Michael Wolsey Interviews The U.K.'s 9/11 Truth Chairman Ian Crane

Michael Wolsey Interviews The U.K.'s 9/11 Truth Chairman Ian Crane

On this, the first anniversary of the 7/7 bombings in London, Visibility 9-11 welcomes the Chairman of the 9/11 truth Movement in the U.K., Ian Crane. Ian has done extensive work on exposing the events of 9/11/01 and the bombings in London on 7/7/05. Here, Ian discusses similarities between 7/7 and 9/11 along with some of the many anomolies of the 7/7 bombings that point to government involvement in the crimes and subsequent cover-up. To learn more about the 7/7 bombings in London, check out www.officialconfusion.com.

Big thanks to Jon Gold for the heads up!

I remember a photo of the

I remember a photo of the bus with the roof blown off and a Kingstar van right next to it! Kingstar does controlled demolitions. I have it saved somewhere, will look in the AM

I'm enjoying Visibility

I'm enjoying Visibility 9/11- great guests- and I love that he lets them really just say whatever they want, usually without any interuption.

Another really great site for audio interviews that I stumbled upon nearly by accident was the "Guns and Butter" radio interview archives.




Have you folks had a chance to listen to these? They is really some fantastic stuff here. There's a couple of interviews with a personal favorite, Jim Hoffman (forgive me Dr. Fetzer for my idolatry! ;-) but please note I am just now about to listen to the latest episode of Random Thoughts, which I expect I'll enjoy...), along with David Ray Griffin, Sander Hicks, Chossudovsky, and the ever-amusing and occasionally bonkers Tarpley.

One listen that was a genuine surprise and a complete pleasure was A Professional Pilot's View of the Events of 911. I'd heard several of the anecdotes before (like the FAA evidence destruction stuff) - but it had some new information that was pretty gripping.

Really worth checking out, for those of you starved for substantive 9/11 insights.

I like Ian Crane... He did a

I like Ian Crane...

He did a great job with his "The 9/11 – 7/7 Connection" Documentary.

Google Link : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7193024010983572797&q=7%2F7+9%2F11

Top Guy !!!

"9-11 rekindled painful

"9-11 rekindled painful memories, Mineta says...." http://www.belleville.com/mld/belleville/news/nation/14980986.htm
Another silent Democrat re: 9/11!

Oh, there aren't gov't

Oh, there aren't gov't shills out there:

"The fourth man indicted in a New Hampshire phone-jamming scheme -- in which Republican operatives jammed the phone lines of Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts in a 2002 Senate race -- will argue at trial that the Bush Administration and the national Republican Party gave their approval to the plan, according to a motion filed by his attorney Thursday"... http://www.rawstory.com/news/2006/Man_indicted_in_election_day_phone_070...

Worth repeating: Amazing

Worth repeating:

Amazing coincidence:
Cpt Burlingame rehearsed (in 2000) aircraft hitting pentagon, and then he is BY PURE CHANCE the pilot of flight 77.

Can someone give us the footnotes to this, please!

Re: L77 Two

Re: L77

Two things:


- the witness who stepped out of the bus before it exploded talked about a guy fiddling in his bag...

was this guy trying to disabled the bomb? Was he trying to find out what was in the bag?


what ever happened to the bombers TWO WEEKS LATER??