Show Us Your Activism

Keep them coming. The sign says:

911 =
Inside Job

Click on the picture for full screen:

Notice how "Imgstacke"

Notice how "Imgstacke" chickened out and couldn't provide any video link yet, to make his point :)

"Hey, Gorilla, I do object

"Hey, Gorilla, I do object to your position about the CGI, for many reasons. "

MMMM, yummy! your long winded bait above is SOOOOOO enticing, I almost can't resist burning a bunch of my & other's time & energy refuting all that yummy BS.

Almost. ;)

Off topic, but I'm posting

Off topic, but I'm posting this message from "Red Cloud," to ward-off the evil spirited planehuggers from PlanetX:

"It is not enough," Grandfather said, "just to seek the things of the Spirit on a personal level. To do so is selfish, and those who just seek the spiritual realms for themselves are not working to change the Spirit that moves through the consciousness of man. Instead they are running away, hiding from their responsibility and using their wisdom for their own glorification. Spiritual man must then work for a principle, a cause, a Quest far greater than the glorification of self, in order to affect the spirit that can change the course of man's destruction."

I sat for a long time in the quietude of the night, trying desperately to understand what Grandfather had told me. In essence, it was not enough to work for spiritual enlightenment for self, but to work for the spiritual enlightenment of all of mankind. To work only for self, to cloister oneself in the seeking of spiritual rapture, is to run from this responsibility. What Grandfather was saying is that a spiritual person must take the wisdom and philosophy of the Earth and bring it back into modern society.

Grandfather spoke again. "Trying to live a spiritual life in modern society is the most difficult path one can walk. It is a path of pain, of isolation and of shaken faith, but that is the only way that our Vision can become reality. Thus the true Quest in life is to live the philosophy of the Earth within the confines of man. There is no church or temple we need to seek peace, for ours are the temples of the wilderness. There are no spiritual leaders, for our hearts and the Creator are our only leaders. Our numbers are scattered; few speak our language or understand the things that we live. Thus we walk this path alone, for each Vision, each Quest, is unique unto the individual. But we must walk within society or our Vision dies, for a man not living his Vision is living death."

Hey, Gorilla, I do object to

Hey, Gorilla, I do object to your position about the CGI, for many reasons. The main one being that I've personally gone through everything, frame-by-frame. It is 'Salteristic' for us to even take-up this debate, AND I will not contest the body of your stated position, across the board. Stick to your line, because you will clearly catch some flies with raw-honey.

Missing from this diatribe, (as any MIT-drop-out will admit,) is the real premise that underlies ALL science. You won't know jack, until you go into the actual lab!

With this awareness, I have BOTH a 'plane' that will penetrate like butter, AND a method (actually a patented process that I know from the inventor,) which WILL fully 'cloak' the smaller 'rocket' into a full-sized plane.

Now, perhaps you will accept this from the horse's friends, mouth.

Robert Fulton III, was my film teacher at SAIC -Chicago. I asked him, shortly after classes began, what were his feelings about his dad, after so many years that I knew they had not the pleasure to even speak to each other? Fulton's eyes turned rabid, as a devil, and he grabbed me by the collar and drug me from the classroom, something I hadn't experienced since 4th grade. "If you ever mention one more word about my father, about what you've seen, I'll make you wish you had never come to this school. Why are you even here?, I mean, do you have any idea who, or what you are fucking with?!"

I believe in cloaking.

But, more so than all of that, it was the 'model' which I've described from day two, that's the secret to 'penetrating,' and to the ONE positive physical impossibility that NONE of you will address. Pup is the only one who even knew the words to best describe it. Conservation of energy, stuff like that. I've called it 'sodium' because it's the only thing I have personally experienced in a lab. Open the bottle and it ignites so fast as to break the glass. Plus, it was embedded in a layer of Sulfur, something that is ALWAYS terra-verde green in a mixture, AND it used SILICON to seal-out the air. How can this process fail?

What do you, and idiots,- like Steven Jones- not understand about PRIMING the goddamn THERMITE?

You are left with ZERO options except that proposed by Nico and Webfairy. ALSO, NONE OF YOU KNOW (sorry) about the report delivered to Giliuani: "EPA Demands Towers Down By 2007." For crying aloud, do you think it only took a couple of months to pull all this off? Even WITH real planes, they had CGI's as their back-up, except at the Pentagon, the one place where there was "zero liklihood of failure." -Or so they thought.

FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, -otherwise WHY haven't we seen, publicly on DVD, ALL OF THE RAW FOOTAGE?

