Richard Linklater spreads the word...

Hit Movie Director says Hollywood stars, including Bruce Willis, having political paradigms changed by 9/11 conspiracy documentaries

Paul Joseph Watson

Acclaimed writer-director Richard Linklater, currently riding high on the favorable reception of A Scanner Darkly and best known for his 2003 production School of Rock, has publicly slammed George W. Bush as a "Yalely frat boy" who is in over his head and more corrupt than Richard Nixon.

Linklater also says that his efforts to disseminate documentaries which point the finger at the US government for involvement in 9/11 have changed paradigms for several A-list Hollywood stars - including Bruce Willis...

...Saying his film was a political statement, Linklater said that the abuses of the Bush administration were, "So extreme that people don't even know what to do - how do you comment - how do you voice your opposition?"

...A Scanner Darkly, an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick book that includes themes of total surveillance and the loss of freedom, is set in the short-term future after the US has lost the war on drugs. Starring Keanu Reeves, Wynona Rider, Woody Harrelson and Robert Downy Jnr. - the film is enjoying positive reviews as it slowly rolls out across the country...


The link appears to be dead-

The link appears to be dead- but anyone wanting to listen to the full interview can hear it here.

Much of the conversation is (understandably) about Linklater's newest film "A Scanner Darkly". But in the latter portions, Alex steers dicussion towards the current political climate.

The Bruce Willis comments are very near the end.

So is the "9/11 Truth

So is the "9/11 Truth Movement."

Now they are attacking Fetzer, et all. His mail-box is knocked-off. I'm taking to the Alex Jones method. Stick your head oiut the window, you may hear me!

This Administration worse than your mama's worst nightmare and everybody needs to get wise, real quick!

Have you heard what "hot

Have you heard what "hot air" had to say?

"Complaining that Willis is now, "believing the plots of his own movies," Hot Air calls the development, "truly, truly depressing."

Noting that Willis is producing a "pro-war film in which American soldiers will be depicted as brave fighters for freedom and democracy," according to the Times, Hot Air laments that Willis"could have his brain turn(ed) so easily to oatmeal."

The Blog says that it contacted Michael Yon, on whose book Willis' film is based, to gage exactly what Willis' opinion of the Alex Jones DVD's he received from Linklater is."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Now they are attacking

Now they are attacking Fetzer, et all. His mail-box is knocked-off.
TS Gordon | Homepage | 07.12.06 - 12:01 pm | #
what happened to Fetzer? you got a link?

Still waiting to hear back

Still waiting to hear back from Nick, the self-proclaimed 9/11 conspiracy debunker on this forum..

What am I missing on my list?

hey guys. Paul Craig

hey guys. Paul Craig Roberts is going to be on Alex Jones' show at 10am (PST). and then one of the guys from Loose Change is going to be on at 11:30am(PST) to talk about LC Final Cut.

thought i'd pass it on.

We're in deep

We're in deep crap!!!!!

Justice Department Lawyer To Congress: ‘The President Is Always Right’

The Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday heard testimony from Steven Bradbury, head of the Justice Department’s office of legal counsel. When questioned by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) on whether the President’s interpretation of the Hamdan case was right or wrong, Bradbury replied, “The President is always right.”

Full transcript below:

LEAHY: The president has said very specifically, and heÂ’s said it to our European allies, heÂ’s waiting for the Supreme Court decision to tell him whether or not he was supposed to close Guantanamo or not. After, he said it upheld his position on Guantanamo, and in fact it said neither. Where did he get that impression? The PresidentÂ’s not a lawyer, you are, the Justice Department advised him. Did you give him such a cockamamie idea or what?

BRADBURY: Well, I try not to give anybody cockamamie ideas.

LEAHY: Well, whereÂ’d he get the idea?

BRADBURY: The Hamdan decision, senator, does implicitly recognize we’re in a war, that the President’s war powers were triggered by the attacks on the country, and that law of war paradigm applies. That’s what the whole case —

LEAHY: I donÂ’t think the President was talking about the nuances of the law of war paradigm, he was saying this was going to tell him that he could keep Guantanamo open or not, after it said he could.

BRADBURY: Well, it’s not —

LEAHY: Was the President right or was he wrong?

BRABURY: It’s under the law of war –

LEAHY: Was the President right or was he wrong?

BRADBURY: The President is always right.

Jason Pollock has a new

Jason Pollock has a new thread on HuffPo re: the atrocities @ Guantanamo Bay.

Pollock went as large as he could re: Loose Change on HuffPo back on 5/10/06:

Let's show Jason some current support & thanks here:

What happened to Loose

What happened to Loose Change on Google? It's under 911 cover up now? Can anyone say why it was pulled?

Itsa the ongoing stuff wiuth

Itsa the ongoing stuff wiuth the naudets isnt it? I think that the loos change bods arnt bothered because it has come under fire recently (screwloosechange & and the pathetic 'viewers guide'), and even with the vanity fair spread, they are probabaly more interested in Final Cut right now.

I asked the same question

I asked the same question the other day, Anonymous, and am still wondering. Why is LOOSE CHANGE 2nd now titled 9/11 COVER-UP on GOOGLE VIDEO?

Also, I am wondering if Jon Stewart would ever consider having David Ray Griffin or Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed on THE DAILY SHOW to promote their 9/11 books.

My wild guess is LC2E had to

My wild guess is LC2E had to remove some Naudet footage & thus the new name?

Michelle Malkin responds to

Michelle Malkin responds to possibility that Bruce Willis has converted, at her neo-con(vict) blog

CNN's main page has a link

CNN's main page has a link to a very even-handed introduction to Kevin Barrett.

CHECK IT OUT! Instructor


Instructor says Cheney behind 9/11 attacks on

and from

11 July 2006 (TODAY)
Debate: Ron Rattner for 9/11 Truth vs.
Steve Nass, Republican, WI on "Dayside",
MSNBC, 2-3 PM/ET (1-2 PM/CT)

Want to post your own

Want to post your own comment at HOT AIR, here's what you find:

"Comment registration is now closed. We'll post a notice when it re-opens."

Check it yourself at:

Seems to me that HOT AIR is not the only thing they are full of.

I wonder why its so easy to post at Hmmmmmmmm.

Would Like to hear a direct

Would Like to hear a direct qoute from Willis himself

Talking about Willis on

Willis is being forced into

Willis is being forced into a box - damned if he does/damned if he doesn't. I feel for him but he may yet speak out as a result.

Kory Rowe on Alex Jones is saying Loose Change will be in theatres later than September 11 perhaps, but there should be a press release soon.

Eisenreich asks "What am I

Eisenreich asks "What am I missing?":

To me, quite apart from the generally-sound listing you've offered up (and no doubts some minor points that escape us both at the moment), any 9/11 discussion must always include:

1) There is ample evidence that the Bush/Cheney Administration did everything in its power to prevent, squelch, side-track, weaken or control any investigation of what happened. That, in and of itself, is very damning. This extends as well into the anthrax scares.

2) There is ample evidence that the military action against Afghanistan and the military intervention into Iraq, as well as the Patriot Act, were planned prior to 9/11.

hollywood celebs went on

hollywood celebs went on national tv and asked for donations for the victims, a noble deed.

the american people have been decieved, and hollywood is still lying and profiteering off of the 9-11 war crimes

I'm not holding my breath

I'm not holding my breath about Bruce Willis being a truther(but its good Director Richard Linklater and David Lynch CLEARLY are) BUT...I will say, if Bruce Willis became a 9/11 Truther, that would be absolutely mammoth.

Also, Nass has no idea how much service he's doing on getting the truth out. Tbanks Mr. Nass!