Exposing the 9/11 Conspiracy Wingnuts

Well worth reading the whole essay here.

I began researching the mainstream media coverage of the controversy regarding the attacks of 9/11/2001, when reading an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Newspaper, dated June 29th, 2006. It was titled, "Sept. 11 claim stirs UW probe -- Instructor says U.S. planned the attacks to provoke war." This led to my discovery of some wild conspiracy theorists that endanger our government and media establishments, with quite frankly insane assertions. I'll address this in full in the final paragraph.

* * *

Then, I contacted the office of a Wisconsin State Legislator, Rep. Stephen Nass (R-Whitewater), and asked to speak to someone in the office who could speak on this issue. I asked if he was familiar with the Scholars for 9/11 Truth website, and he replied they had learned of it this week. I asked him if he and the Representative could comment on the charge that the fires on 9/11/2001 in the WTC buildings did not burn hot enough to bring down the buildings, and if he'd read the scholars organization's charge that thermate traces had been found on debris from the fallen towers (thermate indicating demolition type explosives were involved). The gentleman responded that no, they had not looked at this information, and this would not be something they would look at, further indicating that anyone who made such charges was blinded by their hatred of President Bush.

* * *

This begs the question, in the face of such obvious facts, why do our media personalities continue to attempt to throw out accusations that are patently untrue regarding those who question the official story?

When a television news interviewer continues to ask questions and make assertions that he or she knows to be untrue, this would challenge the expertise and sanity, not of their guests, but of the television news interviewer.

* * *

However, this debate on national media cannot occur if the interviewers hired by national media continue to behave in an insane irrational behavior, like "conspiracy theory wing-nuts." You see, too many of our media spokespersons on television and radio adhere to a wild conspiracy theory. Their theory is that anyone who looks into the facts of the events of one of the most important issues in history is alone, and insane, but yet somehow organized in some united conspiratorial effort. Of course, the facts fly in the face of this conspiracy theory, but these media personalities appear unable to grasp reality even when it is pointed out to them.

For media reading this article, time will tell whether you are an insane conspiracy theorist or not. If you too, are among the insane in our media, the public will likely eventually demand your resignation. As one who writes sometimes on parental issues, I believe it is unhealthy to have insane people in charge of the national information highways our children are taught to watch. We need sane media people who look at facts regarding issues, not ones who launch into insane screeds of paranoia to avoid reality.

Also, you may recall that when I contacted State Representative, Stephen Nass' office, his aid stated that they were aware of but not interested in and would not look at the physics facts provided by the website Scholars for 9/11 Truth, www.st911.org. However, they did want to fire a university teacher for presenting facts, many of which were available on that site. To fire someone for presenting facts, facts that you dispute, yet have no idea what those facts are, and are unwilling to look at them to find out what they are . . . is also insane. Again, as someone who writes on parenting issues, as a concerned parent as well, America should also consider retiring our insane government officials who fire people for facts they aren't aware of and are unwilling to look at. These politicians apparently assert some wild conspiracy theory that millions of Americans are questioning the events of 9/11 because they are "Bush haters" according to the aid at Nass' office. This kind of delusional paranoia by our elected officials is of particular concern. Such wild eyed conspiratorialists should not be allowed in government.

Bill Douglas, author of "The Amateur Parent - A Book on Life, Death, War & Peace, and Everything Else in the Universe""

Alex, Casseia, Avid; On

Alex, Casseia, Avid;

On Monday, my family Atty. will have received a copy of my report and I will ask him to reflect on it's content. Like it or not, I'm planning to forward all future official communications to him anyway.

Thanks for the feedback. As you can see, I can't write. I simply have no manner of comprehension other than stream-of-thought. So far, after four years of complaining bitterly, I seem to have received help on exactly ONE sentence. Since it's the first of the piece, I'm using your suggestion.

An Editor? I can't even get my own family to accept that I was ever there. They can't see that there is any real 'change' in the future of America since 9/11, let alone understand why I've become so Tarpley/RBN savvy, or why I'm determined to leave here before the market-crash, possibly just in the nick of time.

Sorry this is so long. But

Sorry this is so long. But since its not posted elsewhere . . .

If y'all think its too long,

If y'all think its too long, I'll remove.

Better yet, someone post it at your site, then I'll just link to it.

Please read my legal

Please read my legal affidavit concerning the "FBI" take-over of the Architects offices in the WTC building on 6/9/1989. http://redlineav.com/tsg.deposition.1.html

My story is unique and I have been describing these events in detail since immediately following this tragedy. Mostly, my story has fallen on deaf ears. Several people, like Steven Jones, Alex Jones, and Michael Ruppert have responded with curiousity, but not with the excitement I have hoped, or expected. Today, we have listened to new, highly relevant info from a man who was present to witness the scene at the Pentagon. We share a common problem, namely that our stories are, as yet, "unvetted." I would like to know what you think after you read this final (or final draft) report.

