A Note from Professor Steve Jones

Because some of you have asked what Professor Jones is up to, I am posting a recent email message which he sent to several people. Rest assured, Professor Jones is working hard to research what happened on 9/11.

Though it's very late, I'd like to share a few thoughts before I retire.

1. Evidently there are some who go to considerable lenghts to promote the notion that there can never be "proof" of an inside job on 9/11 -- whether that happened or not as an inside job. So, we might as well abandon the effort, and let it go.

Others (I have read) have pointed out this argument was used effectively to stymie further investigation of the JFK assassination. I wonder how many "9/11 truthers" are buying into such a discouraging philosophy?

2. Some OTOH raise the "preponderance of evidence" argument -- that will stand in a court of law or impeachment, if we can ever get to such a trial. This approach may work, given enough time and the opportunity for a trial in an objective court.

3. As a third altermative, I'm seeking solid evidences that approach scientific proof. And I see three possible avenues here:

A. The use of thermite in arson has been proven beyond reasonable doubt in many cases already: Fire investigators have developed techniques to pin down the use of thermite, as I discussed in my LA talk. The signature residues of thermite are so distinctive -- when one uses EDS, XRF and other methods -- that it is indeed possible to prove arson by thermite. This gives me hope that this approach can be effectively used to prove thermite use on 9/11. (And I deeply appreciate your help in this research effort!)

Note also that while I'm leaning now to the use of thermite-containing sol-gels, it is possible that cylinders containing thermite as you have found patents for could have [also] been used. Finding such a cylinder would indeed be a dramatic proof in itself, I believe.

B. Showing that the Towers and/or WTC 7 would not have collapsed so rapidly or in the way they did, if fires alone had initiated collapse.

Here the published works of Prof. Kuttler and Gordon Ross (and others) are hopeful -- in that their line of reasoning and calculations could very well lead to a conclusion that deliberate actions would have been required to bring the buildings down in the WAY THEY WERE OBSERVED TO COLLAPSE.

C. Confession by an insider, particularly a high-up insider with detailed insider information which could be checked, would end the debate also.

D. Another 9/11-type "catalyzing event" may be staged by perpetrators, and with the number of people aware of the likelihood of such staged events and WATCHING, it is likely that the data will be gathered quickly and not effectively destroyed this next time. (I'm remembering here the way the steel was shipped to Asia for recycling from the 9/11 events, for example) . In this way, the perps would be stopped -- by observant citizens working together.

So no, I do not accept the defeatist arguments that the debate over 9/11 will never end. Indeed, I am inclined to believe, because of the progress lately in the areas delineated above -- that the end of the debate will come rather soon. I believe this will happen before the 2008 elections, if we keep pressing forward as we have in recent months, in the "9/11 Truth Movement."

My desire here is to encourage you to keep up the investigative and highly supportive work that you have done, for which I offer my deepest appreciation.

Best wishes and regards,

Steven E. Jones"

BTW, how do I html code this

BTW, how do I html code this so its justified??

I was under the impression

I was under the impression that Dr. Jone's already had proof of thermite use. Based on this letter, proof is still pending.

Dr Jones rocks! Gotta love

Dr Jones rocks!

Gotta love it.

This is why Robert Bowman's

This is why Robert Bowman's admission that he is an "agnostic" when it comes to 9/11 Truth is not-helpful.

Indeed the evidence is of a sufficient quality that the facts are eminently knowable.

I agree with Professor Jones. This is NO time for defeatist arguments.

George Washington: I have

George Washington:

I have replaced less than and greater than signs with [ and ] so that this will post for you.

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is this what you were referring to?

considerable lenghts should

considerable lenghts should be considerable lengths...

As a foreigner, it seems to

As a foreigner, it seems to me that the success of the 911 truth movement is now more a question of faith that a question of science: there is enough evidence of
MIHOP that the only one who do not see it are the ones who DO NOT WANT to see it.

