9/11 Truth Door To Door - Video

Jon Gold hits the streets:

This idea came to me the other night. I have a camcorder that's pretty good quality. I have iMovie, which lets me make movies easily. Why shouldn't I go door to door asking people about whether or not they think the Government lied to us about 9/11? It's a simple enough question that gets a variety of answers.

The first woman I interviewed looked to me as if she thought the Government was lying, but didn't know to what extent, so her answer was ultimately no. She was aware though that the media in particular doesn't tell you everything. The gentleman I interviewed obviously didn't even want to consider the idea. I don't fault people for that. I understand the fear involved. I thank him for his time though.

The last person I interviewed is exactly what I was hoping to find. After two no's, she was a blessing in disguise.

I think this idea in general is something people in the movement should consider doing. It gets those of us always looking for new 9/11 Truth footage to watch something, and it also is a way of getting the message out while making people think.

If you have a camcorder, and want to take the time, I highly recommend it. Just be careful. You never know who you might run into.

Check it out here:

Here's the link on my

Jon Gold has a sexy voice !!

Jon Gold has a sexy voice !!

Well thank you Chana. :)

Well thank you Chana. :)

jon stop getting your

jon stop getting your girlfriends to verbally blow you on 911blogger.com

a 757 going 500 MPH is going

a 757 going 500 MPH is going 8.3 miles per minute.

If the plane is 50 miles out, that means it will arrive in less approximately 6 minutes.

If the plane is 10 miles out, you have less than 90 seconds.



"jon stop getting your

"jon stop getting your girlfriends to verbally blow you on 911blogger.com"

I don't know her?

Hey, that's totally cool. I

Hey, that's totally cool.

I know you probably gave this some thought before you did it, but I wonder what the difference in response might be if the question was something like "were you satisfied with the investigation into September 11?" "Lie" is obviously a very loaded word.

Mr. Man Number Two irked me, just 'cause of his "our government wouldn't do something so gruesome." Really? (Earlier this week I read an anecdote over at freewayblogger.com that was just the worst thing I've ever heard about the war in Iraq and and I can't stop thinking about it. I'm pretty sure they could and would.)

That was awesome Jon :)

That was awesome Jon :)

Did you pass on a juicy url for the doubters?

I talked to the third

I talked to the third person... gave her some info... I kicked myself in the ass afterwards for not taping it.


I have one idea more about

I have one idea more about spreading the truth in offices, in case you haven't done it anyway already:
Install one of these "scrolltext"-screensavers, they exist for every platform. Then simply put a question in as scrolltext, nothing direct, nothing that turns people off and is too agressive, and of course, nothing that gets you fired, just let it say "What really happened, September 11th ?" for example.
It's a lasting gag that will make people think sooner or later.

In regards to the

In regards to the question... I thought it was simple enough... straight forward enough... I dunno... I'll get better as I go... :)

Michael Wolsey Interviews

I wonder if it's necessarily

I wonder if it's necessarily a good thing that you've fed my 9/11 net addiction this way, but thanks.

Wolsey told me... "you

Wolsey told me... "you realize you have to do this all the time now right?"

Wolsey's show is good...

Wolsey's show is good... it's all about 7/7, and the parallels with 9/11.

that was great stuff Jon, i

that was great stuff Jon, i really liked that a bunch. i think a lot of people too overly involved in the 9/11 community forget it is people like these whose opinion we must garner to judge true success.

good stuff!

Thanks. :)

Thanks. :)

I've got one question and a

I've got one question and a suggestion.

Whatever happened to the man that got burned really bad in the basement of the WTC? The guy that William Rodriguez talked about? Is it possible to contact him if he survived?

Also, we need to push for some of these "alive" hijackers to give video interviews that we can use as firepower in our debates. Thanks

CrazyDimond: Well... if it


Well... if it helps the choir sing better....

You're kind of talking about change agents, for change agents. Tough stuff, but maybe not impossible.

It seems however, that unless a person has severed their bonds to creature comforts, a person usually maintains even a tacit lie to them self (let alone a whopper like 9.11) because cash or comfort continues to flow, for all they perceive.

