The Grand Illusion: The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11

Preview of Upcoming Book That Roasts Rudy Giuliani -- Over 9/11

A long-awaited re-appraisal of New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's much-hailed actions surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks will be published in September to mark the fifth anniversary of the tragedy. It's called "The Grand Illusion: The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11," written by Wayne Barrett, the longtime Village Voice writer and author of a biography of the former mayor, and Dan Collins, a senior producer for The publisher is HarperCollins.

"When he assured New York that things would come out all right, he was blessedly believable." That was on 9/11. Things haven't been as good for Rudy Giuliani since. And this book won't make it any better...

...Giuliani, for instance, detailed an Office of Emergency Management, but then located its headquarters inside what had long been identified as a prime target—the World Trade Center. It was, the authors write, "the only bunker ever built in the clouds." ...

...The authors' account verges on indictment when they explore why the firefighters' handy-talkies did not work, a congeries of causes ranging from the technological to the political. Suffice it to say that the Giuliani City Hall seems to have been no stranger to sweetheart deals and patronage, so that the employee in charge of emergency broadband communications had a sister who worked as a lobbyist for the phone provider who just happened to win the lucrative contract. That employee later committed suicide...

Well, well, well. It just never ends with this guy.

Update in 9/11 FBI Insider

Update in 9/11 FBI Insider Trading story

You're delusional with these

You're delusional with these dots you think you connect, Nico.

That's Ghouliani.

That's Ghouliani.

ghouliani was, of course,

ghouliani was, of course, instrumental in making sure that Controlled Demolition, Inc. could pack up the WTC steel and have it shipped out before any independent agencies could study it.

I don't know what anonymous

I don't know what anonymous is talking about because the indictment was clearly linking elgindy to 9/11 prior knowledge.

But maybe a. prefers my stuff on other fakes anyway :) :
Thursday, July 13, 2006
"9/11 Truth Activist" Bill Douglas joins choire of media blackout on 9/11 TV Fakery (07/13)

"9/11 Truth Activist" Bill Douglas joins choire of blackout on 9/11 TV Fakery (07/13)

The orwellian pressure of self declared "truthseekers" continued this week.
Joining the choire of censoring the evidence on 9/11 TV Fakery is now also
Bill Douglas, who urged the 9/11 Scholars not to talk about it on National TV,
while FOX TV already declared, together with Bob Bowman, that 'video evidence' shows
alleged aircraft hit the South Tower.

Douglas ignores the fact, that US TV is already in cohut with spokesmen of 9/11 truth groups, when it comes to their deal, NOT to talk about doctored footage.

However, Douglas insists this isn't safe enough.
Today he pointed out to Jim Fetzer (9/11Scholars):


At this point, it couldn't established yet if Bill Douglas ever worked for FOX TV or has any other additional deal with US Mainstream Media.

Douglas is apparently still inspired by another "9/11 truth activist" Kyle Hence, who blocked the evidence of controlled demolition for 4 years, while declaring during 2002:
"America isn't ready for the truth yet."
(see also WTC Planehugger Therapy -Top 30 FAQ,
14. Does this not damage the 'movement'? )

Douglas, as one of their early financial sponsors, also once urged during early 2004 to coin the banner slogan "Stop the 9/11 cover-up" instead of "9/11 was an Inside Job" and succeeded with this pressure

My girlfriend and I refer to

My girlfriend and I refer to Ghouliani fondly as , "ratboy", often. He has such rodent like features.

Of all the people behind the

Of all the people behind the 9/11 attacks Giuliani sickens me the most. Who ever coined the term "Low Life" had to be talking about Giuliani. This creature is sub-human filth.

Several months before 911,

Several months before 911, Guiliani founded Bio-One, a company that cleans up biohazard zones. Odd carreer turn for a politician. Immediately after 911, the photo editor for the newspaper chain that owns National Enquirer, among many other tabloids, was killed by an anthrax letter which was later traced back to the US Army's biowarfare labs at Ft. Detrick. Upon the editor's death, the headquarters of the National Enquirer was seized, not by the FBI, but by Guiliani's company. The reason given was that it had to be cleaned of anthrax, and that anthrax clean-ups were Giuliani's specialty (!) Two years later, Guiliani was battling the owner of the National Enquirer in court over control of the editor's photo collection.

