More Pentagon Videos to Be Released

I wrote this article because I've seen so many people fall into a huge trap regarding the Pentagon. There's enough disagreement already about what hit the Pentagon on 9/11. By learning a little about the history of the Pentagon videos, we might avoid one more, unnecessary trap.

Many people interested in 9/11 truth are falling into a big trap.

Specifically, they believe that the government is refusing to release any videos of the aircraft which struck the Pentagon on 9/11 other than these two inconclusive clips.

Whether you believe that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon or not, please get your facts straight: many more videos will probably be released soon.

The reason is that there are actually two separate Freedom of Information Act requests for Pentagon videos. The first two videos were released in response to the first FOIA request. But the second FOIA request is much broader in scope, and will probably lead to the release of 84 new videos, including the Citgo gas station video and the Doubletree Hotel video.

By way of background, the group which initially prepared the FOIA requests -- -- drafted the first FOIA request too narrowly and, after they realized their error, submitted a better-written, second FOIA request. See the Flight 77 Info website for details.

So whatever you think about the Pentagon, and whatever you think the still-unreleased videos will show, please keep in mind that a boat-load of new videos will probably be released within the next couple of months."

Why are some people so

Why are some people so AFRAID ABOUT THE


So stop worrying.

GW... didn't you know? No

GW... didn't you know? No matter what is released, it will be fake, and the arguments online, not off where people should actually be, will continue.

Where people should actually be...

After four-plus years of extensive research, the 9/11 Truth Movement has compiled a tremendous amount of evidence that not only exposes the 9/11 Commission Report as a cover-up, but also strongly suggests that elements within the US Government were complicit in the 9/11 attacks. We are not at a time in history where we can afford to be complacent. We cannot sit back, and "let someone else take care of it." We must act, and we must act now.

Millions of people now question the official story. It is critically important that we involve as many of those people as we can immediately, as well as those who have not yet considered the important information uncovered in this research, with specific information on what to do with this knowledge.

For the people who died on 9/11; for the surviving family members; for the troops and civilians who've lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq; for the protection of our remaining civil liberties; for our friends and loved ones; for America and the world: We must act, and we must act now.

Right Now, You Can:
Refer the uninitiated to, and sign up for emails and action alerts there. Also review some of the many other excellent sites, such as:
The 9/11 Truther Forum - Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth

Distribute flyers and handouts wherever possible, and post them in public places. Downloadable materials are available at: Downloads page.

Start "Freeway Blogging"--posting signs at visible locations, such as highway overpasses, and putting Question 9/11 stickers everywhere you can think of. Many stickers are available for purchase online, for instance at (Note: Please check your local laws...)

Attend 9/11 Truth related events in your area. Host a 9/11 Truth film party at your home or local meeting place. A list of Grassroots Contacts is available at Don't see a group contact listed there for your area? Become one!! (Contact

Some suggested event locations:

Educational or religious facilities
Rec centers
Your living room or back yard.

Some suggested places to publicize your events:

The Calendar

Indymedia, Craigslist, and other local sites that list local events

Your local community or public radio stations (PSAÂ’s) and newspapers

Neighborhood community newsletters

Bulletin Boards, both online and off

Sign the, CLG 9/11 Oddities, and the 9/11 Treason Independent Prosecutor Act petitions, and forward them to others to increase the numbers of signatories.

Write, call, fax, and meet with your elected officials demanding that they work to create a truly independent 9/11 investigation with power to subpoena and bring criminal charges against those involved. Become an active participant in the Citizens' Counter-Coup effort, by reading the information and signing up to take part in this monthly effort, at

Contact local activist groups in your area, urging them to present 9/11 Truth information to their members. Offer to show a film, give a presentation, or bring in a speaker.

Contact your local religious leaders and ask them to view 9/11 And The American Empire by Dr. David Ray Griffin (available at the 9/11Truth Store, and promote the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth.

Get 9/11 Truth related DVD's on public access stations in your area (see 911TV Project for more information and materials prepared for public access broadcast).

Ask your local library to purchase 9/11-related materials. Many of them offer this service online, through an "I need material" form or similar simple steps. If not, donate them yourself.

There is strength in numbers. We urge you to join us and act now!

Thank you!

The Steering Committee

Kirk, whether or not Flight

Kirk, whether or not Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, we can't "stop worrying" about inaccurate information.

If we put out 99 pieces of true info and 1 piece of false info, the MSM will rip us apart for the 1 and ignore the 99.

Jon: THAT's what I'm talking about.

Very interesting. I very

Very interesting.

I very much would like to see these videos. If they are truly impossible to fake then we can expect something to prevent their release, at any cost. If they are released, there are people smarter than you and I who must know something we don't, because they're not just going to shoot themselves in the foot. It would be easy to edit out the 9:31 explosion if there was one. I just want to know where they want us to think the plane went.

Hard evidence of a cover-up being released by our current government? Don't get your hopes up.

If the 9/11 conspirators are

If the 9/11 conspirators are that perfect that they could even plant a "trap for a potential subsequent 9/11 truth movement" on 9/11, then we can give up.

We only have a 9/11 truth movement because they weren't that perfect: the building collapses, the fake Osama confession, the missing plane at Shanksville, the third airliner over NYC, the destroyed FAA tapes, etc. They did 9/11 like a bull in a china shop, but then this massive ongoing cover-up let them get away with it.

A much more likely trap is the "no plane at the WTC" theories: it turns everybody off, it says whatever you have as evidence could be just a forgery, an illusion.

For the Pentagon plane to be

For the Pentagon plane to be a media-trap they would first have to give it some media coverage to begin with. But that's what is not happening! They silence everything, don't ask me how they do it, but no single MSmedia report about Charlie Sheen in L.A., that tops it - someone just put a nationwide "lock" on this story.