I for one appreciated seeing

I for one appreciated seeing this article- lengthy though it is. I appreciate you posting it.

yes i did too

yes i did too

Great article. Thanks for

Great article. Thanks for sharing.

pleasant top search

When fetzer said there

When fetzer said there weren't courses, did he know of colorado free university, or doesn't that count?

And did Fetzer know about Barrett's course beforehand?


My complaint is that all

My complaint is that all this attention is on the physical aspect of 9/11, and NOT of the true look at the shaping of the al Qaeda patsies, KSM, Atta, Able Danger, Pakistani ISI, FBI obstruction, etc. Anyone who knows Webster Tarpley's Synthetic Terror knows what I'm talking about. You dont need to prove explosions or fake pentagon planes or anything to prove an inside job.

Also, this guy forgot Reagan Asst Secretary of Defense Ronald Ray.

Pockybot: I think BOTH the

Pockybot: I think BOTH the patsies and the physical evidence are important. Webster talks about controlled demo also.

Richard Linklater has

Richard Linklater has spoken. Maybe Bruce Willis will too?


Sure, every mainstream media

Sure, every mainstream media interviewer just happens to be acting in an insane, irrational manner and should be fired.

Talk about curing the symptom and not the disease.

it's awesome, people should

it's awesome, people should read it.

btw, see my updated

btw, see my updated Illuminati using numbers 9/11 post


From the sounds of things,

From the sounds of things, about half of hollywood know's what's up. Which means they're all to pussy to put their careers on the line and speak the truth. People trash celebrities when they speak out on political issues, which is insane -- they not only have the right but the duty to speak out. Just as much as an elected official or anyone else in the limelight. Silence is complicity. They have access to the airwaves -- use them for Christ's sake!

Wow, if Willis came out for

Wow, if Willis came out for 9/11 truth, that'd be big.

these celebrities need some

these celebrities need some encouragement

this jump is most likely due

this jump is most likely due to today's attacks


this jump is more likely

this jump is more likely because of the hot story on RBN,

which story?

which story?

back in the day celebrities

back in the day celebrities were used to sell war bonds.

their silence today is practically the same thing.

wow what if penn and teller

wow what if penn and teller came out on 911 truth?
HUNT THE BOEING II!:shanksville edition
why oh why does shanksville hate bush?

TS Gordon: Your affidavit

TS Gordon: Your affidavit gives me a wider perspective on key issues, particularly the financial motivations. It also generates questions that need to be asked to make the full statement more intelligible. Hopefully one or more hearings or investigations will call you as a witness. Before that happens, you will need to clarify your presentation with professional help, including legal opinion. What you have to share merits the best formulation that you can achieve with the right help from others.

James, Penn and Teller hate

James, Penn and Teller hate 9/11 Truth, or at least Hufschmid and Walter. There was a video circulating where they made fun of them.

"Of course, the facts fly in

"Of course, the facts fly in the face of this conspiracy theory, but these media personalities appear unable to grasp reality even when it is pointed out to them." Bill Douglas
Ahem, No the facts don't fly in the face of the theory. They substantiate it.
Other than that point a pretty fair and balanced article.
When you have news people that are wrong in their facts a great deal of the time you would think at some point they might be asked to get a different job.

[calling for an entire race

[calling for an entire race or religion to be 'sterilized' will not be tolerated here]Edited By Siteowner

And you can tell Warren

And you can tell Warren Buffet that giving his fortune to Gates is not going to save his fortune.



"James, Penn and Teller hate

"James, Penn and Teller hate 9/11 Truth, or at least Hufschmid and Walter. There was a video circulating where they made fun of them."

Do you blame them? Seriously.

TS Gordon -- I read your

TS Gordon -- I read your material and found it rather difficult to follow, maybe because you need to frame it with some background material about your work, etc (or did I miss that?) I get the sense that you have something really interesting to say, but I'm having trouble figuring out what it is, and I would like to. Is there someone who can help you edit?

i fowarded the email to

i fowarded the email to stacy taylor an air america radio morning show host in San Diego, he's stubbornly refusing to re-examine his 'conclusions' about 9/11.

great article, i posted it

On yahoo front page I got

On yahoo front page I got lured into watching a Cruise, Holmes bit on 'where is the baby?'. Some of the lines were pulled strait from Loose Change, and the tone was similar. As if 'they' are attempting to parody the aweful truth . . . As if the attempt putting the idea of 911 Truth into the entertainment section.

Everything 'they' do is suspect.

I am sending this message to

I am sending this message to the squatters in the
Whitehouse who stole two Federal elections as well as
members of the Rockefeller Institute of Government,
the Trilateral Commission, the The Blackstone Group,
the Council on Foreign Relations, and the U.S. Army
War College. Attached is a photo of one of the World
Trade Center jumpers.

Jesus said: What you hear with your ear (and) with the
other ear, proclaim it on your roof-tops. For no one
lights a lamp to set it under a bushel, or to put it
in a hidden place; but he sets it on the lamp-stand,
that all who go in and come out may see its light.


Silence may be golden, but the truth can be deafening.