I might be wrong but sadly, I am frightened by the revolution of the american elite psychology since 911.

I don't think Professor

I don't think Professor Jones is doubtful that thermate (thermite plus sulfur) was used.

I think he's debating whether the delivery-system is sol-gels or cylinders (stay tuned for more on this debate...)

DHS, thanks. I'm too busy

DHS, thanks. I'm too busy to clean up the code right now...

Now is the time... If You

Now is the time...

If You Have A Name, Please Use It

Anyone? Before we blow ourselves up?


O/T, this Bruce Willis story

O/T, this Bruce Willis story has been front page news at Netscape for a day now:


Check it out, definitely Vote for it (look on the upper right side of the page), and leave your opinions in the comment section.

GW... please repost that on

GW... please repost that on the front page along with a little note about the escalations in the Middle East... we don't have time... we do not... have... time...


The time is now!

Penny Marshall, Bruce

Penny Marshall, Bruce Willis, ANYBODY?!?


Jon...Brilliant...exactly what is needed. A sense of legacy/heroism and saving the country. Someone, anyone stand up for their children's future.

Okay, although I appreciate

Okay, although I appreciate the opportunity to read Dr. Jones' thoughts. They were sent to specific recipients were they not? I hope you asked for his permission to add this to your site.

I guess I am just concerend that some of his thoughts he may not have wished for the world to see (our enemies). Maybe he just wanted the recipients of his email to read his thoughts.

I guess I am just a little paranoid but I am just trying to be protective (and respectful).
--Just a little conerned is all.

Thank You Dr. Jones. This is

Thank You Dr. Jones. This is exactially what I have been trying to get across in my recent posts. If they are foolish enough to pull-off another 9/11 they would be caught red-handed. We are ALL watching. We are at the end-game right now. They know this. They did not anticipate the power of the internet. That was a fatal mistake on their part. I also believe some insider WILL TALK! There is always a Judas. 9/11 was so over the top someone is bound to snitch. The recent media coverage is also a dead giveaway. Call it damage control. If we all stay focused.....CHECKMATE!

If You Have A Name, Please

If You Have A Name, Please Use It

I have a small name in some music circles, and on my web site I used to have detailed information about 9/11, vote fraud, etc. -- but, about a year ago, I took it all off. It wasn't because of the hate mail, but because I had a neo-nazi fan (yeah, I couldn't believe it either, especially considering my music is very mild) who just happened to live 9 miles away, and who has my home address. After reading all about cyberstalking and stalking in general, I decided NOT to take legal action in hopes he would stop harassing me (by e-mail only, and I never responded) -- but, there were implied threats, and since my elderly mother lives with me, I didn't want to put her at risk.

Now I know this is a small potatoes problem BUT, I'm explaining this to illustrate just how intimidating speaking the truth can sometimes be, ESPECIALLY when there are loved ones involved.

I have only the utmost respect and admiration for those of you who get out there with your real names and spread the word. For me, however, I have had to do that more covertly since the neo-nazi nutcase started harassing me. It's just not worth it. I wish it weren't so, and I could just speak out without fear.

So, given my little insignificant story, imagine the kinds of threats and intimidating tactics are being used on high-profile persons. Some people are also worried about their reputations (although, the tide seems to be changing in that regard).

CK... we just don't have the

CK... we just don't have the time to be fearful of the ramifications. We just don't have the time.

You want my name? you can

You want my name? you can find it in the #8 slot of st911.org's petition to congress.

Yes, Dr. Jones gave me

Yes, Dr. Jones gave me permission to post this.

Okay GW. That makes me feel

Okay GW. That makes me feel better. Thanks.

I wish Jones was joined by

I wish Jones was joined by other well known respected peers in actual scientific studies and not speculation, but I understand the political ramifications.