9/11 Families Denounce U.S.

use the force Hani

use the force Hani

someone debunk this

I guess Im on the outskirts

I guess Im on the outskirts here, because I'm not buying the "fake Osama" theory, or this focus on the Pentagon. As many h ave always warned, the Pentagon is a honey pot, meant to lure people in and then destroy it all with a bevy of unmistakable Flight 77 videos.
It doesnt matter if they are photoshopped, if its a replicant Flight 77, or if its the real flight remote controlled...if and when they release the videos they claim they have and it shows flight 77, it's not going to be pretty for th e9/11 Truth movement.

The problem with the "truth" movement is that way too many people hold onto certain theories like its a piece of the Titanic keeping them afloat. We already have an iceberg of evidence...but nooo! People have to claim the hijackers are alive(you think the perps would keep any hijackers alive?), or a missile hit the pentagon, or that the Osama tape is not Osama(did the CIA fake the rest of the well known al Qaeda folk in the room too?) or any other of these theories that seem very doubtful. That's why some call it the "Faith" movement, because people are unwilling to move on from debunked theories.

I woul dontt be surprised if these videos are released RIGHT BEFORE 9/11, meant to deliver a severe blow to the truth movement...and sadly, the Pentagon has become such a focal point ad nauseum.

"But the hole!" "But science!" Hey, whatever...try convincing that to a public thats just seen a 757 hit the pentagon from every angle.

Afghanistan Is No One's

Afghanistan Is No One's War

Following 9/11, the Taliban government said it would extradite Osama bin Laden if the U.S. could produce evidence against him. This is the approach taken by the courts of every Western country when extradition is requested.

The U.S. either could not or would not produce any evidence, yet it insisted the Taliban was behaving in bad faith and harboring criminals.

To this day, the public has not been given one genuine piece of evidence that ties bin Laden to 9/11. IÂ’m not saying heÂ’s innocent, only that there was no proof at the time Bush used him as an excuse to invade Afghanistan.

Bin Laden certainly did not like the United States, but was he in any way responsible for a great crime? How would his apparent happiness with events distinguish him from the group of Israeli spies in the New York area who were photographed, reported to police, and arrested (later being quietly deported) after dancing and shouting atop a truck as the World Trade Center billowed into flames? To this day, the FBI wanted-notice for bin Laden does not mention 9/11.

Hmmmm....No B-757, no 240

Hmmmm....No B-757, no 240 seats designed to survive crashes, no luggage; but 63 of 64 people IDed from "indestructible" DNA material. HOW???

I see a huge smoking gun here folks!

Wasn't the Iraq invasion

Wasn't the Iraq invasion launched on Purim?

OT: FYI: I just got a heads


FYI: I just got a heads up that someone who emails me frequently will be on Hannity and Colmes tonight, unfortunately I cannot correlate the email address to who it is right now, but i wanted to at least give a quick heads up.

more to come later hopefully.

ok, just clarified, I

ok, just clarified, I believe that it is Kevin Barrett on Hannity & Colmes tonight!

Hey, 5 years is ample time

Hey, 5 years is ample time to concoct some very realistic videos. They may have invented some very realistic-looking shit by now.

(I'm not sure how they'll get around the physics though.)

ok, just clarified, I

ok, just clarified, I believe that it is Kevin Barrett on Hannity & Colmes tonight!
dz | Homepage | 07.10.06 - 3:22 pm | #

That's big!!!

What ever hit the Pentagon

What ever hit the Pentagon was ALLOWED to hit the pentagon. It was ALLOWED to hit the pentagon by Dick Cheney. This is on record.

See Norman Mineta's 9/11 commission testimony

I don't get why everyone is so bent on trying to figure out what hit the building, the simple fact is NOTHING should be able to his that building, the only way it could have hit the building is if it were allowed to hit the building.

As soon as you bring up this testimony people suddenly can't argue with you any more, there is a reason for this. It's because it is on the freaking record.

Thanks Jon Gold for pointing this out to me.


GW, it's only a trap if you

GW, it's only a trap if you THINK it's a trap. Michael Ruppert and Jamey Hecht at recently made their case that the entire 9/11 truth movement (sans themselves and a few others, of course) fell into a trap. What was the trap? The NY Times article about the Chicago conference where the attendants were labeled "conspiracy buffs." AS IF the damn NY Times would have blessed the conference if the 9/11 truth movement had followed ALL of Ruppert's advice and he had been in charge of the conference?! How ridiculous can you get.

My point here is that the Pentagon issue is NOT a trap, unless you take your marching orders from the powers-that-be (and that includes the NY Times, the rest of the MSM, and of course virtually the entire power structure in Washington, DC).

For myself, the Pentagon questions are valid and should continue to be asked simply because NO DEFINITIVE PROOF has been forthcoming after almost 5 years.

If new videos are released and are convincing (even if faked), it's still not a trap. It's a reason to push even harder for more proof about the myriad of other important 9/11 issues. I don't think the public is so stupid and illogical (especially now after having been lied to over and over) that they would suddenly drop the pursuit of 9/11 truth based on the supposed answer (release of new videos) to only one of 1000 questions. There are still 999 questions left.

So, it's not a trap. We've made far too much progress in exposing ALL the questions to be set back by only one answer. And, frankly, I don't believe they'll ever release any more Pentagon videos that show any more than the ones they've released. Why? Because they've waited far too long. If they really wanted to discredit the 9/11 truth movement, they would have benefitted much more if they'd released their "proof" much earlier. Now, the cat's out of the bag in huge numbers of Americans' psyches. Turning those heads around and putting them back in the sand isn't going to happen, even if they release a very convincing video -- and THEY KNOW IT.

Pokybot has this right for

Pokybot has this right for sure: in my opinion, no matter what theory you may hold on to, that is not all we have. We can't just promote one thing. We have a LOT of info to share that leads to the truth that this was an inside job. I mean, what about Dr. Jones' research???