My final premise reads like this: "I live in a Country that operates without the rule of Law."

Let me guess... you went out

Let me guess... you went out with your camera today.

And forgot to use focus.

And forgot to use focus. LOL

Both anti war, peace, anti

Both anti war, peace, anti globalization, and 9/11 Truth activists need to come together for an all out guerrilla campaign assault. "OBEY" like posters and stencils that say "Question 9/11"(actually I prefer "Question 9/11" or "Expose 9/11" or "9/11 Truth" than other phrases as far as getting the word out to the mainstream) 9/11 Truth stickers, freeway overpass hangings, and other noisy or subtle ways of getting the word out. Mouse and keyboard activism can only go so far.

"9/11=inside job" in the

"9/11=inside job" in the rear windshield of my car is pretty effective, espcially during rush hours on work days.

Fight the good fight!

Fight the good fight!

Is it legal to put things on

Is it legal to put things on road signs like that? Just a question.

Normally wouldn't that fall

Normally wouldn't that fall under the First Amendement right to petition?

I think that's protected in the Constitu... tu...


...I love GWB. Fuck the fags and the a-rabs.

Is it legal to put things on

Is it legal to put things on road signs like that? Just a question.
bb | 07.02.06 - 8:42 pm | #

I am pretty sure it isnt also on major roadways. However there is a site called highway blogger where the guy does just that. He'll even put on an orange vest so people think hes a city worker taking the signs down rather than putting them up.
As far as bumper stickers I got a cool one from Kevin Barrett that reads "911=neo con job", its his own.

Wolsey has a big sign on the

Wolsey has a big sign on the back of his truck that says, "9-11 Visiblity" or "9-11 Is The Correct Way To Write 9-11" or something like that... :lol:

Even though it's 9/11.

I have two stickers on my

I have two stickers on my car. "Bring the troops home now." and "9-11 Was An Inside Job".

FWIW, that sign is probably

FWIW, that sign is probably near Niagara Falls, Ontario, obviously headed for the border.

So, it's not an issue for the American Constitution but the Canadian Bill of Rights.

Either way, it's probably not legal. But kudos to whoever put it up. Now, anyone skilled with paint?

The Wolsey

Jon: is that System of a

is that System of a Down you have there? I didn't download it but I noticed the title.

I guess I couldve just downloaded it instead of asking.

Great song by the way.


Peter Phillips From Project

I'm watching that now...

I'm watching that now... it's very good.

Ya... SOAD... I love that

Ya... SOAD... I love that song. Thought I'd share.

How come Peter Phillips

How come Peter Phillips never gets on TV?

Anyone ever see the stuff

Anyone ever see the stuff put together at "9/11 The Fairy Tale From Hell"?

It's quite good.

youtube it.

My bad, its called freeway

My bad, its called freeway blogger.

I wonder what SOAD thinks

I wonder what SOAD thinks about 9/11

I don't know... Sometimes I

I don't know... Sometimes I hear Prison Song, and I think they know... other times, I don't.

I don't see and 9/11 Truth

I don't see and 9/11 Truth at that Freewayblogger site.

The Fairy Tale From

The Fairy Tale From Hell:

Part 12 is my favorite

I don't see and 9/11 Truth

I don't see and 9/11 Truth at that Freewayblogger site.
somebigguy | Homepage | 07.02.06 - 10:13 pm | #

Theres so much to look through I dont know if any 911 stuff is there or not, Im not a tech weenie but maybe if someone sent them a photo they'd add it to their site.

Hey SBG Heres one that comes


Heres one that comes close.

"Is it legal to put things

"Is it legal to put things on road signs like that? Just a question."

I don't know. Is it illegal to slam airliners into office buildings, implode them, & kill 3,000 people?

Reason for no 9/11 Truth on

Reason for no 9/11 Truth on Freeway Blogger: Most anti bush activists dont have the cajones to look at the big elephant in the room. We need to educate them.

I have a big Scolars logo

I have a big Scolars logo and link on the back of my car, plus a text for good eyes: Physical evidence that World Trade Center 1,2,7 brought down by explosives?

I'm more than happy to share

I'm more than happy to share this with the boys at perp central:

Use VISQUEEN, because it's dirt cheap!
Use KILLS spray Primer, because it's cheap and sprays much larger letters in one pass.
Use Duct tape, because George recommends it!

