Further Details of 9/11 Citizen's Court in D.C.

Be There On DC Sept 11, 2006 to Sept 18th. - 911citizenscourt.com

This Sept 11, 2006 a new era will dawn on America. On that day the people will convene and move through the legal recourse needed to redress the government. At no other time in our nations history has so important a moment drawn near. As the war of lies passes the $500 Billion debt mark and 3000 US dead along with 100,000's in the nation we "saved", as freedom and liberty has been sold out to a federal police force, as all Americans have been affected by corporate and limited liability governments and municipal codes, time has come for the change

Join us with Rick Siegel and other luminaries in Washington DC starting Sept 11, 2006 for a week of music, culture, education and change as American rises to the task of redress of their government. There is scant time left to the task and now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country.

Cindy Sheehan to Move Camp Will Hookup with 911 Citizens Court - 911citizenscourt.com

We are proud to see that Cindy Sheehan and Jose Rodriguez have secured the mall for us and added their own name of Camp Democracy to our efforts in front of Congress. We welcome all to the American Assembly. For our great Republic to learn about the Constitution and the stripping of our rights which allowed the war to happen. We will be together to Restore the Republic and the unalienable rights promised us in our Constitution.

While we find it sad to see Cindy is supporting “rule of law’ instead of “unalienable rights”, Democracy instead of a Republic, we welcome her efforts into our event and will educate those whose knowledge is lacking in these areas.

Thank you for taking notice Cindy and DC people! We are proud that you surround our dates with your efforts and know that when we join our forces of 911 to the huge anti war throngs we will make changes. Thanks for finally doing an event alongside 911 truth.

Where will you be this 9/11? With any luck I hope to attend both NYC on 9/11 and DC.

This matrix we are in right

This matrix we are in right now is only possible because of 9/11 and it needs to be the singular focus of whatever rally there's going to be. This is not an anti-poverty, anti-war demo. It ought to be in NY or DC but not both at the same time. Maybe one in LA too. And we're talking several hundred thousand people, if not millions. The differences between thruth-seekers need to be put aside for now, seriously.

I like the idea of a week-long protest but it must not turn into some hippie/kumbaya gathering. Nor some Alex Jones tyrade about the NWO. (Nothing against him but you know how he gets sometimes.) You've gotta present some clear, concise info about the smoking guns of 9/11. Maybe have a couple of Jumbotrons with looping WTC7 clips.

It's time to stop singing and start swinging - Malcolm X.

I guess I'll go to Ground

I guess I'll go to Ground Zero on 9/11/2006, and then go to D.C. a few days after that.

What does this mean? "While

What does this mean? "While we find it sad to see Cindy is supporting “rule of law’ instead of “unalienable rights”, Democracy instead of a Republic" What are you talking about here? They should have rally at Ground Zero FIRST, then move it to Capital!

The organizers of BOTH

The organizers of BOTH events needs to better coordinate both events! As many people will want to go to BOTH! They SHOULD have a rally and prayer vigil in N.Y. on 9/11 anniversary and THEN stuff in D.C.at Capital, although fascists in our gov't DON'T CARE MAJORITY OF THEM, AND WON'T LISTEN!

I put up a page at TruthMove

I put up a page at TruthMove to catalog promotion for the event at Ground Zero this year. Still working on the text.


If you know of any people or organizations promoting an event at Ground Zero, please let me know.

The D.C. event sounds interesting. I look forward to a full report.

you will all be ignored in

you will all be ignored in NYC on 9/11. mark my words. i wish the Loose Change crew would have chosen D.C. instead.

does anyone know where Cindy

does anyone know where Cindy Sheehan stands on 9/11? it would be nice if she would speak up about that.

I don't know, two

I don't know, two simultaneous events cannot be dismissed in the media. I think it's perfect...

I'll be there in D.C. and I'll be handing out books or some other promotion.

Maybe print up a bunch of T-shirts.

I've got 6 different designs on my website, it's a free download - help yourself.

divide and conquer. we would

divide and conquer. we would be more powerful in one central spot in my opinion. D.C. being the better of the 2 in my opinion. NYC is so flooded with people that you guys will be EASY for the press to ignore.