Often, simply for a lack of genuine education and exposure to honest history, many people are just incapable of comprehending "a very likely future", and why some Policies have nothing but a bad end in store. They've never been exposed to such things as have been repeated through the ages. Take the FRN for example... no thank you, please.

Not that complete cynicism is a good thing, but lacking any, they might as well be a babe in the woods. The No-Child's-Behind-Left bullshit, a program looooong in the making, has truly created a nation of mostly tardos. I'm sorry, I'd challenge someone to prove me wrong on that point, but the only one's who would want to, are tardos and thus incapable.

True life B.F. Skinner sycophants have pulled a disgusting fast-one, thus "drop outs" are some of the smartest kinds on the streets in America right now, if you can accept that. They may not be particular pleasant people, but they've been learning to trust instinct to a much larger degree. Inductive reasoning is lightning fast and often correct. Deductive reasoning, dependent on reference and citation, has an Achilles Heal. "School" people into accepting the word of Authority in a robotic and uncritical manner..... print the text books the way you want them to "read".... and presto! Zombies.

That has been the curriculum now for 30 years. Don't believe me, because you know not to take someone on their word? Go check it out for yourself.

Like I've said.... Little Boy George, sitting in the Skinner Reading Class..... IS the punch-line of 9.11.

The action items come down to something like these maybe;

1) An extremely difficult task of educating adult-children. Most destined to fail as we would be cut-off at the pass by the endless stream of new tards generated by the current top-down system.

2) Counter Media. Already well underway and historically our best tried and true weapon, honed for centuries around many a camp fire. [Counter] Story Telling, let the listener decide.

3)As time is against us, and the enemy in-side the gate has a nasty collection of buttons like never before, I'm still open to considering faster-moving tactics. Never to be discussed in open company. (Don't say allowed here, how you're going to "game" KOS. This is an info-war, start taking that seriously, and go low tech if need be. Tin cans and string if we must. Starve them from knowing our conversations. That wizbang site had someone post "their coming", just before we [did]. Get it?)

Erin, I caught that post

Erin, I caught that post too. My sense of it though was more like, "oh f--k, here come the nutjobs again".

It was an interesting thread that one.

Any Canadians see this?

Any Canadians see this? Good Open letter from a local truth movement.


Gold: If you did that on


If you did that on iMovie, why won't the link work through a PowerBook and Safari? Is there another link I can try. Your experiment sounds interesting.

MediaPuppet: Ya, don't take


Ya, don't take me too literal on everything, but I think we get the drift.

Whether 'They' are keeping a close eye on us or not, our patterns are clearly predictable. "Here they come".

We don't want that at all!

I myself had an idea for a

I myself had an idea for a documentary short by going to a big city and simply asking people if they think we were told the full truth about 9/11. I'd LOVE to see the reactions people give. I post a lot on massive geek/gamer related forums, and besides the usual "get out of here tinfoil idiot!" half the youth know something aint right with the official story. I just dislike how people think "Loose Change" is all we got.

And yeah, why arent more UK folks waking up to the truth of 7/7?
Hell look at 3/11, it was done by the bomb squad!

Oh yeah, just wanted to say

Oh yeah, just wanted to say Jon rules for coming up with stuff like this. That first girl I found hot in a nerdy sort of way. But yeah, I think the question I would have phrased was "Do You Think We Were Told The Full Truth About September 11th", and I doubt hardly anyone could say absolutely yes.

I definately would not reccomend saying "do you think the government had a hand in 9/11"...gotta ease people into LIHOP sometimes.

Nice job Jon. I have got to

Nice job Jon. I have got to hand it to you, your not all talk like some people who claim to be truthers. In my mind talk is cheap. I like to see some action. That is grassroots at its best. Thanks bro.