And yeah, those neo Nazi weeneies make me sick. Luckily the governmet is hauling em off to go die in Iraq.
I am sickened to see "9/11 Truth" documentaries and discussion promoted in their forums, because they use it for one thing: "the Jews did it". They take our hard work and twist it around, posioning the questioning of 9/11. But what they fail to see is we do this to prevent Hitlerian events...whereas they relish in it.

dmx: To add, what I feel


To add, what I feel needs to be watched closely, is the meeting points between "believers vs. non-believers" (I doesn't matter which one you are), the "action" so to speak, now boils at the places and lines in the sand between what has quickly become equal numbers on both sides, parity). Should the numbers swing even further, before some productive dialogue is begun, the "new under-dog", (those clinging to the 9/11 Commission Report) will be VERY dangerous as they steep in their delirium. (The same way "truthers" have had to do for five years, yet look at what's been achieved by such a long shot. I can not see evidence that the opposition possesses that same kind of patience.

The difference between us, is that we who've set out on a quest for truth no matter how ugly, were predisposed to "live with it" so is said. The remaining Commission Report defenders, are not so mentally equipped. Their cognitive dissonance will most likely take on a torturous feel, and these are the people in positions of influence to knee-jerk with their "nucular buttons", or some other equally monstrous crap. These people are dangerously "vested" in the five year run they've had. These people will not react in any predicable or thoughtful manner..... the same reason 9/11 "had to happen", they were incapable of envisioning any other way.

These people must be watched carefully for signs of painful cognitive dissonance, and corny as it sounds, understanding and love will be our best weapons. Make sure they do not descend into a spiral of self-destructive despair, their connections to other people and humanity are tenuous at best. Their willingness to "take others" with them must be considered. (no, they didn't give a shit about us, but that's what has always defined our true difference).

Jon, fine, that's your

Jon, fine, that's your viewpoint and I respect that. I'm doing what I can, even if it's somewhat limited.

Yes, Jon Gold, no time to

Yes, Jon Gold, no time to dwell, but these are wise things to remember. Our opponent did not take ANY time, and thus gave us 9/11.

I won't say that Professor

I won't say that Professor Steven Jones if full of shit, because, back in early February, he'd asked me to not engage in ad hominem attacks against him if I wanted him to examine the WTC dust sample(s) in his possession for evidence of molecular dissociation (fragged molecules, indicating they'd been exposed to temperatures hotter than the Sun and had undergone molecular dissociation). Since that was crucial to revealing the horrible truth about the WTC devastation, I not only did not personally attack the 'good' Doctor, but avoided writing or saying anything about him personally.

After being patient (and mostly silent) for more months, finally, on April 21, he indicated that he'd have the results "next week". Well, guess what? Along with the rest of the world, I'm still waiting...

So it's becoming more difficult to keep track of all the lies Dr. Steven Jones tells and has told.

But, based upon Jones' behaviors and (lack of) results, it is a complete falsehood (ie, total bullshit) for GW to write, "Rest assured, Professor Jones is working hard to research what happened on 9/11." Jones is "running out the clock". We could and should have blown the government's (and Jones' thermite) theories completely out of the water long ago...

Jones' "thermite theory" is an obvious (to any honest physicist) limited-hangout distraction/diversion. NO WAY could conventional chemical explosives account for ANY of the highly anomalous, UNconventional "Ground Zero" evidence.

Why Dr Jones would pursue such a dead-end, incompetent, inadequate "theory" is beyond my knowledge. But I do know that his theory is bogus: even if thermite was involved in the deverticalizatins of the towers, it was a minor player, not of serious significance to the overall destruction.

Given Jones' friendship with plane-hugging truth-denying govt-friendly-agent Jim Hoffman, and Jones' past(?) relationship(s?) with the U.S. government and the Dept of Energy, I would have thought that either someone else would have been recruited to lead us astray or else Jones would have tried harder to do be less blatant in his disinformation.

911blimp- You say that even


You say that even if they find thermate, that other explosives had to be used as well. That's fine.

