9/11 Candidate Craig Hill For Senate

We recently received the following email, please consider contributing to Craig Hill's run!

9/11 activist and justice seeker Craig Hill, producer of the 2004 film Treason Inc, has recently announced his candidacy for Senate here in the State of Vermont.

9/11 people need to know about and support Craig other 9/11 truth & justice candidates with donations and other types of support.

Remember that candidates have a platform with which they can address issues and get coverage, an purchase air time and print media at reduced rates without censorship. Craig has already got local television to show building 7 collapsing. This was on two different stations.

If the 9/11 Truth movement is to have the impact that we realize is vital to the survival of our country and our Constitution, then we must vigorously support candidates like Craig.

If we do not support candidates like Craig, who takes the MIHOP position, then the 9/11 movement could well continue in the tradition of the UFO, JFK, and other assorted conferences and media genres that have been relegated to the fringes of society. That is exactly where Bush & the Neocons want 9/11 Truth, in the open, at the fringes, where it will rot.

Candidates though can challenge directly incumbent candidates on their failure to address the issues of 9/11 which constitutes a breaking of such elected officials Oaths to defend the Constitution and the Nation from enemies both foreign and domestic.

Legitimate candidates willing to speak out on 9/11 is vital to this movement. Craig is perhaps the premier 9-11 advocate in the world, because of his experience and knowledge, and that he is running for Senate in Vermont which has one of the smallest Senator to citizen ratios in the nation.

Since he is running for such high office on this issue he is essentially representing a movement of people that goes beyond Vermont and in fact addresses people of the entire world. This is why everyone needs to help people like Craig force Congress to deal with the Truth.

Go to Craig's Website, watch for updates, order a copy of Treason Inc. give donations even...



Bruce Marshall
(Co-Chair, Vermont Green Party)

Please consider donating to those running for office under the 9/11 truth banner, including Carol Brouillet, Bob Bowman, Matthew Woodson, and Craig Hill. Feel free to post about others whom you are aware of that the 9/11 community should support as well.

Are any of these candidates

Are any of these candidates backed by a 9/11 truth organization?
I only ask because I didn't see a link on any of their sites to anyone within the community, which, IMO, would be a smart move if they wanted to provide reinforcement to the foundation of their campaign.

Certainly, individuals

Certainly, individuals within the community will publicly show support for these potential candidates.
But are these candidates showing public support of this community?

well, then...

well, then...

...right... so they just

so they just appeared out of nowhere?
shoveling out promises without any real connection to the community?
Put an old white guy out there in a suit and let's make him our leader?
Take my money, take my money, we want commercials!
Were any of these old white dudes marching with ya'll in Chicago?
Maybe they have some articles they've written and published?
I know one of them gave some kind of speech, I think it was BB.
Has he given any lately?

I don't know the answer to

I don't know the answer to any of your questions.

I noticed that Carol has Dr.

I noticed that Carol has Dr. Griffin's support, but does st911.org, or 911truth, or any full fledged organization within the community as a whole fully support her or any of these people seeking candidacy?
And do the candidates share the same 9/11 truth among themselves?
In other words, does Carol believe one thing, and Woodson or Hill believe another?
I only ask because the differences could generate politically fueled friction between different camps, therefore weakening the 911 truth movement as a whole.
On the brighter side, they could all win and just work out whatever differences they have while in the process of creating a new independent investigation, a goal I'm sure they all share.
I hope.

Also, Dennis Morrisseau. He

Also, Dennis Morrisseau. He was one of candidates at the Chicago Truth Conference.

Running for Congress in Vermont.

Met up with him and had some good discussions.


I don't understand how it

I don't understand how it would weaken the "movement as a whole" to know (knowledge is power!) that some of its participants (for eg, Brouillet and Bowman) are no more interested in asking basic questions of Bush (who told us, indirectly, that he was "in the loop" on the very beginning of the 'secret' attack) than are all the existing worthless corrupt oath-defying Republican and Democrat and Republicrat and Demican congresscritters.

In terms of "9-11 Community"

In terms of "9-11 Community" support, I would say that Craig Hill has the support of Webster Tarpley who asked Craig to introduce him at the recent Los Angeles 9-11 Conference. Craig was also part of the 'Candidates Panel' at the Chicago Conference. His film TreasonInc certainly makes him one of the outstanding voices of the said '9-11 Community'.

If various groups want to endorse Craig, I suggest that they contact Craig.

Thanks to 9-11 Blogger for mentioning the other candidates names specifically.

Bruce Marshall, Co-Chair,Green Party of Vermont

F.Y.I. The Green Party and

F.Y.I. The Green Party and the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance asked me to run. I have been a fulltime activist since 1992, and the first to organize a march demanding an investigation of 9-11 in January 2002. I've published and distributed over 5,900,000 Deception Dollars. I organized the first International Inquiry into 9/11 and produced "Behind Every Terrorist- There is a Bush." I won the primary (uncontested) and will be on the ballot in November. Frankly, most all of my energies have been directed toward 9-11 Truth organizing/events (including the 9/11 Truth rally in Chicago- and the conference) rather than my campaign. I do need the help and support of the 9-11 Truth Movement, but I also believe that the Truth Movement is more important than any individual campaign- if we succeed in waking up the country- then Repulicans/Democrats/incumbents who have aided and abetted the Administration to carry out 9/11, the cover-up, and perpetuate the bogus War on Terrorism, and to construct a Global Police State that threatens Americans, as well as the entire world should all be ousted. I wish there were hundreds of honest, 9-11 Truth, people willing to serve people/planet rather than the military/industrial/intelligence/media complex. We can't just point out how awful the situation is, we must also point towards some solution- hope. I think impeaching the current regime for 9/11 and related crimes is the first step towards redeeming the country in the eyes of the world, and halting Fascism here.

Thanks Bruce and Carol for

Thanks Bruce and Carol for the response.
Carol, I understand that there's an automatic impulse to seek impeachment of the President for 9/11 crimes, and that the opening of the new investigation into 9/11 is essential before that can be followed through.
My question is, with so many other people wanting Bush impeached over Iraq, NSA, etc. what are the real chances of a new 9/11 investigation elbowing its way to its rightful place at the front of the line among so many other strong issues already being taken up by members in Congress. These issues kind of serve to shield the Bush administration from the main issue of 9/11.