Another Norway Paper steps up.

Norway's "Aftenposten", (a mainstream tabloid-style newspaper), has followed "Le Monde Diplo" and published an interview with Mike Berger in their 7/7/2006 edition. They also interview resident skeptic, Jahn Otto Johansen to present "balance". Rough, unofficial translation, here.

Thanks Eirik for the translation!

Norway wins the Eurovision

Norway wins the Eurovision and now this? Excellent, well done Norway.

Great article. Expresses

Great article. Expresses most issues well and the resident skeptic comes across as lame.

Good article.

Good article.

Isn't this what should long

Isn't this what should long have happened in the U.S. media? First NYT then Wash Post...but not in 2006 America, sadly.

About the bank records spying they recently published articles discussing "When do we publish a secret?". Now the question is, when do we revise history? Is our society at all capable of that?

heavy on WTC7. nice.

heavy on WTC7. nice.

Don't people who come to

Don't people who come to this site wonder why the American media isn't giving as much attention to 9/11 Truth as the foreign media?

Is foreign media made up of crazy, whacky Conspiracy Theorists?

we scandinavians may be your

we scandinavians may be your saviours! :D
just kidding, but i hope the U.S media will glance at our massmedia and take over the torch of exposing these lying bastards.


I GUARANTEE the largest 9/11

I GUARANTEE the largest 9/11 Truth contingent is within the United States, yet, our media doesn't cover it.

"im on a mission to dig up

"im on a mission to dig up the facts, you got your stories but they dont got tracks. disinformation, lies and deciet, what made you think that we were all asleep?"

"im on a mission to never forget, 3000 people,that ive never met.we want some answers, and all that we get, some kind of shit about a terrorist threat."

yeah, you gotta remember

yeah, you gotta remember that us americans are up against the most sophisticated propaganda machine on the planet. China has nothing on us. China and others are blatant about their censorship, what makes the United States media so damaging is the illusion it gives that we are a "free press". sadly, most americans are under the impression we do indeed have a free press.

that's true. you need to

that's true. you need to take matter into your own hands - peacefully ofcourse!

i'm thinking of flying over to NYC (from Sweden) on 9/11 this year and joining you guys @ Ground Zero.

I must say that Im

I must say that Im dissapointed over Mr Johansen. I dont say that he MUST believe the same as we do, but the way he`s painting a picture here is just unpolite.
I sent him a mail with some questions, and hopefully he will answer them. Or maybe he choose the easy way again; talk dirty and just jump over the facts. Maybe he dont even know about them...
But hes not alone. How many times havent you heard "that is just insane, you guys are maniacs". None of them ever speak about the evidences and facts. Thats what I call a chicken.

To bad we don't have a real

To bad we don't have a real free press in this country. This country is a lot further gone than most people would imagine. Even most of the websites that are critical of the government never mention 9/11 or if they do it is in conjunction with Osama Bin Laden and 19 arabs.
They are using the lessons they learned from Vietnam on us. Secrecy and a titely controled press. We have to adapt too!

"we scandinavians may be

"we scandinavians may be your saviours! :D
just kidding, but i hope the U.S media will glance at our massmedia and take over the torch of exposing these lying bastards."

I believe that all Americans like me seek & gladly accept any and all help from Scandinavia & the rest of the world. The maniacs that committed 9/11 are as evil as the Nazis were. America helped rid the world of Hitler, & now we need the worldÂ’s help in bringing the 9/11 murderers to justice before they start more wars & kill more innocent people.

Please increase all of your fine efforts to expose 9/11 truth!

Aftenposten is the main

Aftenposten is the main paper of Oslo, if not Norway, not a fringe tabloid or the lesser "Dagbladet" also from Oslo. That this conservative rag is covering this is excellent.

Have you all seen «Is the

Have you all seen «Is the media failing America?» I think what just happened in Norway this week resembles the conditions in the media that Dan Rather talks about, and that made the Watergate revelations possible.

I.e some kind of personal editor/ownership, instead of a vast hierarchy.

There is no offense greater

There is no offense greater to humanity than allowing one's media to be complicit in acting as a gatekeeper, knowingly and systematicaly contrived to prevent their own constituency from the opportunity of seeing ourselves honestly, through our neighbor's eyes.

It is this 'quality' which so greatly disturbs me about my country, the so-called 'benevolent' USA.

In essence, we have all but said: "Europe, go piss up a rope! UK, India, Australia,- you too, you stupid cowards, always pandering to the Aristocracy, or some tax-collector for the (archaic) Queen... " It is a full-bore conspiracy, but to see it for what it is you must first go to these places, and upon returning, you will find that absolutely nobody HERE thinks their allies, and brethren's issues could possibly matter in the least. It is as ubiquious as Cancer, having both active and passive components that continue to divide us.

This week, I have been very upset to learn that almost no Americans find the current situation in Mexico's Presidential 'selection' to be of much importance in the least. Perhaps US VOTERS need to be presented with a ballot, come Monday AM: Do you, or DO YOU NOT want your country to become 'one' with Mexico? -Yes, or NO? This issue IS central to the process underway. Bush has lost 1/2 of South America's supposed TAFTA 'support'. He, by way of paramilitary war, has fully 'bought' the support of the Columbian Nation, whether we see it or not. Oddly, there is an excellent option for the Mexican people, who should see that this is not an issue of 'political ideaologies,' but rather one of Global, humanitarian concern. The 'solution' is simply to re-Vote! With the 3rd party (Ralph Nader) out of the way, it should become very simple to see who is the favorite.

For now, we must accept that there is NO vaildity to the US Congress, or the Legislative Branch. They are just the puppets of the CFR! The CFR can therefore be credited to 9/11, etc... We are taught "America cannot 'police' the world." This is not true, where in fact; "We MUST 'police' our daughter, Israel." This, and other dire situations like Darfur, Ivory Coast, are well within the parameters of "protecting our interests." And I would circulate the troops to attend to this immediately. It is no longer reasonable to call on the 'UN,' (vis-a-vie NGO's) to restore the peace! God would have all of the 'promised land' operating as an international safe-haven. It's people should feel no less 'free' than Amsterdam.

Hey, this is interesting!.

Hey, this is interesting!. Don't know if this is related, but I sent Aftenposten a tip last week about the Le Monde article and asked if they had the guts to do a follow-up. I guess they do :)