Do any of you "west

Do any of you "west coasters" have a meeting place for us to gather over here? Not all of us will be able to make the trip to DC or NYC.

re: Where does Cindy Sheehan

re: Where does Cindy Sheehan stand on 9/11?

I don't know. I had invited her in person to the DRGriffin talk I organized back in March, "9/11, The Myth & The Reality". I approached her prior to a talk she gave in Berkeley. She listened intently and when I invited her she said something like, "I think I'm free that night, I think I can make it." As far as I know she never showed. I am concerned that she and her agenda could eclipse the focus on 9/11 truth in D.C. IMHO it would be important to find out from her where she stands on 9/11 before the event

I donÂ’t care for the way

I donÂ’t care for the way 9/11 truth is given 1 day of an 8-day event. It's going to get burried in that.

Most of those other big issues, like the wars, stem from the 9/11 perpetrators going unpunished. Expose the 9/11 criminal regime, & those other issues well be greatly alleviated too.

Monday Sept 11, 2006 WTC

Monday Sept 11, 2006 WTC Treason Fraud and Murder
Tuesday Sept 12 Health, WTC Dust, DU
Wednesday, Sept 13 the Environment, pollution, global warming
Thursday Sept 14th Education, Unemployment, Medicare
Friday September 15, Income Tax Fraud, Freedom to Fascisim
Saturday Sept 16 Illegal War, Afghanistan, Iraq and next
September 17 Sunday Patriot Act, Theft of Rights and Freedom
September 18 Monday Restore the Republic Court Verdicts

Come on! One day for 9/11 truth??? Those other seven days are being spent on mere side issues that were made possible or were intensified by 9/11!!! Bust them on 9/11 first & foremost!!!

Are my posts invisible here

Are my posts invisible here or something^??? How about some responses!

Monday Sept 11, 2006 WTC

Monday Sept 11, 2006 WTC Treason Fraud and Murder
Tuesday Sept 12 Health, WTC Dust, DU

That's two days for 9/11 Truth.

I'm with ya, "Anonymous |

I'm with ya, "Anonymous | 07.08.06 - 1:37 pm |"! I was in between DVD burns.

i have a feeling there will

i have a feeling there will still be a good bit of 9/11 truth activism going on throughout the week regardless of the official schedule.just make sure to bring HUGE banners.

Anonymous; I second your

Anonymous; I second your point, conditionally. The topic is effectiveness, and we have to show leadership throughout. 'Marketing' is actually not that different from 'bank-robbing,' I learned to think that way as a photog. working for Ad agents. The killers survived, and the good guys went into real estate. "Selling the sizzle" is diametricly opposite of what we need to do.

So, I ask, (as we propogate this 'indivisible' vast sea of nameless folks in Washington, all collectively agreeing Not to pray over the stinch at GZ, or as I prefer;" the Herem of Wall St., " ) -then what? You've got to stop thinking like a civicly responsible, truth & honor individual, as most New Yorkers inherently are. But thinking: Thesis, process, alliance, and flow feels inherently much more sinister, but it's not necessarily any reflection on one's soul.

Marketing is best accomplished by breaking all the issues into 'clouds,' each containing a portion of 'truth' (perceived reality to those really affected) and creative conjecture. Lastly, you have to place the puzzle-pieces out and compare them against the hierarchial fixed-set of objectives. In a word, I want a whole new GOVERNMENT. -Some may object in part:

Problem > Solution. [perception] (problems) ,

Stop fretting about which

Stop fretting about which event will be more effective. Just get people to join *any* of the events.

(Rats!-I should use the

(Rats!-I should use the preview button, I know. I meant - " etc..." )

THE ENDGAME wants to read something like this:

America's renewed spirit of 'Faith,' is greater that any New problems, (sub-narrative) which, NOW Solved, were MUCH less costly than (enabling) the Alternative. --AND, Go back to your formula, not off into outer space!

((no one denies this 'alternative' is bloodshed, violence, fear, lost productivity, etc...))

Therefore, we have Greatly increased our [pick your priority] assurances that * X X X -will happen next.