Of course, that is MY favorite piece of science to promote. But again, for the survival of the truth, we must look beyond single pieces although granted they can be great, they can also destroy us if proven as wrong. Like someone above pointed out, it only takes 1 out of 100 to be proven inaccurate and the MSM will focus on that and that only!
We can't afford that! Just my two cents worth--not trying to start any in fighting here.

CK -- you totally

CK -- you totally misunderstand me. I don't mean that talking about the Pentagon is a trap.

I am only saying that claiming that only 2 show-nothing videos are the only things produced in response to the FOIA request is a trap, because it is wrong.

I am talking about one very specific angle on all this.

the thing about Mineta's

the thing about Mineta's testimony i question is whether the order might have been to shoot down the aircraft, but the planes didn't have time to get there...

If a boeing is travelling 500MPH it only needs about 5-6 minutes to travel 50 miles.

>would suddenly drop the

>would suddenly drop the pursuit of >9/11 truth based on the supposed >answer (release of new videos)

You nailed it exactly.
We're not on the "hot chair" having to answer the all-deciding question what hit the pentaton, and if it wasn't the A3 Skywarrior, then the whole truth movement has to close it's doors... Nope, it's all much more fuzzy. We're in a chaotic situation of endless evidence of complicity being actively ignored and ridiculed by the MSM, with the plotters running freely around promising us a mafia-like 'protection' "vote for us or else". In this chaos, nobody but ourselves would notice a theory turning out false.

"flight 77/no flight 77."

"flight 77/no flight 77." It don't matter. The internet is about to free the world.
The invention of the printing press allowed for Thomas Paine's book "Common Sense" to spark the minds of Americans to revolution.
Imagine the impact of the internet which is a million times more effective than any book. Knowledge is power. Can you feel it?

>If a boeing is travelling

>If a boeing is travelling 500MPH

Has the speed of 500mph ever been proven for any of the planes? They used it to justify everything:

The "underground" plane in Shanksville? 500mph!
The missing plane parts at the Pentagon? 500mph!
WTC structurally damaged? 500mph!

Greg: right, that's why i

right, that's why i put if... but either way, depending on when the shoot down order was/is given, i want to know what planes were scrambled, what were available, from where, and at what time.

if the plane is 10 miles out thats only about 80 seconds before it hits.

but even moreso, if the plane is 50 miles out how did they know it was coming at the pentagon. 50 miles is a good distance it could've been going anywhere at that point.

all very fishy.

is this a trap? this seems

is this a trap? this seems just as strange, if not stranger, than AA77:

ck. youre right on... trap??

ck. youre right on... trap?? HAHAH!!! ive been hearing this for 4 years now and only on the net mind you....

"the thing about Mineta's

"the thing about Mineta's testimony i question is whether the order might have been to shoot down the aircraft, but the planes didn't have time to get there...

If a boeing is travelling 500MPH it only needs about 5-6 minutes to travel 50 miles."

The "young man" received the order prior to Mineta getting there (at 9:20). It wasn't until the plane was 10 miles out that the "young man" asked Cheney, "Do the orders still stand?" My assumption is, that whatever he was asking about, wouldn't have taken that much time to implement. A Missile Battery perhaps? To "stand down" the defenses of the Pentagon perhaps?

There was an obvious "stand down" order in regards to intercepts. They didn't happen, and the planes that were sent up, were sent in the wrong direction.

to me it seemed like

to me it seemed like Hamilton was trying to steer Mineta's testimony, and Mineta didn't catch on.

I love when he stutters over the description of Flight 93's demise, as if stopping himself twice before saying "when it crashed"...

The Mineta testimony has

The Mineta testimony has been completely misinterpretated by and others.

Here's an alternative explanation:

Mineta, Cheney, the Shootdown order and the 5th plane

My assumption is, that

My assumption is, that whatever he was asking about, wouldn't have taken that much time to implement.Jon Gold | Homepage | 07.10.06 - 3:53 pm | #

at 10 miles away they'd have about 90 seconds to act.

It's the same old merry go

It's the same old merry go round. The same people who told you that the eventual disclosure of the Pentagon video (which turned out to be ridiculous recycled no show video from 2002) would bury the 9/11 movement - are at it again. They just retreat from one fort to the next.

The authors of the 9/11 fables are stuck in their own lies. If they somehow manufacture a video of a 757 hitting the Pentagon they'll be forced to explain exactly how that event took place - at 530 mph. feet off the ground. Better still, witnesses who manged to witness that wonderplane may even be forced to appear on the MSM explaining the experience. I can´t wait to hear them decribe how that 100-ton plane at full throttle whizzed silently right above their cars.

"at 10 miles away they'd

"at 10 miles away they'd have about 90 seconds to act."

Which indicates that it might have been an order to stand down any defenses. Something that could be launched in seconds.

The pentagon was allowed to

The pentagon was allowed to be hit so that people would be scared sh*tless and it worked. I remember tuning in and watching the horror unfold and I could not get over the fact that the Pentagon of all places was hit! That should have told me then and there what is so obvious to me now but it didn't. What it did was scare me to my core.

I wanted my gov. to protect me and fast. How stupid, how naive I was. But that is one big win they had. They scared many of us to the core. Which, it is now clear to me why they wanted to scare us so badly.

Fortnately there are people like you men/women doing your work to spread the truth and waking people like me up. I am still freaking out by what my gov. covers up. I don't trust a freakin thing they say anymore. For the first time in my life (I am ashamed of that)I am interested in studying our history. It helps to show others that it is not such a stretch to believe our gov. would go forward with such an evil plan and that many are willing to go along with a cover-up. I mean, all we have to do is look at the crap that has happened in our history that has been covered up.

