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Big thanks to DBLS for his efforts on getting the video to us.

Update: UW Instructor Defends Plan to Teach 9/11 Conspiracy Theory in Class

"Why would our government do this? To trigger a War that will not end in our lifetime." Says Kevin Barrett, a lecturer for UW-Madison who will teach a course on Islam this Fall.

Thanks to Kevin himself for sending this in.

One key goal must be to

One key goal must be to break the mainstream media silence!

The Global Power Elite -

The Global Power Elite - that's my name for the perps of 9/11. That includes zionists, bankers, bilderbergs, rich saudis, rich europeans, reptiles, whatever..... and they all want never ending War.

Agreed - we don't know what

Agreed - we don't know what hit the Pentagon,

and what's more ,


Also, why the focus still on

Also, why the focus still on the "what hit the pentagon" when theres a bajillion other solid points to make?

pockybot | 07.04.06 - 8:35 am |

Yes, the Pentagon is a big waste of time.
As are holograms.
As are secret societies.

We don't need any of them. We gotta keep our heads in this game.

Otherwise we will lose.

I agree, I mean I know

I agree, I mean I know Mossad had involvement, but to say "OMG ITS THE JEWS!" in every breath is meant to poison the well. Again, not to name names...but sites that focus on the "jews" and bash 9/11 Truthers out themselves as disinfo agents.

Also, why the focus still on the "what hit the pentagon" when theres a bajillion other solid points to make?

And hell yes, Sander Hicks is by FAR my fave 9/11 Truth speaker

Sweet... thanks DBLS.

Sweet... thanks DBLS.

I'm sorry... did he use

I'm sorry... did he use Hitler as an analogy for free speech?

The information Kevin

The information Kevin Barrett may be talking about is reminiscent of Hitler, and his actions regarding the Reichstag, but the man Kevin Barrett is more like Ghandi.

I'm kind of glad I made that

I'm kind of glad I made that analogy.

As we found out on the 1st of this year, Winston Churchill was prepared to let Ghandi die from a hunger strike in prison. In fact, he was "incensed" over the idea of giving Ghandi a "moral victory", and allowing him to leave the prison.

As we found out yesterday, the Bush Administration likes to compare the President to Winston Churchill. "The President and others in the Administration often invoke Winston Churchill, both privately and in public, as an example of a politician who, in his own time, was punished in the polls but was rewarded by history for rejecting appeasement. In one speech, Bush said, Churchill “seemed like a Texan to me. He wasn’t afraid of public-opinion polls...He charged ahead, and the world is better for it."

How many people died from "the chair" while Bush was Governor of Texas?

Do you think Bush would let Kevin Barrett die in prison?

I have no doubt. Kevin, let's hope you never get arrested.

last year i gave senator

last year i gave senator barak obama a july 4 deadline to reopen 9-11, he is 364 days late

i sent him a letter

here is his response, which was edited in my hotmail account

someone, (pentagon) removed the sentence where he said he watched the video, (pentagon strike flash video) and still buys the government story

typical israeli owned democrats, obama and durbin

here it is

Dear Frank:

Thank you for contacting me regarding your concerns that all available footage of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon may not have been released.

I agree that the government should be as transparent as possible in releasing information about events that affect our country, but I recognize that in some instances the need for transparency is trumped by national security interests. I am sure you are familiar with the report issued by the 9/11 Commission. It provides the public with a strong compendium of information about the tragic events of 9/11.

Again, Frank, thank you for writing. Please feel free to contact me in the future with issues of concern.


Barack Obama
United States Senator



"a strong compendium of

"a strong compendium of information"... well, the 9/11 Commission report surely is that... there's a lot of information there, and it is a large compendium, but how relevant and on target is that information? The only thing strong about is the odor and after-taste.

i'd be suprised if Obama

i'd be suprised if Obama even wrote that letter.

Kevin Barrett really is believable. The local news team did a good job of reporting.

" The local news team did a

" The local news team did a good job of reporting."

Just like the local news did a good job of reporting about Professor Jones when he first came out.

swear to jesus obama maile

swear to jesus obama maile that to me

some parts were deleted

i find it funny how a nem topic starts every time i post

be aware and beware

Notice how there wasnt an

Notice how there wasnt an option for those who agree with Kevin Barrets views on that survey....

Not bad, those journalist

Not bad, those journalist are clearly behind the curve or are cleaverly exposing 9/11 without getting there butts fired. Either way I'm glad to see the exposure. Kevin Barret seems to be very adept at handleing the situation.

Sander Hicks is a very brave

Sander Hicks is a very brave man.

Not only that, he is an excellent speaker, clear, concise, courteous and well researched. We could do worse than use him as a model.

I find his comments about the Nazi connections and anti-semitism extremely interesting. I have long puzzled over the accusations of certain Truthers such as Hufschmid and Smith that 9/11 was a Zionist plot, and tried to see how to square this with the known links between the Third Reich and key9/11 players.

The two 'truthers' mentioned believe that the majority of us are infiltrators.
Could it be that the real disinfos/infiltrators are those pointing the finger so shrilly at Israel and a conspiracy of pro-Jewish supporters?

yeah I think people going

yeah I think people going after Israel and the zionists or whatever are really just gonna move the movement backwards. Who cares if it was the zionists or the neocons or the lizardmen from the center of the earth? why is that any of that more important than the overall goal of exposing the lie. When the lie is exposed and the population is mobilized the process of discovering the truth may come naturally, in fact, inevitably. The truth can only stay buried for so long before it finds it's way back into the light of day. After all, the Truth Movement does not suffer from a lack of facts and evidence. The truth of 9-11 could not be kept secret for even a few years.

These people who sow division do not share the goals of a real member of the 9-11 Truth Movement. Our goal must be to go after the cognitive dissonance that has our country in it's grip. We don't need to know EXACTLY who the actors of 9-11 were to progress the movement. That is purely academic. The 9-11 Truth Movement is not and must not become an academic pursuit. The 9-11 Truth Movement is about global change, a thought revolution, one simple idea with the power to restore the fate of all humanity to it's own hands. With luck.

I'd send all journalists who

I'd send all journalists who are involved so far my support mail for Kevin plus adding my Timeline.

So did you?

The Nation: Standing Against

The Nation: Standing Against an Unjust War: I stand here today in support of Lt. Ehren Watada, the first active duty commissioned officer to publicly refuse deployment to Iraq. Lt. Watada has courageously declared that our government's war on Iraq is both illegal and immoral.