Patriotically Yours,

BYU Physics Prof Finds Thermate in WTC Physical
Samples, Building Collapses an Inside Job
By Jacob Hamblin
Jun 21, 2006, 01:36

Based on chemical analysis of WTC structural steel
residue, a Brigham Young University physics professor
has identified the material as Thermate. Thermate is
the controlled demolition explosive thermite plus
sulfur. Sulfur cases the thermite to burn hotter,
cutting steel quickly and leaving trails of yellow
colored residue.

Prof. Steven Jones, who conducted his PhD research at
the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and
post-doctoral research at Cornell University and the
Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility, has analyised
materials from WTC and has detected the existence of
thermate, used for "cutting" the steel support
columns, as evident in the photo below.

Dr. Jones is a co-founder of Scholars for 911 Truth.

Dr. Jones in earlier work pointed to thermate as the
likely explosive that brought down the WTC1, WTC2, and
WTC7 skyscrapers. But only recently was physical
material analysed in the lab and the presense of
thermate announced. The samples were provided Dr.
Jones team from redundant sourses.

Both BYU and Prof. Jones have been offered additional
grants if he would "change the direction" of his
research. In addition, there have been threats made by
an individual who "is taking action" to stop Steven
Jones' research, specifically his experiment with
thermites (aluminothermics), on the grounds his work
may be helpful to "terrorists". Jones notes that much
more detailed information on both thermite and
thermate is readily available on the internet.

Alex Jones Interviews Professor Steven Jones

COMMENTARY (on Portland Indymedia): in time order of
article theme on thermite at WTCs, videos, discussion,

[1] since thermite/thermate can be made of basic
industrical chemicals, it can be made
"tracerless"--i.e., avoid all signature tracer
chemicals that the U.S. Govt requires be mixed in very
small amounts in all highly powerful and highly
monitored explosives to keep track of every batch's

[2] Moreover if he has found it in WTC7, as he says,
then with Silverstein admitting that he conducted a
controlled demolition on 9-11 of WTC7 around 5:30
p.m., then Silverstein is admitting that WTC1, WTC2,
and WTC7 all are thermate controlled demolitions.

[3] And who was in charge of WTC security? Why, Marvin
Bush, brother of George W. Bush, on the board of

[4] And written up in their mom's (ghostwritten)
autobiography, Barbara Bush drops the other bombshell
that it's just a coincidence that Marvin's contract at
the WTCs was up on September 11, 2001 anyway. She
wrote about it in the book.

[5] The Bush family through Marvin Bush have been in
charge of security of the WTCs since immediately after
the first failed terrorist attempt to knock down the
WTCs one month into Clinton's Presidential tenure in

[6] The FBI is on record giving the order to conduct
terrorism on the WTC in 1993, via their hired gun
Salam, who didn't want to carry out the attack 'for
real' since he was told by the FBI that he was hired
simply for a sting opreation to arrest some
perpetrators in a terror cell he infiltrated for the
FBI. [two minute video summary

[7] When the FBI instead told him to both suggest the
WTC as a target for the 1993 attack, as well as teach
them how to make bombs, as well as FBI allowing him to
provide live explosives--their agent started taping
everything covertly that he was ordered to do in
reference to FBI ordering him to carry out the 1993
terrorist attack on the WTCs.

[8] Immediately after the failed attack on the WTCs,
the Bush family, through a corporate shell vehicle
owned in part by the royal family of Kuwait, the
Kuwaiti/American Corporation, was put in charge of
security at the WTCs, with Marvin Bush on board.

[9] Seven weeks before the controlled demolitions of
9-11, the towers change hands in their first (rushed)
sale, being all bought up by Silverstein, who
introduces a huge terrorism insurance appendage.

[10] Despite admitting publicly that HE gave the order
(in the PBS special "America Rebuilds") to blow up his
own WTC7 on 9-11, the whole thing is so corrupt that
he still collects 500 million dollars on the
"terrorist destuction alibi" of WTC7, and has already
collected several billion dollars on the 'terrorism
clause' in the WTC1/2 insurance.

[11] and We already know that the anthrax that was
sent to congress and which killed several postal
workers in the process (sent to Senator Daschle and to
Senator Leahy), was weaponized under a covert CIA only
contract, and it was a domestic Ames strain of anthrax
coming from one of three or four of the U.S.
bioweapons labs.

[12] The "Patriot Act" was already written up before
9-11, just required a whiff of domestic anthrax to
force passage with a bit more bio-terrorism on the
Congress itself by domestic terrorists;

[13] Bush and his whole Cabinet of course were out of
danger: they were taking an anthrax exclusive drug to
counter it, from September 11 onward, so when the
anthrax hit in early October in DC, Bush's staff would
be immune to the domestic-in-origin anthrax terrorism.
The interesting point of course is Bush's whole team
all psyched up and anticipating an anthrax attack one
month in advance--which just so happens to be the
incubation time for the anthax bacilli--I could go on
ad nauseum. The whole U.S. government is a terrorist
unit, operating under the guise of its counter
terrorism squads.]

