Response to New York Times 9/11 Article Appears in Illinois Paper

Viewpoint: New York Times and neocons bury 9/11 truth movement -

With the 9/11 truth movement, it was a case of walking into a carefully planned and skillfully executed trap. The Times article branded the movement as a group of “conspiracy buffs” and proceeded to ridicule and trash their beliefs. The attack was predicated on a report of a two-day conference in Los Angeles sponsored by the 9/11 movement.
Ruppert said the movement failed to consider two key points: when the major media must take note of a story they have failed to report, they try to discredit independent efforts, and independents must avoid the obvious points of ambush.

It is evident now that the only movements challenging the government line and revealing the complicity of the press that will get publicity are those easily discredited in the public eye.
In addition, anyone with any common sense still asks, “Why did the 47-story building WTC 7 next to the twin towers—which housed the FBI, CIA, SEC, ATF, EEOC, among other agencies—collapse in exactly the same demolition-like-manner when it was never hit by any airplane?”

Then consider a new book by Ron Suskind, a former reporter for The Wall Street Journal and a 1995 Pulitzer Prize winner, The One Percent Doctrine, which relates a panicky CIA officer telling President George W. Bush in the summer of 2001 a huge attack on the U.S. was imminent; to which Bush replied, “O.K. You’ve covered your ass.”

Suskind’s book also shows Cheney as the real power in this administration, and reveals the CIA nickname for Cheney, “Edgar,” as in Edgar Bergen, the ventriloquist, with his dummy, Charlie McCarthy.
Besides Suskind’s book, which was favorably reviewed in The New York Times, by the way, and featured on NPR’s Diane Rehm Show, don’t expect to hear too much national discussion of the questions surrounding 9/11—whether answered or not—any time soon.

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Is that all you have to say? I agree with you completely, but I would hate to hear you whining for your Oats over at "Camp Mardi Gras," or wherever they plan to shear those from your hectre.

Subject: Cutting Off Arms

Subject: Cutting Off Arms and Crushing Children's Testicles: Welcome to the New Freedom
From: James Redford
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Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 15:46:12 -0400

Keep on hammering them,

Keep on hammering them, James! You're one of the best!

Ron Suskind will be

Ron Suskind will be discussing his book on BookTV, one of the CSPAN channels:

on topic, when's the LA Conference going to be aired on CSpan?

Thank you Anonymous at

Thank you Anonymous at 06.29.06 - 6:45 pm.

I recommend that everyone here read my linked-to post above, as in it I provide massive amounts of documentation where the U.S. government itself admits it is holding innocent people indefinitely without charges (including U.S. citizens), torturing them, raping them--including homosexually anally raping them--and murdering them, and that the orders to do so came from the highest levels of the U.S. government.

shit James R, i had no idea

shit James R, i had no idea this was going on

Ruppert's comments and those

Ruppert's comments and those of a million other arm-chair critics have only served to create an atmosphere of apathetic discontent. Los Angeles, I had concluded long ago, was beyond repair. And Rube has flourished from his tiny little deserted Isle. But, he's no Alex Jones.

Many of us have called these Truth Broadcasters and asked: "What can I/we do?,- I'm totally frustrated because any idiot can see what's going on!" Alex told me to get my own TV show, admittedly I am a certified community producer, but I discovered that the cost to do this comes in many forms and even the most dedicated, and certianly the more creative ones, (moi) quit in despair, after a year or two. {I think we had something like 80 viewers at a cost to us of $2. each!} Alex, I concluded, would never get rich. Good on him if he can sell 5,M DVD's! There should be a Network Anchor-slot for him in Heaven!

But, James, you and I think more alike. I think you have to hang those dripping child's body-parts right up there next to their noses.

I think an educated society must learn to repell that which threatens it's own best intentions.

How 'bout this: Just get 35 kids to hold a sign over the Hollywood fwy, at 7:56am, says: "Let's Kill Children for No Reason!" Now, if you are lucky enough to get Black children, of course, Their sign gets to feature the 'N'-word, as in "stupid _ children!" "God" and other pop-ikons may raise a smile too!

But, like me, you probably endured an education where the only 'sensible' info we had to go on was coming from sources like Hendrix, Joplin, Airplane, Warhol,... Teachers, appreciably called it "Shock-factor." Ruppert's bunch re-package it and calls it "Fear-Factor." Are the results idemnical to the cause? IOW; Are we not dodging our responsibilities to create yet another more timeley vernacular?

If hit pieces like that

If hit pieces like that published in the NY Times come from high-up, what do the left-leaning journalists think of the blatant impartiality of that article? Shouldn't they notice? Shouldn't they be upset? Shouldn't at leaset one of them resign over it in protest?

I just read that piece about

I just read that piece about those people detained while investigating the Bilderberg group... I think I lost my appetite for dinner.

Off topic... I'm watching Hannity and Colmes right now, not because I like them of course, but because I can use their extreme message to show how redicuous these people are. Ann Coulter is on right now... she just said that reading today's supreme court decision would itself be a breach of the geneva conventions. Is she possessed by some kind of demon? How could she consider herself a Christian? Is she thinking of the same non-violent, pacifist, love they enemy Jesus that I am? Now Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity are trying to claim that there is a liberal conspiracy behind Rush Limbaugh's viagra exposure. Colmes and that young blonde democratic strategist that's often on fox news made them look pretty stupid over making such a rediculous claim.

I wish that the sane intelligent christians who realize how hypocritical and contrary to the teachings of christ the neo-cons are would stand up and distance themselves. They ought to be outraged!

I'm probably ranting here, but judging by the acura, visa, and mutual fund commercials, this program must have a fairly affluent viewership. How could someone with have a brain confuse this show for intelligent conversation?

Off topic: The Japanese primse minister has a rad haircut.




I consider how much more

I consider how much more load of shit Bill Keller wants to eat by the Bush admin before he finally print the whole truth, allowed or not...