New Richard Andrew Grove Interviews

Richard Andrew Grove's latest:

The recent interview with Trevor Carey (specifically) contains some great info, all of the interviews contain explanations of my original “transmission” as well as new information further detailing the more prolific parts of 9-11.

Available here:
This interveiw also available here, as well as numerous others that you may have missed:

Also, 9/11 Controlled Demolitions of September 11, 2001 on Google Video:

I've heard another

I've heard another whistleblower, as RA Grove has done, mention H.A.A.R.P. and it's abilities.
I have a strong feeling this is genuine. HAARP is hush hush.

How's the weather in your parts?

I noticed in LC2 there is a

I noticed in LC2 there is a mistake with the on-screen transcript of the firefighters tape. On screen it says, "I got an eyewitness who said there was an explosion on floors 7 and 8, 7,8." That's not what I heard. I listened to this blasting through my headphones and I heard, "I got an eyewitness who said there was an explosion on floor 7-8, 7-8." The difference being the reported explosion was on floor 78 where the plane hit the tower, not "floors" 7 and 8. I think, but I could be wrong, that firefighters talk like this over the radio. Calling floor 78, "7-8", avoids the confusion of hearing the number wrong over the radio. An example would be seventy may sound like seventeen on the radio. Any other opinions?


Jon, I was thinking about


I was thinking about what you stated in an earlier thread about not wanting to "do this for the rest of your life." I could not agree more. I want all this to come out so it's common knowledge so we can salvage what is left of the country. I just want to do my job, pay my taxes, and raise a famliy in a country I can be proud of. Is that too much to ask for?

" Is that too much to ask

" Is that too much to ask for?"

Not at all.

Jon, Any opinion on the


Any opinion on the first post?

What does everybody want? A

What does everybody want? A home. Food. Clothing. A Car. Friends. Family. A significant other. Children. Pets. Music. Movies. The Zoo. Museums. Concerts. Theater. So many things...

It's not selfish to want those things. They're part of everyday life. And you know what? MOST people around the world want the same things...

However, as long as my Government acts like it's above the law, I as a citizen must be concerned. I must put those things on hold. We are not supposed to fear our Government. Our Government is supposed to fear us.

As long as this imbalance exists, we can't enjoy the life I and you mentioned. How can we? How can we let them murder 3000 more, 10,000 more, 1,000,000 more? We can't.

But I am so TIRED.

T-Bone, I would have to hear

T-Bone, I would have to hear it.

Yup, I'm getting sick of it

Yup, I'm getting sick of it too. No leadership, no organized front, no organization. Apparently all we have is Alex Jones and all he is doing is putting out well documented info, but no organized action. Could he be a containment agent? Still the scholars are doing a good job but without more reach into a larger part of the demographic, the hearts and minds of loyal Americans. Then action,action, action, where's the action?

Gotcha. Jon, I don't know

Gotcha. Jon, I don't know if you recall, but a little over a month ago I posted that I gave a letter to my pastor along with a copy of "9/11 Revisited". Ever since he hasn't made mention of this information which has, quite frankly, creeped me out a little bit. I have not seen him for 2 weeks and I am kind of wussin' out with him. Any words of encouragement? Its a complicated issue because this is the church my family goes to. My brother-in-law (who is my best friend) is a decon there. My sister works at the church. I don't want to cause too much friction, which is almost impossible with this issue.

Jon, I'm tired too. The

Jon, I'm tired too. The "truth" wears me out... but I can't stop searching for that ONE NEWS ARTICLE, that credible important person who will someday step forward, tell the truth and hopefully blow this whole thing out in the open.... and then we can all take a rest. Someday... someday.

I'm glad to see this,

I'm glad to see this, because I've been very curious what different people here in the group think about the Richard Grove hype.

I have to admit that, upon reading the early headlines about "9/11 Whistleblower Comes Forth!" and listening to Maria Heller's breathless introductions to his first audio account, I had extremely high hopes that something truly groundbreaking was going to happen.

• Was he someone who had brought explosives into a building, who suddenly found religion and wanted to confess?

• Was he working as a data recovery specialist, analyzing data recovered from hard drives in the rubble- data which incontrovertibly demonstrated which administration insiders (or which cronies) were involved in put options on various stocks soon to be adversely effected by 9/11?

