About Truth Teller Kevin Barrett of MUJCA - Please help if you can.

Calling the Blogger Brigade. First of all, please show your support for Kevin by leaving comments at Truthout (sign up for a free account) as Cathy explains:

Hoping that some of you will be moved to enter a comment - as it appears that truthout readers tend to read stories with multiple comments under them. It is my hope that many truthout readers will come to learn more truthful things about 9/11 by way of this article:

Churchill's Ashes Still Hot, Barrett Burned At Stake

Also, please write letters - asap - to the 3 individuals named in the article. The University is going to make its decision any time now - and Kevin Barrett simply *must* be allowed to continue teaching. It appears that a witch hunt has begun to smash the careers of university instructors who expose the truth about this corrupt government.
Cathy Garger

The three individuals mentioned in the article to contact are:

(1) Respectful letters need to be sent to UW-Madison Provost Patrick Farrell, asking him to use the same standards for Dr. Kevin Barrett and this issue, as for other instructors and other issues.

(2) Letters to Governor Jim Doyle are needed due to the fact that Barrett's comments were called "absurd" and that his ideas are "irrational" by the governor.

3) Letters to Rep. Steven Nass are also needed, asking the state legislator to refrain from stifling free speech in Wisconsin universities.

Definitely contact these people, tell them about the Zogby poll, the shutdown of the CIA Bin Laden Unit, the lack of hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to the attacks, the Scholars, the Veterans, and the fact that Kevin is not alone in his beliefs. Also, send some information to your local media contacts and ask them to cover this story.

Thanks for saying hi Kevin.

Thanks for saying hi Kevin.

Thanks for your support,

Thanks for your support, blogger brigade! You guys are the best. imho Roger and the blogger/podcast crew have done as much for this cause as anybody. Amazing work.

The situation here isn't quite as dire as it may seem. We actually have a relatively sane political landscape here in Wisconsin, though you wouldn't know it from looking at some of the stories. It should continue to play out positively for the cause -- thanks to you guys who are keeping the pressure on from our side. Way to go & keep it up.

For my bemused take on the absurdity of the whole situation, stay tuned to the top stories at http://mujca.com

OT Agent who led Bin Laden


Agent who led Bin Laden hunt criticises CIA

The man who led America's hunt for Osama bin Laden has said the CIA was wrong to disband the only unit devoted entirely to the terrorist leader's pursuit - just at a time when al-Qaida is reasserting its influence over global jihad.


Some say WTC7, I say the

Some say WTC7, I say the holy grail is Pakistani ISI/US funding that was covered up and the real story of Able Danger and Mohammed Atta. People can argue about what hit the pentagon or the physics of buildings forever, but what there is no debate about is Pakistani ISI's direct role and who wanted to cover that up and benefit the most.

Moses crept, Jesus wept, and

Moses crept, Jesus wept, and Jonna went a fishin.

While attending church a

While attending church a question for the Secret Service came to mind. By the way, my church is not defined by walls men construct. My church is the entire earth and it's membership consists of all earth's creatures. Is it a violation of Federal law to pray for a solar flare to produce an electromagnetic pulse strong enough to disable Cheney's pacemaker so that sudden death would occur?


Jesus said: I stood in the midst of the world, and I appeared to them in the flesh. I found them all drunk; I found none of them thirsting, and my soul was afflicted for the sons of men; for they are blind in their heart, and they do not see that they came empty into the world, (and) empty they seek to leave the world again. But now they are drunk. When they have thrown off their wine, they will repent.


On it! just put up a

On it! just put up a comment.

Kevin is a really good guy.

Kevin is a really good guy. Let's rally 'round him and educate defenders of the official story.

What Me Worry? Everything

What Me Worry?

Everything happens for a reason. God has a plan. Dr.
Kevin Barrett needs to keep in mind that when God
closes one door He opens another.

Today I wore my "What Me Worry?" T-shirt


which has these words emblazoned on the back:

The Joan Crawford Society
"This ain't my first time at the rodeo"


(Thomas Kean is on the board of Pepsi.)

and went to the Club where I met someone from New
Orleans who was very knowledgeable about the Bush
crime family and the gambling interests who blew up
the levies to displace the indigenous people to build
casinos.(24 years ago I owned a T-shirt franchise in a
North Carolina mall.)