Thermite(mate) still proves explosives were used, who cares what kind. This would be enough.


CNN: Bowman scared of answering no-plane questions (07/13)

By ewing2001

CNN: Bowman scared of answering no-plane questions
July 13, 2006

During the latest Hannity + Colmes interview with '9/11 truth activist' Dr. Robert Bowman (ex-General Dynamics), Hannity was emphasizing the point that "planes hit the building, we have video" and Bowman reacted defensively stating "I believe planes hit the building..." and apparently tried to please Hannity with that apparent conviction.

Right after the show, the 'blogger brigade' from 9/11 blogger reacted with similar anxiety, that even no-plane questions asked by 'FOX flagwavers' could 'hurt the 9/11 truth movement'.

One blogger asked:

"Did you notice how he pretended that 9/11 skeptics disbelieve that planes were involved?"

Indeed. Thanks Nico and company.
peacelover | 07.13.06 - 12:50 am..."

Interestingly "peacelover" seems to imply that FOX is aware of the findings on 9/11 TV Fakery. That shouldn't be surprising after all. It is indeed the majority of the 9/11 truthling movement, who is not addressing the issue, because they think it is not "politically correct" to question the media, otherwise they wouldn't be invited in the first place.

Addendum (07/13):
The real trap of this dialogue, which is also a trap our blog fell into, was being manipulated and confused between 2 different notions.

Hannity tricked Bowman into a support of the notion of 'existance' of planes.
However THIS would have been the appropriate response (as a denier of "TV Fakery"):

Hannnity: "...planes hit the building, we have video"
Bowman: "I believe video was not doctored..."

The denial was therefore constructed for the 'planes', while the denial of TV Fakery still didn't take place.

"Peacelover's" concern has therefore nothing to do with the focus of this blog.
Hannity distracted from the TV Fakery, the technical background and the military background of the media and Bowman "supported" him.

Prof.Jones is indeed

Prof.Jones is indeed hangouting against the unconventional part of the collapse, which is mostly ignored by controlled demolition activists.

But this IS their backup in case the US GOV is taking this smoking gun out with any kind of absurde counter spin to turn it into a red herring (i.e. Al-Quaeda pre-wired the towers, an Insurance scammer died during the wiring etc....)

Why are the CD activists already satisfied with the thermite/thermate samples of Janet McKinley and why do they stop over there?

Jones, Fetzer + co. know about the following and besides one statement on Fetzer's early public interviews, i never heard anything again about this either:

During early 2006, i informed the 911Scholars about unconventional weaponry,
who could have additionally forced the collapse.

I'm not sure, why Professor Jones didn't go a step further with his latest
paper, but in case, it gets lost again, here are all my sources.

Nanothermite as additional 'suspect' for the unconventional part of the collapses?
compiled by Nico Haupt, mirrored at portland.indymedia (early 2006):

The suspects for "nanoenergetics" aka superthermite as part of the unconventional part of the controlled demolition can be located at the "Center for NanoEnergetics Research" (created in Spring 2001, only a few months before 9/11), the commercialized Department of Defense Contractor "NANOTECHNOLOGIES, Inc." (also founded during 2001), Sandia and Lawrence Livermore.

Center for NanoEnergetics Research
CNER is an Army funded center created in the spring of 2001 and exists at four university sites, with the University of Minnesota as the lead institution.

External Advisors-Collaborators

Dr. Alex Gash,Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
Dr. Carl Melius,Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
Dr. Andrzej Miziolek,Army Research Laboratory (ARL)
Dr. Betsy Rice,Army Research Laboratory (ARL)
Prof. Mintmire Oklahoma State University

...Very little is known about the safety risks presented by engineered nanomaterials. From currently available information, the prevalent safety risks are most likely to involve catalytic effects or fire and explosion hazards....