• Was he supposed to drive a truck full of fertilizer to WTC 7, to provide a cover for its implosion- but he got cold feet?

No. No. No.

Instead, he was an sales employee working for a software company in the buildling- someone with a story convoluted nearly to the point of impenetrability. It seems to bare little resemblance to any mature story in 9/11 truth orthodoxy- even as it invokes many of the same individuals, corporations, and power cabals as conventional theories do. It's like a gnostic version of the 9/11 Truth Gospel- telling us the "true insiders account" of what happened, while asking us to reject things we've previously trusted to be true. Not something easy for me at least to do.

I found myself, in listening to the first monologue, disappointed and a more than a bit skeptical. The Chess analogy that opened the whole thing up made me dubious- because, however clever the idea of playing 4 geniuses against 4 other geniuses might seem, it ultimately won't work beyond the first few moves, because each master will react differently to the moves being advanced by the Grove character (copying moves from other genius players)- and as a result, the one in the middle pretending to leverage the genius of four masters against four others will ultimately find himself unable to do so beyond one or two volleys. Then he is hosed.

I found particularly interesting the following segment, "We also met with “9-11 Truth” community Investigative Journalists- and I use that term very loosely. I’m not going to use this precious time to engage in trash-talking, but I will offer that there is a very logical reason why the “9-11 Truth” movement has been in constant turmoil… it’s infested with Cointelpro and Agents Provocateur.

Well, that's a pretty hefty claim, coming from a complete unknown. Yes, that accusation is lobbed about on this board and others, frequently... But usually specific individuals are named. When I hear somebody call Tom Flocco, a journalist who has fed some pretty stinky piles of crap to the 9/11 Truth community, a 'disinfo agent', I'm not inclined to disagree. He's either that or a dipcrap.

But if someone calls David Ray Griffin or Steven Jones one, well, I'm going to take serious offense and immediately know that the accuser probably can't be trusted.

In this case, Grove makes a very damning claim about the 9/11 Truth movement itself- "it's infested with Cointelpro and Agents Provocateur." Yet he doesn't name one, robbing the listener of the chance to gauge his judgment and trustworthiness.

In the course of his frustratingly tedious 22,400+ word monologue, the story that does emerge is full of things that strain credulity... 9/11 was a gold heist? With hundreds of billions of dollars in bullion stolen? Uh, that's a little bit more than was purportedly there...

And the stuff about the Panacea project, which he claims, "was the confluence between artificial intelligence and systems monitoring software, whereby it could be applied to observe a given environment and actually learn in a variety of ways- either through learned behavior based on observation and interaction, or encapsulated instructions conditioned by an authoritative source... When the software agent matures, it is said to graduate, and in that state it can actively & accurately predict critical events BEFORE THEY OCCUR" made me actually laugh. It was an unsubtle invocation of the rumored "PROMIS" system that Ruppert makes much to-do about in Rubicon. It can read your mind, it can predict the future, it can hack into any computers in the world and blow smoke up your bobo at the same time!

As difficult as I found the PROMIS hype to be in Crossing the Rubicon, I found enough in the book to be compelling or interesting that I decided to be agnostic about PROMIS' place in the 9/11 story...

Not so with Grove's Panacea. It struck me as yet another overly-fantastic element to a wildly improbable and incoherent mash-up of 9/11 Truth and bad pulp fiction.

There are so many other claims in the piece that simply left me scratch my head. At first, I kept thinking, "Am I just an idiot? Why does this seem so silly and absurd to me?" Given the fanfare of his arrival, I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. But in time I started to resent some of what he said, and to become incredulous to some of it, and to be particularly annoyed by the pretentiousness of it all.

Maybe I am just an idiot- and I'm missing why this fellow and his story is absolutely a critical piece of the 9/11 jigsaw... If so, I'm eager to see if others here had a different perspective on it. Maybe I'm being too hard on him and there's real meat there- underneath all the flab and the gas.

Opinions, anyone?

Anon, I had some of the same

Anon, I had some of the same feelings when I was "listening" to Grove the first time. Then a day or two later, I read the entire statement. I had a hard time understanding what his Main Point is, but here's what I've come up with = AIG, now part of Marsh McClellan (or vice versa) were just running some risk analysis of 9/11. Just like a good insurance company should. Sure, they were in on the 9/11 plot from day one. They had to set up some senarios for insurance payouts, huge transfers of funds, lost data (what should be recovered, what should be lost forever??).