I am mad as hell like all of you have been for so long. And now I am trying to educate myself on this so I may pass it on--in a responsible, wise, most effective way. I am frustrated too when we are looked at as crazy conspiracy theorists.

Like Avery says in the Vanity Fair article "shit is going to hit the fan". When the rest are awaken to the truth, they will be mad as hell. They will realize that they have been lied to and be just as heart broken as we are now. That is when our efforts will be understood.

Bird shit couldn't hit the

Bird shit couldn't hit the Pentagon unless it was allowed to happen. I also agree with this post. "No matter what is released, it will be fake". If they do release anything, which I doubt. Lets face it, this is the end of the line for the Bush crime family and the NWO boys. In 9/11 they created a Frankenstein monster which has turned to destroy them. What is to follow should be fun to watch. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of thugs.

"The Mineta testimony has

"The Mineta testimony has been completely misinterpretated by and others."

(9:10 a.m.): Rice and Cheney Apparently Go to White House Bunker; Other Accounts Have Cheney Moving Locations Later

According to counterterrorism “tsar” Richard Clarke and others, Vice President Cheney goes from his White House office to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC), a bunker in the East Wing of the White House, at about this time (9:10am). National Security Adviser Rice, after initiating a video conference with Richard Clarke in the West Wing, goes to the PEOC to be with Cheney. There is no video link between response centers in the East and West Wings, but a secure telephone line is used instead. [Clarke, 2004, pp. 3-4; ABC News, 9/14/2002; New York Times, 9/16/2001; Daily Telegraph, 12/16/2001] One eyewitness account, David Bohrer, a White House photographer, says Cheney leaves for the PEOC just after 9:00 a.m. [ABC News, 9/14/2002] However, there is a second account claiming that Cheney doesn’t leave until sometime after 9:30 a.m. In this account, Secret Service agents burst into Cheney’s White House office. They carry him under his arms—nearly lifting him off the ground—and propel him down the steps into the White House basement and through a long tunnel toward an underground bunker. [Washington Post, 1/27/2002; BBC, 9/1/2002; Newsweek, 12/31/2001; New York Times, 10/16/2001; MSNBC, 9/11/2002; 9/11 Commission, 6/17/2004] At about the same time, National Security Adviser Rice is told to go to the bunker as well. [ABC News, 9/11/2002] In addition to the eyewitness accounts of Clarke and Bohrer, ABC News claims that Cheney is in the bunker when he is told Flight 77 is 50 miles away from Washington at 9:27 a.m., suggesting that accounts of Cheney entering the bunker after 9:27 a.m. are likely incorrect.

for those that missed it:

for those that missed it:

ok, just clarified, I believe that it is Kevin Barrett on Hannity & Colmes tonight!
dz | | Email | Homepage | 07.10.06 - 3:22 pm | #

Right-on Tonya. Same thing

Right-on Tonya. Same thing happened to me a few years back and I am still mad as hell. Avery is right. Shit will hit the fan big-time. I obviously expect to see public executions. I can't wait.

Bird shit couldn't hit the

Bird shit couldn't hit the Pentagon unless it was allowed to happen.
9/11grunt | Homepage | 07.10.06 - 4:05 pm | #

Line of the day.

Anyone know where i can find

Anyone know where i can find the local laws reguarding the posting of fliers and stickers online?


I don't know, but to me, the

I don't know, but to me, the fact that the Pentagon was supposedly hit at 9:37, and Mineta gave a VERY descriptive account of Flight 77's whereabouts, and also said that Cheney was already there, means that the 9:58 account of his arrival at the PEOC must be wrong.

anyone hear this speech by

Kevin on fox? Huge. When?

Kevin on fox? Huge. When?

New essay by Michael Green

New essay by Michael Green on the Mineta Testimony:

How They Get Away With It
by Michael Green

This article will not attempt to prove that 911 is a USGIC (USG Intelligence Community) domestic covert operation, but it will show how such operations are covered up and disguised from their immediate victims, the people of the United States.

I will rehearse Secretary of Transportation Norman MinetaÂ’s crucial testimony before the 911 Commission and offer both a brief and an extended analysis of it below, with several purposes in mind.

First, the testimony and analysis are the kind of evidence that everyone can understand and take home; it is money in the bank.

Secord, such is the kind of evidence that I have long been recommending that the 911-truth movement emphasize, namely evidence that is clear and compelling rather than evidence that is doubtful or dubious.

Third, the example offered here begins to illustrate the kind of mass mind control that the Central Intelligence Agency has accomplished through its control of the media: the most damning facts can be right out there on the table in front of people, but most people cannot see them, or if they can see them they cannot reason from them clearly and productively. The natural cognitive and affective vulnerabilities of the masses against seeing unpleasant truths have been enhanced and refined by the establishment media shaping not only what they know through disinformation, but also how they think about what little they do know. 1 (Illuminating the public mind control is too vast a project for this essay.)





There is one obvious thing

There is one obvious thing that should have happened once it was known US was under attack and there was at least potentially one more hijacked plane heading Washington: Evacuate all important buildings including such as Pentagon of at least all staff that werent vital for keeping things running at that very moment (such as book keepers..)
Perhaps the (Cheney)orders were not to send message to evacuate?
Anyways, it(not to evacuate) is one more hint to suggest "they" wanted certain people inside Pentagon to die.

The problem is, what would

The problem is, what would the no-planers do if they can't promote no-plane at the Pentagon?! What would the on-the-fencers do if they can't wait for the videos?!

While everyone is so sure they know one way or the other, they're getting away with it as we ignore the fact that the Pentagon should never have been hit by anything at all, ever. That's what every 9/11 website should say:

"How Could the Heart of the US Military Be Struck by a Plane in Broad Daylight Over an Hour After the WTC Towers Were Already Hit? Where was NORAD? Where Was Cheney?"

or similar.