That was great Jon! I

That was great Jon! I actually found the manin the second interview the most revealing. He seemed to be aware of the possibility that our own Government was directly involved, not just hiding a few facts from the public, thats why he looked down and spoke slowly as he said, " They wouldn't have done something that horrific." As far as I can tell you never suggested that the 'government did it', you simply asked did they lie about it. There's a big difference.
Many aquantences of mine to whom I have provided information about 911, have had that same response, and expressions, once it all sank in that our Government's involvement is a real possibility based on the evidence.
These were usually the people that encouraged me to show them it all, "to bring it on " so to speak. I would just leave them with some information, Global Outlook, a couple DVDs and suggestions for further research.
When I would see them days or weeks later, they were not so enthusiastic about looking further into the evidence, but seemed slightly withdrawn and just kept saying (almost to themselves) " They wouldn't do that , our Government just wouldn't do that." For the moment they didn't want discuss any more evidence, and I have always respected that because in some ways I think they had actually gotten closer to the Truth than my friends that more easily accepted that Bush is simply covering up his incompatence, and stopped there..

Just some thoughts......Nice job Jon ..I just might try that in my community.

Actually, RP, that's a

Actually, RP, that's a really interesting point. His comment means that although he doesn't think they would do it, that's immediately where his thought process goes when he thinks "government+lie+9/11" and just the awareness of that possibility is significant.

Or, more specifically, it's

Or, more specifically, it's the prominence of that possibility in his awareness. It's the first place he goes, although I think he "just doesn't want to go there."

Wonderful idea! Thumbs up

Wonderful idea!

Thumbs up

Is Jon Gold not satisfied

Is Jon Gold not satisfied with spreading lies here and on his own site?

Is tom not satisfied with

Is tom not satisfied with the failure of his own lie? A lie causing death from start to finish.

You scum sucking piece of shit!

Tom wrote: "Is Jon Gold not

Tom wrote:
"Is Jon Gold not satisfied with spreading lies here and on his own site?"

?? How can going
"door to door asking people about whether or not they think the Government lied to us about 9/11?" be a lie? It´s a question!

I guess what you really mean is, that YOU don't believe that the US government lied about 9/11, and therefore find it offensive that other people(around half the US population, more abroad) disagree. Is this a fair interpretation? If so, I´d really appreciate if you´d care to explain:

1) How you arrive at this conclusion(assuming it isn´t just faith-based?)
2) How a different point of view can be offensive... normally the definition of a democracy, includes the valueing of diverging points of view.


Please do more of these,

Please do more of these, Jon! You should also be aware of the differences that would probably show up if you took the time to gather 5 neighbors at the time, or small groups of door-to-door interview objects.

Just an idea. But that would also raise the issue as something for neighbors to discuss (even when Jon is not there).

Thanks all for your

Thanks all for your compliments, ideas, and such... RP, there is no maybe, there is only do.

"Gold: If you did that on


If you did that on iMovie, why won't the link work through a PowerBook and Safari? Is there another link I can try. Your experiment sounds interesting."

Download the file itself, and then run it... it's in podcast format.

"Is Jon Gold not satisfied

"Is Jon Gold not satisfied with spreading lies here and on his own site?"

Since when is asking a question a "lie", and when have I ever lied? Based on your logic, you just lied.

Make sure to inform those

Make sure to inform those who say that "I don't see why the government would do such a thing" about PNAC, the need for a new Pearl Harbor etc.
Like your style Jon, calm and well put and not in your face.

This is a Great Blog :) I

This is a Great Blog :) I think I'll make myself at home.

damn, no wmv.

damn, no wmv.

Invest in the free

Invest in the free technology known as quicktime.

" This is a Great Blog I

" This is a Great Blog I think I'll make myself at home."

Make sure you sign up on the YBBS to.

Very cool!!

Very cool!!

What? The Gov't lie about

What? The Gov't lie about 9/11? They would be involved in something so gruesome? I just don't see it.

i cant, my computer is old

i cant, my computer is old and shitty. oh well.

Jon, what a killer idea!

Jon, what a killer idea! Thanks for doing it.



I found hot in a nerdy sort

I found hot in a nerdy sort of way.

I agree, that was the first thing I said to Jon when I watched it...