Sets Up 9/11/2006 Event Page

Ground Zero - 9/11/06 -

This September 11th will be the fifth anniversay of the event. Let us all take this opportunity to reflect upon how each of us has been impacted, how our country has been transformed, and how much the world has changed in response.

This last year has been the most successful yet for the promotion of 9/11 truth. New factual revelations, documentary projects, mainstream coverage, and a popular swell of internet discussion, have brought our concern to an ever wider audience. To many it feels as if the bubble is about to burst. As a result, we have an opportunity and responsibility this year to draw the largest crowd yet to Ground Zero for a demonstration of our collective will.

I like it already! UNITE

I like it already! UNITE
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check out jack whites studies, and please provide a link here on the blog

That Jack White material is

That Jack White material is very interesting.

So when is someone goin to

So when is someone goin to set up the add/flyer for the The National 9/11 Debate - Charleston, SC??

We need to start advertising this now.