Channing's point is taken at

Channing's point is taken at face-value, but perhaps he/she doesn't understand what it feels like to have actually been responsible for these murders as I have. Also, some have virtually abandonded their lives in purusit of 'Justice.' Most, I should say all, are quickly distracted. I have to side with those who say," 1-day on 9/11 is a f* joke! " But, it's reprehinsable to hold to that feeling as any kind of {N} -Norm. That's a defeatist stance, here.

What is the goal of DC? Perhaps Rick Siegel can help us here...

It will be a tremendous

It will be a tremendous mistake to divide our resources. This whole movement lacks focus, and without a high level of focus this movement will eventually stall. We must not waste this opportunity. Considering the rapid transformation of our society, this may be our last chance to resolve this situation.

It is very risky move to attempt some type of coordiniated strategy between DC and New York. With the loose structure of the movement it would take a tremendous amount work to enable an effective strategy for this scenario. It would be much more effective campaign if we all converged on DC.

But if some people are determined to go to ground zero then it must be done in an effective manner.

I think that the prayer vigils and the like at ground zero on september 11, must be matched by a candle light vigil in front the white house. After this it would be great if the family members and everyone else in New York came to DC on the 12 and marched with us for the next week or ever how long it takes.

We need massive numbers Protesting in DC to have any sort of effect upon the establishment. These other "Educational" events planned for DC are a complete WASTE OF TIME! The movement does not need to be educated on why there is a movement. I don't see anything wrong with having displays and other events to educate the people in DC who are not familiar with this knowledge. But it is a definite waste of time for the people in the movement to attend educational seminiars when we should be hitting the streets.

It would be a much more effective event if 99% of the time we were protesting. Let's not waste time telling ourselves things we already know.

certainly the MSM doesn't need to know any of the facts

It makes me sick that America is as docile as it is. I'm sure dictators around the world would love to know how the get their people so inactive.

I have to agree with

I have to agree with anonymous. The message will get blurred when we have anti-war propaganda etc... Most people aren't interested. They will always say: "ok guantanamo isn't 100% legal, but remember 9/11". Exposing the fraud of 9/11 is what will make it all implode. Look at the John o' Neil movie. In the beginning he says that his initial reaction was to blow them into the stone age. That was my first reaction as well i have to confess, and i am not even an American. Most people are conservative. 9/11 was intended to influence their opinions. 9/11 truth should be amed at the exact same public.

sorry: aimed I know i said

sorry: aimed

I know i said this before but i want to ask it again. Don't make it look like a carnaval. I mean, why is it always so hard to notice the difference between war protests and gay pride parades. Why make it look like a happy bunch if you want to show that you are genuinly concerned about the political issues you're protesting for. And why do some apear to be under the influence of crack cocain? Remember this is not something that conservatives will thake serious. We want (no need) their voice.

You should have

You should have pyrotechnics. Like on the fourth. "9/11 was an inside job" written in fireworks across the sky. You want attention, you will get it then. Use your imagination.

i was dissapointed to hear

i was dissapointed to hear rick siegel is trying to do an alternative protest on the same day. dylan avery and loose change crew have been promoting the nyc 9-11 protest for a long time. it was kind of an asshole thing to do, to try to have a different protest the same day. maybe start the protest in washington dc on 9-12. I personally think the ground zero protest would be more effective. Shame on you rick siegel...

We are making great

We are making great progress!

Point #1) "But if some people are determined to go to ground zero then it must be done in an effective manner."

*We must accept that for those living within the metro area the cost of going to DC may be prohibative. One 'effective' way to capatilize there is to make sure that there is A.) CITY-WIDE COMPRENSION, and/or B.) a DRAMATIC on-site PERFORMANCE.

IMHO, Failure to do one or the other is not acceptable and does derride from everyone's needs. However, would be an alternative to say the least.

My bad. I have been making

My bad. I have been making a mistake in using the > symbol to encompass text, just as if it were a standard- ) -symbol. Here I was thinking someone had been editing my older posts, sorry, dz & somebigguy, won't blame you! I do not mean to post as 'anon' it just doesn't always auto-fill.

"However, ( ? ) would be an alternative to say the least."