Summary (On Portland Indymedia)

Dr. Jones is a co-founder of Scholars for 911 Truth.

"If Dr. Jones's work ever breaks into the
mainstream media, and the rest of the country reacts
the way the Utah County audience reacted, traditional
political divisions will evaporate like steel beams
exploded with thermite, and the whole lot of them, the
Democrats and the Republicans, will be swept away,
along with the military-industrial complex that has
apparently managed to subvert the constitution of
these United States and to con the American public,
mesmerized by the shock of 9/11 and hypnotized by
spell-binding incantations of freedom and patriotism,
into going along with their mad plans for world

BYU Physics Prof Finds Thermate in WTC Physical
Samples, Building Collapses an Inside Job.....Based on
chemical analysis of WTC structural steel residue, a
Brigham Young University physics professor has
identified the material as Thermate. Thermate is the
controlled demolition explosive thermite plus sulfur.
Sulfur cases the thermite to burn hotter, cutting
steel quickly and leaving trails of yellow colored


World Trade Center Jumper

The Whitehouse


Rockefeller Institute of Government


Trilateral Commission


The Blackstone Group


Council on Foreign Relations

U.S. Army War College


It isnt a problem that the

It isnt a problem that the article is long. People have to read! :D
Well done G.W.

Lets set up a site dedicated

Lets set up a site dedicated to telling Bruce Willis to come forward on 9-11. Just like that Oprah site. What dou you guys think?

GW.....I posted it on

TS Gordon - Very interesting

TS Gordon - Very interesting info!

Could you elaborate a bit on the structural role played by the WTC's aluminum facia panels? Your account is the first I'd heard that they served a more than just an ornamental purpose.

I would like to quote from a

I would like to quote from a letter that the father of our country , George Washington, wrote to my ancestor,Aurthur Fenner, Govenor of the State of Rhode Island, dated June 4th, 1790.

"Since the bond of Union is now complete, and we once more consider ourselves as one family, it is much to be hoped that reproaches will cease and prejudices be clone away; for we should all remember that we are members of that community upon whose general success depends our particular and individual welfare; and,therefore, if we mean to support the Liberty and Independence which it has cost us so much blood and treasure to establish, we must drive far away the demon of party spirt and local reproach."

I find these words to be just as appropriate today as they were written so long ago.


(I still need to hang my father's 1923 group photo of the Manhattan Club.)


Terrence kept asking Jon

Terrence kept asking Jon Gold "prove 9/11 was an inside job"...and the no planers say "prove their was even hijackers". Both truth bashers and no planers need to read, at least a portion of Webster Tarpley's Synthetic Terror.

Able Danger I believe is the true holy grail of 9/11. Not WTC7, not the pentagon, not "thermate". Able Danger had 2.5 terrabytes of data destroyed, and I can almost bet the limited hangout of disclosing Able Danger is really to hide the fact it was used to control and manipulate the hijackers...who had been trained at US millitary bases(as confirmed by MSNBC, Newsweek and San Jose Mercury)

Able Danger, "hijack plane drills", and the ISI are the keys to exposing 9/11 as a false flag government operations.

Those who call us all tinfoil nutters, those who merely entertain "LIHOP" or incompetence, need to research Able Danger, the NORAD/NRO/Tripod/Amalgam drills on 9/11, research who Mohammed Atta really was, Sibel Edmond's testimony and use some common historical sense.

"Prove 9/11 was an inside job"...
well, magically get the data back from Able Danger and there's your smoking gun rosetta stone.

pockybot- There were no

pockybot- There were no hijackers or planes. God told me.

"The 9/11 truth movement

"The 9/11 truth movement appears to be growing rapidly, and involving people of substantial credentials and expertise."

Appearances are highly deceiving. The author forgot that a handful of people of "substantial credentials and expertise" really have no qualifications in the subject matter.

I have to wonder why this opinion piece was even posted here.

amanda: shut the f up. You

amanda: shut the f up. You have some damn nerve talking about an entire group of people that way. I don't know what your religious beliefs are, but the torah (bible) is the foundation of almost everything that Jesus espoused. You can argue (as Jesus did) about whether the practitioners of Judaism are being true to the words, but you can't condemn the entire faith. The same "blood sucker" comments can (and have) been made about the Church of Rome. The problem is not with the foundations, it's how people manipulate those doctrines to their own peronal ends.

EGG BEATERS There is one


There is one very peaceful way to fight these Fascist Pigs and win. Remove all assets from stock and commodity markets as well as all cash from financial institutions. Then take the money and purchase property spread out over every continent. Remember the adage to not keep all your eggs in one basket!

GW: for the article, which

GW: for the article, which contains a terrific list of high profile people and references. I'll be keeping that list and using it as a strong argument when posting in other forums.