"....Although insufficient information exists to predict the fire and explosion risk associated with nanoscale powders, nanoscale combustible material could present a higher risk than a similar quantity of coarser material...
...The greater activity of nanoscale materials forms a basis for research into nanoenergetics. For instance, nanoscale Al/MoO3 thermites ignite more than 300 times faster than corresponding micrometer-scale material...

November 25, 2005

A Texas company that has developed a powerful alternative to conventional lead-based munitions says it will commercialize and market its explosive compound through a spin-off company it plans to establish in New Mexico.

During a recent visit here, executives from Nanoenergetics Inc. said New Mexico's research and testing assets, economic incentives, growing private investment scene and accessible political leaders make it an ideal place to establish their new startup.

Nanoenergetics is being spun off from Austin-based Nanotechnologies Inc....

Unique nanoparticles, reactor technology and enabling applications
NANOTECHNOLOGIES, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of precision-engineered nanoparticles, with average particle sizes between 10 to 50 nanometers. Our expertise is in metal and metal oxide powders that are pure, discrete, spherical, and highly crystalline nanoparticles. NANOTECHNOLOGIES, Inc.'s materials allow customers to build new classes of products that we have labeled ANEASM, or "Advanced Nanoparticle Enabled ApplicationsSM".

NANOTECHNOLOGIES Inc. management team
Dr. Dennis Wilson - Chief Technology Officer, Chairman of the Board and Founder

Dennis is co-founder of NANOTECHNOLOGIES, Inc. and co-inventor of the proprietary process. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas in 1977, and has more than 30 years of experience in industry, government, and university research. Dennis' expertise is in hypervelocity physics, plasma dynamics, aerothermodynamics, and materials synthesis...

...Dennis has eight years of technology management as founder and president of Applied Sciences, Inc. He has also served as director of special projects at the Institute for Advanced Technology. In addition, Dennis has been awarded a NASA Faculty Research Fellowship on three occasions, a DoE Research Fellowship twice, and an AFOSR Research Fellowship...

Darrin Willauer - Vice President, Engineering
Darrin joined NANOTECHNOLOGIES, Inc. in 2000 and is responsible for engineering development activities for all projects and research programs.
...project engineer with Dowell Schlumberger,

Dr. Kurt Schroder - Chief Scientist
Dr. Schroder joined NANOTECHNOLOGIES Inc. in 2000 and is a co-inventor of the core processes. He holds an S.B. in Physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Texas at Austin. He has over 15 years experience in plasma physics and pulsed power and has worked for industry, government, and academia. Kurt has numerous publications, 2 patents, and several patents pending in the following technology areas: vibration reduction and impact physics in hammers and sports rackets; blackbody radiation diagnostics and magnetic fluctuation measurements in tokamak plasmas; and onboard optical telemetry systems and launch package design and diagnostics on railguns.


Houston, Texas, January 24, 2002 –
Carbon Nanotechnologies, Inc. (CNI) said today that it has stepped up efforts to develop applications utilizing single-wall carbon nanotubes for defense and national security purposes. CNI has engaged the noted consulting firm of Technology Strategies & Alliances (TSA), headquartered in Burke, Virginia, near Washington, D. C., to assist in the strategic market development of national defense directed products. The company believes that an accelerated research effort will bring new and significantly improved products to market that can enhance national defense.

“The U.S. Department of Defense, the Navy, Air Force, Army, and NASA have been involved for some time in extensive research using single-wall carbon nanotubes or ‘Buckytubes’,” said Bob G. Gower, President of CNI. “We believe that Buckytubes can significantly enhance the ability of defense products to shield, absorb, or otherwise modify electro-magnetic signals, key needs in many mission-critical areas...

Molecular Nano Weapons: Research in China and Talk in the West
Friday, Feb. 27, 2004

The Impact of Emerging Technologies
January 21, 2005
Smaller. Cheaper. Nastier. Those are the guiding principles behind the military's latest bombs...