Watch the Fwy's for really offensive comments done in especially memorable fonts. I know, it sounds like someone here really isn't concerned about leaving breadcrumbs, but the opposite is true. They will track & bust you by your lack of care in switching letter characteristics! Also, with this (Bush approved) method you really haven't 'defaced' property. But, imagine the worst-case (legal) impact of that huge "Truth" banner hanging atop the local Newspaper's press building:... "Your honor, I submit these photos into the official court register, and charge the paper with accomplice to murder!" ...(Gulp, Dismissed!)

some activism i did a couple

Excellent activism, anti!

Excellent activism, anti!

Everyone here deserves a pat

Everyone here deserves a pat on the back for their activism. Well done all!! Keep it up!!!

anti: That's a great idea.


That's a great idea. I'm going to do this.


= + =

Things aren't what they seem

A distrust of authority and a desire to make sense of irrational events can fuel conspiracy buffs.

By SUSAN TAYLOR MARTIN, Times Senior Correspondent
Published July 2, 2006

GAINESVILLE — You’ve probably heard it:

The mob ordered President KennedyÂ’s assassination.

The Pentagon was hit by a missile, not a plane, on Sept. 11.

MORE, see:
= + =
= + =

I get so pissed-off I can't

I get so pissed-off I can't sleep. I come here about 5 times daily. Some of you are very eloquent, some simply observe brevity to be golden. Not one participant has struck me as being anything but genuinely concerned and decidedly 'polite.'

{Of course, we all know how to just skip right past the idiotic flamers.}

My point is, there are no reasonable points of conflict, once you've faced the facts as an adult. Those who would swagger in here like Katherine Harris must be pretty disappointed. That's right hon, nothing to see here, just move along...

BTW, on Google, there are 9,865,000. references to "Satan in Washington." Yet, only nine lead you to "MoveOn." :)

here's an interview i did w/

here's an interview i did w/ the freeway blogger. I met the dude at a '911 mysteries' presentation, where he gave a quick demo of how he makes and posts his 'blogs'. which makes me wonder why he doesn't do more 911 truth content. i personally think 'the war is a lie' which is one of his favs is a nonstarter. it do think its a matter of cojones too. the interview is pretty interesting, also at that link is a pic of a freeway blog i did which i like.
its totally legal, btw.

Here's a gorilla activism

Here's a gorilla activism idea.

You print up thousands of bumper stickers saying something short and succinct, like,


you don't point to a specific 911 truth site, because that would implicate that site in the ah, vandalism, which will follow. And, that single site can disappear, rendering all your bumper stickers obsolete.

Then you go nuts. Stick them on stop signs, fire hydrants, elevators, restrooms, and yes even people's bumpers in parking lots. Don't leave finger prints. Bring some windex and paper towels with you to wipe the dirt off the sticker target first, for a good secure application. In all cases, they'll stay there until they're removed, and at a bare minimum, the person removing them, stands a good chance of following through with the "911 Truth" internet search. Meanwhile, they'll broadcast "a thousand points of light" letting people know that they're not alone in their 911 suspicions, and others, waking up from deep blue-pill slumber.

Could 911blogger, or Carol B. (deception dollar maker) or some other ambitious person put together such a bumper sticker, for mass sale to activists?? Business opportunity, people! I don't care if you make a reasonable profit on the venture.. just git er done!

The mob ordered President

The mob ordered President KennedyÂ’s assassination.

The Pentagon was hit by a missile, not a plane, on Sept. 11.

Yes, the above is deliberate over-simplification to make truthers seem foolish.

I'm not a tech weenie either

I'm not a tech weenie either (Doug), but now that my Pentax ate it, I'm going to have to go digital and I'll send in some pictures of my truck (more like a traveling Truth mobile). On the back window of my camper shell, I've got Bush/Orwell on top, Stop Mad Cowboy Disease, Repeal The Patriot Act, Bush Knew (a hard one to find) and 9/11 Inside Job. And a No Dubya on one side and a tiny Think - It's Patriotic on the other. And always packin' Deception Dollars and Remarkable Facts cards. I have seen a Stop The 9/11 Cover-up sign hanging over the fwy near LAX (was up for quite awhile, I don't know who could have possibly put that there). And one of those signal boxes at a very busy intersection gets a new 9/11 truth sticker every time one comes down. I've got a million of these, but here's one: You know those free newspaper racks? Most have a plastic flap behind the window. Slip out the real estate guide (or whatever) and slip in a 9/11 Truth flyer. And slap a sticker on the side of the rack that faces oncoming traffic.

Excellent activist

Excellent activist work!!!