GW: I mant to say: "thanks

GW: I mant to say: "thanks for posting the article"

TSGordon: I agree with

TSGordon: I agree with casseia's post: the writing is difficult to follow. It needs to be rewritten, with the thought in mind that the reader will have little or no idea about what you refer to. I would also suggest you construct your sentences with more care. An example of a need for editing can be found in the first paragraph:

"Given due consideration, these findings explicitly imply, that *INTERNAL, US MILITARY* personnel are responsible for the execution of these crimes, costing the lives of the estimated 3,000. Innocent Americans, and more."

It should read something like this:

"Given due consideration, these findings explicitly imply that *INTERNAL, US MILITARY* personnel are responsible for crimes that led to the murder of an estimated 3,000 innocent Americans."

Do you see the difference? I wish I could help edit the rest, but am restrained by other obligations. Best of success.

Thanks, this is

Thanks, this is great!

Here's a link for you:

I might change a few minor details - like hide the extra-long hyperlinks to make the text look nicer, but otherwise it is done.

Israeli commando Frank Lowy

Israeli commando Frank Lowy is next on my list. Every Westfield Mall is a potential base of operation for biological, chemical, and nuclear attacks.


Did Rupert Murdoch Have Prior Knowledge of 9/11?
By Christopher Bollyn – American Free Press

Christopher Bollyn is an investigative journalist who has written extensively on the events of September 11,

2001 in the Washington-based American Free Press. He has researched different aspects of the 9/11 attacks

and uncovered facts and evidence that challenge the official version of events.

Two organizations, both pro-Israel, the Anti Defamation League (ADL) and the Fox News network, have

desperately tried to smear Bollyn as an “anti-Semite” in order to discredit him and diminish the significance

of his work. At the helm of both organizations, the ADL and Fox News, is an Australian-born Zionist named

Keith Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch and the ADL are clearly trying to marginalize Bollyn, and other independent researchers like him,

who use facts to challenge the governmentÂ’s flawed explanation of what occurred on 9/11.

Did Rupert Murdoch Have Prior Knowledge of 9/11?

Rupert Murdoch is said to be television’s “most powerful man in the world with the capacity to reach more

than 110 million viewers across four continents.” Murdoch sits at the helm of News Corp., the parent

company of Fox News network, and controls a large part of the mass media in the United States, including

The New York Post and the Fox cinema and television network.

MurdochÂ’s international media network owns more than 175 newspapers and magazines on three continents,

publishes 40 million papers a week and dominates the newspaper markets in Britain, Australia and New


A “close friend” of the accused Israeli war criminal and prime minister Ariel Sharon, Murdoch and his media

network are well known for supporting Israel’s right-wing Likud Party and the Anglo-American “war on


Less well known, however, is the fact that Murdoch produced a television program in 2000, which predicted

with uncanny accuracy the attacks of 9/11.

Murdoch also has long-standing relationships with the key individuals who gained possession of the World

Trade Center shortly before 9/11 – and who profited from its destruction.
In 2000, Murdoch produced a television program about a terror attack on the World Trade Center, which

predicted precisely the kind of attack that occurred on 9/11. He is also closely connected to the two individuals

who leased, and then insured the WTC property – and their future earnings – against precisely such an attack.

These connections and circumstances suggest that Murdoch had a considerable degree of prior knowledge of

the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Repeated calls to MurdochÂ’s office by American Free Press to inquire about what he may have known or

suspected about the possibility of such an attack were not returned.

The Lone Gunmen

On March 4, 2001, Fox TV, a branch of Murdoch’s media empire, broadcast the pilot episode of a “spin-off”

series based on characters from the popular Fox program “X-Files”. The short-lived series was called “The

Lone Gunmen.”

A Murdoch-owned company called Canadian Millennium Productions, Ltd. (News Corp. owns 83 percent),

produced the pilot episode for “The Lone Gunmen” in Vancouver, Canada, and New York City from March 20

to April 7, 2000.

The title “The Lone Gunmen” refers to a Washington-based government watchdog news weekly, not unlike

the court-killed SPOTLIGHT and the American Free Press. The showÂ’s main characters are the investigative

reporters who produce the paper.

The pilot episode of “The Lone Gunmen” depicted the hijacking of a passenger aircraft by a hostile computer

hacker who takes control of the plane computer flight system and directs it to fly into one of the towers of the

World Trade Center.

The climactic sequence shows the plane heading straight for one of the twin towers, but thanks to the efforts

of the crew of “The Lone Gunmen” and the powerful “Octium” computer chip, the pilots are able to regain

control of the plane at the last second and avoid the building by inches.

The pilots do not swerve away from the tower but pull the plane up in a steep climb. In a memorable scene

full of suspense the plane narrowly missed the tower.

The background footage for the planeÂ’s approach to the WTC was actually filmed during the spring of 2000 by

a special aerial crew that used a helicopter flying low over Manhattan on a night flight toward the twin towers.

Despite the uncanny similarities between the Murdoch-produced film and the horrific reality of 9/11, rather

than being discussed in the media as a prescient warning of the possibility of such an attack, the pilot episode

of “The Lone Gunmen” series seemed to have been quietly forgotten.