What if all 9/11 websites agreed to take down their screaming headlines about 'no plane' or 'plane' and instead, post such a headline? Imagine what a movement we had if we could all agree to put down the swords and move forward?

But then, of course, how would Loose Change and In Plane Site stir up the necessary hype?




Sweet. Congrats Kevin!

@G.W.: Whether you believe

Whether you believe that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon or not, please get your facts straight: many more videos will probably be released soon.

what are the facts?
the only fact i see is that the govt. explanation of the pentagon strike doesn't coincide with the govt. released photos of the pentagon strike. what's up with that?

Mineta on ABC

Mineta on ABC News:


And so I said, Monty, what do you have? He said, well we're watching this target on the radar, but the transponder's been turned off. So we, have no identification." ( 2/5 down )

Flight 77 vanished from the radar screens completely since 8:58 and didn't reemerge until it was observed by Dulles Tower at 9:32 - so what f*** radar target is Mineta talking about? Surely not Flight 77.

Don't trust Richard Clarke. He tries to obfuscate the picture, too, in this case: the second plane on its way to the Pentagon.

Chris Plante, CNN, from Washington, at about 10:45: "All right, the area to the west of the Pentagon has been evacuated further back by law enforcement and military officials as they anticipate a second aircraft arriving at the Pentagon. It has been deemed to be threatening enough where I saw at least one F-16 fighter jet in the air over the Pentagon, headed to the west, where the plane was reportedly coming in from. Again, they are saying here a second aircraft is expected to arrive at the Pentagon sometime soon. They take it seriously enough that they have scrambled at least one fighter jet that I saw, probably either from D.C. Air National Guard or the Maryland Air National Guard, both of which fly F-16s."

"Flight 77 vanished from the

"Flight 77 vanished from the radar screens completely since 8:58 and didn't reemerge until it was observed by Dulles Tower at 9:32 - so what f*** radar target is Mineta talking about? Surely not Flight 77."

Flight 77 vanished from which radar screens?



This is great news for Kevin. What are everyone's thoughts on whether or not this will be positive for the movement?'s's positive?

I mean, that's kind of a silly question...

Go, Kevin, go!

Go, Kevin, go!

The news that Kevin is

The news that Kevin is cleared to teach again is more than enough good news for one day...- that he might be going on Hannity & Colmes tonight to kick ass and take names, as he did with McBride- well that just makes my week!

Can anyone confirm the

Can anyone confirm the Hannity and Colmes appearance?

Fantastic news about Kevin

Fantastic news about Kevin Barrett's teaching position! I hope he slam dunks Hannity tonight. He'll probably have to slap Colmes around some too.

where did the info that

where did the info that Barrett is gonna be on Hannity tonight come from? are you sure its tonight?

and this article about the

and this article about the 84 videos being released is pretty presumptuous.


It's not listed on their

It's not listed on their site.

However, I imagine they will

However, I imagine they will try to use Kevin bringing up 9/11 in class, against him, and against Fetzer's statements.

yes DHS, and they too are

yes DHS, and they too are being pretty presumptuous. they say they WILL get the 84 videos. thats nice that they have that much faith in the FOIA, but that doesnt mean its rock solid. they released the shittiest friggin tape they could for a reason,if you ask me.

GW, thanks for the

GW, thanks for the clarification. I still don't quite see what the trap is though, even if there really are more videos to be produced, which I seriously doubt. My viewpoint is still essentially the same: people are far too awake and skeptical (yes Virginia, even couch potatoes in Peoria have suspicions) to be somehow swayed by a new Pentagon video.

I think the crux of my disagreement about the trap issue is: Are Americans gullible? Sure, some are, but after seeing the recent Zogby poll and also noting the high profile Loose Change is receiving, I'm feeling much more hopeful about mainstream Americans. So, again, a trap only works if people believe the propaganda, which I contend they are doing with much less frequency.

When CONVENIENT things happen, I'm noticing more and more skepticism about what we're told. The Ken Lay story is a current case in point. Online, at least, there is considerable skepticism about if he's even dead or not -- healthy skepticism, I would say. Ergo, any CONVENIENT Pentagon footage that appears years after the fact will NOT put answers to rest, no matter how good it looks.

I think we need to be a lot more confident at this stage of the truth game. No offense, GW -- I'm a big fan of your blog, btw.

Congratulations Kevin, and

Congratulations Kevin, and everyone who took the time to write Rep. Nass, and the UW Provost.

On the other had, it would have been very, very interesting to see what would have happened had he been fired. Freedom of Speech issues in universities most often guarantee at least some national coverage.

yeah, if Kevin Barrett

yeah, if Kevin Barrett really is on HAnnity tonight, i bet they try and keep him from discussing the facts of 9/11 by bashing him for bringing 9/11 truth into the classroom the whole time.i doubt that bitch Hannity will even be there.

"On the other had, it would

"On the other had, it would have been very, very interesting to see what would've happened had he been fired."

And I'll use your quote to answer "truth only's" question about why I asked what people thought about the news.

That said, hats off to Kevin for all he's doing and has faught relentlessly for!

What time on Hannity

What time on Hannity tonight? 9 EDT?

No it...9 EDT

No it...9 EDT

Greg, thanks for the

Greg, thanks for the important observation about MSM's capacity to achieve almost unanimous manipulation of news on certain subjects -- hence, the blackout on Charlie Sheen's 9/11 comments. Perhaps dire requests or threats from on high (i.e., the administration) would explain the ongoing silent treatment toward 9/11 debate and literature. The New York Times has alluded to such pressures several times regarding other topics.
While the events of 9/11 constitute one area of investigation, the fact of ongoing news suppression and coverups becomes in itself a matter for separate investigation.

I have a lot of unanswered

I have a lot of unanswered questions about the physical evidence at the Pentagon "crash site". In fact it was my recalling that we never saw any plane debris or videos on 9/11 that was my "Truth" trigger in the first place. BUT ...