"Fireworks, Big-screen LED at Times Square, Black Grim-reaper costumes, etc.

-The bigger the NYC procession, the better: We are "the exception to the Rule," (not Amy,) and we've got to PLAN this wisely if we are to out do the gatekeepers in DC!

We would all be naieve to think that the people organizing this forsee anything but using it as a false-hope

St Marks would be a very good venue to use for a serious, Tarpley, Walters, Siegel, Jones, etc. kind of closed and personal strategy meeting. They could even use i'conferencing for remote parties in London, etc.

In re: DC and/or NYC etc

In re: DC and/or NYC etc etc:

I think it might be wise to have a "Plan B". If you think, at this stage of the game, that they are going to let hundreds of thousands of people show up and do whatever in DC and NYC on that date, I think you need to do some more thinking. And we have July and August still coming at us in terms of "news" and events... In the age of mega-surveillance, five of us couldn't plan on meeting for pizza without them knowing about it unless you use, as Erin Myers has suggested, the older "fireside" techniques...

These actions will be

These actions will be gratifying to attend, and I'm looking forward to them. But I gotta think back to the 2 big antiwar marches in DC the last 2 years. Each had over a HALF MILLION but the MSM made sure that if anyone heard about them at all, that it was just a footnote. If you were there it was like, "We're gonna win this!" LOOK at all these people!!! And then you go home and get the local paper to see an article that said something to the effect of "A couple thousand people made a funny scene in Washington yesterday..."

I'm not sure what else to suggest we do. I personally think hounding Politicians and Media crews at least has some effect, and I do at every chance I get.

The media is the problem -

The media is the problem - They almost refuse to run anything on 911 truth.

If we have 100,000 or 200,000 it doesn't matter - you might get a blurb.

But if you had groups in DC. and New York and LA and dubbed it that way - (submitted press releases about all three) then you might make a big enough impact to sneak into the mass media.

This isn't a typical protest, this is something the media monolopy is complicit in, they won't cover it unless they have to.

- and yes, the whole time should be spent on maybe 3 hot button issues and absolutely STAY AWAY FROM THE WAR. JUST FOCUS ON 911!!!

Again, where are people on

Again, where are people on the west coast going to gather? Not everyone will be flying across the country. Cali needs a rally!!!

This is exactly what

This is exactly what happened on Septh 24th 05' in DC.

WAY to many different protest with different messages and each one trying to take center stage of which all it did was cloud the issue on all of them.
The Anti War people need to stop invading the 9/11 truth movement protest.
They also need to realize that if it were not for he false flag BS of 9/11 & the MSM being fully complicit then the war would never have happened in the first place.

This will do nothing at all, will just be another clusterphuckage and the MSM will ignore it 99.99%.

You people that think DC is some magical place to protest could not possibly be more wrong, it is the best place to gather people in order to completely ignore them.

We would be FAR better served going to ground zero and protesting in HUGE numbers with ONE goal, ONE issue, ONE voice and that is that 9/11 was an inside job and the Bush administration are Treasonous war criminals and mass murderers.
Plus attacking several MSM outlets and forcing them to respond.

West Coast Paul: There's a

West Coast Paul: There's a chance I may save up enough pennies to make it to D.C., but otherwise, I'm up for some action in L.A. http://www.911truthla.us will possibly have a reconvening of the Citizen's Grand Jury, but I would also like to see a more visible demonstration here. I get out to just about every anti-war protest with my 9/11 Truth sign, and I often have little company. I can't take the lead on this, but wherever it is, I'll be there. What about in front of CNN Hollywood? By the way, Karl Rove will be speaking at the L.A. Convention Center (La Raza/Latino Expo) this Tues. at a luncheon 12:30 to 2:30, West Hall. I'm going to try and get over there with my Stop The 9/11 Cover-up sign. WCW should be there. Any of you guys?

Jumbotrons with WTC 7 clips

Jumbotrons with WTC 7 clips ... awesome! As many times as I've seen it, I was still captivated by the collapse as seen on the big screens at the Alex Jones conference. Jimmy Walter put forth the idea of trucks driving around with huge signs on the sides. What about skywriting BUSH KNEW. Over D.C.? Never mind.