Grove found out. But he has a hard time putting it all together and connecting it to the 9/1 Truth Movement.

I did find his sudden problems with Landlord, job, credit, etc. credible. I've encountered some "quirky" things in my professional career, and it all started AFTER I joined some 9/11 groups.

guys, please post links to

guys, please post links to articles, dont post the whole text in here if possible.

For help in evaluating the

For help in evaluating the Grove material, read also , the article by Catherine Austin Fitts.


Gotcha. Jon, I don't know if

Gotcha. Jon, I don't know if you recall, but a little over a month ago I posted that I gave a letter to my pastor along with a copy of "9/11 Revisited". Ever since he hasn't made mention of this information which has, quite frankly, creeped me out a little bit. I have not seen him for 2 weeks and I am kind of wussin' out with him. Any words of encouragement? Its a complicated issue because this is the church my family goes to. My brother-in-law (who is my best friend) is a decon there. My sister works at the church. I don't want to cause too much friction, which is almost impossible with this issue.
T-Bone | 06.29.06 - 10:43 pm | #

Not Jon here, but IMHO, your Pastor may have been stunned by the 9/11 truth you showed him. Everyone reacts differently to shocking news, & this stuff is truly horrible. It might be too much for some honest men/women of-the-cloth to handle. (I felt mentally & physically stressed/sick for a week when I learned, and I ain't no kindly minister.) I don't see a need to push your Pastor about the issue. Talk to him about other things for the time being, and reach out to other people re: 9/11 truth.

So what's the point of the

So what's the point of the Hopsicker post? Is someone trying to out Hopsicker as evidence of the "infested" 9/11 Truth movement? If so, I think you need to try again.

Hopsicker isn't a part of the movement, in fact he seems to be very much a free agent. If memory serves, in a lengthy Alex Jones documentary he went to great pains to profess agnosticism about MIHOP/LIHOP theories of 9/11, dismissing speculation about what happened and what might happen in the future to our country as speculations that "are way above my pay grade" and going to pains to reiterate that Atta and the "terrorists" who pulled of 9/11 were terrible people. (Atta for example "was a psychopath" who "killed his girlfriend's kittens".)

In short, Hopsicker isn't a part of the movement, so whether or not he is disinfo or cointelpro is kind of moot.

have you seen the new 9/11

have you seen the new 9/11 movie on the front page of this very site, it's called "Who Killed John O'Neill"? It almost feels like a companion piece to Hopsickers work and even refers to Atta as the "new Barry Seal". Maybe we'll see more "gap bridging" between Hopsicker and the 9/11 truth movement. It's just another thing to think about ,file in the back of your mind...just keep your mind open

Richard Andrew Grove. Good

Richard Andrew Grove. Good listening, the guy is a credit to the movement.

well looky here "Filmmaker

well looky here

"Filmmaker Ty Rauber and writer Ryan Thurston, this week guests at a party with Daniel Hopsicker in New York, currently promoting their movie ""Who Killed John O'Neill?"."

911 meet up groups around

911 meet up groups around us

Grove is 100%, I can't see

Grove is 100%, I can't see how anyone actually reading the transcript would think otherwise...

An empty truck filled with gold and a flat tire found in the lower sections... HELLO, someone was hauling gold out of there. Someone was stealing gold.

Kroll was the company selected for security as they removed the remnants of gold, just a little bit of a conflict of interest.

And yes, they do have 1st level aritfical intelligence, I have first hand knowledge of a similar program.

Grove's transcript is available on my website for free... pass it on. This one is VERY IMPORTANT.

One common chess principle

One common chess principle is "when ahead, simplify--when behind, obufscate" If you have even a small advantage, like one pawn, then simplifying by trading pieces (capture and be captured) magnifies your advantage. On the other hand, if you are down on points, you want to complicate the board so as to minimize the impact of your material disadvantage. I think Grove is part of an obfuscation campaign.

I recently watched Eric Hufschmid's Painful Questions, an early entry, along with his book Painful Deceptions. It was great. Not as "cool"as Loose Change, but it presented amazing material and was very convincing.