Here's my thing w/ the pentagon. If it wasn't hit by a plane, WHY NOT? The theory is, that the planes were comandeered via remote control right? So why use a HAWK or a MISSLE when you have the capacity to remotely send a kamakazi and produce the sought psych-op in a much more dramatic fashion?

Any ideas?

Rumsfeld was in the

Rumsfeld was in the building, as well as many other very important people. my guess is that they didnt want to take a chance with flying a real 747 into the Pentagon, lest little rummy get killed.mainly though, i think its because they knew a 747 would have been shot down(remember, this was well after the towers were hit), but a "freindly" military plane would not be shot down.the airspace in Washington is rightfully pretty controlled and safe,and the Pentagon was hit last, which is why it could only have been a military plane(imo).it was seen as "friendly" until it smashed into the Pentagon.just thinking out loud.

whatever they release If

whatever they release If anything will show nothing whatsoever or be faked.

as for the fake Osama tape someone doubts, what is to doubt? That tape is so fake it looks like a 8th grade class did it. I cant believe there is anyone that believes that tape is authentic.

As for what hit the Pentagon, granted it would be nice if it could be proven something other than a 757 hit it, BUT even if by some miracle a 120 Ton 125' wide X 75' tall plane managed to miss the lawn completely and slam into the pentagon and completely disappear into a 16' round whole, it really doesn't matter.

NOTHING else adds up at all

How They Get Away With It by

How They Get Away With It
by Michael Green

... a great piece.

Ought to be in the top 10 articles in our collective presentation.

they will never show any

they will never show any more videos... because it will show a missile hitting the petagon... mind you, the pentagon dont even mess w/ photoshop - they got some hi-tech to make some new vids... buck fush

Everytime I read "don't talk

Everytime I read "don't talk about the Pentagon because they have more videos" it makes me wonder.I don't believe that a plane hit it at all because everytime I look at all those photos, after it was hit,I still don't see any damage that the wings inflicted on the building.That won't change.Whatever video that they may produce can never alter those photos showing that round hole and no damage or holes where the engines would have hit the building.The wings weren't found outside the building either.So ,regardless of the light poles being hit,if the wings weren't found outside the building then they should have hit the building.
What I wonder about is ,why do we have to be afraid?Even if they produced 80 video's showing the plane,does that change what happened at building 7? Does the controlled demolition of all 3 of the wtc buildings disappear?Does the fact that 4 planes were able to be hijacked and hit 3 targets without being stopped by the most capable military in the world?I could go on and on.
You might say that if we're wrong about the pentagon then nobody will ever believe any of the other things.I don't believe that's true.How many people have you told about the inside job that refuse to believe it no matter what "proof" you show them?I don't know if any of us know exactly what happened in every event that took place on that day.But I do believe that amongst all of our beliefs we do have all the right answers ,It's just a matter of sifting through all of our ideas and seeing what is the most realistic.
Some of these people afraid of the pentagon might not want us to really talk about it because it really can't be defended by "The Official Story".I believe it is the weakest link.
As far as Alex Jones goes ,How did he really know about the attack before it happened.Who informed him?What else does he really know about that day?



> There is strength in numbers.

What a social load of crap! There is strength in truth, and in evidence, and in knowledge. (If numbers were what really counted, then we all could just go along with the majority and join them in blaming/hating "Muslim hijackers" for 9/11, right?)

> The Steering Committee is the main disinfo site (web presence) for the false-flag operation known as the 911 truth movement.

"Steering Committee" is very revealing. Let's look, briefly, and how has MISSTEERED the movement, to keep it constantly headed down dead-end blind alleys, and barking up the wrong trees...

Bush told us, in effect that he was "in the loop" on the very beginning of the supposedly-surprise 'secret' attack. Democrats just pretend he didn't. fosters lies about Bush's statements in an attempt to get honest 911 truthers to disregard them. (Hey, Barrie Zwicker: GET A CLUE: Bush does not have an "ordinary" job, and Bush never said "ordinary TV"!!!!! So apologize/recant, already, Disinfo Agent Zwicker, for so repeatedly lying/saying that he did!)

"Most respected (barf bag, please) 911 researcher Jim Hoffman" is a known gatekeeper. He'll tell you that we can't blame the WTC "collapses" on "airplanes", but he'll vigorously oppose anyone who dares even wonder if it was, in fact, THE GOVT-CLAIMED HIJACKED CIVILIAN BOEING PASSENGER AIRLINERS which hit the buildings. Then people call anyone who disagrees with the plane-hugging Jim Hoffman a "no-planer" who must have a "no-plane theory" just for recognizing the holes in the govt's "hijacked civilian 767s" contention!!! Based upon that fallacy, Agent Jim Hoffman can then claim to have won that (false) argument if he can show any evidence at all of any kind of airplane whatsoever. (That's pretty clever but twisted of Agent Hoffman; gotta give the devil his due...) Agent Hoffman has also been caught red-handed suppressing visual evidence which makes it abundantly clear that it was not a "hijacked 767" which hit the North Tower.

The fake 911 truthers @ have also, for years, done a fine job of burying the (should-be-a) headline that the guy in the govt's "Osama Confession Video" looks (and acts) nothing like any other image of "Osama" we've ever been shown!