Let's out freeway blog the Freeway Bloggers:

Jimmy Walter's latest support at Webster Tarpley (07/02)

At around ~44:18 min of Pt. 2 of the latest "World Crisis Radio" show, Jimmy Walter explained again why he's supporting the evidence of 9/11 TV Fakery and why the aircraft silhouette seen in TV footage must have been an uploaded "graphic."

Walter's support was triggered by Webster's regular phone call guest "Dan" aka DLA (ex-public forum member Team8+), a specialist of private- and military contractors worldwide (, who turned out to be a planehugger who questioned the tv fakery research wondering if it was "credible" and/or "devisive."

At ~48:50 Webster Tarpley commented on the TV fakery findings: "let me just say concerning the Blue Screen [sic] issue, I think it's perfectly feasible, perfectly reasonable that the news film of 9/11 was doctored to one extent or another. We know from the Kennedy assassination community that the Zapruder film was thoroughly doctored []...This does not show us anything much what went on the real world."

[ed: Tarpley uses an outdated detail by using the word "blue screen." It was just a graphic (vector-keyed) CGI, which was used for an upload into the live broadcast. WABC 7=Fox News and the local NYC Fox 5 broadcasts (and footage) did not match each other either in CGI shape and simulated flight path ]

He also pointed out at ~49:09 that the "search for the truth is messy, it's necessary, some of the messengers are abrasive, so what?.."

I just called in the Tom

I just called in the Tom Harmann show on Air America radio and got 9/11 Truth into the conversation.

Last week I hung a T-Shirt

Last week I hung a T-Shirt that said "911 Inside Job?" on the rack in my laundry room. It stayed there for 3 or 4 days because no one wanted to touch another person's clothing hanging up. It was the first thing you saw when you walked in.

Also, Starbucks all have magnetic boards that you can post flyers on. They don't care what you put up there as long as you date it and you're not selling something.

I just called in the Tom

I just called in the Tom Harmann show on Air America radio and got 9/11 Truth into the conversation.
bozo | Homepage | 07.03.06 - 4:24 pm | #
what did you say?

As far as the CGI planes and

As far as the CGI planes and all, there is one fact that destroys that theory. The plane appears to move from lit to dark tp lit as it passes directly under the smoke plume created by the fires in WTC1.

Therefore, for the CGI theory to be true the plane would have to be digitally inserted, and dynamic light would have to be calculated taking the smoke plume into account, in real time.

The no plane issue is disinfo at worst, cry for attention at best.

Imgstacke, instead of giving


instead of giving us this "salterspeak drivel", why don't you tell us the URL for this video to analyse it much further?
The CGI was digitally inserted and they ignored any light-, zoom- and other -distractions anyway.
We actually point out on these inconsistencies.
So please shoot us your footage link to make your point.


Reminder to all: the

Reminder to all: the no-plane/blue screen/hologram etc noise is nothing but divisive.... divide and conquer, get folks infighting & spending their energies exploring rabbit holes which lead nowhere productive. Focus instead on the controlled demolition of WTC 1, 2 and esp 7. It's simply not "our job" to fill in the many unknowns with theories. It's like arguing over what really hit the pentagon, rather than uniting over the fact that TPTB have withheld the numerous videos which would indicate what hit the pentagon.

See those who keep returning to attempt to divide everyone with their fantastic pet theories for what they are, provocateurs. Their game will be clear when the next Popular Mechanics hit piece comes out, and goes straight for the hologram etc straw man theories which their own people have labored to poison the movement with.

Gorilla, "divide and

"divide and conquer" is only this here:

I'm actually waiting for a PopMech article, but there is nothing to debunk anyway, everyone is just ignoring or ranting it away without any clear counter argument :)

I think there is a serious

I think there is a serious problem with the seemingly intentionally divisive

He uses the term 'planehugger' a lot and obviously at the very best is more concerned about the recognition of his own personal theory than the advancement of the movement. We don't need the tv fakery theory to be proved to make our case and relying on it will only bring trouble, it just sets up another distracting straw man.

At the worst divisiveness is the goal of the site owner. Theres no need to argue over the fake plane stuff. It's like arguing about who exactly is responsible for 9/11 and the total scope of the criminal conspiracy.

Discussion within movement: good

Arguing and namecalling: bad

I'm glad to see that infighting isn't a problem inside the movement yet but it's easy to see that there is subtle encouragement towards it.

Don't you wish you knew what they were up to?

Film on John's site is

Film on John's site is great.



That's the spirit, Gorilla. All these are ready for full 6'x 24' freeway bridges. I have hoped many people would do these for the morinng traffic rush.