Later I went to Cleveland Hopkins Airport to buy a
frappuccino and mingle with the travelers while I used
up my free 30 minutes of parking. (In the back window
of my vehicle is a florescent chartreuse sign which
says, " Monica- Your Country Needs You") While I was
there I went up to the United counter and asked for
directions to the United baggage claim and then asked,
"Is there a United Flight 93?" She shook her head back
and forth then mouthed a silent no at which point I
replied, "I didn't think so."


sky king if your viewing -

sky king if your viewing - Eisenhower would be proud of you. way to question the government dude. And when you're flying next, clip a light pole for me and let me know how you do

I agree guys, spread the

I agree guys, spread the word!!!

Here's every story that's

Here's every story that's come out about Kevin, and every audio/video clip, etc...

Wis. Lawmaker Wants Lecturer Fired For 9/11 Conspiracy Views

I just sent this to the

I just sent this to the governer, even though I completely believe it was an inside job I worded myself carefully to him from a different point of view:

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."

-Mark Twain-

I ask you as an American who loves his country to not get in the way of Mr. Barrett's views for that is the foundation of this country. It takes real courage to stand up for this issue, whether or not he is right. You will be disappointing alot of people who believe in you as our governer. Thank you for your time.

OT, is the Push for Truth

OT, is the Push for Truth preview available anywhere? I can't find it.

Push for Truth or Press For

Push for Truth or Press For Truth?

Sorry, I just found it. Got

Sorry, I just found it. Got push/press mixed up.

I was at a professional

I was at a professional conference today. To my amazement, the "post- 9/11 world" was given a lot of attention.

I almost chickened out, but I used the opportunity to bring up Prof Jones' research and the lack of data on the collapses.


9/11 Was Preventable Mike

9/11 Was Preventable

Mike Scheuer, ex-CIA operative, talks to Owen Bennett-Jones on The Interview


/ like we didn't know that already

Dissent: Figuring Out What

Dissent: Figuring Out What Works--Direct Action, Popular Resistance - Video Inside

This is from the Chicago Conference...

It's Rebecca Cerese, Chuck Knowles, Janice Matthews, Ralph Schoenman.

Tarpley never disappoints

Tarpley never disappoints with something new. I was very surprised to hear in his recent show that he is wary of the "fascist right-wing" anti-tax faction creeping into 9/11 Truth, a la Aaron Russo. I never thought a guy who welcomes all 9/11 Truth viewpoints, especially guys like Nico, would have this opinion. It is also in contradiction with the Republic Broadcasting Network theme, which appears to support Russo.

Also, look out for a new website, falseflagnews.com, which does not yet appear to be functional.

DSM- How was 9/11

DSM- How was 9/11 preventable? Hog tie the Bush crime family to Lady Liberty?

I am surprised Truthout

I am surprised Truthout would post a 9/11 truth article. This is great news. I also heard the Tarpley show and his comments on Russo. I still don't know what to make of it. I seldom question Tarpley. Most of the time he is right on.



There is nothing better than activism to lift your spirits! Don't get caught up in endless debates that accomplish nothing, that is co-intel pro's goal.

Get out and spread the word!!!

http://mondediplo.com/ What's


What's holding up the English version of the July issue, I wonder? It's already the 9th, after all..

Crooks and Liars comment

Crooks and Liars comment hits the 9/11 nail on the head.


Comment on "Three Handy Rules" post.

"the entire "war on terrorism" falls under this problem. if you accept the idea of a war on terrorism and try to argue some facet of how it should be prosecuted, you've already lost the bigger argument and legitimated the entire stupid production.

what happened on 9/11, even if you buy the official story, was not an act of war, it was a crime, since it was not carried out by another nation."

So sad to these the people

So sad to these the people on crooksandliars and Daily Kos still under this left/right paradigm and still believing the official neocon version of events. How can you respect Bush haters when they believe every word of the official version?

i've got a better idea.

i've got a better idea. lets start our own version of greenpeace, hire Kevin to be the spokesman and pay him 100,000 a year.

there are millions of us, why does he need to suffer?

Life Prediction Branch "

Life Prediction Branch

" Mother, it's Mark Bingham. I'm calling from Glenn
Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. I have to go now
they need some DNA samples and they also want to know
where to send the ashes."

On September 11th, 2001, United Flight 93 landed at
Cleveland-Hopkins Airport. The passengers of Flight 93
were evacuated from the plane, and were taken to the
Life Prediction Branch at NASAÂ’s Glenn Research Center
at the Cleveland-Hopkins Airport.


(Tests are conducted in a variety of environments
including air, inert gases and vacuum, with
temperature capabilities to 1650 degrees Celsius (3000
degrees Fahrenheit). Many unique facilities and
specially designed testing apparatuses also exist to
experimentally evaluate and characterize the advanced
materials of interest.)

This is where I have always believed the Bush crime
family harvested the DNA and cremated the bodies.