The fake 911 truthers @ also promote a grossly inadequate/insufficient/deficient "thermite theory" (another barf bag, please). First of all, we can't arrest "thermite" -- it's a total dead-end lead; anyone (even Osama) could have come up with "thermite". Second, it is inexcusable(/unforgivable?) for a professional physics professor to pretend that we had not already established, long ago, using simple laws of physics to PROVE, that the government lied about the falls of the towers. (Shame on Steven Jones!!! He can fool most of the people most of the time...) Third, while thermite could have been used to help bring down the towers, it's not sufficient to have done so by itself. Fourth, thermite also cannot account for any of the highly UNconventional "Ground Zero"(!!!) evidence. If Jones' "thermite theory" is not a total diversive/divisive/distractive limited-hangout red-herring, then nothing is, ever has been, or ever will be! (BTW, I cannot claim to know Jones' intent or motives, any more than I can Jon Gold's. But I see, and have described, how Jones' behavior is incompatible with that of an honest 911 truther.) Further, months and months and months ago he told me that he'd examine the WTC dust sample(s?) in his possession for evidence of molecular dissociation (ie, evidence that the ultra-fine dust did not come from "pulverization" but, rather, from exposure to temperatures hotter than the Sun). On 4/21/06 he finally told me "next week". I'm still waiting, but I've run out of patience: once again, on an entirely different level, the behavior of "Dr. Jones" has blatantly been inconsistent with that of an honest reputable 911 truther (so there is no need to consider who he is associated with; his stated friendship with Agent Jim Hoffman or his past(?) relationship(s?) with the U.S. Department Of Energy...).

Which brings us, finally, to the 911 disinfo movement's stance on the Pentagon Video Evidence. The government's own evidence has revealed that, whatever it was, IT WAS NOT A 757!!!! Agent Jim Hoffman, with help from his many minions including Disinfo Agent Mike Rivero (of, which joins fake-911-truth disinfo Agent Barrie Zwicker in telling lies to get people to disregard Bush's incriminating 9/11 witness statements$500reward.shtml ), talks about how we should be afraid of some imagined "booby trap". (My only confusion regarding this is in not knowing whether to be more disappointed in Jim Hoffman for spinning such BS, or for so much of the rest of the "911 truth movement" for "swallowing" it.) Master Disinfo Agent Jim Hoffman again exhibits his give-the-devil-his-due talents by also telling people that we cannot trust the Pentagon video evidence enough for us to use it in "our theories"!!! What an evil genius Hoffman truly is! Such a statement seems to engender some kind of compulsive desire in 911 truthers to participate in some kind of a "guess what aircraft it was" contest, which masterfully distracts people from them even recognizing, MUCH LESS HEADLINING, the fact that the government has already demolished its own credibility by first telling us that a hijacked 757 hit the Pentagon and then showing us video evidence which reveals that, whatever it was, IT WAS TOO SMALL TO HAVE BEEN A 757!! And that we know it! Only a 911 truth movement which was itself a false-flag "truth movement" operation could have kept that knowledge from becoming widespread for 4+ years already!!!!! (Worrying more about evidence we do NOT have than the evidence we do have is one of the now-recognized tactics of the disinfo campaigns in the 911 fake-truth movement. It's a pattern. It's not just promulgating fear of unknown/unseen[/nonexistent?] Pentagon videos over the one we already have and which shreds The Big Lie of 9/11 single-handedly. It's also sobbing over illegally-removed WTC debris instead of focusing on the big-lie-revealing remnant dust which was everywhere. It's worrying about "2.5 terabytes of destroyed Able Danger data" so much that we might actually start to feel like "Muslim hijackers" were somehow responsible for 9/11...!)

Fake 911 truthers are easy to spot. By their behaviors, the ones which either support or do not threaten to vanquish The Big Lie.

Any 911 truther can divisively just call names and level false charges. (If history is a predictor, at least one person will do so in response to this post.) But, as always, I've provided examples and illustrated (or at least tried to) my points. (IOW, you can't dismiss what I've written as mere opinion without ignoring a lot of supportive facts...)

So, let's recap a partial list of the govt-lie-breaking truths about 9/11 which the fake 911 truthers 'keep' (they sure don't "headline" them):

1. Bush's repeated, incriminating 9/11 witness statements
2. The govt-lie-killing phenomenally brief phenomenally bright burst of light upon WTC1 impact video evidence
3. The obvious truth about the "Osama Confession Video"
4. The fact that, whatever it was that may nor may not have hit the Pentagon, IT WAS NOT A 757!!!

If honest 911 truthers (there *must* be a few...) still can't recognize how phony the bulk of the "911 truth movement" (especially and and and and and and etc etc etc etc etc etc etc... ) really is, by its repeated, blatantly (in plain sight...) obvious, counter-productive behaviors, then they should stop wondering about people who still don't "get it" about 9/11 itself. (They should look in the mirror, and ask themselves why they can see through 9/11 but not a 9/11 "truth movement" which suppresses so much of the same big-lie-killing evidence as did the 9/11 Commission. As with 9/11 itself, the (bulk of the) "9/11 truth movement" is clearly a shadow-government-serving false-flag operation.)


They should release all the

They should release all the videos. We own them. They seem to have forgot they work for us. We pay there salary. This secrecy bullshit has got to end.

Wow, Blimpy, I'm impressed.

Wow, Blimpy, I'm impressed. I was just having the same response to some things Jon has said this week as well. Thanks to our host for letting us all have our say!

We're talking about the Pentagon. I say it was 'faked' -as in; **Made to look like something it was not!** Therefore, Webfairy's right to use adjectives like the "wazzit hippedy-hopped," and so forth, as to the sheer absurdity of it all. Earlier, I posted a link to a really compelling live interview on RBN today, and folks, it will be continued tomorrow, @ 7pm EST. Given THIS info, I couldn't agree more with contesant #2 (above) who assures us anything DoDMisty-eyes Rummy cooks up- "IT WILL BE FAKED!"

Now, we can really get down to the pixel-level with our research on CGI and blue-screen! It will be released as MPEG II, I assure you. Therefore, use your 'reduce to thumb-nail' -filter before you purt on the special, "3D time-traveler"- Red White and Blue Glasses!