While an estimated 13.2 million Fox TV viewers are reported to have watched the pilot episode of “The Lone

Gunmen”, broadcast on March 4, 2001, when life imitated art just six months later on 9/11, no one in the

media seemed to recall the program.

No One Noticed

9-11 Conspiracy Theory -

9-11 Conspiracy Theory - WTMJ-TV, WI


you can now watch the NBC affiliate's coverage last night via the link above..

be sure to send them some feedback.. hopefully we can get this posted soon.

I would like some advice -

I would like some advice - an activism issue. If you are discussing 9/11 anomolies for the first time to a somewhat naive citizen, and the person tells you, "if there was a problem with 9/11 and the Bush administration, why wouldn't the Democrats jump all over this issue and make it public and do something about it?"

It's a very good question, and I am wondering if anyone has their own ideas how I can best answer that question to someone who believes that that would be a normal response to Bush administration wrongdoing.

Ideas anyone?

9-11 Conspiracy Theory -

9-11 Conspiracy Theory - WTMJ-TV, WI

http://www.todaystmj4.com/_conte.../ story_3451.asp

you can now watch the NBC affiliate's coverage last night via the link above..

be sure to send them some feedback.. hopefully we can get this posted soon.
dz | Homepage | 07.12.06 - 9:44 am | #

Thanks for the post. Does anyone have the software and knowhow to capture this video into an actual video file, e.g. a Windows media file, and post it here?

Hi great site look at it

Hi great site look at it every day
that was a good read well done to the writer ... any other aussies here regularly? just wondering keep up the good work all
one day all will out in the open..

The democrats have called

The democrats have called for investigations, but since they do not have the majority in congress they are not the head of any congressional committees. The democrats need to be the majority in one of the congressional houses to really make a stink and call for investigations.

Ideas anyone? jj111 in my

Ideas anyone?

in my view it all started after 9/11 with the inception of the talking heads like hannity and orielly..

all you have to do is look at how Richard Clarke was destroyed by the media for simply voicing facts, follow it up with how the media received Paul O'Neil. Both of these people simply stated that on the first day after 9/11, and on the first day of bush's term (respectively), that Bush wanted a way to get into Iraq, and both of these people were destroyed by the media.

Continuation of these bully tactics, name calling, etc. etc. is what led to the democrats becoming afraid to talk about anything controversial, lest they be the next victim of these frothing mouth talking heads. Add to this their lack of power, as well as their own corruption and backstage deals as well.

this syndrome is further followed up now by websites out there that refuse to be associated with voter fraud, 9/11, etc. in fear that they will be labelled as the extremist left, despite the fact they will be labelled that anyways - just ask the nytimes - who didnt touch 9/11 skeptics for over 4 years.

Everyone... from this point

Everyone... from this point on, you should completely ignore anyone who comes here to start fights, to lie about us, and to slander members of the movement.

I screwed up by telling S. King and Terrence that because they were aiding and abetting the true criminals behind 9/11, that they deserve to hang for it.

They turned around, and spun it to me that I gave them a "Death Threat".

That was probably the wrong thing to say, and as a result, they have used those quotes against me, and as a result, in my eyes, it has hurt the movement slightly.

For that, I apologize. I care more about this cause than anything else, and I don't want to see it hurt.

I have decided that I am going to take a break from posting for a while. Please continue doing what you are. I believe that we are almost there.

I am sorry.

WTMJ-TV, WI deserves our

WTMJ-TV, WI deserves our thanks. They also deserve to be given feedback about the evidence of a 9/11 coverup and that the official story is a lie. The reporter for the segment said that the evidence supporting government complicity is "scant." I think we should flood them not only with thanks, but also with evidence refuting that statement. Here are their emails:

tmj4feedback@todaystmj4.com; news@todaystmj4.com; ideas@todaystmj4.com; tothetest@todaystmj4.com; daybreak@todaystmj4.com; bmccormack@todaystmj4.com

jj, while others make good

jj, while others make good points about how Dems have no power to investigate, I guarantee that some don't want a real investigation. Why? I'm sure some have ties to the crime, at least in the sense that some campagin money was thrown their way that is also tied to drugs/terror and the patsies/terrorists. This completely dovetails with what Sibel Edmonds is able to tell us.

Heck, even though he is out of office, you think a guy like Bob Graham wants to have to explain to somebody why he was meeting on the morning of 9/11 with a guy who had $100,000 wired to Mohammed Atta months earlier? He may be totally innocent - it's possible a guy like him was set up to obtain Dem. consent to a whitewash commission down the road.

There is also the fact that Dems are now too heavily invested in the myth that if the truth came out, it would be the end of many of them, too.

