clowns. More like David Copperfield. His show is convincing to most people who don't look close enough, but we see the smoke and mirror's. Although, David Copperfield kind of is a lil "clownish".

Bush is a cross between a

Bush is a cross between a Clown and a Monkey !!

Needed a little humor to cheer myself up.

I was on a Yahoo message board earlier, regarding the release of the Osama video... what a bunch of f*ckwads. Truly, truly believing that Osama is the boogey man, and liberals need to be executed.

OY, why are some people so dumb??

Hm, so in a nutshell. This

Hm, so in a nutshell.
This article about 7/7 mentions the drills that took place at same points at same time as the attacks as if suggesting they were hallucinations of ct`s.
It opens up with perhaps the weakest ct evidence, the photo of the bombers which has anomalies that could well be innocent, as surveillance camera photos arent crystall clear and perfect.
It says nothing about Haroon Aswat who was said to be the mastermind of the attacks until it was revealed he was connected to MI6.
In the end the writer basically says all the people he had interviewed had just hallucinated that the bombs were under the floors of the trains, didn´t happen really..

The writer probably himself actually believes the official line and rejects anything that doesnt add up to that as misunderstanding or manipulation.

Seeing isn´t believing..

tep: Actually he said that

tep: Actually he said that witnesses who were closer to the blasts reported that the bombs were inside cars and not underneath and not that the other witnesses hallucinated.
I did notice he failed to mention the M16 connection.

Nafeez Ahmed has just

Nafeez Ahmed has just released a book about 7/7.

Here is the book website:

It looks like his typical conservative approach, a comprehensive review of tons of evidence, which he then sifts through to reveal the most interesting patterns.

This articles a joke, the

This articles a joke, the journalist is basically saying that all the reports of "bombs under the trains" originated from his initial reporting. But that he later found out his information was "flawed". Because he says "It later became clear from interviewing other passengers who had been closer to the seat of the explosion that the bomb had actually detonated inside the train, not under it".

But he doesnÂ’t go on to provide examples of these contradictory statements. I don't know what happened on 7/7, but if these were "radical Islamic suicide bombers", where are all the reports of the bombers themselves shouting " Allah Aqaba " or whatever before they blow themselves up. Instead a lot of the people wounded literally had their legs blown off etc, and other reports mention "explosions from under the carriage". So considering the now proven fact that Thermate has been found on the beams, and so by default 9/11 almost was undoubtedly an inside job. 7/7 and the attacks in Madrid are probably no different, and where treasonous false flags also.

This reporterÂ’s a bit of a dick really, he says in closing;

"I click on the link and listen once again to my off-the-cuff recording from the Metropole hotel. Then I press the button and loop the broadcast a second time. In the internet age, it seems, some canards never die."

A canard is a myth more or less, but the reports of "bombs detonating under the trains" are eyewitness testimony, backed up the leg injuries sustained by some of the victims. ThatÂ’s not a "canard" or a "myth", those are facts. But for some reason he seems to have written this article with the intention of rubbishing all this scepticism. Because he refers to facts suggesting an inside job as "facts" in quotation marks. Maybe there really were bombs under the trains, and maybe 7/7 really was an inside job. But with the government blocking an independent investigation we won't ever know. So instead of rubbishing the idea this Journalist, if he was a real reporter with a back bone, would be writing powerful articles that call for an inquiry, to at least resolve this issue of whether or not it was an inside job. But the guy seems to be more interested in keeping his job, and appeasing a potentially fraudulent mainstream concusses, which is nothing new either but hopefully is going out of fashion fast.

LOL I meant to type

LOL I meant to type "consensus" not "concusses", but still these journalists need to get a clue.

Since mainstream media seems

Since mainstream media seems determined to write articles claiming how easy it is to start a conspiracy theory, someone should write an article on their tactic: How best to ignore a conspiracy theory and spin all participants as delusional because I was there so I'm an authority of the topic. There must be a book on this somewhere cause they all seem to be using it.