Having said that, we are only left with one option, and that is to take the power away from ALL the current so-called "Officials." If in fact, ANYONE is creating dis-info, it all becomes null-n-void as we enter the courtroom, armed with the latest 'brain-scanners' and lie-detector reports. We have the technology, the money and the power!...

All we lack is an up-to-date: "People's Manifesto for the United States Transitionary Government."
-end story.

As usual Blimp^--a mixture

As usual Blimp^--a mixture of truth & junk, but mostly junk.

As far as Alex Jones goes

As far as Alex Jones goes ,How did he really know about the attack before it happened.Who informed him?What else does he really know about that day?
informed believer | 07.10.06 - 10:11 pm | #
you caught hi, ALex Jones works for the globalists. yep. Alex Jones is a fucking agent. get the fuck outta here you Chomsky groupie.

@Jon Gold: Flight 77

@Jon Gold:

Flight 77 vanished from the radar screens of Indianapolis ARTCC completely, and it was also not seen on the radar screens of Washington ARTCC. Source: 9/11 CR.

I mean these are 9/11 basics, I'm a little bit disappointed you don't know it.

Michael Green's article is pure crap, sorry. These Hoffman folks may be great activists, but they are lousy researchers.

Woody Box

Funny thing is that Flight 93 did appear on the radar screens of Washington ARTCC, where it was not supposed to be - according to the official story.

So was this "Flight 93" the radar target observed by Monty Belger, was it the plane that approached Washington, was intercepted and forced to land in Cleveland? Maybe.

This is at least much more in accordance with the available documents than the exotic analysis of Michael Green.

In Michael Green's article

In Michael Green's article "How They Get Away With It", he writes:

"Furthermore, had Cheney's order been to fire on the plane approaching the Pentagon (which first came near the White House), the anti-aircraft capacity of the Pentagon (or White House), would have sufficed to take out that plane, and certainly to have attempted to take out that plane."

My question there any proof that the either the White House or Pentagon has any anti-aircraft missle batteries or defense capabilities? This topic comes up quite often from those who believe the official story and there claims are that neither the White House or Pentagon have such weapons. I would love to prove them wrong but have not been able to find hard evidence.

Any help would be great.

It is quiet possible that

It is quiet possible that NOTHING was approaching the Pentagon, and Cheney & the "young man" were performing a ruse on (or with) Mineta!

Here's my thing w/ the

Here's my thing w/ the pentagon. If it wasn't hit by a plane, WHY NOT? The theory is, that the planes were comandeered via remote control right? So why use a HAWK or a MISSLE when you have the capacity to remotely send a kamakazi and produce the sought psych-op in a much more dramatic fashion?
Any ideas?
toto | 07.10.06 - 7:47 pm | #

Too many things can go wrong when an airliner (full of crew & passengers, no less) is being flown 250 miles via remote control. Just have a precision drone, missile, or bomb explode at the Pentagon from close by.

I used to think that Jon

I used to think that Jon Gold was merely in dire need of deprogramming.

But to see him still, after so much time has passed, be recommending the known disinformation site makes me wonder if Jon's inability to help promote the full truth about 9/11 should not be attributed to a far more serious cause.

911citizenswatch was co-founded by John Judge and Kyle Hence. (Two of the major disinfo agents which have kept the truth from moving. David Kubiak, of, is one of the known 'bigger' such agents.)

Each denies govt-lie-breaking evidence -- the same evidence as was omitted by the 9-11 Commission in its "complete and final" report. (Gee, what a coincidence, eh?)

Worse, after the 9-11 Commission Report totally failed to mention the 5 Pentagon video frames, released by the govt on 3/7/02 (IOW, the govt omitted its own evidence from its own report!!!), John Judge wrote a 149-page "omission report" ostensibly detailing the govt's omissions, yet he "somehow" failed to mention that smokingest-gun omission? If you think that that's a "coincidence", I can add that when I questioned JJ about his misbehavior, his excuse was chapter-and-verse identical to the excuses I was given by the 9-11 Commission spokesmen for their omission of the same evidence! (Perhaps you are a coincidence theorist?)

Kyle Hence has said that he didn't think that Americans could handle the full truth about 9/11.

And Kyle dismisses/suppresses the WTC1 impact video evidence which shows a phenomenally-brief phenomenally-bright burst of very intense light upon impact, which is inconsistent with a civilian passenger airliner (hijacked or otherwise) striking a passive, non-rigged WTC tower wall.

Both of these pieces of evidence reveal that it was not, as per the government's contention, hijacked civilian passenger airliners which hit the buildings.

Why would John and Kyle act like that?

Well, the only reason I have come up with is that the very core of The Big Lie of 9/11 is that we can blame it all on "Muslim hijackers", and the knowledge that the govt-claimed aircraft did not strike the buildings on 9/11 brings us to within just 1 logical step of totally demolishing the core element of The Big Lie of 9/11. (That's a goal of mine, but there are some 911 truthers who obviously do not have the same goal.)

Evidently, John Judge and Kyle Hence, by their own actions, have betrayed themselves as fake 9/11 truthers -- they only pretend to oppose The Big Lie, from which position of leadership/respect (respect is a gatekeeper -- it keeps us from thinking anything bad about those for whom we have much respect) they can and have actually helped to keep The Big Lie of 9/11 alive!

For Jon Gold, after so much time, to still be unable to "get it" about them is what suggests to me that there is also something very seriously wrong with Jon Gold('s approach to 911 'truth').

Please stop acting like a promoter of disinfo (agents), Jon. Please stop promoting known blatant disinfo agents and their sites. People might start to wonder about you(r "blindness")...

I've seen this link appear twice in this thread and I haven't seen any replies to it. Doesn't anyone have anything to say about this?

Hey Chris you're a dick.Alex

Hey Chris you're a dick.Alex Jones isn't God.It's okay for you to label everybody though but god forbid somebody quetion the great Alex Jones.