Copies of Griffin's book were sent by myself to these Democrats: Dennis Kucinich on 3/27/04 with an impassioned plea; DNC Chair McAuliffe, Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi, and Senators Daschle, Feinstein and Boxer on 3/31/04; Congress members John Conyers, Elijah Cummings (Black Caucus Chair), Ciro Rodriquez (Hispanic Caucus Chair), Barbara Lee, Louise Slaughter (Co-chair of Women's Issues Caucus), and Tom Udall, between 4/05 and 4/28/04. All transmittal letters urged impeachment action, contending that such action and injecting the "complicity issue" into the 2004 presidential campaign was the only way to assure Bush's defeat; and repeated that Congressional Democrats might receive, and should request, effective political support from a comprehensive political-educational campaign waged by MoveOn.Org and UFPJ.
Of course, many Congressional Democrats received, from other persons, much information about the Bush regime complicity in addition to that reported above.

All Congressional Democrats and especially its leaders, and DNC Chair MCAuliffe, were adequately informed of the Bush regime complicity and had staff and other resources to investigate further. Congressional Democrats had sworn to protect and uphold the constitution. They utterly failed in their obligations to the constitution and to their constituents to be an effective opposition party. The title of this essay is fully justified: the Democratic Party, like the Republican Party and the Media, covered up the deep complicity in the 9/11/01 attack by Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Myers.
Why does the principal opposition party join the ruling party in covering up what are probably the worst presidential crimes in U.S. history? In response to my request for his evaluation of my report (cited above), Michael C. Ruppert, on 1/1/2004, provided an astute evaluation of how Congress operates:

"The flaw in your work is not in the legal foundation or in the way the evidence is presented, [but] in your basic assumption that the system functions and operates as you think it should or the way it is described in textbooks. History is replete with instances of impeachable or prosecutable conduct which are much better documented, more easily proven, and more glaring than what you have described."

"In Watergate, there was an abundance of evidence that Richard Nixon had committed offenses far greater than the one which brought him to the brink of impeachment—obstruction of justice. The issue was not what offense would be used to remove him, but (as far as Congress was concerned) finding an offense which could remove a sitting president without destroying the entire American system of government. The same question governs Congressional response to 9/11," Ruppert wrote.

Ruppert went on to write, "The entire system is corrupt. Those who participate in it rationalize— in order to protect their seat at a crap table— that when one player gets out of line the primary objective is to protect the crap game. (I thank Peter Dale Scott for this analogy). I can guarantee you that many members of Congress are aware of every detail you have documented, and much, much more. . . To impeach Bush et al on the grounds you have delineated would open a can of worms that would call into question the legitimacy of the entire government. That will never be permitted.
“In the late 1990s I secured hard documents (much better evidence than you have presented from a legal standpoint) showing an active conspiracy to protect drug traffickers by the CIA that was sanctioned by the White House. An impeachment trial would have been open and shut. It never came about for the reasons I have stated above.

“In the case of the Clinton impeachment, while there were perhaps ten (or more) offenses upon which that president could have been removed and jailed, none of them were ever pursued. Why? Because they involved the simultaneous exposure of Republican corruption and/or demonstrated that the entire government was complicit in one degree or another. So what did they go after Clinton on? Extramarital sex and lying about it. It was the only charge available that did not bring down the whole system.

Jon, I understand your

Jon, I understand your reaction. Those trolls can be very provoking.

But now, as long as we can each of us get a good laugh at the clowns when they show up, I agree that we should no more respond to them neither make remarks about them on the board when they poke us. That just fuel them. To completely and totally ignore the shills is what we should do here. Just my two cents.

Don't feed the trolls.

Don't feed the trolls. Ignore them.

GW, that's a great article

GW, that's a great article -- not too long! I love how he turns the tables on TV interviewers and says that THEY are the conspiracy theorists regarding the American public. Clever and very effective!

When a television news interviewer continues to ask questions and make assertions that he or she knows to be untrue, this would challenge the expertise and sanity, not of their guests, but of the television news interviewer.

Jon, No need to apologize.


No need to apologize. You do so much for this cause and we rely heavily on your work and support. Get back on the horse and keep riding. As momentum grows (which is has been exponentially) you're work will be need to keep pace. Don't let yesterday get you down or make you feel apologetic...it wasn't a setback. It was just a little immature...ON BOTH SIDES. Not a big deal. Tempers flare...things are said...people react. It's the very freedom we're trying to protect.

Just my 2-cents...but you need to keep posting. For your sanity and for ours.

GW, I think also that it is

GW, I think also that it is a great article. Like CK, I like the fact and the way that he address the media puppets. An other thing I like his mentionning the polls and the list of not so nutty poeple who question 9/11. Great article that I will use in my effort to spread the truth. Thank!

I second Mr. X comment. :)

I second Mr. X comment. :)

You know this site probably

You know this site probably gets at least 3000 hits a day. Think about all of the people that come here and don't post their ideas, but read all of ours!

I think it's a very good idea to ignore anyone who's looking to start a fight, but I think we should continue to point out mistakes being made by others.

Sometimes I get caught up in what some people say and stray away from the important, factual, issues. But that's the reason I love Jon Gold and others. They keep me level headed. Thanks guys, have a good one! :)

"if there was a problem with

"if there was a problem with 9/11 and the Bush administration, why wouldn't the Democrats jump all over this issue and make it public and do something about it?"