The collection probably contained some very interesting photos, god knows what they were. The more important point, of course, is that Giuliani's involvement in the post-911 anthrax attacks, when combined with the fact that his "counter-terror" headquarters overlooked the WTC and was demolished in the late afternoon of 911, makes it obvious that he is one of the central players in the whole thing.

anonym - great research!! I

anonym - great research!! I did not know about Ghouliani's Bio-One biz and his connection to the Florida building.

i detest this man. i cant

i detest this man. i cant wait for this book.

...The authors' account

...The authors' account verges on indictment when they explore why the firefighters' handy-talkies did not work, a congeries of causes ranging from the technological to the political.

Perhaps they also wanted to limit rampant hand-radio messages reporting secondary explosions, incendiaries like thermite blazing, etc.!



Hello all,

Every action we do from now through 9/11 will be even more important than usual. Each time we're out we'll be getting petition signatures to get Carl Person on the ballot for NY attorney general. Achieving this will be a phenomenal victory and we must do all we can to make it happen. If 300 people each get 100, we'll reach the goal. Please come to Ground Zero on Saturday where we'll be from 1 - 4 PM to get petition forms and literature to show prospective voters. We'll also have the materials at our Sunday event at St. Marks Church.

Also, here's an invitation to a special event on Saturday in Brooklyn. This will be a great event in a beautiful setting.

America Freedom to Fascism (AFTF) Sneak Preview and New York City Area Volunteer Meeting

Saturday July 15th in Brooklyn NY at 7:30 PM
This event will be on the rooftop of a building in Greenpoint/Williamsburg area of Brooklyn
51 / 55 Nassau Ave
Greenpoint/Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY 11222
Take the G train to the Nassau Avenue stop in Brooklyn.
Walk down in the direction of Manhattan for 2 blocks to 51 / 55 Nassau Avenue.,+Brooklyn,+NY+11222

The movie will be shown on top of a rooftop overlooking a spectacular view of the city. There will be food and drinks available for purchase. Seats will be limited. Feel free to bring a blanket or a chair. In the event of rain, go to the website to see the next date.
Please RSVP to:


the grand illusion! part of

the grand illusion! part of it at least.

another part:
is the naudet's fireman's video fake?

james ha, why no speculation

james ha, why no speculation on your part of what hit the Pentagon?

Is there a source for the

Is there a source for the Giuliani/Bio-One/anthrax story? Please provide if possible...

The Naudet Bros. video isn't

The Naudet Bros. video isn't 'faked'. But their being at precisely one of the few NYC intersections where you could get that perfect shot - just enough airspace, just distant enough that the video would be just grainy enough - is entirely too much coincidence. COupled with all the suspicious FD activity regarding this "gas call." The empty NYC intersection, etc.

They are members of the scam, integral ingrediants to the slow-leak of 9/11 info that we're now seeing.

These guys come out of nowhere, make a recording of a history-changing event, then slither off into oblivion, never to make a video production again? C'mon.

james ha, why no speculation

james ha, why no speculation on your part of what hit the Pentagon?

i believe that the pentagon was hit by blob77 - not to be confused with blob11, yosemitesam175 or invisible93 - the 911 airshow!
i try not to speculate - it should be enough to show what didn't happen. ie:
HUNT THE BOEING 2! shanksville

Oh there's a Yellow Rogue

Oh there's a Yellow Rogue from Texas who moved up to DC
His pockets full of oil stock, He's screwing you and me.
His daddy always paid the bills no matter where he went
And his brother rigged the voting so now he's president.
He's the slickest little hustler that Texas ever saw
He proved that with connections you don't worry 'bout the law.
You may talk about Dick Nixon or sing of Bill's cigar
But the Yellow Rogue from Texas beats both of them by far.
The Yellow Rogue is quick and slick, he sure can talk the talk,
It's just that when the bullets fly, he's one more chicken hawk.
Back when the Southeast Asian war sent thousands off to die,
The chicken hawks stayed safe at home, while others paid the price.
He looks great in his pilot suit, a hero on TV,
He just can't stand the smell of death, he has an allergy.
The Yellow Rogue's no pacifist; he speaks what he thinks right
But if it puts his ass at risk, he disappears from sight.
The chicken hawks are sitting high, they're making money still
They buy and sell while others die and think they always will.
It's up to us to face them down, to stand and speak what's true
Then run the bastards out of town, the whole damn thieving crew.