"Bush is a cross between a

"Bush is a cross between a Clown and a Monkey !!" I know that was said in jest but be reminded, never underestimate your enemy. Bush is anything but stupid. He didn't become president by being the idiot he pretends to be. He is a very evil manipulator and extremely dangerous. To be honest he scares the crap out if me.

i gotta disagree maddog.

i gotta disagree maddog. Bush is out of touch, hes been rich his entire life and hasnt had to work for anything. i feel like the reason so much horrible shit was able to happen on his watch is not because hes some evil genius, but because hes a weak cowardly puppet whos strings are easily pulled.Bush is smart in the sense that he knows not to mess with any "plans" like a certain other president did with Nam and Northwoods. Bush is smart enough to know what not to do to stay alive in my opinion.just stay out of the way George and go out and talk to the people with your downhome texas slang and let the big boys make the big decisions.........

now George H.W. Bush is

now George H.W. Bush is another story altogether.........

Au contraire, dz, there is

Au contraire, dz, there is evidence that 7/7 and 9/11 are in many ways related. I think there could and should be more discussion about the former on this forum.

The purpose of the Guardian article seems to be to make it clear that it is only natural that an event like 7/7 begets all kinds of conspiracy theories.

I also got the impression that the writer had somehow managed to betray the trust of his interviewee. He didn't really report her views fairly.

The writer bypasses this:

"The July 29 edition of FOX News Channel's Day Side programme
revealed that the so called mastermind of the 7/7 London Bombings,
Haroon Rashid Aswat, is a British Intelligence Asset."

Very soon after this revelation, the investigations took a different direction, and the idea of the fifth man was dropped.

The writer also claims that the anti-terrorism drill that took place at the same time and in the same stations as the real blasts was only a "claim". To me it appears as a fact:

"On a BBC Radio 5 interview, Peter Power, Managing Director of
Visor Consultants, revealed that his firm had 1,000 people working on
an "excercise" involving a bombing in the London underground at the
same time that the actual terrorist attacks erupted. The exercise also
involved simultaneous bomb blasts at the same locations that were
actually struck."

For a transcript of Power's interview and a link to the audio
recording, please visit

Several statisticians have concluded that the probability for the
exercises and the real events coinciding that way (independently of
each other) temporally, spatially, and methodologically, is
infinitesimally small.

And why on earth did the alleged bus bomber eat a hamburger at a Mac just before going to meet his Maker, as reported by The Independent? As someone has asked, was he afraid that such Western delicacies would not be served in the Muslim heaven?

With questions like these, there is absolutely no reason to rule out alternative theories about what happened that day and accept the government's narrative as the infallible truth.

I intend to contact the writer, Mark Honigsbaum, and I hope those of you who have familiarized yourself with the London bombings do the same. If you know of another editor at Guardian to add to the cc: field, I'd appreciate the hint.

7/7 not 9-11 related? In

7/7 not 9-11 related? In fact, they are very much related. The modus operandi is very similar, as are the cast of characters (arab suicide bombers). Both are clear efforts at Pearl Harbour provocation, taking place when there were security exercises in opeation. Both involve israeli figures, etc etc

You can learn more here:

a website set up to study and deseminate info on 7/7.

I love how they don't even

I love how they don't even mention Peter Power, they only refer to the mock terror drill as "monitored by any number of secret services, from M15 to the CIA to Mossad, who let it happen in order to foment anti-Muslim feeling"

That whole paragraph was rather telling, actually. "Soon, internet chatrooms and blog sites were buzzing with even more bizarre theories: the bombers thought they were delivering drugs but were deceived, set up and murdered; or they thought they were carrying dummy "bombs" designed to test London's defences;"

How exactly is that a bizarre theory? It happens to fit the facts as much as any other theory.

And I found this quite humorous as well: "Employing a 20/20 hindsight whose starting point is always cui bono - who benefits? - they masquerade as an interrogation of the facts but are actually a labyrinth of mirrors."

Yeah that's it. They actually have the nerve to mock the concept of cui bono. So when I say that Mineta's testimony is direct evidence of a cover up and a conspiracy, it's actually a labyrinth of mirrors? Funny stuff.

"Indeed, it is natural after an event as cataclysmic and unexpected as 7/7 to want to interrogate what happened. But interrogation is not the same as understanding, and after a certain point you must move on."

Yeah that's right, move on you stupid sheeple. Nothing to see here. Move on.