...With funding from the U.S. government, Sandia National Laboratories, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are researching how to manipulate the flow of energy within and between molecules, a field known as nanoenergentics, which enables building more lethal weapons such as "cave-buster bombs" that have several times the detonation force of conventional bombs such as the "daisy cutter" or MOAB (mother of all bombs)...

911blimp I have to agree


I have to agree with Drew M, I think you're being a bit too hard on Prof Jones. His theory is thermate/ite was used, but that doesn't mean other explosives weren't.

I've seen other things that have piqued my curiosity. There's a Finnish military expert that thinks small, vectored tactical nuclear weapons could have been used in the sub-basements, for example.

There was also an article in RawStory that stated some of the effects of illness were seeing are the effects of depleted uranium, not asbestos or other toxic elements.

Then there's the suspicious "ground zero" term, too.

Altogether, I think we really don't know yet for sure. But providing scientific data pointing to thermite is something to be applauded, even if it doesn't explain everything!

Amazing to me how blimpy and

Amazing to me how blimpy and nico show up in what should be "popular" threads with their bullshit.

Action is needed now, not

Action is needed now, not endless debate, please do not get dragged in. Hit the streets folks...

"Action is needed now, not

"Action is needed now, not endless debate, please do not get dragged in. Hit the streets folks..."

Then what the hell are you doing typing on a blog?

I have my first meeting of

I have my first meeting of PA 9/11 Visibility tonight. What are YOU doing?


Drew, But good physicists


But good physicists (dunno 'bout Jones...) already knew that gravity wasn't to blame!

So what does this "thermite theory" gain us? Can we indict "thermite"? Does "thermite" point to the, or narrow down the possible list of, perpetrators? Tell me what the big breakthrough is, please. (Anyone with a brain already knew that some kind of huge violent destructive energy release was involved, right?)

What does "thermite" cost us? Plenty!

It misleads people into believing that comventional/chemical compounds are what caused the devastation at "Ground Zero", which is a lie. It downgrades (by orders of magnitude!) how massive an energy release was involved.

"Thermite" can account for exactly ZERO of the highly unconventional pieces of evidence at "Ground Zero"!

Why can't you people recognize a limited-hangout even when it is pointed out and explained to you? I know I'm not the world's greatest teacher, but, really....!!!

WTC7 and the Pentagon strike

WTC7 and the Pentagon strike are all that is needed to justify reopenning 9/11

Jon Gold is a hard-working,

Jon Gold is a hard-working, name-mangling, disinfo-agent-and-plane-hugging, agent provacateur, calling names and falsely trying to lump me in with other(s).

The "nano" I'm far and away most interested in is the nanoparticles (fragged molecules) present in the widespread inrciminating evidence aka "the WTC dust", which Dr. Jones said he'd examine, and then said he'd have it "next week", but never (well, that was months ago) did.

The promotion of the possibility of super-duper-thermite impresses me not, though I'll keep it in mind. There is no indication that the highly unconventional devastation came from the release of chemical energy, no mater how fancy, no matter how many article links are posted here. The nano-technology cited above only causes basically the same amount of chemical energy to be released faster!!!!!!! It increases power, not energy. Further, it, too, also distracts from the possibility that the energy release had far more exotic origins.

The point is that WE DO NOT KNOW where all the (so much!) energy came from. But acting like we do ("thermite did it") ("thermAte did it") ("super-duper-thermite did it") is the distractive/diversive/divisive limited-hangout disinfo campaign being championed by Jones(' "work").

"Ground-Zero" + "FEMA" +

"Ground-Zero" + "FEMA" + "New Building Lease" + "BCCI & successors" = "The Harem of Wall St." The pay-back, is the key: You talk, -You die!

As we look at the accelerants being poured on the middle-east, we must also look for the core of this conflict. Somebody is getting really greedy, somebody is using blackmail, somebody is convinced that this flow of FRESH GREENBACKS is critical for their survival. We see no end in sight.