I think that obviously the strategy right after 9-11 was to avoid giving CTs credibility by ignoring them completely. We've seen that that strategy failed, so naturally the opposite is now being done--lots of negative attention and disinfo is being plowed into the movement. If you can't beat it, join it and try to mess it up.

As more info comes out, some is likely to be good, but most is likely to be disinfo or lily-gilding add-ons that confuse the clear issues we know and love, like controlled demolition, building 7, and live hijackers.

If you start to feel lost, go back in time to when the vast majority of people in the movement were sincere. They, after all, got us to this point. By all means let's hear what people have to say, but the farther down this road we go, the higher the bar must be for entry into the realm of credibility. We who have been struggling for years, not months, owe at least that much to ourselves.

Onward, truthers!

I'm keeping an open but

I'm keeping an open but critical mind about Grove. I'm in agreement with real truther, that we need to be extra cautious at this point. Just keep your criticism on the facts that they present, on not on them personally. It may just be bad judgement and a weak filter for extraneous theories, that have nothing to do with 911.
On that note:
I have seriouse concerns that Grove is now promoting, on his site and through his email list, the Vatican Assasins parts 1 & 2". Its all about the Jesuits and the black Pope, ect.....why he would promote this I can't say, but I find it highly irrelavent and distracting to what he has said before. Is this one of those: start with seemingly solid evidence ( corporate inolvemnet / foreknowledge of 911) and then slowly push them into larger unrelated conspiracie theories? I don't know!
All I know is that David Ray Griffen is one of people that offers a calm and intelligent anaysis of 911...and he is associated with the Jesuits. Obviousely this raises red flags when the ' Jesuit conspiracy' is introduced into the 911 Truth movement, with the success of David Ray Griffin, (his talks, his books, his approach, speaking at churches, ect.)
I would also add that the undercover agent in Chicago spent a long time talking to me about his concerns about DRG and the Jesuits, " They dip their eucharist in their own blood, I wouldn't trust Griffin" he said......

I've only been tuning in

I've only been tuning in here for a few days now. Over all this is some of the best dialogue I've come across to-date on 9.11.

A couple of things I'd like to add:

Agnostic and probable (Hayden, you "Reasonable" fuck!) speculation is particularly wise, keep it up. Allow the jurists to find the "facts" and judge culpability. If we must trust in something, trust in the ability of a jury to nullify bench-dicta and come to their own clear-headed verdicts.

The Grove "Gold Hist covered up by a 9.11" theory, is a bit of a stretch, but less so in light of gold doubling value since. A known-in-advance high probability, with or even without a 9.11.

Russo's ball-sack kick to the FRN has been a long time coming. The 9.11 perps were highly motivated by the inevitable time crunch of a fiat dollar collapse. Human endeavors (economies) cycle in and out of gold for fundamental reasons (raw power vs. survival). As said by others smarter than I, "You can be sure that Greenspan himself hasn't trusted HIS nest-egg with FRNs." Gold is more compact in value (by physical weight) than one of the Grove/Hist debunkers gave it credit for. Do the math again.

YET.... I would speculate that ANY amount of gold was more likely "COD, for services rendered". I'm still partial to the "Sick-Fuck's Desire For World Domination Plan, Needing a 9.11 Pretext as The Grandest Conspiracy Yet Devised By Sick Fuck Man" theory.

Dick, being one of those sick fucks, as W was in the kiddy-pool for school. Boy George, in the "beginners reading class", is the best punch-line of this WHOLE FUCKING MESS. That's really something to laugh about.

Having grown up spending a number of Saturdays at the synagogue, I'll witness to the VERY important difference between jew, and Zionist. So call me an "Anti-Zionist", all day long! The ones who point the finger and cry "anti-Semite!", are the biggest anti-Semites of them all. That said, the Zionist motive in this 'convergence of interest' (my best phrase for an opening to explain 9.11 to initiates) is clear, ab inito (from the beginning).

CMIC (Congressional-Military Industrial Complex), a far more honest term for those admitting to how Congress MUST be in on the Scam, is again, ab initio.