Kevin's interview with

Kevin's interview with Jessica McBribe was a thing of beauty. I sent my two cents.

Federal Deposit Insurance

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Financial
Institution Letters


Cleveland, Ohio 44139, U.S.A.

"Hillary Rodham Clinton was directly linked to the
network that was involved in a clandestine CIA arms
export ring."

Marianne Gasior maintains that the Lafarge
Corporation, the U.S. Subsidiary of a French
multinational chemicals concern, provided key services
for the covert arms export network that supplied
Saddam Hussein. To prevent exposure of that secret
supply line, and collateral damage to Hillary
Clinton-who joined Lafarge board in 1990, just as the
arms pipeline was being shut down-Gasior alleges that
the justice department was told to bury the

As governor of Arkansas, Clinton had been a vocal
supporter of U.S. exports to Iraq. He had also opposed
Operation desert Storm. Or perhaps Stephanopoulos may
have been worried that Hillary's involvement with
Lafarge would come out.


Thanks Dayler, keep em

Thanks Dayler, keep em coming!!!

A common misconception

A common misconception non-pilots have about simulators is how “easy” it is to operate them. They are indeed relatively easy to operate if the objective is to make a few lazy turns and frolic about in the “open sky”. But if the intent is to execute any kind of a maneuver with even the least bit of precision, the task immediately becomes quite daunting. And if the aim is to navigate to a specific geographic location hundreds of miles away while flying at over 500 MPH, 30,000 feet above the ground the challenges become virtually impossible for an untrained pilot.

But even that wasn’t good enough for this fanatic Muslim kamikaze pilot. You see, he found that his “missile” was heading towards one of the most densely populated wings of the Pentagon—and one occupied by top military brass, including the Secretary of Defense, Rumsfeld. Presumably in order to save these men’s lives, he then executes a sweeping 270-degree turn and approaches the building from the opposite direction and aligns himself with the only wing of the Pentagon that was virtually uninhabited due to extensive renovations that were underway (there were some 120 civilians construction workers in that wing who were killed; their work included blast-proofing the outside wall of that wing).

Let it suffice to say that it is physically impossible to fly a 200,000-lb airliner 20 feet above the ground at 400 MPH.

The author, a pilot and aeronautical engineer, challenges any pilot in the world to do so in any large high-speed aircraft that has a relatively low wing-loading (such as a commercial jet). I.e., to fly the craft at 400 MPH, 20 feet above ground in a flat trajectory over a distance of one mile.

Why the stipulation of 20 feet and a mile? There were several street light poles located up to a mile away from the Pentagon that were snapped-off by the incoming aircraft; this suggests a low, flat trajectory during the final pre-impact approach phase. Further, it is known that the craft impacted the PentagonÂ’s ground floor.

For purposes of reference: If a 757 were placed on the ground on its engine nacelles (I.e., gear retracted as in flight profile), its nose would be about fifteen feet above the ground! Ergo, for the aircraft to impact the ground floor of the Pentagon, Hanjour would have needed to have flown in with the engines buried in the Pentagon lawn. Some pilot.


In July 1965 I had just been commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U. S. Air Force after taking a solemn oath that I would protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that I would bear true faith and allegiance to the same. I took that oath very seriously. It was my constant companion throughout a thirty-year military career in the field of aircraft maintenance.

As an additional duty, aircraft maintenance officers are occasionally tasked as members of aircraft accident investigation boards and my personal experience was no exception. In 1989 I graduated from the Aircraft Mishap Investigation Course at the Institute of Safety and Systems Management at the University of Southern California. In addition to my direct participation as an aircraft accident investigator, I reviewed countless aircraft accident investigation reports for thoroughness and comprehensive conclusions for the Inspector General, HQ Pacific Air Forces during the height of the Vietnam conflict.

In all my years of direct and indirect participation, I never witnessed nor even heard of an aircraft loss, where the wreckage was accessible, that prevented investigators from finding enough hard evidence to positively identify the make, model, and specific registration number of the aircraft -- and in most cases the precise cause of the accident. This is because every military and civilian passenger-carrying aircraft have many parts that are identified for safety of flight. That is, if any of the parts were to fail at any time during a flight, the failure would likely result in the catastrophic loss of aircraft and passengers. Consequently, these parts are individually controlled by a distinctive serial number and tracked by a records section of the maintenance operation and by another section called plans and scheduling.