Bruce Willis to the Rescue? For that matter, why now would Prof. Jones himself have so dramatically entered this nauseating fray?

Blimpie can express an obtuse position from time to time, and yet, I appreciate Blimpie as a person, more than he knows. But, once again, this all becomes quite contrite as we interject the 'LI-MIHOP?,' or the 'no-Plane?' -particulates, in order to reconstruct this; "immenently Knowable Box!"

What is missing from this entire databank, is that voice from the professional Demolition Experts, both unrecognized, (since there must be plenty of foreigners, students, and retired) resources, and 'Official Working Experts.' As with the Anthrax, had Steven Not ennumerated these beliefs so quickly to this community, he too would have already contracted Wellstone disease.

I have said that placing the munitions is a process. We look to those stats, and discover it takes 40 men, -six weeks to 'do' a building 1/3 the size of #7. Can the same 40 men 'do' the Towers then in 60 weeks, 120 weeks, ... ? Let's KNOW this time-frame. It's rudimentary.

I have said that there are no less than 3 extant physical sub-systems, which enable a **service crew** to access these areas -unsuspected! Thus my original support for the title: "In Plane Sight." I also think that Shanksville tells a story like no other, which is that a- 'gel'- material may have been applied to the inner-surface of these 'planes' AND 'drones,' ( of which I see two; #1T and Pentagon,) ALSO, the timing of that very first incident of the day MUST have established a working timeline for the remainder of the sorte.

You can service three things unsuspected. The Elevators, ( General Dynamics,) The Fire Systems, (?) and the Electrical Risers Networks... (?)

Now, if some of you who live in New York City do not get off your asses and FIND THIS INFORMATION, then who will?

The 'Legal Deposition' that I have released this week clearly serves to substantiate Dr. Jones thesis greatly. The pictures, sorry that link was dead until last night, ALSO tell a remarkable STORY: "GEE, I think maybe FEMA knows more than they are saying."

Legally, there are several 'hanging chads'. Why is ANY information about 9/11 being witheld from public view? Do you suppose that Manhetamius d'Algebra will strike again, this time to take down the Sears Tower in exactly the same, fancy box-cutter kind of way?

I've said this many times,

I've said this many times, but here I go again: 9/11, 7/7, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, etc. won't matter to the majority of Americans (and the rest of the world), like how they do to us, until some actual consequences are felt from them. Right now, the vast majority of Americans are employed and the country is in the midst of a large economic expansion. The stock market is high and home "ownership" (yeah right!) is at all-time highs. Although freedoms are dwindling, the frog is being boiled slowly enough that the majority of people just don't notice what's happening. In the rest of the world the perception is worse because the economic expansion is even greater for them and very few of those countries were/are directly involved in any of the above fiascos.

These perceptions will only change when one of the following four things happen:

1. A draft is enacted after an escalation of combat operations in the Middle East. The Vietnam era protests would be made to look like a bunch of disorganized picnics if this were to ever happen. Such a measure would tear the country apart in ways that would harken back to the Civil War era, IMHO.

2. The US economy goes into a tailspin, eventually falling into a depression. The stock market falls by at least 50% over a 2-5 year period. Unemployment doubles. Most of the population defaults on their (record) debt obligations, even though interest rates stay low- that's how bad the situation gets. A lot of pissed off, unemployed people- especially layed off architects and structural engineeers- will have a lot of time on their hands and need to vent...

3. Smoking gun-type evidence surfaces about US government involvement in 9/11. This would come in the form of actual papers, or at least one highly credible person with firsthand knowledge of of what really occurred on that day- or both. I don't think I need to tell anyone that this is, by far, the least likely scenario of four. Professor Jones is WAY too optimistic, IMHO.

4. A military lockdown of the entire US is enacted after another large scale false flag attack is successfully completed. Posse Comitatus and the 3rd Amendment would immediately be suspended- perhaps permanently- and first responders would be subject to the scrutiny and control of the iron fist of the military. You think that "the truth" would be ascertained by "The People" during a time like that? Think again. This is obviously the worst case scenario. But it is also fairly likely. I give it at least a 1/5 chance of happening before the end of 2010.