Sick-Fuck Justices? Even easier to scare up their small numbers, needing only 5. (Christ! That Crown Motherfucker Renquist with his self-appliqué arm bands, couldn't leave this world fast enough)

Day to day, I'm just trying my best to keep my wits about me, while stretching my head around the magnitude of this unprecedented cluster-fuck humanity has backed itself into. Even the tree-huggers (bless their hearts) have a heathy bit of responsibility in this. Like the misguided "gun-control will make the world a peaceful place" activists, simply forgot who would be left holding guns, the thugs and power-mad authoritarians.

My apologies to ANYONE in the world who has not found the promise in my following words. I do not intend to invalidate your own creativity and ability to come up with something better, so please, please keep trying. With that said I still hate to drop this cliché, but Americans REALLY need to go back and read the Declaration of Independence (from Power), The Constitution (of law, not Men), and The Bill of (Human) Rights.

No, it's not perfect. It can certainly stand an up-date forwarding concepts of human inclusivity [sp?], interdependence and a life-supporting ecosystem (a tiny blue globe, in a near-vacuum of cold space).

I'm NOT talking about that NWO crap, that shit is based on top-down power structures devised and operated by fallible Men. There'll never be any lasting "peace and harmony" in that jive.

I'm talking about people, single blades of grass, taking upon themselves to choose who and what they trust and value, to grow as their own open pastures, keeping a vigilant eye upon weeds like "cooperate person-hood", and "The Authority of The State" (which always evolves into protection rackets dependent on inducing fear).

Blah blah blah....

Keep it up! 9.11 really is quite a fulcrum.... the perps just had no idea how truth was not within their illusion of control.

Somebody please alert me if

Somebody please alert me if Richard Grove ever says anything revealing about 9/11.

In the meantime, I've concluded that Grove is a disinformative distraction. He wasted way too much of our time with his over-stuffed coming-out audio-only manifesto, with which he recently burst onto the scene. He also recommended WKJO, which is clearly the spookiest of all LIHOP videos, which embellishes the core lie upon which 9/11 is based -- the one which says that 9/11 was "blow-back", committed by Islamic fundamentalists, which is a total crock of shit. He also provided a phone number so he could be contacted. Anyone [else] try it? Anyone ever get through to, or receive a call back from, Mr. Grove?

All Hopsicker does is focus attention on patsies, as if the core lie of 9/11 must be true (a la WKJO, and "Able Danger", and all other LIHOP vehicles). What a diversive waste of bandwidth that is! Can you say "disinformative red herring"?

Grove (is disinfo and he) promotes disinfo. The fact that so much of the 911 truth movement now promotes Grove suggests/reveals that much of the 911 truth movement is itself a false-flag operation.

The Last Prophet - you say:

The Last Prophet - you say: "Grove's transcript is available on my website for free... pass it on. This one is VERY IMPORTANT."

No I won't. Grove is allegedly a corporate executive. No one in that situation would publish such a turgid, obscure document as he has done. It is completely unprofessional and it fails to advance 9/11 awareness for the general public. It simply encourages people to believe that 9-11 critics are lost in obscure conspiracies that make the Da Vinci code look like hard science.

Here's what Andrew Grove needs to do if he is serious about assisting the 9-11 movement:

(1) Find the 3, 10 or 20 claims he really wants us to believe and then gather every piece of scientific or business evidence he can to support each of those claims.

(2) Scrupulously ignore any judgements on matters of which he is ignorant or merely guessing. Avoid wild speculation, or at least make it very clear exactly when he is just speculating about aspects of 9-11.

(3) Approach a professional writer and seek their assistance in preparing an account of his claims. Produce two versions: a detailed account and a precised version. Make both accounts reader friendly and make sure that claims are clearly stated and supported by the best evidence he has.

(4) Leave out all the personal stuff unless it's specifically related to 9-11 or any coverup.

Andrew Groves needs to think about what he would say if he was in a court of law giving evidence. He needs to cut to the chase, speak only about what he knows and make his evidence very, very clear. In it's present form his material is worse than useless. Only he can say what he knows and it is up to him to do it cleanly and to the point. On matters as important as 9-11 the public deserves nothing less.

I am not at all convinced that Groves is who he says he is. His statements to date are obscure and virtually useless. The public is entitled to a professional presentation of 9-11 ideas. Groves fails this in a big way. In the absence of any coherent ideas from him he ought to be regarded as either self-indulgent or malicious.

The 9-11 movement deserves better.