Any analysis of the cellphone and "airfone" calls from Flight 93 must begin with some basic, high-altitude cellphone facts. According to AT&T spokesperson Alexa Graf, cellphones are not designed for calls from the high altitudes at which most airliners normally operate. It was, in her opinion, a "fluke" that so many calls reached their destinations. (Harter 2001) In the opinion of a colleague of mine who has worked in the cellphone industry, it was a "miracle" that any of the calls got through from altitude. (See the recent proposal to install equipment to make cellphone calls possible from aircraft.) An aircraft, having a metal skin and fuselage, acts like a Faraday cage, tending to block or attenuate electromagnetic radiation. One can make a cellphone call from inside an aircraft while on the ground because the weakened signal is still close enough to the nearest cellsite (relay tower) to get picked up. Once above 10,000 feet, however, calls rarely get through, if ever.


Patrick Farrell has a PhD in

Patrick Farrell has a PhD in mechanical engineering. Anyone notice? Perhaps inserted a link to Judy Wood's paper and radio interview is a good idea for a letter



Film-makers working on OLIVER STONE's upcoming 9/11 movie WORLD TRADE CENTER have slammed claims they are cashing in on the 2001 terrorist attacks, insisting the movie is about heroism. World Trade Center, which stars NICOLAS CAGE, tells the story the last two people found alive in the rubble of the collapsed twin towers, and their rescuer. Some relatives of people who died have spoken out against Stone's film, because they do not want to relive their initial pain following the attacks. But producer MORITZ BORMAN says, "I know there is one widow out there who didn't want it to be made because she felt it was too painful to see her husband die. But I am convinced that when she sees it she will be resolved. "We never went out to explore the whole story of 9/11 and its impact on America and the rest of the world. "Nobody went into this film and thought this was the explanation for why 9/11 happened or its geopolitical impact. It's a tale of heroism."

From Blogger Brigade: We

From Blogger Brigade:

We need to get this out to as many people as possible, I have already sent to my entire email address book.

Have them write to their Senators and request sec. 525 be included in HR5441. This would release much more information surrounding 9-11. (We want sec. 525, We need sec. 525!!!!)

SEC. 525. Using funds made available in this Act, and within 60 days of enactment of this Act, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security shall revise DHS MD [Management Directive] 11056 to include the following: (1) that information that is three years old and not incorporated in a current, active transportation security directive or security plan shall be determined automatically to be releaseable unless, for each specific document, the Secretary makes a written determination that identifies a compelling reason why the information must remain SSI; (2) incorporation of common and extensive examples of the individual categories of SSI information cited under 49 CFR 1520(b)(1) through (16) in order to minimize and standardize judgment by covered persons in the application of SSI marking; and (3) that in all judicial proceedings where the judge overseeing the proceeding has adjudicated that a party needs to have access to SSI information, the party shall be deemed a DHS Covered Person for purposes of access to the SSI information at issue in the case unless TSA or DHS demonstrates a compelling reason why the specific individual presents a risk of harm to the nation.


Here is Sec.525 http://www.fas.org/sgp/congress/2006/hr5441.html

why do we keep hashing over

why do we keep hashing over the obvious. do we like to share our writing with each other?

WTC7 is the holy grail. If it came down by controlled demolition, then we need a new investigation.

Kevin's a man of light in a

Kevin's a man of light in a land of darkness

You know that no matter what

You know that no matter what happens to Dr. Kevin Barret the fact is that he spoke the truth at a major college before others dared. This shows me that the truth is more important than political bullying at UW Madison. Isn't the plain scientific truth what is important in education?

Therefore ,I conclude The University of Wisconsin is obviously one of the best institutions of higher learning in the country. What is wrong with some of these “Ivy league” colleges and such? We need a Kevin Barret at every college now. What we are going to get instead is lots of Kevin Barret wanna bees three years from now-don’t ya know.

We need an organization that

We need an organization that can afford to support Kevin as our spokesman.

The other side has aircraft carriers and we're trying to raise 200 bucks for blog ads.


yeah, good work Kevin. dont

yeah, good work Kevin. dont let them stop you.

Flight 93 left a wreckage

Flight 93 left a wreckage trail over 8 miles of PA farmland. It was shot down by a ND Air National Guard F-16. The story only appeared briefly and then disappeared. The reason building 7 was pulled was that the "fuse" took a sidewinder missile in the tailpipe on the orders of a General who is probably at the bottom of the Potomac. With no excuse for 7 coming down, they couldn't afford to have their thermite found. They also couldn't afford to have people find out that the building (just like the trade center towers) had been looted of anything of value or any incriminating evidence. So why not just "pull it" and then control the spin in the MSM.

Please pass this MIHOP site

Please pass this MIHOP site on, thanks :] tons of good videos and links