You assume, incorrectly, that there is a schism between the two parties when in fact they are two sides of the same coin. They go to school together, sup together, are entertained by the same lobbyists, live in the same neighborhoods, serve on the same committees work at the same occupations and in the same buildings. They support the same insane foreign policies, run up the same irresponsible debts, pontificate on the same subjects and in the same fashion. They are no more opponents than Elmer and Bugs, Sylvester and Tweetie, Road Runner and Wyle E. Coyote. They exist for each other and without the false dichotomy they supply one other, they'd all be swept out of office together.

Alternet's newest 9/11

Alternet's newest 9/11 article: The 9/11 Faith Movement (By Terry J. Allen, In These Times. Posted July 12, 2006).

Anonymous 10:58 am, that's a

Anonymous 10:58 am, that's a great answer to the question about the Democrats (all but Cynthia McKinney, I might add).

They exist for each other and without the false dichotomy they supply one other, they'd all be swept out of office together.

This realization is a big part of why the red pill of 9/11 is so hard to swallow -- so many of our institutions are corrupt -- both parties, the media, and basically the entire power structure of this country.

dont remove this. its not

dont remove this. its not too long, its amazing.

MJW, thanks for the link to

MJW, thanks for the link to that new 9/11 article at Alternet. That's one of the worst hit pieces I've seen. It's amazing to me the lengths these kinds of "journalists" will go to smear 9/11 truthers. The way the author took David Ray Griffin's quotes and used them against him.... enough said.

Just look at the caption above the title: Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, nearly half of all Americans believe the Bush administration is covering up their involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

Then, check out these excerpts, which I found particularly unfounded -- I mean, talk about FAITH:

Structural engineers found the destruction consistent with fires caused by the jet liner strike; that temperatures need not actually melt the steel but that expansion and other fire-related stresses would account for compromised architectural integrity.

There's more.... sadly, very skewed to make points convenient to the author's purposes.

Then, there's this JAB at 9/11 truthers at the end -- see, now we're to blame as well.

Those who deny that HIV is responsible for AIDS, for example, have contributed to unnecessary infections and deaths.

And the 9/11 conspiracy hypotheses distracts from the growing chain of evidence documenting how the Bush administration actually manipulated this country to war on a train of lies riding tracks of fear -- cynically using the bodies of the 9/11 victims as fuel.

To Jon, Don't let those

To Jon, Don't let those screw balls spook you. They are powerless in face of truth. All they can do is attack and distort. That is all they have left. We are at the "End Game" and they know it. They should hang with the rest of their cronies. They are as complicit as Cheney and Bush.

Wonderful article !!! The

Wonderful article !!! The msm paints the truth movement as crazy and dangerous. Think loads of people out there really afraid of a complete breakdown of America, they don't want revolution. Are there articles about ensuring stability etc. if Govt involvement clearly established ? If people can see a safe future ahead, a much better one, think they'll start to open their eyes. Often wonder about parallel situation for UK with Tony Blair, how much he was in the loop ? Post guilt being established, what does Washington look like ? Remove fear of complete meltdown for US politicians, I wonder who'd change their viewpoint.

Thanks for the post. Does

Thanks for the post. Does anyone have the software and knowhow to capture this video into an actual video file, e.g. a Windows media file, and post it here?
jj111 | 07.12.06 - 9:56 am | #

Xisoft's Net Transfer does it. It turns any stream into a file on your harddrive.

I forgot to add I read the

I forgot to add I read the Willian Douglas article on APFN last night. You can find it here. http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?id=149495;article=102864;show_pare... It is an excellent article and should be read by all. You can e-mail him and thank him if you like.

Great read! leave it as is!

Great read! leave it as is!

Hey! I'm a tree-hugging

Hey! I'm a tree-hugging Green Party activist! hehe

Great article folks. I'm going to use this one as my post today on my blog.

Great piece, All we want is

Great piece, All we want is to be
heard. Let the facts lead where they will,and STOP the ad hominem attacks , and thought stoppers.

Martine, you may be

You're welcome, CK. Please

You're welcome, CK. Please read my second (long) comment under the next 911Blogger article, "Milwaukee's WTMJ Video now streaming." It is way down the list and covers what I wrote at Alternet (under my "other" name, the one I cannot change since it is permanently "locked in" to their system).

Wonderful article. I concur

Wonderful article. I concur with those voting to keep it posted as is.
I've forwarded this letter to everyone of my email list.

People don't have this much

People don't have this much time on their hands, we are in the info age and less is better.

Thanks TNF. Been away from

Thanks TNF. Been away from UK for several years, can't believe the road Blair's headed down. ID cards, homeland security, anti-terrorist laws that seem in danger of being applied to anybody who does not agree with Blair's viewpoint, the Iraq war - we're becoming Bush's Britain on the cheap, a sort of paranoid disneyland, where americans will come for holidays and feel safe. More and more Brits seem to be heading for mainland Europe.

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Damn, I just read this

Damn, I just read this article, a week and a half later, and its spectacular. Good stuff!!!