I apologize for being so negative, but this is precisely what we're up against. I still think that scenario #2 is the most likely of the four, but the last one is most frightening. In fact, #4 may very well follow #2 in order to allow the government to keep control of its angry citizens. I viewed the Katrina response as a ramping up and dress rehearsal of a future military lockdown. Homeland Security deliberately hindered the efforts of FEMA and other first responders; mercenary groups such as Blackwater were hired to "keep order" on the streets of New Orleans; and there was a great deal of talk of the suspension of Posse Comitatus during future "national emergencies". If there were to ever be another false flag attack successfully executed on American soil again, then you can expect much worse from the government than what happened during Katrina, or even 9/11, for that matter.

The bottom line for all 9/11 Truthers is to stay eternally vigilant. The closer we get to the truth, the closer we are- potentially- to disaster. The perpetrators will stop at absolutely nothing in their quest for dominion and power. At the same time, however, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The conspirators pushed; we're pushing back. But, I can assure you of this: they will push again. I urge you all to keep this in mind at all times as we go forward.

Keep up the good work Dr.

Keep up the good work Dr. Jones!


Baraka, Your ability to

Baraka, Your ability to articulate these points is profoundly important for all of us here. I aspire to follow in your path. It is your conclusions that are Especially important for all of us to consider.

Today, the violence has grown beyond all reasonable measure. If I were in a position of authority, I would certainly seek the advice of a very different group of peole to assist in redirecting the thoughts of this once great nation.

But, overall, I take the neocon efforts as being of one origin. That is nothing short of global domination by a short-list of well known financial oligarchs. I do not think that it is unrealistic to say there will be an aggrevated 'die-off' of populations worldwide. The time-frame for which appears to be upon us now, not somewhere way off in the distance, like 2020.

That said, 'vigilance' begins when the States themselves can take an active role in defense of the Constitution. Otherwise, our efforts will only serve to provide an historic footnote, an endless stream of unheaded opinion.

My analysis suggests that we must also deploy a bit of 'shock & awe' of our own. But, that's just my way of saying that we have to do a much better job of forcing real diplomacy, recognition and fairness to the forefront. My conceptual means of doing this seem principally organized around the idea of a preemptive-strike on the Americans state of indifference.

It is very foolish to

It is very foolish to dismiss the possibility of unconventional, even tactical nuclear weapons at the wtc. Personally, speaking from a layman's ignorance but with the article by the anonymous Finnish expert that James Fetzer refers to as my guide


I am drawn to the hypothesis that, in the case of WTC1 & 2 a massive blast from the basement took out the core thus allowing the building to implode as NIST describes, possibly but not necessarily helped by floor- to floor cutter charges. That way you wouldn't need to spend weeks priming the building, One powerful enough device deep below would rip out the core like an apple, and the desired top-to-bottom collapse would happen anyway as the blast tore up the elevator shafts.
A neat and quick way to do it - Occam's razor?

Steven E. Jones is a true

Steven E. Jones is a true patriot. And all of you guys, who are trying get the truht of 9/11. Keep it up. There is more people behind you than you think.

All my best, all the way from Finland

Marko Tiger

"Amazing to me how blimpy

"Amazing to me how blimpy and nico show up in what should be "popular" threads with their bullshit.
Jon Gold | Homepage | 07.13.06 - 4:50 pm | # "

I was quickly scrolling past their nonsensical comments and wondering just how soon would I see a comment from AmandaReckonWith in this comment page lol

Baraka, I thought that was a

Baraka, I thought that was a great and very well written comment. Agree with all of it.

Meanwhile... as for proof of thermate... what about barium oxide in the wtc samples? Have said it before and say it again: sulfur is by itself no proof of thermate!