Australian film company Upstream Media is in the early stages of producing a movie about "Synthetic Terror". The feature length docudrama is called ShadowPlay, and features Webster Griffin Tarpley as a consultant, and Barrie Zwicker as a Line Producer. This is sure to be a very courageous, paradigm-shifting production. Relying heavily on Tarpley's notion of "Synthetic Terror" and combining it with a unique storyline of media activism, it looks like Aus in the vanguard.

If you can help out with a financial contribution (any size), or you are willing to step up as an investor, please contact Gillian Norman:

You can read a synopsis of the film here.

Since Chumpsky is wrong on

Since Chumpsky is wrong on 9/11, he's probably wrong on America also.

this guy never stops

this guy never stops bringing up Chomskys name.out of nowhere, its "Chomskys right". yeah, well, Chomsky is a 9/11 denier so he can go fuck himself. how are you gonna ignore the one issue that links everything? because he gets paid well and hes a coward, thats why.

re: prev thread if the 9/11

re: prev thread

if the 9/11 truth movement doesnt take s. Jones seriously and the proof he has, why should the media

if the 9/11 truth movement

if the 9/11 truth movement doesnt take s. Jones seriously and the proof he has, why should the media
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This ones new to me, whos not taking it serously and why?

New Survey: A Wisconsin

New Survey:

A Wisconsin lawmaker says that a part-time UW instructor should be fired for his views that the U.S. government was behind 9/11. What do you think?
Choice Votes Percentage of 6600 Votes
He should definitely be fired for making claims like this. 641 10%
I don't agree with him, but he has a right to his opinion. 503 8%
As long as he doesn't teach these views during class he shouldn't be fired. 425 6%
He shouldn't be fired; universities should be open to controversial ideas. 1004 15%
I think he raises some good questions. 4027 61%

Follow-Up article:

UW Instructor Believes He'll Keep His Job Despite 9/11 Controversy

The choice, "I think he

The choice, "I think he raises some good questions" was added long after the voting had already begun. I believe this choice would be even higher if they hadn't used that sneaky tactic.

yep, I noticed they changed

yep, I noticed they changed the voting boxes - SneAKy

Sweet, spread the good word

Sweet, spread the good word in Aussieland! I was there for the first 6 months after I woke up and the people there are much more willing to listen!

I say bring on the 9/11

I say bring on the 9/11 truth films...Loose Change final Cut, 9/11 Press for Truth, Sander Hick's History hijacked, Shadowplay, etc.

when does Sander Hicks movie

when does Sander Hicks movie come out? i like Sander. and this Aussie film looks like its gonna be great. Tarpley has quite an imagination, but hes still great.

Did you notice how Tarpley

Did you notice how Tarpley is clued up?

This guy has been reading and understands much of what is common knowledge in europe.... unlike yous.

Unions are good, social welfare is a must, TOBIN TAX' time has come. ONLY fairly elected government shall be allowed to EXERCISE WILL in society, and education must be GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED, same as MEDIA.

Of course you propagandized James Redford brainwash indoctrinated mental piglets now balk.

But it stays true. Its a conclusion from the TERRIBLE fuck-ups the europeans have done. They learned the hard way... AND EVEN THEY are not immune to Proto-Fascist James Redford-type ECONOMIST-mind-fuck.

But don't believe me. Listen to Tarpley

And Chomsky *is* right:

The U.S.of Angst *is* a failed state.
Imagine the WORLD CUP in U.S.A... urgh.

Barrie Zwicker has

Barrie Zwicker has repeatedly told lies related to (and hindering) the uncovering of the the truth about 9/11.

George Bush has repeatedly made incriminating, self-implicating 9/11 witness statements.

Barrie Zwicker, a professional journalist with 50 years' experience, has repeatedly mischaracterized Bush's statements, in a manner evidently designed to get 911 truthers to disregard them. (Bush *NEVER* said "ordinary TV"!!!!!!!!!!! But if you listen to Barrie Zwicker, you get the exact opposite, false, impression!)

Barrie Zwicker is also involved with (on the "Advisory Board" of) Which raises the question of whether merely has incredibly low standards, or is incredibly ignorant of the treachery of Barrie Zwicker, or if they're in on it (merely pretending to oppose The Big Lie of 9/11 while actually working together to preserve and protect it) together...

Barrie Zwicker has repeatedly spread disinformation regarding 9/11. He has been caught lying about 9/11 evidence -- strange behavior, to put it mildly, for someone in a "truth" movement. He remains unrepentent. Why anyone would ever trust Barrie Zwicker to help demolish The Big Lie of 9/11 is beyond me (unless they, too, were "also in on it").

Barrie Zwicker has demolished his own credibility, rather than that of The government's Big Lie of 9/11.